one chance (Swasan TS ) last part


Recp – sanskars heartless behaviour towards pregnant swara
??? sanskar realise his mistake….

Sunrays falls on swasan who was sleeping in different places..

Sanskars Pov

My sleep got disturbed by sunrays… I opns my eyes which was red due to continues crying… I plamed my face.. Soon some thing strike on my mind.. Tht i am sleeping in my study frm yesterday evning. Suddenly i remembered about SWARA.. Whn i saw her the last time she was sleeping… Sleeping due to tiredness…??? I got lost in my own world..

Flash Back

It was a beautiful morning just like others.. Sanskar was getting ready for his office wid a sad face… As he dnt wont leave her for a single sec olso..

Sanskar : (little louder) Is it neccessary to go..

A voice came frm bathroom..

Swara : (frm bathroom) Jii Mr. Maheswari.. It is neccessary to go…

Soon she comes out frm washroom wearing a bathrob with wet hairs… She was looking super cute in bathrob wid a cute baby bump.. Sanskar got mesmorised seeing her.. He forgot to blink his eyes.. She comes near him n hit him on his forehead wid her soft plam..

Swara : where r u???

Sanskar : (pulls her close to him by holding her waist carefully) I was here only..

By saying this he pecks her cheeks.. She blushed n avoides eye contect.. He hold her chin n makes her to see his eyes… It was a passionate eyelock.. Without breaking the eyelock he cups her face wid his one hand… His touch gives shiver on her body which makes her to close her eyes… She opns her eyes when she felt his lips on her forehead… She looks at him with Lott’s of love… Yet again their was an eyelock… This time their eyelock was broken by swara…

Swara : (holds her baby bump) Aahhh!!!!

Sanskar : (shocked+concern) swara!! What happen swara..

The pain increased which leads swara to scream in pain.. sanskar was confused as he was new to all this…

Swara : (tears were in her eyes) Ahhh!!!

Sanskar : SSwaraa what happen.

He don’t knw what happen to her.. He knws she was in pain… He just hold her n makes her lye on the bed carefully makes her drink water by placing his hand under her head.. After that he calls doctor….

Sanskar : (holds her hand tightly n caressing her hair) Shhh shhh.. Come down.. Doctor is coming… Shh!!!

Swara : (still paining) nodded in yes while passed a painful smile to him..

Soon doctor came n checked swara… After checking swara she asked few qsnts to swara.. She answered politely while sanskar gives death glare to her listing doctor n swaras Convo…

Doctor : (Strictly) Did u had ur dinner last night??…

Swara : (looks at sanskar who was desperately waiting for her answer n close her eyes wid fear) No..

Doctor : So u must have skipped ur medicine also last night???

Swara : YYEs..

After talking wid swara doctor tells sanskar that its not gud for her to skip her meals n medicines…N she leaves saying to take special care of swara…

After doctor left sanskar too left the room wid anger making swara sad telling lie to him.. After few mins he came wid her breakfast n kept the tray on the side table n makes her sit on the bed carefully.. He makes her eat her breakfast wid his hand n today she ate like an obedient child… After breakfast he makes sure she ate her medicine.. In the whole time he didn’t utter a single word.. Neither he looks at her… This makes her more sad… She was about to say something Bt he wnt from the room wid the plates… After few mins he came n wear his coat n was about to leave the room Bt his steps was stopped when he heard he heard her sobbing… He immediately turns to her n saw her… She was crying… Without wasting a second he just took her in a born crushing hug.. She hugged him tight while sobbing.. He pats her back to calm her…

Swara : (while crying) M m sry Ssansskarrr…

Hearing her broken voice he broke the hug n cups her face ..

Sanskar : shhh!!!

Swara : I promise I won’t lie… Bt plss dnt ignore me.. It it kills me…

Sanskar again hugs her…

Sanskar : M sry… I won’t do it again… Bt u should also promise me u won’t b careless regarding ur health…

Swara broke the hug n cups his face…

Swara : promise I won’t..

Sanskar : Mistake is mine only i should have wake u last night after returning from office..

Swara : No its nt ur mistake.. I said I will eat n den I slept wid out having dinner… Sorry (with a puppy face)

Sanskar : (smiles seeing her expression) aww.. (Pulls her cheeks)

Both smiles n hugs eo tight…

Flash Back Ends…..

