One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 11

One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 11
Twinkle and rocky reached home twinkle was upset because she has to go to kunj home she was angry on kunj thinking he will never leave her to live her life peacefully first he made her to come India now he made her toncome to his home too some years before she was dying to go to his home and dying to be mrs.kunj sarna but now everything changed now she just want to erase that memories want come out from her past but no its not happening what she doesn’t wanted to happen that happened already kunj won again huh but no abhi game bhaki hey she wont let him win easily she was just thinking all this and lost in this thoughts she was sitting alone in her room jeevika knocked room door
Twinkle – come in jeevika and rocky entered room with tanu and kush in there arms they both smiled looking at twinkle they were missing her so much she went out without them and they were eating jeevika head in home to take them to there mumma
Kush – maaa mumma
Tanu – mumma mumma
Jeevika – yes your mumma only now you both are happy na both jump on twinkle she made them to sit on her lap
Twinkle – mumma miss you too she feed them there baby food and making them sleep but they are in no mood to sleep started to tease her by pulling her hair and cheeks twinkle acted like she is crying
Twinkle – ????? kush tanu ne maara muje ????? and covered her face from palm kush tanu looked at each other face and here jeevika and rocky viren looked at each other face they thought twinkle is sad and really she is crying viren sat on bed near her hugged her
Jeevika – twinkle dont cry please we can understand what you feeling now he cant do anything to you ok we are with you
Rocky – haan twinkle you dont need to worry ok if you dont want to go his home its ok we will do something but you please dont cry
Twinkle opened her palms smiling all were shocked her babies giggled
Twinkle – arey my lovely bhabhi and brother’s why you all crying haan and who toldyou I am crying haan even my babies can understand my crying drama but you people thought I am crying really oh god look at your faces
Viren – i thought after what all happened in court i mean tomorrow you have to go he looked at her face and cupped it dont worry if you dont want to go its ok thum jo chaho vaisha hoga math jana tho math jaa hum hena dheklenge ki kya karna hey
Rocky – haan twinkle tussi fikhar na kar uske liye thu roh math
Twinkle – arey my lovely brothers hold on I’m happy who said you that im sad haan any why ill cry yar yes ill not cry ill not repeat my same mistakes again and again some years back i commited big mistake by loving an idiotic person who doesnt know value of love and tears and at that time ony i wasted my all tears that to for whom i wasted my valuable tears for the one who dont know its value who doesn’t cared for it and now ill not cry i have decided now not to cry its enought for twinkle crying session now and now its kunj turn to cry like me no more than me and also every damn person are behind my state today its time for them to cry and who said you all that i dont want to go his hoe huh ill go definetly to destroy them and some people there living freely after ruining my life how can i let them live peacefully ill make them pay for everything abh dhekenge vo log ki twinkle kya cheez hey
Viren – good always be like this and dont forget we are with you if you need any held just order us twinkle node in yes and all of them go from there
Twinkle – babies tomorrow we are leaving this house mumma will take you to zoo tomorrow there are many wild animals no more than that some beast and devils are there kush tanu made scared faces and above to cry
Twinkle – arey ehy you both crying haan dont your mumma is with you two na to protect you ill hit them ok ill not let them to come near you now you both sleep ok she made them to sleep and she to slept
Twinj mansion
Kunj decorating his room completely and servers cleaning each and everything in home
Kunj – finally my twinkle coming to me tomorrow meri siyappa queen meri cutiepie jaldi sey aa javo ibcant wait to see you in our room with me always and this time ill not give you single chance to complaint everything here go according to you you are queen here no one can question you everyone has to listen you even me too because you are my queen queen of my heart and our princes and prince they are my life ill full fill there each and every wish he looked at there cradles which he placed sid of bed he looked at it and inagine like kush tanu sleeping there and smiled and for me couch is also ready here because i know my twinkle will kick me from bed now if i go to sleep with her bebe come to kunj room
Bebe – kunj puttar so javo bahuth rath hogayahey ye kyar kar raha hey thu kithna baar saaf rakhega room aur ye decoration tho bahuth changa hey
Kunj – anything for my twinkle bebe i cant beleave it twinkle coming tomorrow and mere bache bhi bebe i cant express you in words how much happy iam meri twinkle aa rahi hey he twirls bebe in happiness
Bebe – arey chob muje khotte da puttar girayega kya muje
Kunj – sorry after talking for sometime bebe goes from there telling him to sleep kunj opens wardrobe and takes twinkles dupatta which is with him from msny years he kept it near to his chest and slept feeling like twinkle sleeping on his chest
