one more chance to hold you twinj ff part -1

One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 1
Kunj sarna – manohar n usha sarna son CEO of sarna empire husband of twinkle,loves her lot n searching for her everywhere,guilty of his past mistakes vch made twinkle to leave him.
Twinkle kunj sarna urf twinkle taneja – from rich background ,daughter of rt n leela ,sweet sister of viren n rocky(naman shaw),wife of kunj ,was loving him lot but now hates him to d core she have cute twin baby now.
Episode 1
Sarna [email protected] night
Kunj enters in home his face is expressionless n pale he made himself busy in work to forget something but can’t .he is living like lifeless body
Everyone having dinner usha looks at kunj n feels sad for him she was also reason for his state.usha goes to kunj
U – kunj puttar come let’s have dinner
K – I don’t want?? don’t disturb me plz(in rude tone)
U – y u doing dis wid u kunj plz have something come n holds his hand
Kunj jerks her hand
K – don’t dare to touch me ,n dont act like u care for me after ruining my life by taking my wife n my happines. N goes to his room usha cries standing der
Kunj room no more twinj
Kunj enters room n shuts d door sits on his bed n takes photo in hand vch is on table its twinj photo where kunj is bsckhugging twinkle
K – I know twinkle I didn’t kept my promises ,I know I have done many mistakes by not trusting u n not respecting u but plz come to me I can’t leave without u,give me another chance to rectify my mistakes n give me one more chance to hlod u dis time I don’t let u to go away from me.where r u twinkle daily I’ll try to find u but no use but I’ll not leave I’ll keep trying n I’ll reach to u my love n twinkle our baby u didn’t gave me chance to hold it too ,even I didn’t saw our baby correctly, I want to see my baby twinkle I want to hug it n wanna play with my Nanni si jaan ,u left me when u were pregnent didn’t gave me chance to take care of u , u thot I want u bcoz u have my baby no twinkle I want u , u r my first priority twinkle n he closed his eyes remembering der sweet moments n romantic moments n twinkle taking his side leaving her family behind who were not happy wid her love marriage but she convenced dem n always stood up behind kunj.listening to kunj every time n listening to his family obeying dem n all n kunj opened eyes
K ,- u did every thing for me twinkle. Whatever I was saying u were doing may whatever it is u always respected my decisions didn’t go against me .but et I did how can I believe others,by not trusting in u n for some misunderstanding I raised my hands on u many times but u didn’t said anything n I idiot took it for granted n continued dat ,listening to dat b*t*h so called Maya bhabhi I believed her n tortured u,I tortured my love chi I’m ashamed of myself n he cried biterallly n drifted to sleep after sometimes.
Taneja mansion @ morning in London
Beautiful morning is shown n den mansion vch is royal one den a lavish room is shown in dat a beautiful girl is sleeping she is twinkle
Twinkle suddenly woke up in jerk screaming don’t hit me kunj plz listen to me I didn’t do dat plz trust me kunj n give me divotce kunj v r over.go away from me. den she heard baby cry that brought her to reality she looked st cradle where her babies crying .
T ,- oh my lovely babies?? y r u crying oh hungry hungry ryt come to me n she took both of dem in her arms n feed dem milk n dey slept twinkle looked at dem n kissed on der forehead
T – u both r apple of my eyes ,mere jeene ki wajha thum log ho abb bad.the one n only best thing I have in my life is my babies,if u both were not der in my tummy dat time I would have committed suicide bcoz of ur so called dad n she went to flashback
Maya doing some or other thing n blaming twinkle for dat n she made everyone believe dat twinkle is wrong even kunj believed it n was scolding twinkle one time he gave her file to keep inside ward robe twinkle kept in front of him only n he told its v.imp for him after some days he went to meeting wid file but he didn’t got succeeded in it n he came to know dat some one gave his file information to opposite company so dey won over him he came back home frustrated n telling same in home who can do it
U – kunj puttar u gave file to twinkle ryt?
K – ha mom
U – den she only done it
T – mummy g wt u r saying I didn’t do anything like dat y I’ll do it mummy g kunj is my hubby n I know how he struggled for dis project
Maya – stop ur drama twinkle I have proof
T – u shut up Maya n kunj g speak up something see everyone blaming me
K – huh??? twinkle if u did it na den I won’t leave u wt is dat proof bhabhi show me
Twinkle was shattered bcoz of kunj behavior
M – ha kunj see u also know na opposite team head is kunal who is twinkle friend n I heard twinkle talking to him 1 or 2 day back may be she told at dat time.
