One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 9

One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 9
(Hey guys sorry I’m late I’m busy in searching internship so not getting time n today episode is long bear me plz n its boring plz forgive me)

Twinkle and jeevitha reached home and twinkle described everything what all happened
R – you did right with her twinkle…proud of you and side hugged her
V – yes twinkle you did right with her how dare she is to take baby
J – she is the main reason for kunj and twinkle separation she played many dirty games to separate you both don’t know what she got now
T – she is paying for her deeds now its just start I have planned many things for her
R – janatha be aaj bahuth hey maara hoga usko
T – haan marengey na mene acting Jo ithne kamal ki key hey
Kush & tanu – oooooo aaaaa laaaaa started to sing all closed ears
T – oh my babies are hungry I’ll take them to room
R – they went on you only when you were baby you were also doing the same thing jab bhook lagthi tho gandha chilla chills ke Ghana gathi thi
V – vo gana iske liye hamare liye saza thi
T -???? come babies this people are so bad me and my babies will sing very cutely but you all teas us ??
She lifted babies and took them to room and feed them they became silent and started playing with her
T – kush come to me and checked him
T – r u k. Did she hurt u baby tanu too came to her and made her to leave kush and she sat on her lap
T – my little jealous queen why u push him like that huh
Kush – mum?? maa?? and he pulled tanu hair both started to fight
T – no stop it both of u right now they didn’t stopped
T – you both won’t stop na k then I’ll cry and started to cry dramatically both babies looked each other face stopped fighting and came near to twinkle she was closing her face they both pulled her hand she opened it and laughed on them they to laughed and started fight with twinkle cutely started to fall on her hit her lightly from there tiny hands
T – abb bass v r tired na come and sleep now they both nodes in no
T – k then sit here only play with toys no fight nahi tho Mumma gussa?? karegi k
Twinkle got fresh up then lye on bed in middle of babies with phone
T – now let me call kunj sorry usha ki puttar n let me inform him about his mom state twinkle dialed kunj number
Kunj in office in some meeting
Kunj mobile started ringing
K – who is it now? And checked caller I’d got happy
K – excuse me I’ll come after some time??
M – sir time
K – just cancel d meeting and keep it on other day k now don’t disturb me
Kunj picked call
K – hello darling how are you? So tell me when you coming back to home? Shall I come and pick u up now
T – oh hello Mr.sarna stop dreaming and let me speak
K – k darling my sweetie what you doing had breakfast?
T – I’m fine and had breakfast too and now had big glass of milk too after coming from temple
K – oh so bad u didn’t gave milk to babies you only drank it huh
T – I gave them too k now let me speak na
K – yes you are right how you can give that milk to them you give them your milk na kabhi mijhe bhi dhona yar ???
T – chi you??? its waste of time talking to u,u u shameless I’ll cut phone
K – k baba sorry give your milk to babies only not for me actually u r right if I drink that then what they have to do
T – where is your usha maa???
K – why u taking her name now
T – tell na
K – must be in home or in any hell I don’t care about her she ruined our life
T – oh she must not be in home as I know she must be on some street or in temple side street only now also
K – what..
T – yes today my dear saasu ma came to me and started to do fight with me..
K – are you k? I’ll not leave her
T – arey Mr.sarna first let me complete na she wanted to snatch my kush from me so I screamed bachavo bachavo she is child kidnapper and came here to kidnap my kush and snatching my babies from me now ask what happened next
Kunj closed his eyes in anger for usha not for twinki and didn’t said anything
T – k let me tell you all people came to me to help me I was like abla naari you know den they made circle pushed saasu maa in middle and started to hit her like anything then then I came back to home I can’t see all na meri pyari saasu maa ka izzath jathey huve hahahahaha???
Kush and tanu saw there mother laughing she was keeping mobile near her lips so kunj can here her laughing correctly kush and tanu took phone
Ku – he he llo hahahahaha baby laughter then tanu turn
T – hahahahaha heehehehe
K – arey you both how are you?
Ku & ta – hahahahaha
K – what hahaha say papa
Ku & ta – Pa twinkle took mobile from them
K – say papa
T – no they ll not say u papa
K – twinkle u k good work baby
T – what
K – haa baby good work sweet heart u did right with her how dare she is to snatch baby from you I’ll scold her k.
T – really are you k I’m saying the fact really they hit your mom
K – haa yar its k na she ll not die soon leave it this punishment is so small for her na she made you cry many times
T – slowly keeping mobile bit away ye bandha pagal ho gaya hey kya?
K – yes darling pagal hun tera pyar mey
T – ??? bhad mey gaya thu aur tera pyar
K – love you siyappa queen
T – you killed your siyappa queen long ago
K – plz twinkle don’t say like that
T – that’s fact kunj your siyappa queen is dead that day only for you and for me my sadu sarna too dead that day only there is no love and trust between us now
K – twinkle…vo…twinkle cut the call twinkle…twinkle he called again she cut the call and kept it away
T – thum dhono??? what was the need to take phone from me and y u talked to him huh
Kush and tanu looked at her
T – yes I’m talking to u both only I’m angry on u don’t talk to me and turned her face both babies came on her lap and started to pull her hair
T – ahha leave my hair little devils
Ku & ta – hahaha mumma and they pulled her nose and cheeks
T – wait I’ll also do then ull get to know how it pains k and she pulled their hair funnily both left her hair
Ku – na na mum
Ta – CH..cho(chodo) mumma
T – will u do it again .