“Did she had her dinner last night”
“Did she took her medicines”

I questioned my self… Soon I jerkes all my thoughts n rush to our room…

Now m infront of my room.. N the scene I saw infrnt of my eyes make me shiver.. Swara was holding her bby bump n was trying to take the glass of water which was on the side table… Tears makes its way on my eyes seeing her in this position… I wanna beat my self being so heartless wid her.. Wid my wife.. Who loves me unconditionally… Who is bearing all this pain just for me.. For our baby.. OUR DAUGHTER.. She is going to give me the most precious gift bt I behave so heartless wid her. I just don’t deserve her.. When I was cursing my self I heard a low yet painful mourn. .

Sanskar’s Pov Ends..


Swara’s Pov..

I got up when I felt thirsty… Holding my baby bump I sit on the bed n tries to take the glass which was on the side table.. My body were shivering… My hand were nt able to reach their.. I pushed my self more.. Bt my bad luck i got misbalanced…

Swara : Ahh!!!

I get scared… I was about to fall when two strong arms hold me.. Its him.. Sanskar… I knw his touch… I looks at him… He was looking different.. His eyes was swallow.. Bt suddenly my image got blure..

Swara’s Pov Ends…

Swara got unconscious in sanskar’s arms… He panicked… He pats her cheeks…

Sanskar : (pats her cheek) swara… Swara opn ur eyes swara… (Caresses her cheeks) oh gosh!!! She is having high fewer…

He calls doctor… He covers her wid the bedsheet n holds her hand n caresses it… Soon doctor came n check swara.. She becomes hell angry wid sanskar nt taking proper care of swara in her last month…

Doctor : Mr.Maheswari I didn’t expect such carelessness from u… She is in her last month n she needs proper rest n care…

Sanskar : (in guilt) M sry doctor… Pls say is she fine n n our baby…

Doctor : No she is nt k… She is so week… N her delivery date is also so near… She will gain her conscious soon.. Make her drink juice soup n milk properly den only her fewer will get reduce soon… N if possible pls give her complete bed rest till den her delivery..

Saying this doctor went wid a disappointment…

Sanskar looks at the unconscious swara wid teary eyes… He remembered hw he treats wid her.. He caresses her cheeks with his right plam.. While his left hand was under her head… He kissed her forehead… She slightly opns her eyes.. He gets happy seeing her he just hugs her…

Swara : wwaterr..

He broke the hug n makes her drink water.. He wipes her lips.. She looks at sanskar without blinking her eyes due to his sudden change… She was nt able to belive tht its him who is taking care of her after so long…Sanskar took grt care of swara.. He didn’t let her move from bed.. Like this the day passed… N now it was night… Sanskar make food n feed her by his hand like before.. She was in tears seeing his care yet again bt was having fear too.. May b in next second he will changed.. She was in delima… Their were complete silence between them… Neither he had the courage to speak her…Neither she … He gave her medicine n makes her sleep on his embarass after so many days.. She was resting her head on his hand.. He was caressing her hairs.. Soon she went into deep sleep.. Sanskar saw that she had slept he just gives a peck on her forehead.. She smiles in sleep..He looks at her face n den looks at her bby bump.. Unknowingly his hand moves to her bby bump.. He placed his hand on her baby bump… He felt baby kick.. A smile appears on his lips… He remberd hw he told tht he will not accept their baby… Remembering this a lone tear ascape from his eyes… He kissed her baby bump n hold her in his embaress n sleep….

Next Day Morning

Swara who was sleeping peacefully after so long was disturbed by birds sound.. She remembers sanskar’s care… She sit on the bed when she didn’t found sanskar on bed.. She heard the shower…

Swara : May b he took care of me coz I was nt well… I should make tea for him before he comes out or else he I’ll be mad at me

She got up from the bed n went down stairs to bring tea for him.. After few mins sanskar comes out from washroom… He got tensed not seeing her on the bed.. He heard her footstap n looks towards the door… Their she comes wid his tea… He was about to say something bt something big n horrible happened… Swara who came wid tea her leg got slipped n she falls on the floor…. Sanskar rush to cath her bt it was late…

Swara : (holds her bby bump) Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Maaaaa (shouts in pain)

Sanskar : (shocked) Swara!!!!!

Sanskar makes her lye on his lape..

