one more chance to hold you twinj ff part – 6

One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 6
K – plz forgive me twinkle
T – no I can’t n she went to balcony n sat on chair here kunj sat on flor crying n both went to flashback d day when der life destroyed
Twinj room
Twinkle woke up at morning n looked at kunj who is sleeping peacefully holding twinkle waist she kissed on his forehead kunj smiled feeling her touch n held her waist tightly
T – good morning darling
K – good morning baby give me my morning kiss
T – I gave na
K – not on forehead give me here pointing his lips twinkle connected her lips wid kunj lips n both kissed passionately dey broke kiss after 15 min both breathing heavily
T – k get up now
K – no let me sleep na
T – no ull get late for office
K – 10 more min darling plz u get freshen up first den wake me up k
T – k ?
Twinkle POV (tomo is our wedding anniversary n tomo I’ll give u good news kunj new member joining our family dat is our baby ,I just can’t wait to tell u dat news n today I’ll decorate everything n I’ll wish u @12 n ll tell u good news )
Twinkle went to freshen up she woke up kunj n sent him to wash room n she went out of room smiling
Usha ,Maya n Alisha saw her
A – dey r getting close day by day u people doing nerthing
U – don’t worry beta just wait n watch wt I’ll do wid her today kunj ll kick her out of home
M – how mummy g
U – wait n watch beta
Kunj came downstairs after getting ready
He got some smell so went to kitchen saw gas stow is open n gas is leaked he offed it stopped usha to turn it on n opened all windows
K – maa take care agar mey nahi aatha tho kya hotha
U – wid scared expression haa..n beta dekho tho aishe kaise karke jaa gayi vo
K – who did it ??? mom
U – twinkle from yesterday I’m watching her always tries to harm me
K – wt? wt she did?
U – kal usne garam garam soup muj pe daala
K – maa she did wrong but may be its accident she ll not do like dat mom
U – she is doing everything by her own kunj u don’t know her correctly in front of u she ll become innocent n jab tum nahi hot hey ho den she ll show her real face now only u can see she on d gas n didn’t offed too she saw me coming in kitchen n smirked n went out kunj blood boiled listening to usha he doesn’t know twinkle did it by knowing or wt else but his mom got hurt dat only he can see he shouts twinkle name
K – twinkle twinkle screaming
T – haan g wt happened?
K – wt happened? Huh? like u don’t know anything y u switched on stow n u left it like dat only twinkle how u could ve so careless
T – wt no no kunj..g I didn’t did like dat?
K – don’t lie u r d one in kitchen
T – yes I came here to prepare coffee for u n …
K – n u left it like dat only ryt
T – no kunj ??? I didn’t I’m saying na y u listen to others always listen to ur wife also sometimes (she didn’t talked to kunj dat rude now she talked bcoz of her mood swings kunj didn’t understand dis)
K – how dare to address my mom as others n how dare u talk to me in dis way I was talking to u in calm way right but ull not get me if I’ll be nice to u wait abhi samjatha hun tuje n he twisted her hands now talk to me twinkle
T – ahha ahaa wincing in pain sorry kunj I didn’t mean dat but I’m saying na I didn’t do but u were not listening to me
K – yesterday u made soup to fell on my mom hand n today dis huh?? wt u want twinkle but mom didn’t said anything to me yesterday n now dis if I wouldn’t have come early den god knows wt ll happen to mom? Its all bcoz of u n twisted her hand again
T – wt no no I didn’t do dat ahha ahha leave me plz I’m not feeling good plz kunj left her hand n moved outside angrily
T – mummy g y ull always lie like dis wt I have done to u?
U – no need to answer u I think n pack ur bags
T – I have to pack my bag but y?
U – kunj ll kick u out from home n dat time ull not get time to pack bags so
T – dis ll not happen I know my kunj he ll be very angry sometimes but no he won’t do dis things wid me my love is not dat weak
U – let’s c
T – st mummy g means n my chotu baby don’t feel bad k ur dad is not like dat but dis people made him like dat n he doesn’t know abt u na today I’ll tell him SBT ur presence n everything abt mummy g den he ll save us k she talked cutely by holding her stomach n continued her work
At kitchen
Twinkle took picks bottle n eating it bebe saw her
B – pakad liya
T – bebe u n hided bottle
B – I saw everything puttar no need to hide now tum muje baby dene wali hens!!!☺☺☺
T – awww ??? bebe how got to know dat I’m pregnent
B – arey meri pyari nuu by looking at ur glowing face I understood n y u didn’t told us puttar wait I’ll tell everyone twinkle stopped bebe
T – bebe not now first I’ll tell my kunj den to all
B – u didn’t told to kunj too kiss muharath ka intezar hey puttar
T – aaj rath ka bebe tomo is our anniversary I’ll decorate everything n tell him dis news
B – good puttar kya plan kitta hey?