Kush tanu nodes in yes like shameless smiling she too smiles at them
Ku – mummaaaaa and yawns cutely chon (sona)
Tanu to yawns
T – arey my Cutie’s are sleepy come let’s sleep and she made them lye on bed they slept in no time
T – vaishe I missed chance kohi nahi karlungi vo bhi time mila tho iss kunj ko bhi belt lekey marungi??? tab patha chaltha hey dardh kya hotha hey
Her mind bile rings
T – plz not kunj again n checks it its her best friend mahi
T – hello mahi madam u remembered me now?
M – arey not like that twinkle
T – then where were u huh after marrying UV u forgotten me? May be you are busy in romancing with UV ???
M – shut up you idiot ???
T – acha tho romance nahi karega kya swami ban gaya hey kya?
M – twinkle….
T – k baba tell how you remembered me
M – we came back to India
T – waw that’s great come to my home na with UV
M – sure baby and twinkle tomorrow evening we kept party you should come k
T – oh party n all
M – haan yar as you know our marriage happened in London only so I invited only you and other besties not others and so we thought to keep party here and you should also have to join.
T – but mahiiii..
M – no if’s and but’s you are coming that’s it
T – my babies are small na how can I leave them and come
M – arey khabardar if u leave them and come come along with babies I want to play with them
T – oh if you love babies that much then say UV na he ll give you one
M – shut up???
Uv from behind I’m ready to give
M – shut up UV
T -???? udhar hey beta hey kya
UV took phone from mahi
UV – yes my dear
T – hello UV how are you?
UV – fine darling how are you
T – good ??
UV – okay come tomorrow twinkle plz don’t miss huh I’m not going to tell like this I’ll check tomorrow evening for you of you are not here then mey tera ghar sake uta key key jaunga
T – mahi dekho tera pathi ko
UV – she ll see me daily you come tomorrow okay and give mobile to babies na I want to talk with them
T – they are sleeping
UV – tomorrow bring them also k
T – k baba coming give phone to mahi
M – yes twinkle
UV went away he got another call
T – mahi u know na he is UV friend too if he comes then I’ll not
M – huh??? twinkle I’ll not call that kunj k don’t worry
T – k then c u tomorrow love you
M – love u sweetie bye???
UV – hello kunj
K – hello UV is she coming tomorrow?
UV – yes she is coming
K – waw thank u yar??
UV – see I’m inviting against mahi wish she said me not to invite u but also I did I want you to patch up with twinkle I want you to be happy and your happiness relies in her I know its tough for her to forgive but keep trying don’t give up
K – yes UV I’ll
UV – and tomorrow don’t tell I invited you otherwise my mahi ll kill me
K – ll c that???
UV – no yar plz kunj cut d call
UV – isko help karne ka chakkar mey mahi muje gar se na nikaal dey
Kunj came back to home
Usha was sitting on sofa bandage on her forehead her cheek has many fingerprints her one eye became blue
U – kunj puttar???? c what twinkle did to me?
K – she did right with u how dare you to touch my babies
U – kunj I’m your mom
K – yes that is great mistake I can’t change
U – don’t you love and respect your mother you have changed all because of that twinkle
K – dare to take her name from your dirty mouth you know I did very wrong by trusting and respecting your all decision blindly and now because of that I lost everything I lost my twinkle and my babies by believing you I tortured twinkle and now god punishing me
U – kunj
K – plz I don’t want to talk with you now don’t waste my time
B – arey usha you looking good today
U – what bebe
B – then what huh?? did you got to know how it feels now when someone hit you ,how much you tortured that poor girl you made kunj beast and made him to hit twinkle simply making false complaint on her you developed misunderstanding between them kunj is foolish to believe you that time actually he is also not wrong he trusted you blindly he thought you are his strength he believed may be twinkle is wrong but not his dear mumma but now everything crystal visible to him so he started to hate you bcoz of your mistake his life ruined he lost his wife and kids…you are paying for your deeds its just start you have to pay for each of twinkle tear drop
U – whatever she can’t do anything to me
B – ll c that
Kunj room
Kunj took twinkle photo in hand
K – hey siyappa queen come to me na plz I’m ready for any punishment u give me bcoz I know I was wrong at that time but really I’m sorry na plz don’t give me big punishment by going away from me and taking away my kids from me I’m der dad ??? twinkle with tery eyed I also want to play with them I want to spend my all time with them I want to hear there talks I want to see there first step and everything I want u to be with me every time as my support maaf kar dhona yar phir sey aa javo mere pass kisi bhi saza ke liye thayar hun yar bass thu chahiye mujhe aa javo na twinkle aage tumhe koyi shikayath mouhka nahi dunga ???? and he slept like that only crying remembering twinkle and his babies
Twinkle mansion
Twinkle woke up and looked at her babies who are sleeping peacefully she cuddled with them and kissed on there forehead they smiled in sleep and slept again she got freshen up and was getting ready kush woke up first yawning cutely and looked at twinkle
T – oye kush good morning baby and she lifted him he hugged twinkle
T – mera baby ka nind pura huva????
