One chance ( Swasan Ts) by Isha (Shot 3) A



Shot 3 (A)

Recap – swara shattered by Sanskar’s harsh words..


Aftr tht day sanskar is taking good care of me.. He never let me do any work.. He happily told me nt to weare saari as i feel really uncomfortable in saari these days…He used feed me by his own hands.. He strictly makes me eat my medicines… He may forgot the dates of his important meeting BT he never forgots my check up dates.. Every month v used to go hospital for my checkup.. Every night I used to sleep listening his crazy n silly strys on his lape.. Now a days his hand become my pillow… He used caress my hairs with lotts of love till den I get sleep… N the most Lovely thing happened in these months was my wishe’s.. Sanskar promised me tht he will full fill my 9 wishes in these 9 mnths… I have wrote my 9 wishes in my diary.. I used to tell my wish to sanskar aftr coming from my check up every month.. N till now he had fulfill my 5 wishes.. N tomorrow m gonna tell him my 6th wish. N I knw he will full fill my 6th wish too.. M so happy… This is the life which I dreamed wid my love my sanskar…


It was a beautiful morning for our beautiful couple… Swara was sleeping on sanskar while resting her head on his chest n her hand was holding his waist..his hand were also holding her by her waist.. Both of them were having a beautiful smile on their face. Soon the sun rays starts disturbing swara.. Due to Sunrays swara hide her face more into his chest.. She cuddled on him more n more… Her movements make sanskar awake.. He looks at her n gets to knw she was nt able to sleep coz of Sunrays.. So he makes her carefully lay on the bed… He goes near the window n close the curtains making sure the rays don’t disturb his sleeping beauty.. Swara smiles in sleep whn he close the curtains n cuddles more on the pillow making sanskar smile… Soon he left washroom for freshn up..


Swara was still sleeping while cuddling more… Sanskar enters into room with a glass of milk to wake his sleeping beauty… He kept it on the side table n tries to wake her..

Sanskar : (caresses her face) swara!!!!

Swara : Hmmm

Sanskar : Chalo wake up n finish ur milk aftr tht u have — (was cut off by swara)

Swara : (in sleep) have to do breakfast n aftr tht I have to eat tht yukkkk medicine n aftr tht i have to go tht boring hospital for check up..

Sanskar : Ahaa Intelligent..

Swara : M born intelligent ..

Sanskar : ohhh!!! So u don’t want our SON to b intelligent.

Swara : (still nt opening her eyes) No na sanskar I want.. Bt I don’t wanna drink this milk daily.. U drink it.

Sanskar : If I’ll drink den our bby will b healthy n intelligent haa..

Swara : Hmm…

Sanskar knws its her daily drama so he just make her sit on the bed n she makes a pout n rested her head on his shoulder…

Swara : God ji y u gave me this cruel hubby who dsnt let me sleep. .

Sanskar : is it done…

Swara : No

Sanskar : so wht u want..

Swara : (excited) ICE CREAMMMM!!!!!

Sanskar : K.. If I’ll give u ice cream den u will dring milk with out any drama. .

Swara : (hugs him tightly) Haa pakkka… Lotttttsssss of ice cream..

Sanskar : k den I’ll bring lotts of ice creams while returning home aftr ur check up. Is it k…

Swara : (swara gives a tight peck on his cheeks) super duper k .

Sanskar : k now go n freshn up. Or else v will get late…

Swara : (smiles) hmm.

Soon swara took bath n gets ready n the last She was applying vermilion on her forehead whn she felt a grip on her belly. She looks at the mirrow n smiles…
Sanskar : ur looking gorgeous…
Saying this he kissed her cheeks n den kissed on her nape… Swara was enjoying all these while closing her eyes n holding sanskar’s hand which was around her cute baby bump…. Aftr few mins he makes her turn to him.. Her eyes were still closed n she was having the most beautiful smile on her lips… He kissed her forehead which makes swara to open her closed eyes… Their eyes met yet again n it was a passionate eyelock. .. Bt soon sankar starts lening to her lips. She understood wht he is upto so she hold his collar n tip toes to match his height.. Seeing her movements sanskar hold her by her waist to support her… Soon their lips met n the kiss become a passionate one.. Sanskar broke the kiss to let thm breath. Both were breathing heavily specially swara… She rested her forehead on his…

Swara : I love u sanskar..