Everyone will get up late in twinkle msnsion and twinkle snd her babies tho after 11 someday today also they are sleeping still and someone waiting for them to get up that is kunj who came there at 6 only to take them he came to twinkle room and saw her sleeping and sat there looking at there faces thinking they will wake up now tanu got up and rubbed her eyes and looked at kunj who is smiling at her she to gave smile and forwarded her hands gesturing him to take her kunj lifted her she sat on his laps making noise twinkle woke up from bed rubbed her eyes
Kunj – cutie looking at twinkle twinkle yawned and looked at him opening her mouth in big o
Twinkle – youuuuuu
Kunj – yes me siyappa queen
Tanu -ooooo kuuuuu
Twinkle – tanu come to me she took her in her arms
Twinkle – why you came here go from here
Kunj – yes we will go from here my baby you should come with me today you forgot it baby now go and take bath and get ready
Twinkle – oh ill be late you go from here i have to do packing also
Kunj – its done baby look there twinkle looked at otherside and shocked everything is packed now you do one thing take bath there only ok
Twinkle – huhu and she goes to washroom to take bath after she made babies to take bath they got ready
Kunj – come lets go
Twinkle – luggage kaun utayega tera baap kunj looked st her and smiled and said ill take it
Rocky viren jeevika standing near car and telling twinkle something taking her to side aftersometime viren and jeevika came and stood other side rocky and kunj still talking
Viren – if you try to do anything to my sister again then i swear of god kunj ill kill you
Kunj – bhayya please beleave me I am changed now and i love her then why ill do something to her
Jeevika – oh really some years back to you said you love her but what you didwithher kunjwe beleave in umyou so much but what we got in return huh only pain in twinkle eyes
Kunj – bhabhi ..
Viren – shut up kunj dont call us as bhayya and bhabhi you lost that right that day only when you raise hand on my sister do you remember kunj when twinkle first made you meet me you called me as sir but i told you in relation ill be your saala and you mu jija but i said you too to call me as bhayya thinking you are nice and twinkle choose you means you are best i thought then we got to know that was worst decision and now you lost right to call me as bhayya got it while kunj bow his head down jeevika too tell so much to kunj and both veerika goes to kush and tanu and spending time with them kunj looked at rocky and twinkle eho still talking and laughing afterwards they took kush tanu too and started talking kunj went near them
Kunj – i can understand your feeling saala
Rocky- what
Kunj – then what yar your wife had been to her mom home for delivery soon you too get babies congratulations saale and I know you love my kids also so much so from 2hr you speaking with them you do one thing when ever you are free come to my home and play with them and take care of them do there work you will get good experience in handling babies after that if you wish you can be aaya too
Rocky- shut up you idiot
Twinkle – how dare you Kunj and haan meri bhabhi jarur gayi hey uski mom ki home ko but you know one thing meri bhayya ne usse kithna pyar karthe hey mera dono bhayya ko patha hey ki biwi ki izzathkaishe karne hey tere jaishe nahi ho jo biwi ko maare aur dhakke mar ke mid night mey bahar daaley aisha kaam nahi kartey kuuki meri maa hamein ache parvarish di hey teri mumma jaishi kator nahi hey while rocky gave him smile kunj stood silently
Twinkle- now we will leave bhayya aur haan jab man ho aayiye udhar koyi aapko kuch kahe mey dekthi hun she sat in kunj car in backseat kunj too sat in back seat with her she gave him angry look and turned face he told driver to go they reached sarna mansion kunj get down car and opened twinkle side door she looked at him then came out kunj lifted kush snd twinkle tanu bebe was waiting for them she came out running looking at her twinkle eyes too turned moist she gave her mother love and the one in that home who understand her is bebe she hugged bebe and bebe too hugged her tightly
Bebe – twinkle meri beti ????? kaishi hey thu?
Twinkle – I am fine bebe aap kaishe ho bebe said dekh abhi bhi hot hun while twinkle laughed on her and tanu and kush too dont know what they understood bebe looked at them arey ye dono kithne kut kut hey
Kunj – cute bebe
Bebe – thu chupker arey tera naam kya hey looking at tanu she was above to reply
Kunj – she is tanu kunj sarna and it is kush kunj sarna bebe
Bebe – thu chupker na khotte da puttar muh mikala tho dhek abh mwy isse puch rahi huna while both bsbies giggled even twinkle and looking st them kunj to smiling like idiot
Tanu – taaanooo
Kush – kuch
Bebe – acha mey bebe hun twinkle puttar andhar aavo kunj twinkle entering home eith babies bebe stopped them and told some one inside to take there aarathi
Twinkle – no need of it bebe last time to i entered home with all rituals but what i got only sadness so leave it mera naseebh hey jab kharab hey looking at kunj tho lya aarthi kya rasam chaddo na kunj got tears in his eyes he hide it then said its ok bebe
Bebe – acha andhar aavo
Twinkle reminded her grahpravesh when she came in home by kicking chaval with her right leg and she told that time to put her right leg first she thought that time she put her right leg snd god didnt dobany right things with her and now she closed her eyes and pray god give me strength to destroy some people here who is the reason to my broken heart and she put left leg inside first smiling kunj notice her and kept quite
Usha wasnt knowing anything she just came from her room and looked at them in shocked expression
Usha – tho????
