one more chance to hold you twinj ff part – 4

One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 4
(Thank u for all d comments , likes n also dislikes,love u all)
Night at 12
Jeevika viren Rocky comes to twinkle room n screams happy b’day twinkle twinkle wakes up n looks der her brothers are standing wid cake n gifts
Twinkle smiles at dem
T – how many times I told u all I don’t want to celebrate dis day but u guys don’t listen to me ryt
J – n how many times v told u to forget ur past n move on
R – its ur b’day twinkle v should celebrate it , enjoy ur present don’t think abt past
T – its easy to tell but I can bhayya my b’day always reminds me kunj wid teary eyes
V – u have to overcome it , if u don’t celebrate den vll be sad c n look at ur babies dey wants to cut cake wid u hey babies
Kush & tanu – giggles n says haha ma Mumms
T – k I’ll cut cake now but no party n all tomorrow
J – but twinkle..
T – plz guys I said k to celebrate now na den
V – ha k k

Twinkle cuts cake n feeds babies first n den her brothers n bhabhi rocky applies cake on twinkle face n dey all do same even her own babies join dem n applies cake on twinkle by crying n black mailing twinkle to apply cake on her twinkle was laughing whole heartedly
R – always be happy like dis twinkle dis is wt v want from u
T – smiles yes bhayya
V – take dis sweets
T – oh I’ll eat it later but I’ll make u all eat it she said n made dem to eat sweets
Someone looks at dem while eating sweets n smirks
J – u also eat twinkle
T – plz a bit later I’m full now
V – k den good night bacha
T – good night☺☺☺
Twinkle goes to flashback her 2 b’day wid kunj

In Mumbai when dey r bf n gf kunj wished her first jumping in her room without anyone notice as he said or challenged for her b’day first wish n first kiss from kunj n he did it he jumped in HSR room n wished her n kissed her n gifted her many things n at morning he took twinkle out wid him n made her day special doing some special things for her making her feel dat he is d one best man she have in her life
2nd after marriage in Amritsar
Night he wished her as he always do n morning dey had been to gurudwara kunj prayed for der happiness n he arranged party for her b’day n both took leave from office
Everyone in home wished twinkle bebe wid love n others just for sake of wishing
Manohar – happy b’day twinkld puttar
T – tq papaji
M – beta wt gift ur brothers n dad sent may be its big only na ??
T – dey wished me wid love really that’s big gift for me papaji I don’t want anything else
M – yes that’s true but u r der one n only sister na surely dey won’t send u back wid empty hands did u invited dem?
T – ha papaji may be mom n bhayya ll cum
Manohar smirks n thinks den surely dey ll give her big amount as gift acha hua
U – happy b’day n today u r not going to work na come to kitchen n help me
T – g
Bebe(kunj grandmother) arey puttar happy b’day 100 saalo jeevo has has key Sadha kush raho n kissed her forehead lovely n usha rani ur another nuu Maya is simply wastes her time wid her sister Alisha daily twinkle does every work before going to work she ll finish all house work den she goes but Maya ll be always here but doesn’t do any work but she gives work to twinkle n today twinkle won’t do any work call dem let dem also do work twinkle is not servent to work daily
T – its k bebe I’ll do
U – but bebe
Bebe – keh detta tho keh detta usha goes to kitchen fuming
Kunj thanks bebe for making twinkle free from work n pulls twinkle aside n kisses her cheeks
T – g leave me someone ll see
K – let dem c n both were romancing

Alisha looks at dem n fumes in anger goes to Maya
A – look at dem dey r romancing n shows her d scene
M – huh??? dis twinkle
A – she took my place di u promised me dat ull make kunj to leave her n marry me but u r not doing anything
M – I didn’t do anything Alisha how u can say it huh now he is kissing on her cheeks at evening u see wt he ll do wid her n did u forgotten how I used usha mummy g in torturing twinkle I made usha to hate twinkle to d core n she is also wid us in separating kunj and twinkle , n dis kunj is like remote vch is controlled by usha ven dey were in Mumbai dey were happy so I planned something to destroy it n dat worked
A – wt is it di?
M – manohar uncle took dowry of 15 lacks from twinkle bro n dat kunj doesn’t know so I used dis situation n told mummy g to use it she used it perfectly dat day kunj was frustrated in office work mummy g called him n told dat twinkle bro has given dowry to dem n he said it is only for his sister bcoz kunj is not financially good so he gave it so his sister can spend it aram se n twinkle is also not less she is asking gift from his brother telling kunj can’t afford dat much he doesn’t have dat much money n above dat ven kunj went home for our good luck twinkle bro has gifted her TV n kunj believed us completely n showed anger to twinkle but next moment he felt bad n called us but mummy g told him to punish twinkle so she can’t do it again n he gifted twinkle wid stick
A – waw n today wt ull do
M – wait n see
Evening party was going in full swing
Twinj were happy leela n rocky comes to attend part
Guest – oh twinkle ur rocky sister ha he is famous business tycon

