one more chance to hold you twinj ff part – 3

One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 3
Twinkle crying in car
Twinkle POV ( still I’m twinkle kunj sarna no it can’t happen I don’t wanna be twinkle kunj sarna never n ever in my life he came to destroy me again no dis time I’ll not give him any chance to spoil my life .rocky n viren bhayya promised me dat dey ll keep me away from him n dey promised kaishe bhi karke divorce dilayegi but wt is dis till I’m not divorced whatever it may be, me n my babies ll not go to him.I can’t believe dat devil again n she looked st her babies who r sleeping peacefully on her lap she kissed on der forehead n told don’t worry babies I’ll not let him to come near to u)
Twinkle mansion
T – bhayya ,bhabhi screaming
V – wt happened twinkle n where u have gone?
T – leave it bhayya tell me one thing I’m I still twinkle kunj sarna ????
All r shocked ???

R – vo vo twinki
T (loud) – I’m not divorced yet ryt? Someone speak up plz
Jeevitha – vo twinkle ,kunj didn’t agreed for divorce
R – ha but don’t worry vll fight for divorce n I’ll make sure he ll give u divorce
V – ha twinkle n he filed some case n according to law u have to be physically present here during d hearing so v brought u to India but don’t worry twinkle v r wid u vll support u in each n every step
Twinkle fell on knees crying badly
T – wt he wants now? Mera life tho barbad karliya usne aur kya bhaki hey karne ko , I don’t want to live wid him now ,I hate him now.
V – shhh twinkle don’t cry ,both brothers sit wid her
T – bhayya wt if he ll snatch my kids from me like he snatched my happiness no I can’t leave without my kids dey r my lifeline I’ll die without dem
R – chup twinkle don’t talk abt death n he can’t do anything k be calm.
T – u don’t know him bhayya when he decides something he wants to do he ll do it by hook or crook.
J – v all r wid u na twinkle vll not let him to come near to u n ur babies
Twinkle composed her self n goes to her room wid babies n lost in some thots…
T – kyu babaji kyu y ull do this wid me every time, whenever I think der is some happiness in my life ull snatch my happiness from me first I was happy in my life den u sent kunj in my life I thot he is my everything n gave him everything n I was living happily wid my love thot I’m so lucky to get husband like kunj.
Twinkles marriage done in very grand style her brothers n her dad spent nearly crore on her wedding
Twinj conversation before marriage day dey were in garden
K – twinkle

T – kunj…
Kunj back hugged her n kept his chin on her shoulder
K – so jaan ready to be Mrs.twinkle kunj sarna ,I’m so happy twinkle n kissed her cheeks
T – yes I’m all ready to be twinkle kunj sarna.n I’m so happy kunj I can’t express in words
Kunj turned twinkle such dat her hand rested on his chest n his hands on her waste
K – so my baby can’t express her happiness in words so express it from kiss
T – awww u r turning naughty day by day if anyone see us like dis den tho v r gone kunj ,chalo chalthe hey n she was going only to get pulled by kunj n he pinned her to wall
K – u can’t escape from my cage darling n looked at her rosy lips twinkle closed her eyes giving permission kunj captured her lips n kissed her wid much love n dey broke kiss after 15 min breathing heavily twinkle hugged kunj tightly being shy kunj made her to look at him
K – my siyappa queen don’t show ur all shyness here only k,only for kiss u r shying dis much n tomorrow after our marriage I’ll do many things wid u ,uske liye bhi thoda shyness bacha ke rakhna k,twinkle hitter him playfully on chest n shyed again kunj – arey baapre twinkle don’t shy now I can’t control my self see I’m warning u first only den afterwards don’t blame me dat I celebrated suhagrath here itself b4 marriage day only
T – chup besharam ,kunj ull always love me like dis na
K – may time changes but not my love for u it increases day by day n twinkle I came here to talk something important
T – ha kunj tell me
K – see ur dad wants do our wedding in grand style n he did everything for it the preparation venue is just perfect n wedding ke saare karche vahi dekh rahe hey ,n I also want to give my share in it but he is not allowing me to give money so
T – uffo kunj dis is d matter I know u r swabhiman.but he is doing dis for our happiness na den y u feeling bad kunj leave it na he planned dis everything ven I was in small age only
K – hmm n takes her hand n starts to play wid her hand n hair
Usha comes der n looks at dem wid anger filled eyes
U – ahem ahem coughing
Twinj composes dem self
K – maa vo vo
Usha stops him showing hands
U – twinkle I know u r from rich background but it doesn’t mean dat ull not follow some traditions wt r u wearing huh??? u r going to be sarnas bahu be like dat
Twinkle looks at kunj
U – y u looking at him
T – mummy g vo I’m wearing salwar only na
U – dis kind huh? sleeveless ,backless n came close to her took her vodni n covered twinkle face like only her face is visible
Kunj was controlling his laugh n twinkle gave him angry glare
U – hmm dis is d way new brides should be like n after marriage also I’m telling u ,u should wear long anarkali daily n u wearing saari pallu on head is compulsory got it.
T – g mummy g.☺☺
U – now get back to ur room.
T – g good night mummy g n kunj
U – wt did u call him kunj
Twinkle nodes her head like innocent kid
U – hamare yaa v have to address husband like g so call him like dat
T – k mummy g , kunj g good night
U – good from now u should address him like dat only I’ll be der or not der its my order u should follow it n kunj u don’t allow her to call u only kunj got it
K – g maa she said yes na den she ll follow
Someone calls usha she goes from der
Kung starts to laugh looking at twinkle
T – kunj shut up