Kunj – haan meri biwi putting hand on twinkle shoulder while twinkle jerk his hand
Kunj – hmm come we will go to our room and took her to room twinkle entered in room and looked at decoration kunj was looking at her face and waiting for her to say something but she ignored everything and sat on bed with babies
Kush and tanu got happy looking at room they both clapped happily looking at so many toys and balloons kunj gave them toys there happiness no bound
Tanu – mumma chee (see)
Kush – mumma kuu diya showing ball to her she smiled at them and said them to say thanks
Kunj – no twinkle why they should thank me mey unka papa huna
Twinkle -kush tanu
Kush and tanu – kuuu thnzz
Kunj – welcome and kussed there cheeks he took twinkle hand quickly and kissed it twinkle looked at him angrily and push him with much force he fell down from bed babies laughing and clapping
Kunj – auch yar please help me to get up
Twinkle – im not going to help you utana hey tho utt nahi tho vahi leto muje kya kush tanu sleep now they node in no kunj getting up
Kunj – they have woke up just now twinkle you telling them to sleep again they will play with me now hena looking st there faces they node in yes kunj comes and sit on bed with them and start to talk with them twinkle goes from there to downstairs she looks at usha who is watching tv and having pakoda and tea sitting in hall she goes near her while usha busy in watching tv twinkle picks up hot tea and put it on usha
Usha – ahha ye kya garam garam ahha my leg burning ahha you twinkle you did this right scresming
Twinkle – yes I am so what now you see what ill do she took her plate and throw it on floor making sound then twinkle takes back step giving expression like she is scared ahha bebe ahha and sit on sofa holds her leg and start to scream kunj and bebe runs to her kunj look at twinkle and sit with her
Kunj – what happened twinkle?
Twinkle crying – you brought md here na mummy g didnt like it may be sobbing see na i just asked where is kitchen i want glass of water she she said why I am here with you she said she will kill me and pushed me here my leg got hit to table ahha its paining now i get it kunj you brought me here so that your mom can torture me right ??????? ill go from here
Bebe slap usha hard she was shocked twinkle smirks looking at her then again crying
Kunj – arey aap kab sudrege huh how dare you to come near my twinkle haan i haven’t seen cruel lady like you. You spoiled my life fully and now im correcting everything but you dont leave us to live our life peacefully what my wife did to you haan why you hate her this much
Usha – kunj beta i didnt do anything she is telling lie puttar and bebe you slap me listening to her and she only sitting on sofa hodling her leg nothing happened to her its her drama
Kunj – just shut up
Bebe – chup ker thu patha hey muje kaun kaishe hey tuje na aaj mey punchmat dungi
Twinkle – punishment bebe .
Bebe – ha vahi isko na aaj bhuka rakhege tab samaj aayega aur thu na idhar kadi rahe aur kunj puttar twinkle ko andhar le jaa kunj lifted twinkle in bridal style and started to walk twinkle looked at usha and gave her smile kunj placed her on bed and he brought oil and applied on her leg .
Kunj – uffff is it paining dont worry ok nothing will happen to you he kissed hr feet twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch he got someone call he went in balcony to attend call twinkle looked at kush snd tanu
Twinkle slowly how was my drama while both opened there mouth and then clapped
At night
Kunj preparing food for twinkle all her favourite dishes he cooked twinkle came and sat on dining table he served her she eat it and said him its awesome and kissed his handthen kunj pull her close to him hugged her tightly and bites her neck
Kunj – ahaa ahha paani paani bebe gave him water its all kunj dream while cooking he eat chilly thinking he kissing twinkle .
Bebe – arey thu pagal hey kya bhol rahi hun mirchi hey but you looked at it like its doll first hugged it and kiss it then eating it pyar karne sey uski mirchi kam na hoga puttar thum jaake twinkle ko bhula lavo na dinner ke liye while knock on door kunj opened it
Kunj – yes
Other – sir food order
Kunj – no we dont want .