K – mum mm maa n pointed to some toy twinkle gave him toy and took him to wash room and after taking bath he slept again and next was tanu turn but after bath she didn’t slept and was crying to be with twinkle only
T – don’t cry baby sleep na mumma ka kaam hey na
Ta – na na maa ????
T – I’m going to party today evening with kush thum bhi aavogi??
Ta – ha ha me b thalo (mey bhi avungi chalo)
T – not now if you are coming with me then let me do work na sleep now mumma ll make ready kush and tanu new new clothes k tanu nodes in no and hugged her
J – hey twinkle
T – arey bhabhi
J – why u are not coming for break fast we all were waiting for u n y tanu crying
T – see na bhabhi she s not leaving me to do any work not sleeping also don’t want to play alone too
J – acha mera baby tanu come to me chocky chahiye?
Ta – na nahi maa ke pach???
J – aww want to be with mumma only chipkali
Ta – maa??? pointing to jeevika with angry pout
T – what she told u huh chipkali yuu see Mami thumko chipkali kahi shame shame karengey deheko abh so javo k
Ta – chona Chona??? na chona angrily crying
T – baby don’t cry bacha see bhayya also get up na don’t scream k babies ko na jyadha sons chahiye Aisha Rona nahi chahiye n wiped her tear k chalo niche mamu ke pass chale n took her down dey had bf
R – hyee princes come to me I’ll give you teddy
Ta – na na screaming
R – aavo na ghumi ghumi karengey n tried to take her from twinkle she hit him n hugged twinkle everyone laughing
T – bhayya bhabhi today evening I’m going to party
V – vch one twinkle
T – oh UV n mahi came from London na so they r throwing party for all friends and dey wanted to see me n babies so I’m going
R – fine princes enjoy n take care of u n babies I’ll send body guards with you
T – no bhayya plz its party I don’t want any body guards
R – per
T – no??
R – k
V – then take servent with u how you can handle babies alone
T – hmm k
Twinkle feed food to babies and they are sitting in front of us she is telling them how to behave there decently and they were listening to her like innocent good babies
T – so let’s get ready kush come here I’ll make u ready k n removed his clothes he got happy and started to go here n there…oye where u going not wearing cloth too
Ku – Aisha lahna ( Aisha hey rahunga)
T – wait ill come to u she made tanu ready that was also not ready she is not liking any clothes simply throwing everything and finally choose one new dress for her twinkle made her ready she was looking very cute
Ta – maa n gave pose telling twinkle to click her photo
T – aww choti photo pena hey tera huh n clicked many pic of her and looked at kush who was nosing in no to twinkle showing his nakhara for wearing clothes
T – come here wait where u going I’ll not leave u today kushhh??? marungi abh dekho kapade pehana chahiye
K – na na mude na na n crwled from der went to viren he lifted him up
V – what happened prince where u running n y u didn’t wear cloth
T – oh he came here huh?? kush aavo wear cloth he nodes in no n hided his face in viren chest hugging him
V – kya huva? Twinki
T – complaining dekho bhayya he don’t want to wear clothes making puppy face I also have to get ready after making them ready but this babies teasing me
V – acha q bhay meri twinki ko pareshan kar rahe ho
Ku – na na mu(mamu) na Aisha hey atha (Aisha hey acha)
R – really ??? Aisha hey with only diaper ull go to party waw cool idea
Kush jumped on rocky he is his supporter always
T – bhayya?? wt cool he is only in diapers
R – new style twinki kush style yes na baby kush clapped n nodes in yes later twinkle convinced him n scolded him n made him ready and twinkle too got ready in beautiful black saari looking hot and beautiful
Sarna mansion
Kunj came out of wash room in towel
K – today I have to get ready to impress my twinkle Aisha dhekunga ki twinkle mujhe dekthe hey bhag kar aa key hug karegi n kiss karegi aur kya patha room mey bhi le jayegi???? oh no can’t do more babies also with her na
Kunj checking all dresses n confused too vch one to wear someone back hugged him he touched those hand a smile appeared on his face he pulled that person its twinkle smiling at him she was wearing purple anarkali looking cute like doll kunj kissed her hand and her cheeks and twirled her
T – what’s your confusion darling
K – vch dress I have to wear this one or this one showing her
T – ull look good in everything m today u wear this giving him one dress
K – I love u twinkle n looked at her rosy lips n goes close to her n der lips above to connect den he kissed his wardrobe its his dream of twinkle he smiled to himself n got ready like this

Kunj dress

K – not bad Mr.kunj sarna after becoming 2 babies father also u r hot n handsome yar.I’m looking very hot today wish twinkle too likes me like this wt if she becomes angry after seeing me der???? no worries my babies r der to save me from der cutie mom I’m coming darling ??? n what my darling must be wearing let me call n ask
K – oye kunj have u gon mad ull call n ask her den she ll tell u huh she gets to know I’m coming den she ll not come let it be I won’t call her n flop my own plan.may be she wearing designer saari
Next scene
T – babies tell me how mumma looking is it looking good or should I change
K & T -??? mumma????? chupl (super)(don’t ask me now how even not year old baby talks dis much its twinj babies can do anything??)
T – aww thank u?? let’s go..