Kunj pulls her close to him
K – kunj nahi kunj g in bit stern tone , twinkle looks at him widening her eyes
K – twinkle u should follow my mom words got it n ven v r in Mumbai u can wear anything u want I’ll not restrict u abt it but address me like g only u know na how mom requested n I want u to be good bahu so I should follow each n every thing
T – g but kunj g I don’t have anarkali n I don’t know how to wear saari
K – why to fear ven ur kunj g is here darling I’ll help u wid everything dontvworry now go n have peaceful sleep n kissed her forehead
Twing goes to der respective rooms to sleep
At midnight in twinkle room someone enter in her room n sits beside twinkle caring her hairs twinkle sleep got disturb n she opens her eyes n screams
K – arey chup siyappa its me kunj
T – kunj thum
Kunj glares at her
T – sorry aap kunj g is waqt
K – good darling arey twinkle last time I wanted to give u chocolates
T – kya last time means ull not give me chocolates from tomo n makes puppy face
K – oh my jaan not like dat yar last chocolates from ur boyfriend from tomorrow I’ll be ur husband ryt
T – so sweet of u n kisses on his cheeks n takes chocolates.n kunj g I wanted to ask u something
K – meri jaan dun?
T – stop it dramebaaz I’m working na it ll not be problem to u after marriage ryt
K – no my sweetheart u love to do job na den y I’ll stop u.ha k now sleep tomorrow u have to wake up early n tomorrow night u can’t sleep na ??? I’ll not allow u to sleep for min also ??
T – kunj…..kunj g…..shut up n get out n pushed him not from room shying
Marriage day
All marriage rituals done twinkle taneja became twinkle kunj sarna
Dey have booked honey moon suite for dem in hotel der first night
Twinj entered room twinkle face is covered with gungat
K – oye at least now remove it I want to see ur pretty face
T – g u only remove it
K – acha g n removed her Vail n got mesmerized seeing her n walked close to her twinkle moving backwards got stopped by wall
K – waw Mrs.kunj sarna looking gorgeous ha?? I can’t control my self looking at ur beauty
Twinkle locked her hands around his neck
T – g who told u to control I’m all urs now my lovely hubby
Kunj looked at her lips n connected his lips wid her in sweet kiss showing his love dey broke d kiss twinkle being shy ran to balcony kunj came behind her n back hugged her n made her to face him n kissed her cheeks vch r red now due to shying