Other- no sir from your home someone place order from 7* hotel
Twinkle – yes I am the one who ordered it she took parcel
Kunj – twi…twinkle i i prepared food for you
Twinkle – oh sorry i wasnt knowing no problem you have it ok she sat on dining table and stsrted to eat hotel food saying its tasty
Kunj – twinkle butter chicken you love it right
Twinkle- yes thats why i ordered that
Kunj- not that twinkle tumhe mere hath ka banaya huva acha lagtha tha na
Twinkle- oh please kunj dont disturb me now and i dont want that put it in dustbin if you dont eat ok kunj felt bad even bebe but she cant tell anything both left from there kunj throw his chef dress gave painful smile to twinkle and went to his room slightly crying after he goes twinkle side her food took the bowl in which butter chicken was there made by kunj she started eating it a tear drop come from her eyes but she ignored it
Kunj sat on bed with teary eyed remembering twinkle ignorance there was time when twinkle dying to eat his hand made food but now everything changed and he is the one responsible for that kush who just woke up look at kunj comes to him crawling and sat on his lap then tried to stand on his lap but not hapening kunj helped him he stood on his lap and looked at kunj face closely he gave him cute smile kunj to gave painful smile baby wiped his tear kunj hugged him tightly and tear automatically falling from his eyes tanu see this and fave chocolate to kunj
Tanu – chocky chocky cry cry and node her head in no gesturing him not to cry
Kunj – i love you too kush you wipe my tears and tanu you give me Chocolate so i dont cry haan you both are so good and your psppa is so bad see what i did with your mumma its not good that time she too cried but no one to console her my hands didnt wiped her tears but i have at least someone to wipe my tear i can understand her pain now what she went though now ill bear every punishment she gives to me happily and thum dono so javo na yar kyu ute abhi aayegi siyappa queen muje dantege please sleep babies while both node in no and started to play with toys making noise twinkle came back to room after having dinner and looked at tanunand kush woke up she looked at kunj angrily thinking he woke up them kunj saw her and gulp in fear
Twinkle – why they are not sleeping?
Kunj – because they got up
Twinkle – shut up do you know how difficult it is to make them sleep why woke them up see now they will not sleep and tease me whole night while both kids giggled Kunj made them to lay on bed
Kunj – so javo so javo by covering there both eyes from his hand they took his hand snd bite it with there tiny and sharp teeth they have few they use it to bite others
Kunj – auch ahha they bite me
Twinkle – so what they will do kiss you haan if you keep hand near to there mouth they both got up and started to throw toys here and there and suddenly tanu started crying twinkle took her in arms making her calm but no she is not
Kunj – feed her na
Twinkle – her tummy is full i already give her …tanu bacha why crying what you want haan good babies dont cry and she took her to balcony showing her stars and moons but also she didnt stop kunj came there behind and made some funny faces and acting so she stop crying she became bit calm
Kunj – kya chahiye tuje?
Tanu – ku ku ??? danch danch
Twinkle – dance ok abh thum nacho
Kunj – what here in balcony come inside while both mother and daughter node in no kunj started to dance while tanu became happy and stop crying twinkle smirked and put her leg in between kunj fell down twinkle snd baby laughing kunj lost in them twinkle took her inside and kunj looked at kush who giving him angry looks and bove to cry he got to know this scene repeats now so he started to dance again while kush smiled and twinkle controlling laugh tanu throw ball kunj pick it up and fave her next kush they made it like play they throwing it and kunj getting it babies enjoying and even twinkle she too throwing with them kunj became tired with there game
Twinkle made kush to sleep on bed kunj trying to make tanu sleep she teased him much then slept
Kunj – twinkle see this cradle nice na our babies will sleep here comfortably let me make them sleep here
Twinkle – no they will sleep with me and she made them to lie in middle of bed she sleep in other side snd to other side she is keeping pillow so they wil not fall down
Kunj – no need of pillow iam there na ill sleep other side
Twinkle – no dont want
Kunj – arey they will fall na twinkle
Twinkle – dont forget one thing till yesterday i mean from 9 months they sleep like this only now they used to it in this days you were not there to protect them right they have me thats enough and i dont want you to sleep with me on bed get it
Kunj – ok ill sleep on couch and he laid there after sometime he goes to washroom twinkle get up from her place took jug of water and dmpty jug on couch making it drench and she slept kunj came back and looked at couch
Kunj – oh my god its raining only on my couch now where ill sleep on bed?
Twinkle- ill kill you if you come here and she throw a pillow on flor kunj slept on floor without saying anything twinkle very happy inside looking at him
Kunj thinks you did it i know twinkle ok by doing this if you get happiness I am ok with it do you know after you leave me daily ibwas remembering torture i gave you and cursing myself one day i made you to sleep on floor too youbdidnt said anything but slept crying so to experience your pain ill also sleep on floor daily khud ko saza dunga mey i deserve it ony your happiness matters me now then he too slept
Screen freezes ok kunj face snd other side twinkle sleeping having victorious smile on her face

To be continued…..

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