One chance ( Swasan Ts) by Isha (Shot 1)



Sanskar Maheswari : A famous business tycoon of Mumbai.. Girls go Flatt on him BT he never give any attention to any of them.. The thing which matters for him is his business… N he can do anything for it… Hate those girls who r modern n wants to walk with men’s… For him the correct place for a grl is kitchen…

Swara Gadodiya : Daughter of the famous business man shekar gadodiya… Having a crush on sanskar… Unware of sanskar’s thinking about grls..she is fun luving bubbly n wears mordern clothes n aftr finishing her studies she is goin to help her dad in his business…opposite to sanskar.. She can do anything for her dad which is her world ..

So let’s began the stry…

Shot 1

It shown a beautiful banglow which was decorated just lyk a bride. Guests were arriving one by one. A man was at the entrance to welcm them.. Its non other Dan the famous business man SHEKAR GADODIA… He was looking beyond happy.. y not its the day which every grls father dreams about it.. Today his dream is going to b true.. His apple of eye his daughter is going to merry with the person she luves.. V can see a megical spark on his eyes BT he was sad too coz she is The only daughter of him n she is all set to leave him today to start her own life.. BT he is happy aftrall his daughter is gonna get her love her dream boy as her husband.. N he had faith that he will keep his daughter happy… Their were no relatives from groom’s side except his business partners n his office staffs. Their he was sitting in the mandap waiting for his bride.. He was all alone no family no frnds.. “Offf go n bring the bride She is taking so much time” SHEKAR said to some of her frnds in nervousness.. He was getting impatience to see his princess in bridal attire.. Those girls run to upstairs n enters into the brides room…


Girls : SWARA let’s go ur dad is calling..
I knw u all must b guessed the bride is non other then our swara…

Swara who was getting ready in a beautiful red lehenga turns while smiling..

Swara : Go n say to dad his princess is gonna take time to get ready today…

Those girls laugh n runs out leaving swara alone in the room… She sits on the chair infrnt of the mirror n gets ready thinking about Her life.

“”” SWARA’S POV”””

Finally the day arrived for which I have been waited for so long… Today m going to b his forever.. The one whome I luv… My dream boy.. The grt business tycoon SANSKAR MHESHWARI… I havn’t miss a single interview of him. The way he speaks.. Omg he looks breathtaking.. I knw he is little bit kadoos type.. BT I luv this kadoos.. May b he wants to b alone coz from childhood he is alone.. Yup he don’t have any family. I heard he was the only son of his parents.. N his parents left him whn he was a child. I knw he don’t wanna talk about his family so no body knws how his parents died.. I want to fill his lyf with colours.. I knw today my dad is soo happy n also sad too coz m gonna leave him.. My dad.. Wht to say.. He is my world… After mom’s death he took care of me.. He didn’t let me miss my mom.. He gave me the love of mom n dad both.. I never cried for anything..

Before I could say he used to bring all those I want.. Same way he shows me the way to get my love… After finishing my college I joined dad’s business coz I really wanna help him.. After a month i got to knw the maheswaries applied for a tender which was on my name.. Lott’s of people were behind of that one tender.. BT he was the lucky person who got the tender. N he deserves it.. All these days I never saw him neither he saw me in office.. One night dad throws a party where he had invited his business partners.. N sanskar was one of them. That was the first time I saw him.. He was Getting down from his car in the party venue..

Dad introduced me to his partners.. Last BT nt the least he took me infrnt of sanskar.. My heart was beating faster n faster.. Dad saw me n winks at me.. I knw he was teasing me as he knw how much I love sanskar… Dad says “hello” to him n he smiles in a bossy way.. All this time I was just staring him lyk as I m gonna eat him right now… N finally dad introduced me to him.. He looks at me.. Head to toe.. He forward his hand I smiled n shakes hand with him.. It felt megical… Dad said to him that Hw much crzy I was going to meet him just once.. I felt embarrassed so I left from their making an excuse… In the whole party my eyes were stick on him..

My heart smiles whn I saw him smiling.. I used to look at anotherside whn he turns to me. Don’t knw y BT I couldn’t make an eye contact with him. Lyk that the party goes over n v left home.. I was so tired so taking a long shower I just gets into deep sleep.. Next day as usual dad wakes me up as v were getting late for office.. N withing few mins I got ready n v left office.. The day ended as usual… Lyk these one year passed.. It was night me n dad were having dinner whn a servent came n said sanskar was here.. I was shocked for a moment.. Dad makes hurry n went to hall.. I also went Behind him. Their he was sitting on the sofa.. Dad welcomed him n ask y he is here.. He just said he wants to talk with me.. Dad looks at me.. N he tells k.. With him I left to terrace.. I was so nervous.. Don’t knw wht to say.. Dnt knw y he needs to talk with me. Before I could say something he proposed me.. Yes he proposed me.. Proposed for marriage.. I was shocked.. Seeing my shocking face he said he wants me in his life as he love me.. He said it was first sight love..

He saw me in the party n ends up giving me a place in his heart.. He told me withing these one year his love for me increased n he tells he knw tht I luv him.. So y nt to get merried .. I was on cloud9 hearing him.. I just nodded yes without thinking once.. Don’t knw BT my heart trusted him the same way I luv him blindly.. N v came back to hall n I saw dad who was walking here n their In nervousness.. I just ran to him n hugged him tight hiding my face into his chest.. N told him wht all happened.. He was more happy Dan me.. He hugged sanskar n said him to take care of me.. N finally after finishing all the rituals today v r going to get married…


After getting ready swara was getting down with her frnds. SHEKAR saw her n was having tears in his eyes..

SHEKAR : ur looking gorgeous my princess.

Swara smiles n wipes his tears with her soft palms..shekar hold her with her shoulder n took her to the mandap n makes her sit with sanskar who was already sitting n waiting for her..
Soon the rituals get over n they were announced as husband n wife… They took blessing of all the elders.. After 1hr shekar done SWARA’S bidai with a heavy heart.. As his strength his princess is going far from him. BT he was happy too as she is getting all her happiness.. Today being a father he had completed all his responsibilities towards his daughter.. BT he will b always their for his daughter.. He took a promis frm sanskar “never let a tear ascape from her eyes”.. Sanskar just smiles n nodded in
“Yes”.. while crying swara left her dad her home n headed towards a new life which she dreamed. .. .

Prcp – swasan first night.. sanskars harsh words brings tears in SWARA’S eyes.. After knwing sanskars thinking about girls swara shatterd…Swara gets a new ray of hope that she can win his heart..

Finally finished the shot 1.. I don’t knw hw it is.. BT I hope u all luved it.. I knw their was no proper swasan scene in this one BT I promise the next shot will b full of swasan n swasan… Do comnt pls…
May b it’s not that much good.. If their is anymistake den forgive me as Its been so many days that I havnt written…????? If u feel throw tomatos n eggs those r mostly nt welcomed????? give those to a needed
Credit: isha

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