BG tune – be intehaan
K – so biwi mere rang mey rang me ke liye thayar ho
Twinkle nodes her head in yes kunj lofted her in bridal style n took inside d room made her to sit on bed n started to remove her jewellery one by one he removed her ear rings n kissed her der n bited her ear lobe twinkle moaned his name n den he came to her nack he removed her necklace n kissed neck n bites der n sucked dat place n he removed her blouse her upper body is fully naked now twinkle removed his shervani ,kunj removed her lehenga n made her fully naked twinkle became shy as der is no clothes on her body n she is like dat in front of her husband kunj stood up from bed n looked at her n her body twinkle closed her eyes from her hands being shy
T – don’t look at me like dat kunj….g
K – oye don’t disturb biwi I’m admiring my hot wife figure n traced his fingers sensually all over her body n he also became fully naked twinkle got shy looking at him like dat kunj jumped on twinkle n started to play wid her fingers n wid her body by biting each n every part n he looked st her eyes for permission n twinkle gave him permission kunj entered her twinkle screamed n cried in pain but later she became normal n enjoying everything like dis night covered with love n moans .
At morning
Kunj holding twinkle waste like he ll never leave her
Kunj informed his family dat he n twinkle can’t come to Amritsar now only for rituals as he is busy in office work so all rituals done in his Mumbai flat only(note – he wasn’t CEO dat time he was working under other company )
Twinj flat was small but cute no servents dey have to work
Twinkle was also working in fashion designing field dey were living v.happily daily kunj used to cook something special for twinkle as she doesn’t know much abt cooking she is still learning how to cook kunj was reaching her everything
Sunday morning
Kunj got up from bed n tried to cuddle wid twinkle but he didn’t got HSR waist or anything he looked at ger side of bed opening eyes twinkle wasn’t der ,daily he was waking her up
K – where dis siyappa queen gone now n was checking for her n saw her in kitchen looking at her he got freezes in his place der stand twinkle near kitchen slab with 2 jug of water n some wheat flour on bowl vch r floating in water n some flour on her body n on her face she was wearing mini pink skirt looking cute
K – baby wt is dis?
Twinkle wid cute pout
T – I wanted to make puri for u ,to give u surprice by c puri dough is not coming she said cutely making pout again
Kunj smiling looking at her innocence n got mesmerized by her messy look
K – I’ll help u
T – u know how to make puri
K – yes my sweetheart n cane close to her n stood her back like back hugging her n his hands went to her waste n he was kidding her neck