Kunj looked at twinkle angrily n goes to her
K – bhabhi telling truth na did u called him
T – kunj vo…
K – say it damnit (loudly)
Twinkle got scared as kunj don’t like him much n he wasn’t allowing twinkle also to talk to him ven dey were lovers.
T – vo..kunj yes I called him but interrupted by kunj by slap
Kunj slapped her hard across face her lips started bleeding he held her shoulder tightly
K – y twinkle y u did it huh?
T – ahha kunj(wincing in pain n crying)
K – wt did u say huh??? kunj ,wt mom n said u to address me like
T – sorry kunj g plz listen to me I called kunal bcoz it was his b’day so to wish him I called him den nothing else
Kunj twisted her hand twinkle winced in pain
K – to wish him huh?? u know I hate him but also u did n with wish u told my business information also like gift na
T – no plz trust me I didn’t do anything like dat
U – kunj if she get 2-3 slaps more na den she ll tell u d truth
Twinkle nodes in no with fear looking at kunj
K – she won’t open mouth by slaps now bcoz daily she ll do some or other problem n get slap from me from past month today I’ll teach her lesson n dragged her to der room n locked d door n throwed her on bed n he took out his belt from ward robe n looked at twinkle angrily moving towards her twinkle kept moving back wards in fear
T – no kunj sorry kunj g plz don’t hit me plz wt happened to u don’t u love me n trust me
K – no loving u was my biggest mistake twinkle ,daily in my family der ll be quarel bcoz of u for dat take it n hit her wid belt one time
T – ahaaa n started crying wt loving me was mistake u were not like dis b4 ,u have changed kunj
K – same feeling u also have changed first I was happy to marry u n v spent good times too but later u showed true colors na twinkle u proved ur rocky sister daily u try to harm my family members huh?? n he hit her wid more force
Twinkle cried loud
T – u mean to say I’m not ur family member kunj n y u taking my bro name in between dare to take his name
K – wt how dare u to speak up with me in dat tone n started hitting her continuously
T – crying more n more screaming in pain
Kunj got tired n left her saying I’m not finished yet I’ll c u later
Twinkle was crying vigorously n loudly kunj was in wash room he came out n held twinkle hand made her to stand by pulling her hardly n slapped her hard
K – don’t cry now be quite otherwise ull get more shut ur mouth
Twinkle controlled her cry n closed her mouth
K – good if I heard ur voice den c wt I’ll do , u did mistake so I punished u that’s it got it now go n bring coffee for me
T – k….k…kunj..g I can’t walk also my whole body is paining plz can I bring afterwards
K – oh didn’t it got pain ven u calling kunal go n bring now only
T – g k n she covered her hands wid scarf to hide marks kunj took out dat
K – y this twinkle to hide ur marks ryt no need of it go like dis only all must know na if dey do mistakes like dis dey ll be punished like dis so only I’m sending u to bring coffee if u feel embrassed den only ull learn ur lesson may be u ll become my old twinkle again
Twinkle saw him with painful eye n went to bring coffee walking with much difficulties Maya laughed seeing her
U – acha se samajaya na kunj tumhe u tried to snatch my son from me ryt look at ur state now ,how many times I told him not to marry u but he didn’t listened me now see u r like bad luck for my son
Twinkle didn’t say anything did coffee n took it to room kunj was doing something in his laptop
T – g coffee
K – k give
She gave him coffee kunj tasted it
K – good
T – hmm
K – wt hmm say tq
T – tq g
Kunj finished coffee n took out some ointement n goes twinkle
K – come I’ll apply ointement on ur wounds
T – don’t want
Kunj made her to sit forcefully n applied ointement twinkle was wincing in pain kunj looked at her teary eyed
K ,- I’m sorry twinkle u know I can’t control my anger den also u do dis things
T – I’m tired of saying u I didn’t do anything but u didn’t listened leave it now kunj oops sorry kunj g , first u hurt me den sorry doesn’t mean anything kunj
K – see der is ur mistake too??? now don’t make me angry again by taunting n talking rude to me I’ll not tolerate it
T – hmm sorry n was crying n sobbing slightly
K – done
At night all were having dinner
Twinkle serving dem after serving she was above to sit but usha stopped her
U – today no dinner for u u spoiled kunj meeting so
K – but mom
U – u shut up kunj , u want ur twinkle to become good na den she has to be punished like dis den only she ll learn
K – I gave her punishment mom plz allow her to eat something twinkle come here have a seat
T ,- no I don’t want n she ran to her room crying
After finishing dinner kunj goes to room twinkle was sleeping already her phone beeps kunj checks it n der he saw kunal texts n his blood boiled seeing it n looked at twinkle angrily
K – twinkle get up ,(loud tone)
Twinkle got up in jerk
T – wt happened g?
