one more chance to hold you twinj ff part – 2

One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 2
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Twinkle and her family comes to India

T – bhabhi at least u tell me wt is d need to come here rocky n viren bhayya not telling me anything
J – vo twinki I also don’t know
T – don’t lie bhabhi plz tell me wt is d matter
J – bacha don’t worry n don’t think to much k
T – arey mere bhayiyo abb tho bathavo
Rocky was driving car smiled at her n viren too
R – how much ll u talk twinkle be quite for sometime yar from London to Mumbai u r speaking non stop ahha I got pain in ear listening to u
T – wt?? I’ll talk dat much huh?? viren bhayya see him
Viren saw rocky n asked
V – u would have used cotton balls rocky for precortion see u got ear problem now ,u know u were sitting with Carter box na den cotten balls ear mey daal key hi betna tha
T – ????? awww
All – ?????? hahaha including tanu n kush dey were also laughing
T – awww ??? tanu n kush u guys also laughing wid dem wt u people have understood huh they r teasing ur mom n u guys also joining wid dem
V – ha dey ll join dey ll be wid u 24 hrs daily den just think abt it how much dey suffered dey cant put cotten ball also n dey can’t run also n dey can’t say u to stop also bechare kids
Kush nodes in yes dey all laughted looking at twinkle
T – kush n tanu thum dono ko na mey mey kal diaper change nahi karungi dekho
R – chi twinkle ??? ye kaishi dhamki hey yar
T – n u both wait let mom n dad come I’ll complain abt u both den papa ll scold u
V – ????? awww dhar gaye ???? jao karo complaint call karke doo..
T – I’ll not speak wid u all huh ??? mean people
V – thank god bhagwan ne name sun li rocky
R – yes bhayya u r ryt twinkle now be angry till v reach destination maintain silent
T – ??????????????huh
They reached Mumbai n car stopped in front of big mansion viren opened car door of twinkle ,twinkle came out n freezer to dat place looking at dat mansion vch is v.big n lavish it has swimming pool n park n everything was just awesome n nameplate is twinkle mansion
T – wow bhayya its so good
R – u liked it na

T – no I didn’t liked it
V – oh k den vll change according to u k
R – ha twinkle if u didn’t like it I’ll gift u other big mansion k
T – uffo let me complete I didn’t liked it but I loved it thank u my dear brothers for dis????
R – anything for u my sweet sister
They entered mansion twinkle was v.happy looking at her all were happy
R – our sister is looking v.happy dis et v wanted na viren
V – yes u r ryt rocky.n how vll tell her now dat still she didn’t got divorce n bcoz of dat idiot kunj v have to bring her India for court hearing he is not ready to leave her.
R – I’ll make his life hell v raised twinkle like princes uss par hath utana tho door ki bath hey ham tho usse uchi avaaz se bhi bath nahi ki but dis kunj wt he thinks of himself he raised hand on her n treated her like his slave if he wanted to do it den y did he married her first only I said u guys don’t let twinkle to marry him n now c wt he did
V – v agreed bcoz dey were loving each other n twinkle wasn’t ready to leave him she was loving him so much so v agreed for marriage knowing dat he is not so rich like us n dey were living happy only rocky kunj also lived her lot he was staying wid her in Mumbai only n stayed here only after dat ven dey went to Amritsar problems started dey got separated v don’t know exactly wt happened
R – whatever I’ll make his n his family life hell he may come to meet twinkle but he doesn’t know dat twinkle is completely changed now she is not his old twinkle to believe him n love him again
Next scene twinkle room
Twinkle opens balcony door n looks at d view n feels d cool breeze closing eyes only to remember her happiest moment wid her love vch she spent in Mumbai der romance der love story n everything n opens eye suddenly feeling some touch dat is none other Dan her best buddies her baby’s hugging her leg n trying to stand she lifts dem up n cuddles wid dem n made dem to sit on chairs n she also sat wid dem
T – baby’s so do u liked our new house tell me I’ll start wid my xerox copy tanu n she picked up tanu n made her to sit on her lap n told so tell me ur opinion ms tanu ,tanu replied her in baby language giggling
Tanu – ahha aa hahahahs ma mumma n hugged twinkle n kissed her
T – oh tanu u seem to be v.happy tq for ur opinion my baby n cuddled wid her started playing wid her n kush started crying with angry expression looking at his sister n mom
T – kush u became jealous na come to me n she picked him to kush made tanu to leave her hands from twinkle n slightly hit her n hugged twinkle