Sanskar : I knw..

Aftr that both had their breakfast together n left for hospital….


Doctor was checking swara.. Now they were able to see their bby on that machine…they can hear their baby’s heart beat.. Both were feeling immense happiness in their heart… Their eyes were filled with tears.. Tears of happiness…. In the whole procedure sanskar was holding swara’s hand tight.

Sanskar : Doctor is our baby fine. .

Doctor : Yes Mr maheswari Ur wife n ur DAUGHTER is absolutely fine…

Listing the word DAUGHTER from doctor sanskar’s expression changed.. His smile faded away… Whrelse swara was happy…

Sanskar : DAUGHTER!!!

Doctor : Yes mr maheswai… Ur going to b father of a daughter…. Must say ur lucky to get a daughter..

Listing doctors words sanskar’s grip loosed on Swara’s hand n he immediately got up from his place n left leaving doctor n swara confused…

Doctor : Arry where did he go .

Swara : May b to attend an important call…

Soon they finished the check up.. Swara waited for sanskar in the hospital.. whn he didn’t came back she cames out n goes to the parking area. . Bt his car was nt their so she dailed his nbr Bt he was nt receiving. .

Swara : (thinks) May b he went for an urgent work..

Swara took a texi n left for Maheswari Mension without knowing the fact a big storm is waiting for her which will broke her into several pieces each n evry day..


Swara entered into the hall while holding her cute baby bump… She saw sanskar who was buzy in his laptop doing some work… Swara walks near him n was about to sit wid him whn he speak..

Sanskar : Bring a tea for me..

Swara : (looks here n their) Ramu kaka pls make a tea for sanskar… N yah bring one for me also..

Sanskar : He is nt here..

Swara : Kaka is nt here… Den where he gone (thinks something) ohh so kaka went market….

Sanskar : He went to his village

Swara : (widens her eyes) village!!! Bt y…

Sanskar : I have fired him..

Swara : (shocked) fired!!! Y u have fired kaka… Ur impossible sanskar… Now from where v will get another sevent so soon…

While blabbering swara goes to kitchen n makes tea for both of them… Aftr few mins she came with tea n gave his tea for him… Without uttaring a word he was sipping it.. Suddenly swara remembered something n shouts..

Swara : Sanskarrrrr!!!!! Where is my ice cream…

Bt she didn’t get any reply from his so she stood up from her seat n close the laptop…

Swara : (Close the lap) sanskar u had promised me u will bring ice cream.. (While making faces)

Sanskar : (shouts at swara) just shut up swara.. Don’t behave like a kid…
Swara bows her head down coz he shouted at her.. Tears starts falling frm her eyes… Seeing this sanskar get more furious….

Sanskar : (throws the cut on the floor) Just stop crying swara… M nt ur servent to bring wht u need…

Swara becomes hell scared seeing sudden change on his behavior… She looks at him n saw him with teary eyes..

Swara (with broken voice) s s sans skar.. W w whtt hap pnned to u u sud d denl ly… U came hhome lleaving me theirrr allonee…

Sanskar : (yells at her) can’t u hear wht I said just now… I M NOT UR SERVENT… I have tolarate ur drama till now bt now its enough… Whn ur nt giving my SON to me so u wont get anything frm me.. Ur going to give birth to a DAUGHTER swara nt a SON…

Swara : (broken) sanskar son or daughter its our child na… Den wht r u rubbishing all these haa. .

Sanskar : (angry) No its nt k swara. . I want a SON nt a DAUGHTER to ruin my reputation in the society. .

Swara : (was nt able to believe on her ears) sanskar!!!