Sanskar : (pats her cheeks) Swara… Swara

Swara : (tears were continuously flowing) Ahhh!!!!!!

Swara was crying in pain… Sanskar took her on his arms n rush to hospital….


Sanskar was walking here n their in tension… Doctor comes out n sanskar rush to her…

Sanskar : (broken) Doctor is she fine

Doctor : No… V dnt wanna give hope false to u. V can save only one life….

Sanskar felt someone stabbed his heart..he sit on the chair wid a thud..he makes him self strong n said..

Sanskar : Save swara..

Doctor : k

Sanskar : Doctor

Doctor : Yes..

Sanskar : Pls try to save our bby.. Plss..??????

Doctor : v will try our best…

Saying the doctor left. .

Its been 3 hrs since doctor went inside… Sanskar was so much worried… He was just stairing the door while praying to god for their baby n swara’s safety.. Soon the door of ot got opns n doctor comes out.. A nurse too came behind her.. Sanskar just went to near doctor ignoring nurse n shoots his questions….

Sanskar : Doctor swara… Hw is she.. N n our baby…

Doctor : (points towards nurse) Their ur daughter…

Sanskar’s Pov

Whn doctor shows me my daughter I felt the world got stopped… Nurse comes infrnt of me n handovers her in my lape.. I felt blessed… Heavenly.. I can’t expresse in words wht I felt that time.. Happiness of tears comes into my eyes..?? My daughter.. My baby was in my arms… I adore her carefully..She was closing her little eyes.. Her small small nose , lips , ear… Awww her cheeks sooo softy…??I just placed a soft kiss on her forehead.. To my surprise she smiles while her eyes were still closed.. She is same .. Same as her mother.. Suddenly I remembered SWARA… Where is she ??? Is she k??

Sanskar’s pov ends..

He looks at doctor with thousand qstns…

Sanskar : Doctor swara..

Doctor : V said it brfore .. V can save only one… V r sry to say that ur wife is — (she couldn’t complete )

Sanskar : (cutts of doctors sentence) hw can.. I mean I said to save my wife… Hw hw (couldn’t complete his words)???

Doctor : bt ur wife said us to save the baby.. V resist a Lott bt she didn’t lisnt us… So their was no option left wid us…

Sanskar felt on the chair wid his new born baby… He was numb… He looks at his baby.. He remembered swara’s words “U WILL CARRY HER BEFORE ME”.. He cried… ??????He hugs his bby n cries his heart out while cursing him self for this situation…

2 Years Later..

A mension was shown.. Their a 2 yrs old grl was runing while laughing… A man also was runing behind her to catch her (I knw u all must guessed its Sanskar) She was runing all over the hall.. He was trying to feed her.. Bt she was nt that much easy to handle.. Feeding her is the most difficult task for him.. Bt he was also nt less den her.. So he too starts his drama…

Sanskar : (sits on the sofa while breathing heavily) Ur papa is tired PRINCESS.. I can’t run more.. U won n I lost…

By listening him his princess stops running n comes near him n climbs on the sofa n caresses his cheeks with her small plam…

Princess : papa.. (Opns her mouth) Aaaaa..

Sanskar smiles at his lillte grl.. Without wasting a sec he feeds her…

Sanskar : (shows the empty plate) FINISH!!!!

Princess : (smiles) ICHISH!!!!

He smiles n hugs her tight… She too hugs him..
Sanskar : K now wht will papa’s princess do??

Princess : will brush her teeth…

Sanskar : yup N she will sleep without any masti…. Den only I will sing Lori..

Princess : (smiles) yayyy papa’s Loli..

Soon sanskar makes her brush her teeth’s n changes her clothes.. He makes her lye on the bed… She was resting her head on his hand.. She was playing with his beard with her tiny hand.

Princesses : (playing with his beard) papa Loli…

He smiles n caresses her hair while singing her fav Lori…

Dhire se aaja ri ankhiyan me
Nindiya aaja ri aaja, dhire se aaja
Dhire se aaja ri ankhiyan me
Nindiya aaja ri aaja, dhire se aaja
Chupke nainan ki bagiyan me
Nindiya aaja ri aaja, dhire se aaja

Soon she was in deep sleep… He kissed her forehead.. She smiles in her sleep… He adore his princess.. Without disturbing her he get up from the bed n left for his room to frshn up….