Twinkle dress

Kush dress

T – meena maid chalo she left to party vch has kept in some 7* hotel grand party is organized twinkle met with her all old friends some were very good and talked nicely who knows everything abt her others just gossip n taunting twinkle ignored them
M – hey twinki n hugged her
T – mahi darling??? how r u huh so long
M – yes yar miss u
T – chal jutti jab UV hoga tho mujko miss ki tune
M – twinkle don’t start now k n yar babies dey r so cute hi kush and hi tanu both looking very good like mom ha come to me she lifted them n played with them and they shared some moment together party was going to be late n twinkle is her best is too so she booked room for her also they rested n done touch up again n twinkle met with UV
UV – twinkle baby doll you are looking gorgeous
T – thank u .
UV talking with kunj to earphone plugged in twinkle didn’t saw it kunj hearing everything
K – acha UV baby doll??? n wt gorgeous huh u come here I’ll make u gorgeous now n how dare baby doll ha wait I’ll call mahi as jaan
UV – no no don’t do that
T – what I’m just having juice what is this mahi guest ko juice bhi nahi
M – UV??? have u gon mad
UV – may be arey yar no not to u
T & m – k pagal
Kunal – twinkle…….
T – k..kunal hi he hugged her b4 she can talk some ones blood boiled looking that
K – maar dalunga kaminey ko aa raha hun
UV – no no don’t come maaro math
Kunal – no no I’m not hitting her but hugging this lovely friend of mine I’m not kunj to hit her like him who don’t know value of anything right na twinkle n our lifes one one decision ll go worst like in your case you choose kunj over me n now c what all happened if you were with me tujper hath utana tho dhor jorr sey bath bhi nahi kartha tha ithni pyari ladki ke sath rehne ko bhi naseeb chahiye bhay kya can I get chance I’m serious
T – excuse me she walked out from there and sat on table with her babies
M – twinkle r u k?
T – yes I’m fine mahi what ll happen to me ☺☺☺
Mahi held her hands as she know what she is going though now she is remembering all those things which she want to forget twinkle hugged her n she is not able to control her tears any more mahi calmed her down
M – shh don’t cry drink some water n made her to drink water
T – really mahi he said right na marrying kunj turned out to be worst decision of my life even in my scary dreams I didn’t thought my kunj ll do this things with me I loved him truly marrying my love was my dream n that became true I was on cloud 9 thinking my life is going to be perfect as I’m with my perfect man but what he did I can’t forget that still I tried to save my relationship with kunj I just wanted to be with him I wanted his love,care ,respect n affection towards me like before marriage but I got only slaps,scolding ,whipping marks.yellings ,harsh words ignorance see na mahi I expected from him few things but leaving those he gave me this things
T – you know some people when I talk with them in front of me they smile n talk sweetly n behind me they laugh on me n my situation n blame me only they say everything is my fault why girls has to take this blame always leave it u know when I see happy families around me hubby wife n der children husband taking care of his wife n baby standing for them I feel like I’m unlucky to live those moments with my kunj when my babies came to world kunj wasn’t present there I don’t wanted to do this with him but what to do I have to take stand for myself respect when I got to know I’m pregnent I was very happy thinking der ll be no problem now onwards but everything changed in one changed our life turned upside down n I’m here now alone
M – don’t waste your tears for him he doesn’t deserve this he did very bad with u plz forget that n twinkle give second thought to kunal words he likes u so what do u think do u? I mean marry him n move on na he ll take care of u n babies
T – no not at all he is only my friend that’s it I don’t want to marry anyone.I’m happy now with my babies dey r my life n my family ll be always with me really I’m lucky to get such good family loving parents,brothers,bhabhi all love me like I’m small baby.
T – shh abh chodo na u go n enjoy party
M – hmm u too enjoy if u want to rest go to room k I booked room for u too
T – hmm
Kunj who was sitting on back seat of twinkle she can’t see him kunj heard everything n his eyes got wet thinking abt her each n every word
Cameraman clicking every ones photo he saw twinkle
C – hello madam u looking very pretty
T – thank u ☺☺
C – is this babies r urs?
T – yes mine only
C – they r so cute can I take your n babies photo u all looking cute so n later I’ll give u that
T – fine☺☺ first he took many photo of twinkle den with kush n tanu n there separate photos
C – ma’am in next one click pic with 2 babies together
T – but how I can pick only one in time
C -oh u do one thing ma’am make babies to sit on sofa n u stand behind them
T – k
T – wait meena thum tanu ko lo aur mey kush photo lenge acha aayega k
They stand lifting babies
C – ma’am not looking perfect thoda side plz ha thoda idhar udhar
C – waw now perfect this will be best click come closer bit waw ????? super it is aur thoda close hold kijiye
Twinkle felt someone pulled her by waist she is busy in giving poses didn’t looked at side as she thinks its her maid meena
T POV(why I’m feeling kunj touch )☺☺☺
C – ma’am n sir put babies down n u both give poses na
T – what I n meena have to give poses coming close has he gon mad n sir n looked at side now kunj thought she ll not turn so he got ready with other pose like kissing twinkle cheeks he bends to her height n his lips near to her cheeks twinkle turned suddenly due to this there lips meet twinkle shivered feeling his touch she got shocked n kunj too both widened der eyes kunj didn’t miss chance gave quick peck on her lip kush clapped looking at his parents n tanu was looking at camera giving smile twinkle got to know its not meena but kunj standing with tanu both smiling at her tanu for pose n kunj nervous smile as twinkle saw him now and he was d one standing beside her from long ago she didn’t looked at him so he gave many romantic poses she doesn’t know it but now he is gon
T – you????? what u doing here where is meena
K – tanu where is meena?