Sanskar : N u asked na frm where v will get a servent.. Their is no need of any servent here whn ur their… Ur my wife so b in ur limits… Now go n clean this mess (shows her the place where he broke the cup with tea)

Swara was standing n looking at sanskar with an unbelievable look… So sanskar again shout at her…

Sanskar : (shouts at swara) Just go damm it… N make the lunch on time. ..

Saying all these he left for his room leaving swara totally broken…. Tears were continuesly falling frm her eyes to her soft cheeks… Yet again her dreams got shattered… She saw him going on the stairs n took some courage n speaks..

Swara : (teary eyes) Today ur saying u don’t want a daughter sanskar.. (Places her palm on her baby bump) Bt tommorw u will love her.. U will see her before me.. U will cary her in ur arms first..(smiles in tears) u will carry her before me sanskar.. U will love her more Dan I love her.. Even she will love u more Dan me… She will spent her most of the time wid u sanskar… Ur day will b incomplete without her.. U will nt b able to see her in pain.. If anyone try to harm her u will b their to protect her.. She will b ur princess sanskar. .

Sanskar was listening her while standing on the stairs… Whn she stops speaking he speaks. .

Sanskar : In ur dreams swara..

Saying this he left from their making swara numb… She dont knw wht is exactly happening… She don’t knw wht to say now.. She was just standing like a statue… She looks at the messy floor n the broken glasses with teary eyes.. She slowly bends n sits their while holding her baby bump.. She picks the broken glasses to her hand n soon cleans the messy floor n goes to kitchen to prepare lunch….

After tht day swara become quite.. Can say she was still in the shock…she used to do all the works of home… N sanskar used to treat her as a servent… He never cared her aftr knowing tht she is going to give birth for a baby girl… Like these the months again passed…. Now swara was in her 9th month…


A girl was cleaning the floor with broom.. She has tied her hairs in a bun.. In one hand she was holding the broom n another hand she was holding her baby bump which was growes bigger as now its her last month ..(I knw u all knw who is she..she is non other Dan our swara) Her Million dollar smile was missing on her lips.. Her face was looking dull n tired… Soon she clean the floor.. After freshn up she went to the dinning area n sit to had her breakfast.. She was having no mood to eat it Bt she knw she should eat it not for her Bt for her baby… While she was eating her breakfast her phn beeps… She saw it n it was a message frm sanskar.


Today my clients r coming home for lunch so I need All perfect!!!!

A lone tear escape frm her eyes after reading it… Soon she finished her breakfast with lotts of efforts…she took her medicines n again goes to kitchen to prepare a spcl lunch for his Clients…

Same Day 12PM

Sanskar comes back frm office to see all the arrangements r done or not… He goes to dining area n saw the dining table empty.. He fumes in anger as now only 1Hr is left n still the dining table r empty… With full anger he went kitchen n saw swara sleeping in a chair peacefully while holding her baby bump… She was looking tired… Without thinking anything he poured a jar of water on swara which make swara to open her eyes….

Sanskar : (hell angry) Their is only an hr left n ur sleeping here Peacefully… Dnt u sleep in nights haaa… Y the hell dining table is empty… Just go n arrange the plates…(looks here n their) Did u cook all the —(He paused listing a slow yet painful mourn)

Swara : (tries to get up frm the chair) Aahh!!!

He looks at swara who was struggling to getup frm the chair… In these 3 months it was the first time he noticed swara clearly.. She was nt the same swara as before… Before their used to b a spark in her eyes.. A glow in her face n a beautiful curve in her lips… Bt today their were hopelessness n pain in her eyes… Tiredness on her face n her all time visible smile was nt their… Her baby bump was growen bigger.. She was looking more cute with her big baby bump…. He was All lost in his thoughts whn he heard a voice again.. He looks at the chair where she was few mins before Bt now she was not their.. He panicked for a while n searches her n finally he found her sitting on the floor holding her baby bump…He looks at her carefully… She was picking some glasses on her hand… After taking all the pieces she stands up with the help of a chair…

After so long sanskar felt pain in his heart seeing her in tht state… Without uttaring a word he went his room n goes to take a shower… He stood under the shower n on the tap… As the water was falling frm his face he was remembering his n swaras beautiful movements… Her smile.