Sanskar enters his room… A grl was lying on the bed lifeless.. He goes near her n sits on the bed n hold her hand…

Sanskar : (he caresses her hairs with teary eyes) SWARA!!!

U must have think Swara was no more..???.. Bt no she was alive.. After giving birth to siyali (uff batana th bhulgayi.. Its sanskar’s Princess) she slipped in coma.. In these two yrs their were no improvement in her health.. She never responded.. From the day one sanskar is taking care of siyali.. In starting he faced Lott’s of difficulties.. He faced loss in his business.. Coz he never went his office after siyali Born bt he never regreat for hiss loss.. He totally forgot about is business.. He was nt able to handle his newborn baby… Bt he havnt think to hire a NANI to his baby… He never give up.. As the time passed he got settled wid his baby n office.. He used to done his all office works in home.. Even the meetings also will held in his home… He becomes her MOTHER.. She becomes his life.. For her , her whole world is her papa… Now he used to visit his office to see the work.. Bt always take his princess with him… She used to get so happy n excited seeing so many peoples.. In evry night after making siyali sleep he used to come to see his swara.. He used to cry.. He used to smile while telling about siyali..He used to share his whole day experience wid unconscious swara.. N tonight also he is telling about siyali to her..

Sanskar : U knw swara she is just just carbon copy of u.. Same hazelnut eyes..same soft soft bigg cheeks.. Same smile as urs..(smiles painfully) y nt.. She is ur daughter. I knw swara ur giving punish to me by nt responding.. What all I had done wid u was nt forgivable.. N I dnt want also u to forgive me.. Coz i dnt deserve ONE CHANCE.. (Tears were continuously flowing frm his eyes)Bt just think about her.. She needs her mother.. She needs u swara.. Pls come back.. I NEED U.. OUR DAUGHTER NEEDS U…plss swara come back.. Not for me bt for our daughter… Plzzzzz… (He rested his forehead on her hand n weeps silently)

A lone tear escape from swara’s eyes which was unnoticed by sanskar… Soon he compose himself.. He got freshnup n went to siyali.. He saw her.. She was sleeping peacefully… He took her in his embaress.. She cuddles on her papa.. Now she was on him fully.. He hugs her more n went into deep sleep..

Another Day Morning

Sanskar : (kissed her cheeks) Good grl..

Siyali : (hugs him more) No PAPA’S PLINCESS..

Sanskar : (smiles) k papa’s princess.. So wht will she do now..

Siyali : (hugs him more n more) papa’s Loli..

Their cute convo got disturbed whn they heard a sound.. Sanskar rush to his room with siyali coz the sound comes from their only… He enters the room n got freez on the spot.. His grip got loosen on siyali.. He makes her stand n slowly moved towards SWARA… (Yes his swara was sitting on the bed after the long two yrs.. She got conscious.. While she get up her hand hits a vase which was on the side table n its brokes.. By hearing its sound sanskar came)

Sanskar goes near her n hugs her tight.. . He was beyond happy.. He just kissed all over her face.

Sanskar : (kissed her face) Swara u wake…

She looks at his eyes.. Their were some spark in his eyes.. He too get lost in her eyes which was speaking a Lott… Its was a beautiful eyelock between thm after long two yrs.. Their eyelock got broken hearing a cute sweet voice..

Siyali : MUMMA

Swara looks at the place where the sweet n soft voice came.. She saw her daughter.. Her baby for the first time.. She just run to her n took her in a born crushing hug…

Swara : (tears flaws from her eyes) My baby…

Siyali : No papa’s PLINCESS

Swara broke the hug n kissed all over her face.. While siyali was smiling…

Swara : (cups her face) what’s ur name baby

Siyali : (smiles) PAPA’S PLINCESS

Swara got confused.. Siyali looks at sanakar who was in tears seeing them together.. He signals something to siyali.. She laughs while placing her tinny plam on her mouth..

Siyali : (control her laugh) My name is SIYALI SANSKAL MAHESWLI..??

Swara smiles hearing her daughters name from her mouth n again hugs her…

Sanskar : Swara take rest I’ll call doctor..