T – plan hmm hmm n thinked for sometime n said (not in senses) ek tight as hug karthi hun aur u r pregnent bolthi hun
B – kya??
T – vo..vo
B – puttar pregnent vo nahi thum ho ek tight hug bas thum ek kaam karo store room mey kunj ki kilone pade hey usse bhi leke jaa aur aur likho something like u r going to be mom of his kids
T – bebe tq its good idea i love u☺??? n kissed her cheeks
B – love u too puttar n muje much kasm hey tho abhi jaa rahi hun
T – per kal mey party karne ka plan kar rahi n aap?
B – tomo morning I’ll cone early k n kissed her forehead n blessed her n she went out of town for some work by evening twinkle finished work n decorated der balcony beautifully wid blue n white combination balloons n wid twinj photo n she kept her pregnancy report on table
T – oh kunj ki toys lana tho bhul gayi noe only I’ll get it n she goes to store room three idiots saw her n smirked she took toys n came from der kept toys on table n kept letter below it she wrote msg on it “isko kelne wale isthamal karne wale bahuth hey jald aa rage hey kunj hamara baby aa raha hey tum papa ban me wale ho☺☺☺”
Twinkle got ready in sky blue color saari she left her hair open n applied pink lipstick wid light makeup she was looking pretty like doll (same she wear in tei for der incomplete confession)she checked her self in mirror n kept hand on her stomach
T – hello baby how r u in some time ur dad ll come n I’ll tell him abt ur presence he ll be very happy dekho na he ll live u so much he loves kid very much n I love ur dad very much n v both ll love u very much u r our love symbol ull increase our love na baby!!??? n tell me how I’m looking …cute na!!!!
She was waiting for kunj its 9.30 almost kunj was busy in office
K – today I behaved wrong wid twinkle but she is also not less how dare she to talk to me like dat leave it wtever it is I love u twinkle tomo is our anniversary omg I totally forgotten it I’ll wish my twinkle in special way
At 10
T – where is dis kunj still not came
Kunj entered home n looked at twinkle waiting for him she is sitting on dining table
K – twinkle
T – kunj g aap aa gaye
Kunj got mesmerized by her look m moved close to her
T – sorry for rude behavior at morning
K – its k n I’m also sorry
T – its k☺☺☺ I want to tell u something
K – tell me
M – kunj kunj screaming
K – bhabhi y u screaming wt happened ?
M – mummy g ??
K – wt happened to maa
M – come wid me
Twinj ran wid her
Der sits usha breathing heavily
K – mom mom wt happened to u ?
A – kunj aunty got locked in store room
Kunj made usha to drink water
K – ???? who did dis tell me mom I don’t leave dem
A – twinkle only
K – wt?? no u r telling lie tell me mom
T – Alisha stop telling lie
U – just shut up twinkle u only did it n telling her not to tell lie mene tumhara kya bhegada tha .
K – wt u telling mom
U – if I tell u ,u don’t believe me na ask ur wife only wt she did today ,kunj she locked me in store room kunj just bcoz today I complained to u abt her so she tried to kill me
T – no no kunj no
K – mom but
U – u only ask her I pleaded her not to lock me but she did kunj saying if I’ll be in her way den she can’t seperate u from family she wants to go seperate wid u so dis drama
Kunj goes to twinkle in full angry mood .
K – wt was dat?
T – kunj I didn’t do it
Kunj held her by shoulder tightly
K – y twinkle y loudly u were asking me to take other home for dis only ryt u said vll leave separately I denied u saying I want to live wid maa so u tried to kill her????
T – no kunj
K – shut up tell me thum gayi thi store room???
