one more chance to hold you twinj ff part – 5

One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 5

Night @ 3 kunj room
Kush wakes up rubbing his eyes cutely n goes near twinkle crawling n tries to wake her up by pulling her hair n pinching her but no response
Kush – du..du. Tapping her chest n he saw here n der n looked at kunj n went to him n stared as his bare chest finding where to get his food n bites him on chest wid his small teeth but didn’t got anything he started to cry hitting kunj cutely kunj sleep got disturbed n tanu’s too she also srmtarted to cry
K – y u r crying kush n ahha baby y u biting my chest
Kush – du..du mum
K – ull not get duddu here beta ur mom can give u milk not me
T &k – ????
K – babies plz don’t cry u both r hungry na? Idea can I bring burger n pizza ll u eat
Tanu -????? mumma mum mum
K – omg how u both can eat it u guys don’t have teeth ryt n dis twinkle can’t feed u now she is sleeping now k come wid me n he lifted dem n went to kitchen he made dem to sit on floor n took feeding bottle
K – c I buyed every necessary things for u guys n filled it wid milk n placed it in babied mouth dey were drinking it cutely kunj smiled at dem n he to sat wid dem looking at der cute faces tanu looked at kunj n offered him milk bottle telling him also to have it
K – no baby I don’t want u have it know took her in his lap kush felt jealous n started to cry n he was hitting kunj n tanu kunj took him also in his lap n started to play wid dem later he took dem in room n placed on bed n made dem to sleep dey both were sleeping peacefully tanu held kunj finger tightly in sleep after sometime kunj made tanu to leave his finger n sleep correctly but her sleep got disturbed she woke up gave him angry look n took his finger in her tiny hand held it tightly n sleeped again kunj eyes filled wid tear remembering something he went to flashback

Twinj in Mumbai
Twinkle was angry on kunj bcoz he forgotten to take her for lunch n he went for his meeting she is sitting in room wid angry pout
K – oh meri baby gussa hey muj sey
T – ???? don’t talk to me
K – baapre itna gussa I’m sorry twinkle come na ill take u for dinner
T – no I don’t want u r very bad yar u don’t give me time always office ,office ,meeting ,meeting
Kunj back hugged twinkle n held her by waist tightly n kept his chin on her shoulder n kissed her cheeks
K – oye my lovely siyappa queen its not like dat yar I’m working day n night for u only na I want to give u everything u deserve n it was really important meeting twinkle understand me n from next time I’ll not do like dis k now plz don’t be angry on me sweetheart twinkle pushed him n went to sleep
K – I’m hungry twinkle come let’s have something
T – u only eat I’m not hungry n I didn’t prepared dinner for us
K – twinkle don’t be dat stubborn I’ll prepare something come n have
T – no no no n she slept without eating anything later kunj came wid Maggie but she was sleeping so he kept it aside he to didn’t eat anything n slept wid her holding her waist in middle of night twinkle woke up n held her stomach she was hungry
T – kunj oh kunj g kunj g ,g uto screaming
K – wt happened twinkle
T – I’m hungry ???
K – ????dats y I said u to eat but u
T – ???? u eat?
K – no
T – come na vll go out n have something??
K – now huh its 1 at night who ll give u food now I have prepared Maggie mey usko garam kartha hun aavo n he stood up but twinkle was sitting still
K – come na darling
T – I can’t walk take me der kunj smiled st her n lifted her in bridal style twinkle locked her hand around his neck kunj took her to kitchen n dey saw dat Maggie vessel was fallen down
T – oh ho baby Maggie fell down wt ll eat now I’m damn hungry
K – wait when kunj here y to fear I brought chocolates for u n gave her chocolates
Twinkle started eat it like kid n kunj was staring her lovingly twinkle looked at him n offered him chocolate
K – no baby I don’t want u have it u r hungry na?
T – eat na n she feeder him chocolates later dey both were sleeping twinkle held kunj hand while sleeping kunj kissed her hand n was abt to take his hand twinkle got up from sleep n gave him angry glare n took his hand n held it tightly n slept again
End of fb

K – tanu is just like my twinkle same innocence ,same behaviour n everything is same my little siyappa queen I can’t leave without dem now I missed u so much twinkle kaishe bathavu tuje tera bin mujpe kya guzara I was like life less body without u twinkle I was dying in guilt I know I did very wrong wid u listening to dat women that is my so called mom n u gave me punishment by going away from me n u kept my babies also away from me twinkle but I want to spend time wid dem n I want u back u punish me n hit me but plz don’t leave me plz n he to slept wid dem
At morning twinkle opened her eyes n rubbed it cutely yawning
T – good morning babies n today I had good sleep n u…n got shocked looking at kunj who is sleeping wid dem twinkle rubbed her eyes again n again n looked at him twinkle saw her surrounding n got shocked it is not her room n she looked at kunj angrily her babies also woke up n went to twinkle
T – how v came here babies n wt dis beast doing here I know he only did it he ll not leave us to live our life peacefully look at him he is sleeping peacefully wait n she lifted babies n placed dem on couch n she went to kunj
T – oye Mr.beast get up loudly but no response as kunj slept late at night twinkle looked here n der n took jug full of water n she threw it off on kunj ,kunj woke up wid jerk
K – what d hell n looked at twinkle who is looking at him angrily kunj gulp in fear looking at her angry face
T – what d hell is dis Mr.sarna
K – vo….vo ..t…win…kle….what..wh .aa..t happened now stammering
T – oh acha now I should tell u wt u did huh?? tumne take kyu leke aayr muje aur mere babies ko .
K – its our babies twinkle n twinkle happy b’day n hugged her twinkle pushed him wid force kunj fell on floor wid thud
K – ahha twinkle
T – how dare u to touch me n I don’t want ur wish for my b’day got it.
K – twinkle???? crying plz forgive me I’m sorry twinkle n cupped her face twinkle jerked his hands
T -stop ur drama Mr.sarna I don’t believe ur crocodile tears now
K – no twinkle I’m really sorry plz give me one more chance
T – oh u r asking chance to kill me again ryt last time u didn’t got succeeded in killing me so by taking one more chance u want to kill me n my babies
K – stop it twinkle just stop it I didn’t tried to kill u twinkle believe me plz
T – no I’ll not believe u again n how dare u to bring me here I’m going now
K – twinkle u can’t go without cutting cake u have to celebrate ur b’day wid me like before
T – oh really Mr.kunj sarna u think I’ll cut cake wid u n feed u no no it is never going to happen
K – it ll happen okay den listen to me if u don’t cut cake u can’t go from here
T – dhamki dey rahe ho kya?
K – no twinkle plz yar plz I was waiting for dis day plz twinkle cut cake wid me plz
T – no I’m going wid my babies now
K – I said na u can’t go I locked d door u can’t go out d door have passwords
T – what d hell wt u want now
K – I want u to cut cake wid me like before I’ll prepare ur favourite pastry

To be continued

( sorry for short update guys I’m hell busy wid studies n tq guys for those who commented on my previous episodes n wt happened on day when twinkle was going to tell him abt her pregnancy y its worst day I’ll tell in next episode love u all bye)

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  8. Amazing fantastic fabulous episode dear
    kunj & babies scene soo cute &funny
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