Bt swara ignored him n starts showering all the love to siyali which she was nt able to give.. Both mother n daughter got lost in their own world. Swara was telling strys to siyali as well as she was also telling her biggggg biggggg strys to her mumma.. She was enjoying wid her mumma.. She got too much attach wid swara that she forgot sanskar… The whole day passed like this.. Swara was nt letting her go away from her… She feed her she bath her she played wid her n just now she makes her sleep while telling strys.. Sanskar was so happy seeing both of thm together Bt he was having a pain in his heart… Today it was the first day he didn’t play with her.. He didn’t feed her.. He didn’t make her brush.. He didn’t make her sleep in his arms while singing her fav Lori.. He was missing his princess… Bt may b she was nt.. His heart got broken into several pieces seeing swara’s ignorance.. This feeling ends up him taking a drastic step in his life..

He left a note to swara n packs his bag n left to siyali’s room.. He saw both were sleeping peacefully.. He just caressed their hairs n kissed on their forehead.. As always siyali smiles bt swara dsnt.. He left with teary eyes after wishpering a sry to swara… As soon as he gets out from the room swara opns her eyes n get up widout disturbing siyali.. She went their room bt to her surprise sanskar was nt their.. She was about to get out from their whn she saw a paper.. She took it n read…


I m really sorry Swara.. Sry for marrying u for my profit.. Sry for taking ur freedom from u.. Sry for owning u.. Sry for taking ur beautiful smile away from u.. Sry for behaving an animal wid u.. Sry for nt being wid u whn u need me the most.. Sry for treating u as a servant.. Sry for nt taking care of u.. Sry for nt fullfilling ur wishes.. Sry for each n evry thing which I have done with u.. I knw m nt forgivable.. N I dnt want u to do also.. I just want to punish my self for all this.. That’s y m going from ur life… After seeing my princess happy wid u I knw she won’t miss me. She will forget me soon.. She will forget her papa.. N I deserve it I was the one who was unhappy whn I got to knw she is coming.. I cursed my luck as god was sending an angel to me. Whn u will b reading this I will nt b their.. I will b gone.. Gone very far away from ur life..


Their some words were faded in the note due to his tears… Paper falls from her hand.. She heard a car sound n looks at the window.. She saw him going.. While wiping his tears.. She got hell angry n follows him. ..

Sanskar was remembering his n swara’s beautiful moments.. Her smile..she remembers his princess.. Her cute expressions… Tears were Continuesly flowing from his eyes.. By now it was red… Suddenly a car comes infrnt of his car… He stopped his car with a jerk…

A grl gets down from the car… Sanskar got shocked to see her.. Yes it was Swara.. She was hell angry.. She just come n opns his car door n drags him out of the car.. Her big hazelnut eyes were burning in anger.. She hold his collar by her both hand n burst out..

Swara : (hell angry) wht u think ur self haa.. U can repay all ur dones by going away frm us… Bolo dam it… Dnt b like a statue. . (pushed him with a force)

By her push he hits on the car.. He was nt able to face her.. He was looking down.. Tears were continuesly flawing from his eyes… She comes to him cups his face with her soft plam.. She looks at him with teary eyes.. Still he was nt looking at her..

Swara : U have no right to punish u.. Only I anly have right to punish u.. Coz ur my culprit.. (Shouts) u can’t decide ur punishment. I will give u punishment. I will give.. (Starts beating him on his chest by her hands) wht u said seeing ur princess happy with me haaa… U think she will forget u.. No never sanskar.. Wht u knw haa.. Full day she only keeps speaking about u.. Papa ye papa vo.. I want eat with papas hand.. I want take bath with papa’s hand.. I want brush with papa..
I want listen papas Lori… The whole day she just speak about u… She was with me bt her mind her heart was wid her papa.. N ur going away from her leaving her… U havnt think once hw will she live widout u.. Leave about her.. Can u live without her (tears were continuesly flowing from her eyes) Just tell me damm it!!!! Can u live without her????

Sanskar : (raise his head n Shook’s his head) NO… I I Can’t.. (Looks at swara) bt all I have done with u that was nt forgivable… I I just just dont deserve u.. I dnt deserve(he bursts out)

Swara : No u can’t… U have no right to decide it… I will decide who deserve me n who nt… U want punishment na.. I will give u punishment.. This is ur punishment.. U have to bear me in ur whole life MR.Sanskar Maheswari.. U have to bear me n my daughter..