T – kunj vo..vo mey
K – tell me yes or no damn it
T – yes I went der but…..ahaaa
Kunj slapped her hard across face she fell on flor holding her cheeks
K – how can u do dis to my mom twinkle
T – no she is telling lie
Kunj held her hair tightly n made her to stand twinkle wincing in pain kunj slapped her again making her lips bleed
K – just shut up how dare u to tell dat my mom lied to me u r not my old twinkle to whom I lived u r different u r making my life hell
T – no kunj listen to me plz?????? crying
K – stop ur drama twinkle y ll mom do this tell me
T – bcoz she doesn’t like me she wanted u to marry wid Alisha so dey r trapping me der plan kunj believe me ur mom is cheating u by hearing dis kunj slapped her again n pushed her
K – how dare u ,u r cheater not my mom u tried to kill her huh ??? listen to me now marrying u was my biggest mistake
Twinkle became numb listening to him
T – kunj?????..
K ,- don’t take my name from ur dirty mouth u have proved me ur rocky sister
T – just stop it y ull take my brother name always he is nice he is not like u
Kunj held her shoulder tiglty n made her to stand den again slapped her again n again twinkle pleaded him by joining her hands to stop but no he didn’t listened
K – u idiot how dare u to talk to me like dat wait I’ll show u n he pushed her on couch vch is on hall n took out his belt n started hitting her wid much force usha n DST 2 idiots smirking n smiling
T – kunj aahha plz stop kunj I’m…
K – u r selfish
T – listen to me plz see der Maya n Alisha smiling n smirking
K – just shut up twinkle u r mad I did wrong by marrying u mom is ryt mene Alisha se shadi karliya hotha tho ye sab nahi hotha u don’t deserve to be my wife u r not good u r worst wife n worst bahu
T – just stop it wt u want to say Alisha is better Dan me
K – ha yes
T – kunj don’t u love me
K – I was loving u so much dat was my mistake I’m guilty now for loving u
T – ????? crying vigorously n telling him to stop hitting her
K – get out now only
T – kunj where ll I go I have no one here
K – I don’t know dat all don’t show me ur face again tomo I’ll give u divorce n dare to come home again n dragged her out of home twinkle held kunj leg
T – plz kunj don’t do this wid me its night where ll I go kunj jerked her
K – k be here only till morning n morning
T – I’ll go out of ur life kunj don’t worry I’ll not trouble u I was wrong to believe u n marry u kunj remember one thing ull be guilty afterwards ven u know d truth n at dat time I’ll not be wid u ,I’ll never come to u I’ll never forgive u
Kunj didn’t listened her n went from der being angry
U – packed bags na?
Twinkle smiled at her
T – now I’m crying n after some days ull be in my situation aunty yes aunty u don’t deserve to call as mummy
Dey went from der leaving twinkle behind
Twinkle got up wid much difficulties her whole body has red marks n swollen her cheeks got red due to slaps she never thought dis day ll come in her life she went to terrace n was looking at stars n crying wt she thot abt dis day n how it turned into horrible day of her life d day he tied her knot d day he promised her to be wid her always but now on same day he broke relation wid her n entitled her as worst he blamed her for everything
T – I hate u kunj yes I hate u don’t u trust ur twinkle I’ll never ever come to ur life again how u hit me u didn’t hit only me u hit my babies too do u know how it pains not physical pain but pain in my heart d person who was my life he ditched me he doesnt care abt me chi chi I’m ashamed of u kunj loving u was my mistake some one closed d door from behind twinkle saw she felt like its kunj looking st shadow
T – kunj open door plz u know I’m scared of darkness na plz switch on d light plz I beg u no answer
Twinj room kunj throwed everything over der n screamed
K – y twinkle y I loved u so much wt I got in return you tried to kill my mom u r not good twinkle y twinkle y I don’t want to hit u n hate u but ur works make me do like dat n he sat on bed crying n slept der itself he didn’t saw balcony decoration in his anger
T – plz open door suddenly it started to rain heavily n thunder sound is horrible twinkle got more scared n banged d door no use she started to cry no one to listen her she got fully drenched in water she was literally shaking in cold
T – kunj kunj dis is not good for my baby yes kunj I’m pregnent but I’ll not trouble u k I’ll go away from u plz open door kunj plz
Suddenly she heard big thunder n lightning sound she tried to move n got slipped n her forehead hit to something it started to blead shevsat on flor crying for help she was thinking kunj ll divorce her n she has to be away from him n he ll marry Alisha n move on n she ll be divorcee she has baby now wt people ll call her n most difficult to digest kunj words dat he told her to get out she lost her ability to think anything only all tortures coming in her mind n his words echoing in her ear from his I love u too I hate u she became unconscious n fell on flor blood from her forehead flowing like anything she continusely saying kunj don’t leave me I can’t leave without u believe me plz don’t hit me
At morning
M – may be she went from home na mummy g
U – yes may be musibath chali gayi .Alisha smirked n told ha chali gayi hogi vo
Twinj room kunj got up
K – twinkle wru? Baby n got reminded everything wt he did to her n wt twinkle said him
K – twinkle loudly no response may be she has gone now kiss muh u take asyege logo ko Marne pe aayi hey abb kyu twinkle kyu but my twinkle can’t do it n y my mom ll lie omg I’m confused I have to talk to twinkle babaji help me n his eyes fell on balcony he went der n saw decoration n all has gone now d balloons n twinj photo n kunj photo when he was kid n some files letters eid toys all were drenched
K – wt is dis drama now n he checked d file n got shocked to see its pregnancy report n checked letter n got shocked he read letter n tears formed in his eyes wt blunder he has done he got she went to store room to get toys den for nothing nbhe thot his twinkle can’t do anything like dat he knows it den y did he came in his others word he ran from der to check twinkle he went to hall
K – twinkle twinkle
U – puttar
K – maa where is my twinkle
U – wt twinkle leave her now I don’t know where she is better u forget her she tried to kill me kunj now also u telling she is ur twinkle
K – no maa she ll not fmdo like it she is going to give birth to a life maa n in dis situation she ll not kill others life
U – wt do u mean?