Flash Back

Swasan were eating panipuri at road side store while laughing happily… “It was swaras third wish Eating panipuri with him in her third month”

Flash Back Ends

Sanskar smiles remembering swaras smile…. He again closed his eyes..

Flash Back

Swasan were dancing in the rain.. Swaras both the hands were on his chest.. Sanskar’s hand was around her waist… Their foreheads were thouching each other…”It was swaras 5th wish dancing in rain with him in her 5th month”

Flash Back Ends

He wipes waters on his face… N yet again closed his eyes. He can see her beautiful smile on her face n her kiddish acts… Her escuse nt to drink the milk… Her “yukk” expression before eating medicines…. He opnes his eyes n smiles remembering her cute expressions.. Yet again he closed his eyes to see her smile… Bt this time he couldn’t found her smile… It was something else…

Flash Back

Swara was in her 8th month.. Darkness was filled in their room.. Just a dim light was on the room coz it was night… Its going to b 2AM… Sanskar was sleeping on his side peacefully… In another side swara was not getting sleep… She was changing her position again n again… Bt all in vain.. Any position was not giving her sleep.. So she get up with difficulty n sits on the bed while resting her back on the head board… Without no reason her eyes filled with tears due to her mood swings… She looks at sanskar with teary eyes.. She cries which leads to disturb Sanskar’s sleep… He get up with a jerk n bursts out at her….

Sanskar : (angry) Wht the hell!!!!

Swara : (while crying) M nt getting sleep sanskar..

Sanskar : (gets more angry) N u thought to disturb my sleep also… Ur not getting sleep thts ur problem… Nt mine

Saying this he left frm the room with a pillow leaving swara all alone….
She cries bitterly whn he left banging the door… While crying she again lydown on the bed n tries to sleep… She was continuesly changing her position again n again…. Like this full night passed Bt sleep was far away frm her eyes…

Flash Back Ends

His eyes got filled with tears remembering her teary eyes…


Sanskar enters the room n founds swara sleeping on the bed.. He went near her n was about to touch her whn he remembers how badly he treated with her in these 3 mnths…so he stepped back n left for his study room .. He sit on the chair n closed his eyes while resting his head on the chair.. A blure vision comes infrnt of his eyes…

Flash Back

A lady wearing a saari was screaming in pain while holding her baby bump as A man was holding her by her hairs n withing a second he pushed her on the floor making the lady scream in pain…

Man : Ur nthng to me frm now… Ur going to give birth for a grl not a son….

She was crying badly holding her baby bump… The man left the room after hitting on her baby bump with his legs making her shivver in pain…

All these was witnessed by a 7 yr old boy… After the man left the boy goes near the lady n makes her lay on his tiny lape….

Boy : (crying) mamma… Mamma (pats her cheeks with his small plam)

Lady : (in unconscious state) sanskar my baccha dnt b like ur dad.. Dnt b an animal like him..

Saying this the lady breaths her last in his lape leaving him shattered….

Flash back Ends…

Sanskar opens his eyes while calling “MoM” his eyes were read n was filled with tears…

Sanskar : MoM I become like him .. I become an animal… I hurt her.. The one who loves me unconditionally…. I can’t face her mom… I can’t… I dnt deserve her.. O dnt deserve her love… Bt I want ONE CHANCE… ONE CHANCE to heal her all the pain… To fill All her incomplete wishes… To shower lotts of love to her… Just ONE CHANCE….

While murmuring this he too sleeps on the chair in the same position….

Prcp – Sanskar’s enters their room n the scene which he saw infrnt of him makes him shattered.

Does sanskar really deserve ONE CHANCE ???

Credit – isha

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