T – kunj aap yaha puri banane ke liye aaye hens
K – oh I forgotten see I’ll teach u siyappa queen wheat flour lo aur daal dho n pani where is water she handed him jug aur dekh pani li flour pe daal do n now kneed fought n back hugged her again took her hands wid his started to knead dough cuddling more into twinkle
K – water n flour like dis from 30 min dey were kneading dough it became like flour swimming pool
T – kunj g ????? my flour was better than dis
K – arey puri ko goli mark jaan I’ll not eat puri for break first I’ll eat u
T – awww ???? sadu u wasted mg time I thot really u teach me how to make puri
K – no I’ll teach u how to make live in kitchen n dey were busy in making love in kitchen like dis days were going smoothly
Fb ends
A cute smile on twinkle face really dat days r golden days of my life wid my love v were really happy kunj wasn’t much rich to keep servents for house work n all dat time but he was rich from his heart it doesn’t mean v didn’t qurel v were fighting n kunj was scolding me if I done any mistake but his live was more Dan anything his love made me forget everything I didn’t demanded luxurious life from kunj I was happy in wt he is giving me kunj got improved in his work n got promotion n was working very well he got best employee award n all n his plan is to start his own business wid sarna name vch he successfully did now ,everything was going good but ven I encountered wid his anger is when
Kunj came from office bit frustrated bcoz of work
K – darling coffee plz n he saw der new led TV vch is new in market
K – loudly twinkle
T – arey bringing
K – leave it now, u brought new TV twinkle wts need of it ,I’m saving money for our better life n u r spending it in buying dis waste things
T – stop it kunj g , I know our budget plan n how u can think I’m going against ur rules
K – den how did it came here
T – viren bhayya sent it how nice na.
K – wt d hell y he gifted TV huh???
T – kunj he gifted me TV n he is my brother wts ur problem in dat (in bit loud tone)
Kunj hooded her shoulder tight twinkle winced in pain
K – how dare u to speak wid me in dis tone twinkle n wt ur brother thinks of himself daymt I can’t afford to bring TV too so he gifted u huh????
T – ahha ahha g chodiye u r hurting me
K – oh really holding her more tight I’m hurting u bcoz u hugged me by going against my self respect
T – ahha kunj plz leave my hands
K – kunj huh???
T – kunj g plz he left her hands n pushed her on sofa
K – dare u to speak wid me in loud tone n dis TV send him back got it
T -????? crying kunj …kunj g he has gifted wid much love how can I return it to him plz let it be dis time
K – wt ????? just do wt I said u to do ,don’t come to teach me anything I’ll give u one hour of time send it back otherwise see wt I’ll do to u n he went to washroom to get fresh up by banging door
Twinkle got up from bed slowly her hands r paining like hell n dey got marks of his hand she called workers n made it packed n sent it out before kunj comes out side
Her eyes became red due to crying she was working in kitchen n kunj is in room working in laptop
K – twinkle bring coffee do u need hour to prepare coffee
Twinkle brought coffee kunj saw her n forwarded his hand to take coffee but twinkle kept tray on table n was going from der without making eye contact showing her anger
K – oye rukh ,u r showing attitude to me huh???? n throwed hot coffee cup on flor twinkle got scared n moved back wards kunj holded her wrist n dragged her to hall n pushed on couch
K – how dare u twinkle u r showing attitude to me huh
T – no kunj g ???? I was just…
K – just shut up don’t lie to me atleast
T – sorry ,sorry ???? plz don’t be angry on me plz
K – ull not learn ur lesson like dis wait I’ll punish u n he got stick der
Twinkle became scared .
K – forward ur hands twinkle
T – kunj ..sorry Kunj g wt u doing r u going to hit me plz no it ll hurt me
K – to hurt u only I got dis den only ull learn ur lesson now don’t waste my time ,my mom said me ryt dat dey didn’t teacher u anything but I’ll not do same mistake twinkle u should remember dis now not to talk back to me n not to accept gift from others going against ur husband
T – forwarded her hands thinking he is making her scared he is not going to hit her but she was wrong dis time he hit her wid much force she started to scream but he ignored n started to hit her in anger
T – its paining plz leave me I’ll never talk back to u in loud tone n I’ll never accept any gift from any one plz leave me she started to beg kunj throwed d stick away n goes back to his work
Twinkle was crying vigorously she never thot in her dream also dat Kunj ll hit her like dis she saw time its dinner time she got scared as he is particular abt timing n she is not yet prepared rice
N she somehow prepared everything n called him to have dinner while serving bcoz of pain in hand she mistakenly left d sambar spoon n hotvsambar fell on kunj hand
K – ahha
Twinkle became tensed n aswell as scared for his reaction
T – I’m sorry g I didn’t saw it happened mistskely she brought cold water n dipped his hand in it n brought ointement to apply n took his hand n spoiled ointement
Kunj looked at her wid teary eyed n wid guilt
T – r u it paining
K – y r u so kind I did dat much wid u but u r taking my care r u not angry wid me
T – by hurting my lovable ones I get pain kunj g so I’ll concern abt dem n forgive dem I’ll not punish dem to make dem teach der lesson she said n goes from der n sleeps on bed kunj tries to talk but she sleeps ignoring him at morning kunj brought roses n said some cheesy line from dat she melted n accepted his forgivesness n promised him she ll never go against him.
Fb ends

Why kunj y r u like dis some times u behaved like vamp n some times so sweet dat I forget my tough times
She heard her babies cry n went to dem dey were fighting tanu puking kush cheeks n kush pulling tanu hair she made den to leave der hands from each other
T – u both started again how many times I should tall u guys not to fight but ull not listen to me
Both babies looked at her n started laughing ?????
T – I’m I joking here to laugh on me n chi u both smelling bad oh god I forgot to change ur diapers k now I’ll make u guys fresh come let’s go n take bath
Listening to bath word tanu became happy while little sadu didn’t liked it n started to go from der to escape from twinkle
T – kush u should take bath I’ll not listen to u a voice cane der
V – yes take him to bath somehow he is smelling v.bad really
Twinkle looked at everywhere but didn’t found who is it
T – tanu did u listened anything?
Tanu was busy in her own world twinkle thot its nothing like dat no one is der n told tanu to be in dat place only n called kush but dat is busy in running kush looked back once n saw twinkle coming n started to crowl faster n faster twinkle catches him n brought him forcefully to bath room n made dem to sit in bath tub wid water kush was crying n tanu was enjoying her bath twinkle felt someone present she looked here n der but didn’t got anyone she ignored her thinking n played wid babies for sometime later all 3 drifted to sleep twinkle on bed n babies wid her in middle

Precap – twinkle b’day but she said she doesn’t want to celebrate it kunj is der wid teary eyed n some flashback of torture moments
(Happy diwali guys☺☺☺☺☺☺ r u all liking dis I tried something new should I continue it tell me without fail bye love u all)

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