Tanu – oh haha vo gayi showing hands n making action cutely showing she is gon
K – vo gayi vo gayi doing same like tanu increasing twinkle anger
T – shut up y u cane here huh who called u here just get out ????
K – twinkle yar I don’t wanted to come but UV invited me personally u know n he told that if I don’t attend party then he ll commit suicide so not having any option I have to come then how r u? N hi kush looking hot like me n tanu u r so cute u r looking hot s*xy n gorgeous baby looking at twinkle
T – what???
K – I said to tanu n kissed her cheeks
T – oh tanu looking hot n s*xy
K – tanu mom is jealous of u c I said only tanu n not to u so u r jealous na siyappa queen u also looking hot n s*xy n gorgeous beautiful cute marvelous fabulous superb abh kush
T – shut up…UV???
UV – vo ha k..kunj how u came here
K – ghar sent chal ker car thak aaya after that car me bet ke driving kiya aur uske bath hotel ke side pey car park kar key vapas chalthe chalthe aa gaya
T – UV?? u invited him wait I’ll tell mahi
M – I saw everything twinki wait coming
UV – ?????? ???
M – UV????
UV – jaan jaan mahi jaan what happened ?
M – oh u don’t know anything ryt u r innocent kid ryt how come kunj here
UV – yes I’m innocent only ..n he told na yar usne car thank chal ke aaya uske badh car…
M – shut up
UV – k…saala kunj iski wajha sey mahi muje marengi
M – didn’t I told u not to invite him then y u did
UV – I didn’t invite mahi even I’m shocked kunj how u got to know I kept party here who invited u baba
K – arey mera gajani u called me yesterday n said I kept party for u ,u should come otherwise I’ll commit suicide so to save ur life I came here
M – acha suicide after party I’ll only kill u n u Mr.kunj stay away from my friend twinkle
UV – ha stay away k u should listen to mahi
K – acha
Twinkle gave kush to mahi
T – tanu come to me
Ta – na na ike (iske) cht (sath)
T – I said come n snatched her from him she was holding him tightly n started to cry when twinkle pulled her tightly
K – twinkle stop yar I’ll give her to u I’ll tell her don’t make her to cry
T – u just shut ur mouth she is my daughter I know how to handle her got it n u shut up don’t cry now chalo mahi they went away
K – how she can behave with baby like that I know she hates me but y showing anger on poor baby ?? she was crying
UV – kunj don’t feel bad yar its k
K – what k yar do u know how bad it feels to be away from my kids I also have right on them but she don’t give me chance to touch them too I know I did mistake I did very wrong with her she can punish me in any other way but not like this UV I want her back
UV – don’t worry bro I know u r really guilty but she can’t forget anything in short time she needs time to forgive u she is upset with u for breaking her trust
K – I know mey kiski saza ke liye tha yar hun
UV – hmm let’s go now party ll start now ull get time to spend with her n he took him from there everyone sitting on der reserved tables kunj sat with twinkle she gave him angry look n ignored him
Jay – so let’s start party guys n thank u UV n mahi for throwing party n inviting us iskey bahane sey ham purane dosth mil gaye so guys we want to know UV n mahi love story
UV – today I’ll tell how I meet with my love we saw each other in function in my best friends engagement (twinj) v got attracted to each other but didn’t shared feeling for so long den my friend kunj helped me to propose mahi n twinkle helped mahi bcoz of them v r together now
All hooted for them twinj looked st each other face shared painful eyelock remembering there stupid plans on those days to unite mahi n UV n now they got seperated
Kunal – good yar
UV – thank u
Jay – now mahi n UV ll dance all hoot for them they both dances romantically
Jay – so now our other friends who r married have to give some suggestion to mahi n UV about love n marriage values anything it can be just for fun dance Ghana rahenga he ye jara hatt key
Krish – so my advice UV delete ur old gfs mags pakadagaya na tho mahi maar daalengi
All – ????
Aliya – you both look cute together dear be like this only “Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow.”
Ayush(mahi bro) –
Having a brother in law is one the best things in life. One reason is because now I don’t have to take care of my sister anymore. Even though it was fun and frustrating at times, I get to hand off my sisterly duties to someone else. We both know how lucky you are for getting the amazing women that I call my little Sis. You are the one who will take care of her from now on and love her unconditionally. There are so many things I want to thank you for because you are truly one of the biggest role models in my life.

Thank you for loving my sister. She is my sister so of course we fight and sometimes we do not get along, but she is the most important person in my life and I would do anything for her. With that being said, it was hard for me to give her away to some guy. I am so lucky that it is you though, you take care of her and calm her down when no one else can. We both know my sister, so we know sometimes she might not be so lovable but you make sure she feels loved and has everything that her heart desires.