K – kunal texts u daily
T – only wishes kunj gn n gm like dst
K – oh den st is dis read it plz giving her cell der dey were testing normally wt doing? How’s u? N all n kunal praised abt her beauty
K – read it
T – wt doing? How’s u? How is life
K – idiot read dis one pointing some mags
T – oh I didn’t saw it g may he sent now n started reading
Hi twinkle ta for ur wish dat made my day n ur wish was luck see my meeting got successful u r luck for me ??? just kidding yar n do is awesome u r looking gorgeous n hot as always. Twinkle finished reading n looked at kunj
K – so
T – so wt kunj ,kunj g just msged but I didn’t do anything na y r u complicating everything plz don’t irritate me
Kunj came upon her
K – so I’m irritating ha I’ll show u n moved his hands on HSR sensully n gave love bite twinkle got irritated.
T – plz kunj not now I’m not in mood my whole body paining plz leave me
K – oh now u getting irritated when I get close to u huh n when kunal flirting with u its k na twinkle???
T – shut up
Kunj slapped her n told dare to speak wid me like dat n forcefully kissed her twinkle was crying he didn’t cared he removed her dress n throwed somewhere twinkle tried to escape but couldn’t he was forcing himself on her n made love forcefully n hardly twinkle was screaming in pain after few hours kunj got up from her n started drinking wine n looked at twinkle again n started again twinkle was cursing her self for loving him.she decided to commit suicide.her family was also in London to go back to dem n bebe was out of station to share her problem kunj was one who is understanding her but he also changed she don’t have anything left out now she thot
At morning kunj ignored twinkle n went to office
Twinkle pov( its better I die den may be my kunj ll be happy as he told I’m his mistake vch he Is regretting now )
Twinkle searched for sleeping pill but couldn’t n she was feeling dizzy she went to medical shop to ask but she didn’t get it she went to cliff to fall from der but got saved by someone dat is roshni ,roshni got shocked to see her state
R – wt is dis twinkle? Y u r commuting suicide
Twinkle narrated everything roshini was shocked n twinkle fainted der roshni took her to hospital n dey got to know twinkle is pregnant
R – see twinkle wtever problem it ll be solved now k
T – hope do may dis baby bring my kunj back to me bhabhi
R – k say him now
T – not now after week our wedding anniversary is der at dat time I’ll tell him n tq bhabhi for saving me if I died my baby too no I can’t imagine its my n kunj love symbol ,so I dropped suicide plan
R – good (POV – kunj was so sweet n loving twinkle to core wt made him to behave like dis I should talk to sid)
Roshini called sid n told everything sid called kunj n told twinkle suicide attempt (he didn’t told abt pregnancy as roshni didn’t told him)
K – wt?????
S – now don’t cry take care of her ,she don’t have anyone here kunj,if u also do dis things wid her where she ll go
K – yeah u r ryt.I acted like insane from now I’ll take care of her
Kunj behaving good wid twinkle she was also happy but didn’t remain like it
Fb end
Twinkle eye got moist she wiped her tear n d day ven I wanted to tell I’m pregnant dat day turned horrible day of my life (dats flashback in next episode if u guys liked it n comment on it if u didn’t like I’ll stop bcoz its so dukhi na)
Babies also woke up n looking twinkle widening eyes dey were 9 month old babies ,babies came to her crawling n sat on her lap both started to kiss her
Twinkle smiled looking at her little baby boy n girl
T – tanu n kush u both woke up ha come let’s get ready n she took dem to wash room
Some people r looking at her wid moist eyes dat is her brothers rocky n viren
R – dat idiot kunj bcoz of him twinkle is crying till now
V – yes u r ryt.but v r wid her na
Jeevita (viren wife)- viren ji v all trying our level best to keep twinkle happy but her past she can’t forget it
V – ha jeevita bcoz she was loving kunj v.much n he hurted her she can’t forger dat her love betrayed her that’s y
R – I’ll not leave him ,u guys told twinkle na v r going to India
V – ha first she denied den later said yes
All got ready to fly back to India

Precap – twinj face off

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