K – meri twinkle maa ban me waali hey n mey papa yesterday she decorated my room for dat n for dat only she went to store room n not for any other thing
A – is it ur baby only or some…she got hard slap from kunj
K – shut up ???? how dare u to talk abt my wife like dat vo meri sitha hey
K – twinkle wru cone here plz I’m sorry nbhe started to search everywhere bebe came home
B – kunj y u running like dis where is twinkle?
K – bebe vo n he narrated everything bebe slapped kunj hard2 times
B – chi thum mere potha hi ho kya chi I’m ashamed of u kunj wt u did wid dat innocent kid ll twinkle foemrgive u now
K – ??????? sorry bebe
B – now find her don’t show me ur face u all
Dey checked everywhere n bebe saw blood falling from terrace in drop drop she opened terrace door n got shocked looking at twinkle n cut on her forehead dried blood marks
B – kunj kunj
K – haan bebe twinkle milk kya n got shocked to c twinkle like dat he took her in his lap nb tapped her cheeks she was burning in fever dey took her to hospital bebe informed to twinkle parents abt her condition
K – twinkle I’m sorry??????
B – get out from here kunj u don’t deserve her uska kya hakath banaya tune
Kunj was crying vigorously
B – puttar abb cry kar ke kya phaida
Kunj fell on her leg
K – bebe plz bring my twinkle back I promise I’ll never repeat it again I love her so much bebe bebe jerked him now n she was also crying
B – don’t ask my forgiveness twinkle should forgive u not me
D – who is from patient side
K – me doctor how is she
D – v can’t tell anything now she is in critical condition n she is pregnent too v have to save # life’s now n she is in depression too she have to respond to our treatment otherwise I can’t help
K – plz do something plz save my wife I’ll give u money plz save my wife n my baby
D – v r trying Mr sarna pray god for her life only he fan help u now
B – kunj agar twinkle ko yaa baby ko much huva tho mey tumhe maaf nahi karungi
Doctor saw moments in twinkle n treated her n came out
D – Mr.sarna she is out of danger n baby too but
K – ☺☺☺☺ she is fine na den
D – listen to me she can’t talk or walk now she is in state of shock ryt now she ll not respond anything she can blink her eyes only n nothing she ll cone out from it u have to take proper care of her.
K – wt??????? y doctor she can’t be like dat. She loves to talk n she ll be dancing always y she became like dat plz do something plz
D – v can’t do anything now when she want she ll speak n walk
K – k I’ll take her care can I take her to home
D – yes
B – kunj ddkha kya haal huva uska sab there wajha se
K – bebe plz I’m sorry forgive me
B – no kunj now ll take her home as her family in foreign dey ll take time to come n I’ll take her care until dey cone here n after dat wt ll be der decision ll go according to dem
K – bebe but bebe stopped him n went to c twinkle

Precap – kunj got to know usha is behind all dis who told him…..
To be continued

(Thank u for dis who commented on my previous episode n if I get more comment den I’ll continue other ff too bcoz I spend hours to write n to entertain u guys so plz comment otherwise I’ll stop n I’m saying to comment on everyone ff too I can understand dem n who likes ff plz comment even single word is k may be its good or bad do free to comment )
Love u guys

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