Keep her happy always if she does any mistake don’t scold her tell her smoothly she ll understand believing in you I’m leaving my sister with you take care of her be with her in all situation don’t make her to feel lonely. She have only u here den no one if u leave her den she ll be alone I don’t want that be her supporter always.she left her family n came to u bcoz she trust u don’t break her trust my sister should tell me choosing u is her best decision of life. I know u keep her happy always I trust u jiju
U said bcoz of your friend kunj n twinkle u both r together n I think der love is also so strong like u both I’m thankful to u guys for making them one n you both look amazing together a happy family I want to see the same in my UV n mahi .(he doesn’t know abt twinj now dey r separated) I think kunj n twinkle have set relationship goals follow it n be happy always like them take care of my sister like how kunj take care of twinkle ,as i heard twinkle also gon against der family n choose kunj knowing he is not rich like her n he can’t give her dat luxurious life in vch she born up but his love is more than that as twinkle said n he kept his words na today look at them in vch position dey r der babies r so cute like them they are example of happy family kunj is best business man now n he earned much money n respect in society he is giving twinkle everything which she wished for hey na twinkle…
Kunal – arey bhay rukh rukh u mean to say kunj is best husband?? Hahaha????? joke of the year buddy.just because dey are sitting close to each other doesn’t mean they are staying with each other bro don’t wish like UV should be like kunj if he become like kunj then your sister also have to suffer like twinkle n for ur kind information twinkle left kunj now because kunj tortured Twinkle
Shanaya(kunj is her crush she hates twinkle because kunj choose twinkle over her) hey not like that k kunj is not the one to be blamed.its twinkle mistake she dont deserve husband like kunj.she didn’t mingle with everyone in his family because she is from rich background so kunj didn’t liked it .
Ku – oh hello shut up she mingel with everyone don’t blame her. U know what kunj did with her he stopped her from going to job. N gave her many rules to follow like he is owner n she is slave.he was torturing her by not allowing her to talk with her family members just bcoz he hates her brother.
Sha – no wrong huh kunj stopped her because he got to know that twinkle is flirting with other guys in office.and she was having extra marital affair may kunj got to know this so he tortured her may be then what he can do when he gets to know his wife is cheating on him.
Kunj – just shut up shanaya how dare u to talk abt twinkle like this it was my mistake not her n y u want that now just mind your own business looking at kunal
Kunal – y u looking at me huh did I say anything wrong twinkle….
T – no
Kunj – see its matter between husband n wife no need to interfere in it.
Kunal – who is husband n wife huh??? twinkle divorced u buddy u r not her husband so don’t give me lecture n twinkle cone on go n speak something n let people know what happened with u go baby
Kunj – how dare u to call her as baby huh n twinkle doesn’t let stem to u she ll not go anywhere get it
T – no u r wrong I’m going to speak on my worst decision today n want to give some suggestion to UV.n shanaya u too listen n den judge me k.
T – hi guys myself twinkle taneja yes now I’m twinkle taneja not twinkle kunj sarna…when I came to Mumbai for my studies I meet with kunj then we became friends then slowly v started to feel for each other kunj proposed me one day I was on cloud 9 thinking I got perfect man for me because I was also loving him.she reminded all the past moments she spent with kunj that were very beautiful moments in her life they were roaming here n there hand in hand other girls were jealous of twinkle because she have got best bf who loves n cares abt her lot and boys were jealous because kunj got beauty queen of there college.kunj’s jealousy level in those days r very cute she was just loving it. Kunj for joke or to make twinkle jealous also he wasn’t flirting with other girls he don’t want twinkle to feel bad like this kunj was always thinking abt twinkle. Her eyes got wet thinking abt there past she thought kunj ll never change he ll never hurt her but everything changed.
K – twinkle get down plz
T – no who r u to tell me this all ha let me speak today all ll blame only me. Everyone thinks I didn’t adjusted in sasural I got addicted to rich family so I left u but this is not truth na kunj let them also know k hello someone plz get me drink
K – no twinkle
T – no who r u to tell me wt to do wt not to do huh people ll tell na if v drink this v forget everything so I want to forget everything I want to forget ur fake love n promises everything drinks plz she screamed waiter brought her drink she was above to drink
Kunj took her glass n throwed on floor twinkle shouted on him
K – see baby u can’t drink u can’t handle it n moreover our babies have ur milk now na so it is not good for them k twinkle babies faces who were looking at her n smiling at her
T – haa babies ke liye k chod diya arey uske liye tho me ne jeena bhi seeks na agar ye nahi hothey tho kab ka marchuki hothi mey
K – shh font talk like that
T – shut up now go from here now I’ll start my story k guys here when I meet some of my so called friends vo mere saamne bari smile deke sweetly bathe kar the hey (smiling like them) n after I go thane marthey hey kehthey hey dekho dekho aagayi ye patha hey iske path ne isko chod diya hey…nahi nahi iske path ne isko dhakke maar key bahar nikala hey bcoz she was cheating on him awww bcoz of gossip topics u guys played with my diginity
T – n yes shanaya darling how can I forget u I know u were loving kunj but I came in ur muddle na actually yes if girl like u married him may be u both both leading happy married life baby yes u r right y to blame kunj he is very kind u blame me k u wanted to become kunj wife n sarna’s bahu right u can try now dear he is single now k but first listen to his ex wife then u can decide how to deal with them k
T – I n kunj were dating each other n my brother rocky taneja caught me with him in caffe he got to know abt my relationship with kunj.he got angry n held kunj collar n told me not to meet him further because they were not liking each other from clg days only they are enemies n kunj was also shocked knowing I’m his sister but promise me that he won’t leave me my brother dragged me to home n said me he is not good for me don’t believe him I argued first time with him saying no u r wrong I know my kunj he is very kind n sweet may be u r at wrong side u r wrong not kunj bhayya got hurt by my words but he never raise his voice n hand on me .he tried to convince me but no use I fighter with them to be with kunj .pappa said he can’t give u everything that v gave u princes .he ll not keep u as princes.I said no pappa I don’t want to be princes I just want to be kunj wife n finally for my happiness they agreed for my marriage, in marriage functions also kunj argue with me for some time because my brother gifted me that,this n he thought they are insulting him but no its there gift of love for me I was the only little member in my family so they love me so much I wasn’t knowing accepting gift from them is wrong.