T – omg kush ithma jealousy u r same like ur papa okay tell me ur opinion now
K – smiled n kept quite
T – is dis reply I said u r same like my sadu always silent u look like him only cute n handsome n sadu ull be also in sadu made only like my sadu sarna den she realized wt she said her eyes became moist she controlled her emotions n wiped tears bcoz if her baby see it den dey ll also cry.n said but kush don’t worry I’ll not let u to become like ur papa I’ll make good person k n u guys know I like Mumbai bcoz I spent only good times here.
T – I’ll tell u guys my story k I n ur papa meet first time in dis town only n ur papa for him I’m his love at first sight when he saw me at dat time only he told me that he loves me but I showed attitude but inside I also fell for him first time only ven I saw him he was hot n handsome n wt not his caring nature attracted me a lot n den after month I accepted his love he started to work here itself after finishing studies he got nice job as he was rank student n he helped me in my studies too I wanted to become fashion designer I joined dat course he wasn’t having any problem he was supporting me every time.n he was calling me siyappa queen I was getting irritated ven he teases me like dat but happy bcoz dat name given by him.she went to flash back
K – oye siyappa queen y r u late?
T – kunj don’t call me by dat name?
K – by vch name twinkle by siyappa queen name
T – kunj???? c don’t tell me dat otherwise
K – I’ll tell wt ull do siyappa queen siyappa queen twinkle started to run behind him holding stick while running also kunj didn’t stopped telling siyappa queen ,siyappa queen if u hit me one more time den see she was continuously hitting him kunj stopped n bolded her hand pulled her close to him by her waist n throwed stick away
K – now wt ull do siyappa queen how dare u to hit me now be ready for punishment showing bit anger?
T – sorry kunj raised hand like slapping her twinkle closed eyes in fear but he kissed her cheeks twinkle opened her eyes feeling Hus touch
K – how u can think I’ll slap u my darling u r my life twinkle d best thing in my life is loving u my jasn???
T – promise me ull be like dis only every time
K – promise baby I’ll love u always n take care of u always twinkle hugged him tight
Fb ends
T – but fake promise after dat he broke promise too n my trust too n he broke my heart too n wiped her tear
After some days I told mom n dad abt me n kunj first dey denied as rocky bhayya didn’t liked him n he was classmate to bhayya one time dey don’t like each other much ,rocky bhayya told me to leave him but I didn’t listened to dem I became blind in love bcoz it was true dat time for my happiness dey accepted dis marriage n kunj family readily accepted n manohar uncle accepted bcoz I’m from rich background but usha aunty didn’t liked me much n she spiledvmy life too baby’s started to cry
T – oh sorry I didn’t gave food na plz mumma sorry forhmgive Mumma plz n she feed food to dem n dey slept within no time

Next scene
Kunj in Mumbai attending meeting ,meeting gets finished he comes out today he feeling something strange like he waited for some one from ages n now dey r near to him
K – y I’m feeling twinkle presence here did she came back I should check ,twinkle plz come back to me I miss u so much I know I did v.wrong wid u plz twinkle one more chance he thot at that time he got call he got happy listening to other side
K- wt twinkle in Mumbai k where is she?
C – don’t know but I saw her in airport
K – k find out where she is n tell me ,who all r wid her
C – her bhabhi n bhayya n 2 babies
K – 2 babies dat means twinkle gave birth to twins omg twinkle I love u k u find dem n tell me
K – tq babaji for bringing my twinkle back to India n I meet her first in mumbai only n our love started here only n our marriage life begin here only dat days r awesome I did wrong by going to Amritsar if I didn’t went der den may be twinkle n baby wid me dis time but I’ll bring her back now I want my love back I’m ready for all punishments given by twinkle but I need her
He drove d car n stopped in front of some park area parked car n went inside its place where he n twinkle meeting each other ven dey r dating now its daily routine to kunj to come der n spend sometime der
Der he saw cute baby not even year old playing sitting on ground wid some toys around it n a made taking care of it , it was cho cute he went close to it
K – hey baby
Baby looked at him widening eyes showing him her big eyes
K – dis baby eyes r same like twinkle eyes n she look like twinkle only chubby cheeks rosy lips innocent look ,wt is ur name
T – AAA n said him in baby language
Let’s name made Lilli
L – her name is tanu
K – oh good name come to me na plz n he lifted her n started to playvwid her kunj feeling happy don’t know y he felt some connection wid small baby der came other made holding other baby that is kush
Tanu started to jump looking at him n saying him something kunj looked at kush n saw he is dicto like him ven he was small he looked same he lifted him too n started playing
K – do u want chocky?