Kunj immediately feels angry as everyone addressing her as rocky/viren sister not as kunj wife
N rocky gifts her diamond necklace twinkle happily accepts it n leela gives some jewellery n saaris to twinkle kunj becomes angry he thinks dat twinkle mother n brother thinks dat kunj can’t afford to give dis gifts to twinkle so dey r giving it to insult him
U – see kunj dat day u said her not to take gift but also she is doing same thing tumne usko teek se samajaya nahi kya
K – samjaya tho maa but vo kam tha may be n he goes near twinkle n hold her hand n presses it so tight she winces I’m pain n looks at him
T – kunj kya huva??
K – gritting teeth kya huva aur kya hons bhaki hey twinkle come to side I want to talk to u I don’t want to do tamasha here n takes her aside excusing themselves
T – bhayya I’ll come now vo….
Kunj drags her n takes her aside where no one der holding her hand tightly n pushes her
T – ahaa kunj wt happened to u suddenly
K – wt happened to me huh wt happened to u huh??? y u accepted gift from ur brother I told u na not to accept
T – kunj today is my b’day so dey gave baba for every b’day dey gifts me like dis only
K – no dey r showing me dat dey only can give u better gifts n ur husband can’t afford u to give dat gifts
T – ye kya bhol rahe ho thum kunj?????
K – just shut up stop ur drama now go n give dose gifts back to dem otherwise I’ll return it dem
T – no I will give kunj goes from der angrily twinkle thinking how to give dey ll feel bad
A – I heard ur talks give it to me twinkle I’ll return dem telling some excuse
T – thank u Alisha n gives her everything Alisha smirks n tells workers to place all gifts on twinj bedroom
Twinkle colegues to come n wishes her n der boss is rocky best friend so he gave her job on reference of rocky kunj doesn’t know it
Boss – rocky u did nice job by sending twinkle to work in our company she does work v nice
R – thank u yar
T – ☺☺☺☺
K – she didn’t told me dis I’ll c u twinkle today I’ll teach u lesson ull not forget in ur life time
Party finishes kunj is in angry bird mode all goes inside but kunj pulls twinkle at harder area
T – kunj y r u dragging me
K – did u got job by ur own
T – ha I gave interview
K – don’t lie ??? bcoz of rocky u got job na
T – no kunj he suggested me his frnd company but interview process was same
K – dare u to tell lie again n y u hided from dis matter from me u should have asked me but no u think ur husband is useless na so u asked ur brother help
T – loudly wts ur problem kunj y u have problem wid my brothers every time answer me damn it