Sanskar : (while crying) She is not only ur daughter… She is OUR DAU — (he was stopped by swara’s sudden action)

Swara pulled him by his collar n smashed her lips with his rough ones.. He was shocked by her sudden act.. He didn’t respond bt havnt resist also.. She was kissing him while bitting his lips harder n harder… He just was feeling her.. Tears were continuesly flowing from both of their eyes. . she was showing her anger her pain n her love to him in this one kiss.. Whn their was no air left she broke the kiss while breathing heavily.. She looks at him.. His lips were bleeding.. She touches his lips with her fingers..

Swara : (caresses his bleeding lips) M SORR — (this time she was interrupted by by him)

He pulled her by her waist n smashed his bleeding lips on her soft ones.. He tights his grip on her waist while depending the kiss…she was shocked for the first bt she too respond the kiss.. They were pouring all their pain love n their distance in this one kiss. Her hands reaches it’s place by pulling him more on her.. His one hand were on her waist n another one was on her back.. He was kissing n bitting her lower lips while she was kissing n bitting his upper lips.. After a while they change the position n he took her upper lips in between his lips while she took his lower lips.. He pinched her waist making her to leave a beautiful mourn.. She mourns taking it an advantage he enters into her mouth.. Their saliva got mixed eo while their toungs were buzy in fighting with eo.. The kiss turn into a passionate one to wild.. They kissed for 20 mins.. They were nt ready to leave each other.. Bt they r also humans.. They broke the kiss n was heavily breathing while their foreheads were touching eo..

Sanskar : Y u want give ONE CHANCE to me..

Swara : because I LOVE U.. N the big think is tht u realise ur mistake.. N EVERY HUMAN DESERVES ONE CHANCE…

Sanskar : bt I don’t

Swara : Chupp… Now no more words…

Sanskar : Y do u stills love me after wht all I have done to u.. U should HATE ME.. Y u love me this much swara whn I dnt deserve u n ur love..

Swara : I dnt knw anything.. I only knws that I LOVE U.. N I CANT LIVE WITHOUT U…

Saying this she hugs him.. He too hugs her tight.. He kissed her hairs.

Sanskar : (pecks her hairs) I LOVE U TOO SWARA…

Swara broke the hug listing him.. Coz its the first time Sanskar said those three megical words to her.

Swara : (cups his face) wht u said just now…

Sanskar : (cups her face) I LOVE U… I AM IN MADLY LOVE WITH U… I LOVE U…

Swara : (was overmellowed) I LOVE U TOO…

Saying this she again hugs him tight. .. She tightnes her grip on him more and more while hiding her face on his neck… He too tights the grip on her more… They wants time to stop their it self.. They won’t leave each other.. They want to b in eachothers embaress like this forever… They were feeling eachothers hot breath on their neck.. They were feeling eachother after so long… Suddenly sanskar remembers something n broke the hug..

Sanskar : (concern) swara princess… She will b alone in home…

Swara : (smiles seeing his care for siyali) Sanskar dnt worry she is sleeping..N I knw she won’t get up before morning ..

Sanskar : Hw do u knw.. Dnt say u heard everything wht I said last night..

Swara : I heard Sanskar.. Last night I heard ur voice after the long two years..

Sanskar : (cups her face) So..

Swara : (holds his hand which was on her cheeks) So..

Sanskar : (with lotts of love) So finally u got Ur dream family.

Swara : (shook her head wid a pout) No.. Not still..

Sanskar : (felt bad) Y wht u want.. V have a cute little princess also na..

Swara : No i want a cute little prince like u… Who will run after me calling mumma mumma.. Siyali toh always do papa papa.. (With a pout)

Sanskar : (Widens his eyes) wht??

Swara : (innocently) wht wht haa.. U got ur princess na.. Papa’s grl.. So so I also want my Prince.. Mama’s boy..

Sanskar was just stairing her.. He was adoring her cuteness.. The actual thing is she was getting jealous as siyali is papa’s grl.. He just pulled her on him n hugs her tight..

Sanskar : (hugs her) As ur wish madm.. Aapka hukum sarakonpar..

Saying this he laughs…she too laughs n hugs him tight.. Their were no awkwardness in her eyes for wht she demanded just now…she kissed his chest while hiding her face on Hus strong chest.. They again got lost in their own world.. The moon n stars were witness of their reunion n was blessing the love birds…


Credit – isha

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