Then v got married n u guys know after marriage I wasn’t allowed to call him as kunj I should call him as kunj g I agreed because liked it n wanted me to follow it n I was wearing saari n chudi like pallu on my head its sarna tradition especially for choti bahu either I can say only for twinkle bahu only bebe gave me motherly love there first some months we living in Mumbai we were very happy its not like v didn’t fight v did but not seriously kunj said he ll provide me everything but needs time for it until then I have to adjust for this life I said yes I’m happy with it .n he agreed for me to go for work I said I’ll learn cooking for him he smiled at me n said yes until then I’ll cook for u I thought I’m lucky to get him in my life he teach me how to cook.I learned it for him I did some mistake too sometime he scolded me for that but he wasn’t keeping angriness for so long because knowing it I’m scared of it.and everything going well I was happy with him I never demanded anything from him I asked only one thing his love n time for me one fine day its festival time my sweet brothers thought to gift me something like they always do they ll gift me best thing every time so they sent costliest TV as gift for me I was happy because my brother gifted it to me he didn’t forget anything but I wasn’t knowing new rule that I can’t accept any gift from my closed ones I wasn’t knowing it is big offence n my husband Mr kunj sarna arrived home n saw everything he thought I wasted money on it n scold me I said no brother gave me he got angry on that n ???? that day I can’t forget I never thought he ll behave in dat way with me he punished me that day by hitting me from stick I was scared got sad but with whom I have to share it huh if I say mom dey won’t allow me to stay with him because its first time someone raise hand on me for something vch is not mistake too he listened to his mom n hit me didn’t thought wt I’m going though I’m not kid to teach me lesson I was very sad I cried lot on that day he came later n acted like he is guilty n said some cheesy line nbi believed that too I said na I’m idiot n stupid so n then v went to Amritsar he wanted to start up his new business there he didn’t asked my decision whether I like to go or no just said v r going I agreed because I know he want to be with his mom n der started everything I entered hell hena kunj bolo na abh
K – twinkle I know I was wrong u come here first
T – no not yet finished the great business tycon kunj sarna poor’s finish ker ke he aathi hun I am fed up now I want everyone to know wt all I have suffered
T – mene socha muje meri saas mey he maa ko dekhna hey isliye uske saare bathe Mani mene to become good DIL n I thought kunj ll like it but no I didn’t got any appreciation but got scolding.earlier my kunj was like support to me for everything I do but after sometime everything has changed completely crying I never thought in my dream also that kunj ll turn into a beast listening to his mom scolding me is like became his habit n crying my habbit aur haa manane aatha tha kab patha rath key waqth kyu ki meri zarurath usko rath mey hey hothi thi na bed per
Kunj was crying looking at twinkle n her break down he didn’t cared abt people who r listening yo twinkle n started to say bad things abt him because he know he did wrong by listening to wrong people he tortured his love
Kunj looked at twinkle eyes she is not as before some time ago when he was looking into her eyes he ll only find himself n only love for him but now its changed there filled only hate for him.
T – muje paisha ya koyi Jewell’s nahi chahiye tha muje sirf uska pyar aur mere bath sunne ke liye vo chahiye tha but no I didn’t get that. Daily I was waiting for him in room to tell him I missed him I want him to give some time for me but no he wasn’t listening to me was shouting on me kyu ki jab uper aa raha hotha tho meri saan kaan bar key hey Bejthi thi ki twinkle ne vo kiya vo kiya aur mera pati parmeshwar mujpe gussa ho jathey they muje puchthe bhi nahi they kya huva kisne kiya both went in flashback
Twinkle sitting in room waiting for kunj by decorating room as she wanted to spend some time with him usha saw kunj going to room she stopped him in middle n told twinkle didn’t gave her any respect in front of her friends she said she is equal to servent in her home
K – no maa u mistaken twinkle is very soft spoken she can’t do that
Maya – arey kunj mummy g telling the fact n today mummy g gifted me n her a saari with so much love but she throwed it on her face n told I can’t wear this cheap saari chi in my home my servants also not wear saari like this if u want to gift me anything that should my match my level
K – what ?? how dare she to talk with maa like that I’ll show her level now twinkle come here
U – arey no puttar leave it don’t tell her anything in front of us she ll feel bad k n how we can say her to adjust she came from rich background n today rocky beta sent her many gifts from London in front of those y she ll accept our gift
M – haa kunj n today she didn’t allowed us to touch those thing too she said v can’t afford it??? fake cry
Kunj went to room fuming in anger n opened door angrily twinkle decorated room with rose petals all over it was looking beautiful she just wanted to give him suprice n when rocky sent gift she gave them too but they didn’t take it saying its for her talked sweatly with her to get her trap in their plan .