Kunj slaps her hard twinkle is in shock its first slap she received in her life dat to from her love
K – how dare u to speak wid me like dat n slaps her again
K – dis is for calling me only kunj n was above to slap her again but bebe holds his hand
B – wt is dis kunj y r u hitting her .
K – leave me bebe she deserves it
B – stop it kunj is dis is way u behave wid ur wife twinkle hugs bebe n starts to cry
B – u come wid me puttar don’t cry
Kunj hold twinkle hand n pulls her
K – no bebe plz leave us alone today no one can save her from me
B – kunj leave her she is scared look at her
U – bebe leave na its husband n wife matter dey ll solve it u take her kunj
B – arey par
Kunj drags twinkle to der room locks d door n pushes her on bed
A – wt a drama di maja aa gaya
U – aaghe aaghe dekho kya hotha hey I’ll make u marry wid my kunj n dey all smirks
Twinj room
Kunj looks at twinkle angrily
K – so where v r? Come here???
T – no kunj plz leave me kunj grabs twinkle hair
T – ahha kunj leave me plz
Kunj slaps her harder
K – leave u not so easily baby n wt kunj n slaps again
T – chodiye g plz
Kunj leaves her for sometime n his eyes fall on gifts vch r kept der
K – I told u to return it ryt but u ??
T – Alisha told me she ll return so I gave her g
K – lie again u want u kept u can tell dat but no u r a liar,u want dis na come here n drags her dis dress u r wearing given by me n dats so cheap so ur mom gave u designer saari wear it now only in front of me .
T – no I love dis dress g its given by u
K – stop ur drams n wear it n removes her dress n tells her to wear she does N he makes her to wear jewellery n all now u look good na twinkle
Twinkle hair is messy cheeks r red eyes r red bcoz of crying n above dat heavy jewellery n saari Twinkle was removing it
K – dare to remove it u should brme like dis only whole night
T – kunj g plz its heavy I can’t sleep like dis
K – okay den stand whole night dare to sleep if u want sleep like dis only on flor not on bed got it n now press my legs its paining much
T – hmmmm???????
Morning twinkle was sleeping on kunj leg kunj wake up n jerks his leg twinkle falls down
K – go n get coffee now like dis only after wards u can remove twinkle gives him coffee n gets ready to go for office
K – hello ma’am y r u getting ready
T – to go for work g
K – from now u r not going to work be in home only I don’t want ur money mera ghar chalane ke liye got it .
T – but
K – do u want me to slap u again
T – no
End of fb
Twinkle wipes her tears thinking dis past memories never let me live my life peacefully
T – I’ll not waste my tear for him now he doesnt deserve it
Tanu – hsin
Kush – hahaha
T – u both didn’t slept
Here kunj is behind curtain n crying looking st twinkle as he also went to same flashback n thinking how wrong he was how he tortured his love on her special day he promises himself now he ll give her only happiness

Twinkle sits on bed wid babies n was making dem to sleep but dey r not ready to sleep
Tanu looking at curtain where kunj standing
T – y u looking der tanu who is der
K – choti siyappa queen marvayegi mujhe
T – I’ll sing Lori for u now u both should sleep nmakes dem sleep n starts to sing Lori

Aa leke chalu tujhko
Ek aise desh mein
Aa leke chalu tujhko
Ek aise desh mein

Milti hai jaha khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Milti hai jaha kushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein

Aa leke chalu tujhko..

Ho chaand chahe aadha
Ho phir bhi roshni (x2)

Umeed jo na chhute
Har baat hai bani
Raato ke sur se nikle
Subah ki ragini

Lori tujhe sunau
Lori tujhe sunau
Bachapan ki ek mein
Lori tujhe sunau
Bachapan ki ek mein

Milti hai jaha khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Milti hai jaha kushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein

Aa leke chalu tujhko..

Mein aasam ko khidkiyon se
Ghar mein laayi hu (x2)

Saare ke saare taare
Yahan chunke laayi hu
Sapno mein rang man ke
Yuhi bharte aayi hu

Har dard bhool jaau (x2)
Yuhi khel khel mein
Har dard bhool jaau
Yuhi khel khel mein
(Thinking abt her past n when her babies came she tried to forget dat bcoz of dem)

Milti hai jaha khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Milti hai jaha kushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein

Aa leke chalu tujhko..

Dena tu man ki shakti
Maalik mere mujhe (x2)

Meri katha vyatha
Hai sab pata tujhe
Mein jab bhi dagmagau
Tu thaamna mujhe

Chhode hai swapn saare (x2)
Teri deh rekh mein
Chhode hai swapn saare
Teri deh rekh mein

Milti hai jaha khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Milti hai jaha kushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein

Aa leke chalu tujhko..
Both sleeps listening Lori n here kunj too later sometime kunj gets up n looks at his babies n twinkle sleeping n looks at sweet twinkle eat it
K – how u can sleep kunj n goes to dem n remembers he added small doze of sleeping syrup in sleep so all can sleep for sometime n he can do his work without disturbness he lifts twinkle in bridal style n takes to his car n places her inside next he cones back to room took his babies in aram wid much care n places dem in car n droves off to his mansion takes dem to his room
Babies get up n looks at him widening eyes
K – hi good night plz sleep
Tanu – oyedeee ooo ma ma mumma .
Kush – hahs mumma?????? n starts to cry
K – chup plz yar don’t cry
Kush looks at him kunj starts to dance kush n tanu starts to laugh kunj gets tired n sits on bed
Tanu – daanc danch
K – nachvalo n starts dancing n makes dem sleep kisses on twinkle n he sleeps shirtless cuddling wid babies

To be continued ….

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