T & k – haa cho
K – take it n he made dem to eat chocolates a genuine smile occurred on his face he forgotten to smile after twinkle left but today his baby’s made him to smile
N he heard familiar voice der
V – kush and tanu come ll move to home n c mumma brought chocolates n new toys for u both
K – muttered twinkle n looked at twinkle n got numb for second looking at his love
Twinkle too look at him n became shocked don’t know how to react
K & t – ma maa mumma mumma
Kunj became shock seeing scenario n he got to know dat baby’s r his own kids
Kunj to place baby on ground n went to twinkle n hugged her tight n started to cry

Twinkle also responded first n hugged him tight
K – twinkle I missed u so much I love u twinkle I can’t leave without u plz come to me
Twinkle came back to her senses remembering all tortures n wid much force pushed kunj n slapped him hard two time kunj became shock but composed himself
T – dare to come near me Mr.kunj sarna n Lilli how dare u to give my baby in stranger hand
K – I’m not stranger twinkle I’m der dad
T – shut up r r no one to dem u don’t deserve to be called as husband also n father also n wt is dis goes near to baby’s n throws chocolate given by kunj baby’s started to cry
T – chup dey cried more
K – twinkle plz don’t shout on dem u r angry on me na wt dey did
T – just ship up dey r my baby’s j have all rights on dem who r u to tell me dis all
K – ur husband Mrs.twinkle kunj sarna
Twinkle closes her ears
T – shut up don’t call me by dat name I’m no more twinkle kunj sarna v r over I’m twinkle taneja not sarna ,v divorced
K – hahaha divorced ????
T – y r h laughing yes v r divorced
K – no my wifey v r not divorced still u r my wife only got it.
T – no I signed on divorce paper n bhayya said he submitted it to court
K – yes darling only u signed not me n I filed some case so u r here in India
T – wt?????????? y u doing dis wid me just leave me na let me live my life peacefully wid my baby’s I can’t bear ur torture now
K – I’m sorry twinkle I love u I know I did wrong but plz don’t do dis don’t go away from me plz twinkle n falls on his knees crying
T – wipe ur crocodile tear Mr.sarna dis won’t work wid me now I’m not old twinkle to believe u again
K – twinkle ????? plz don’t say like dat.twinkle plz come back to me plz twinkle n goes to hold her
T – no kunj stay away dont dare to touch me , leave my way I need to go
K – k I won’t force u now but promise u dat ull be wid me in some days
T – in ur dreams only

K – ll c dag twinkle give me baby for minute plz I want to hug it
T – no no stay always from my kids, I won’t let ur shadow also to fall on dem move away
K – twinkle plz twinkle plz
T – no means no kunj now u understanding wt is pain huh??? ven I begged in front of u to give me chance to talk to my family did u gave no ryt u were not alkowing me to talk to my rocky bhayya n controlling me na now I’m away from u ryt enjoy ur life fully kunj .
K – ????? I’m sorry I’m sorry n fells on his knees crying n try to hold twinkle legs but she takes it back n walks away wid baby ignoring kunj, runs her behind but she escspes in car kunj runs behind twinkle car but couldn’t catch it like lifeless body returns to his house.
To be continued

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