Twinkle wearing small dress till her knees left her hair open n was looking very hot n s*xy she thought kunj ll say her anything he ll compliment her
Kunj walked close to her she thought he got mesmerized by her but no she didn’t saw his face correctly he was fuming in anger he pulled her close to him by waist he pulled tightly making her scream in pain.
T – ahha kunj..chodo its paining .
K – acha n now n twister her hand she screamed in pain again
K – shh don’t scream y u did it twinkle?
T – ahha kunj didn’t u like decoration huh I just did it for u
K – f**k with ur decoration I’m not talking abt that y u said mom that all wt u think abt yourself huh n twisted again
T – ye thum kya bhol rahe ho I didn’t do anything kunj
K – wt? Give me respect wt u said kunj?
T – I didn’t do anything kunj g I gave them gift kunj they didn’t accepted said it is for u ,u only keep it
K – blo*dy liar n held her hair tightly she winced in pain
K – wt u told huh my mom is equal to servent to u n what she gifted its cheap for u n ur brother gifted u many thinks u didn’t allowed them to touch alsob y u behaving like this twinkle wt happened to u huh don’t u respect elders that rocky teach u this all na wait ubtalked abt level n all right
T – ahha no kunj??? wt u telling I’m not getting anything I didn’t told anything like that some one lied u trust me
K – u mean Maya bhabhi n maa r liar
T – ha??? first leave me kunj I’m not ur servent to treat me like this today I decorated whole room for u to give u surprise but st u doing huh kunj those people don’t like me so told u this plz believe me kunj I can’t do like this
Kunj pushed her on bed
K – just shut up k ?? how dare u to give false complaint abt my mom today I’ll show ur level k n who told u to decorate this all thing throwing everything
T – k..kunj g ..k plz don’t do that mene there liye kiya tha I wanted to spend some time with u so kunj slap her hard she was crying
K – 10 min I’ll give u just 10 min clean this mess I want to sleep got it n went to wash room
Twinkle cleared everything she was crying she clean room quickly n looked at her cheeks which have got his kunj finger marks she touched it n winced in pain n she too lye on her side of bed turning other side covered herself with blanket n crying kunj came back n looked at her he held her hand n dragged her outside the bed
K – who told u to sleep on bed I’ll show ur level now sleep on floor
T – kunj plz kunj
K – do what I said I’ll teach lesson u today bahuth hey gamand hena tuje now lye on floor n he pushed her there didn’t gave her pillow or anything she slept like that only shivering in cold
End of fb
Twinkle eyes filled with tear Kunj cursing himself to behave like that with twinkle
T – sorry I was thinking something n he didnt allowed me to talk to my brothers n later said not to go to work also then treated me like slave and ayush plz u don’t wish my mistake also like UV have to become like kunj I want mahi to be happy always not like me always crying n u all know when wife get pregnent husband take care of her n when she tells this news they gift her my kunj also gifted me many thing u know he gave me here n here n here showing her body parts he hit me with belt all over my body u know I was very lucky na n he said get the hell out from my life don’t show me ur face. U don’t deserve to be my wife yes guys I don’t deserve to be his slave shanaya now u can give application for it k u r free to give
T – hamare rishthe bachane ke liye sab kuch seh ker aa rahi thi per mera patience n tolerance level broke that day I don’t wanted my baby to suffer like me in that home I wanted to keep them safe so I left home…
All were sad looking at twinkle n were thinking how kunj can do with her this all thing
( sorry guys for showing kunj character like this I just showed wt happens in society after marriage when bride comes to home she ll be totally depended on her love or her husband when he leaves her no one cares abt her may in love marriage or arranged this happens that girl can’t say anything also because its her decision to marry him in some case parents support daughter like twinkle n takes her care n in other case if parents also didn’t looked at her saying u didn’t listened us now u suffer v don’t care. Twinj ll unite I promise that but twinkle need time to forgive him because he broke her trust)
Twinkle stepped down from stage only her babies clapped looking at her for them they learnt only this when someone comes from stage they should clap looking at there cute faces she smiled at them today she gave answer to all those who were pointing finger on her saying she didn’t adjusted n she wanted to insult kunj in front of his friends she did it she felt relief now kunj was guilty because he did this all mistake n didn’t cared for twinkle at that time when she needed him most. N today she is giving him back in her way. He wasn’t angry or upset with her for telling this all in party he thinks she is right n she did right only like this she shared her feeling n got relief that all he wanted but he didn’t lose his hope to get her back
K – waw twinkle u r great yar. Mey tere liye juice lekat aavu n babies do u want chocolate they showed him there hands showing him there hands already full with chocolate
T – no thanks n have u gon mad y u behaving like this I insulted u n u r asking me for juice
K – yes darling juice kithna bath ki than gayi hogi na n u insulted me issue bari kushi koyi hosakthi hey kya ??☺☺☺☺☺
T – hain wt???
Precap – hum thum ek kamre mey bandh ho aur chaavi ghum ho jaaye

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  5. Such an emoyltionalvepiosD it was the best u portrayed twinkle s character so well her diloguesvwere so optional and pity for kunj though he did bad but his upset face is more sad loved it plsssss post soon waiting …… Hope u would posts oon I know u might be busy but u can post small episode tooo

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