One More Chance- Once Again (BI,PKHJD,MATSH,DYM) Episode 3


PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS IS A FAN FICTION NOT THE UPDATE OF THE ACTUAL EPISODE. (Which scenes is for which show(s) will be mentioned.)

Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. Here is Episode 3 One More Chance- Once Again Fan Fiction. I am desperate for comments actually. I hope I can meet up with everyone’s expectations. And my request to silent readers please do try to comment if you can as the no.of episodes depends on the no. of comment and here is Episode 3. I hope you enjoy it.

And for my introduction, I am from Singapore, my family and I am avid viewers of hindi serials since a long time and I am studying engineering as a first year student.
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Shows involved in scenes:
Scene 1: BI, MATSH and DYM
Scene 2: BI and PKHJD
Scene 3: All
Scene 4: PKHJD and DYM
Scene 5: BI and MATSH
Scene 6: PKHJD, MATSH and DYM

Scene 1: On the road
(BI, MATSH and DYM part)
The episode begins with Ishani, Ranveer, Radhika, Arjun and Aliya going to the car.
Arjun: I have got to go early as I have some work.
Ishani: Please try to stay back.
Arjun: I would have, but actually I came here to give some papers and also demonstrate them.
Arjun takes out the papers and demonstrate Radhika and Aliya what to do.
Radhika: Why everything is so last minute?
Arjun: That I don’t know, I am just here to demonstrate you about the papers.
Aliya: Thank you very much Arjun.
Arjun: Aliya, please once again take note that you must submit all these documents by Monday, as you seem to be the more sensible among the two of them.
Radhika: What do you mean I am not sensible at all?

Arjun: When did I say that?
Radhika: I know very well what are you trying to say?
Arjun: (in his mind) I thought she was sick. How can someone talk so much despite being sick?
Ranveer: Let it be Chotti, and yes Mr. Arjun thanks for the help.
Arjun: No problem.
Ishani: Arjun, I would have been more happy if you also came along.
Arjun: I am sorry Ishani, but I am really very busy .
Ishani: It’s okay, I would love to meet you next time. Nice to meet you.
Ishani forwards her hand and handshakes with Arjun. Arjun looks at Ishani.
Arjun: (in his mind) It seems that I know Ishani from before but how?
Ishani: Do come to my house one day.
Arjun smiles and leaves.

Ishani: Okay let’s go.
While Ishani is in the front seat, Radhika, Ranveer and Aliya are at the back seat.
Radhika: Ishani, won’t you tell us anything about yourself?
Ishani: As you all know my name is Ishani and now we are going to my Kaka’s house.
Aliya: Who is in your Kaka’s family?
Ishani: Actually, I am an orphan. I was left alone, but one day someone took my hand and then I considered him as my brother his name is Rizwan. Rizwan bhaia is also an orphan,but he gave me the love of both a mom and a dad.

Ranveer: You are quite lucky.
Ishani: I am very lucky. And Kaka is Rizwan bhaia’s father’s friend, but he also pampers us a lot.
Aliya: Nice to hear about your family would love to meet them.
Ishani smiles.
Radhika: Ishani, you are so sweet unlike Arrogant Arjun.
Aliya: Arrogant? I found him quite sweet. He helped you so much.
Radhika: You all didn’t know what happened before this?
Radhika demonstrates her about the auto incident how she fooled Arjun by pretending to faint.
Ishani: Oh my god, Radhika you are so smart.
Aliya: But wasn’t this a little too much?

Ranveer: Yes, Chotti wasn’t it too much. It’s not about that guy, but you made me so much worried, you know how much worried I got when I heard you are sick?
Radhika: I am sorry Bhaia, but in that pretext I got an auto, but thank you Ishani for giving us lift.
Ishani: No problem
Ranveer: Ishani, I am so sorry for my sister childishness she is always like that.
Radhika: What did I do?
Ishani: No problem, Ranveer at least I got to meet some nice people like you guys.
Radhika: Thank you for understanding, if not I was unnecessarily getting scolded thanks to Arrogant Arjun.
Aliya: Don’t talk like this, Radhika. He wasn’t that bad. Remember the time, he was like don’t scold Radhika, please she is sick. Awww, how cute.
Radhika: You keep quiet, Aliya.

Just then they come near the house,
Ishani: There it is my Kaka’s house.
Ranveer, Radhika and Aliya looks at the window.
Radhika: Such a big house, bhaia.

Ranveer: Keep Quiet, Chotti what will Ishani think?
Aliya: (in her mind) This house seems so familiar. As if I came here before. But I can’t remember at all.
Later, they reach at the place, and they alight from the car and they go in the house.

Ishani: Where are others?
Ishani gets a call.
Ishani: Hey I got a call that Kaka and Kaki will come back soon as they went out for some work, and my brothers will be back soon.
Aliya: No problem.
Ishani: By then you all fresh up first, especially you Ranveer.
Ranveer: Thank you Ishani.

Scene 2: Outside
(BI and PKHJD part)
Here Rizwan is out of the office and thinking about Preet.
Rizwan: This Preet looks like a good person.
Rizwan: (in his mind) No Rizwan, what are you thinking? You shouldn’t think about Preet. Firstly she is a Hindu, and secondly she have a daughter.
As Rizwan is walking while thinking about Preet he suddenly sees Zain chilling with Tridha.
Rizwan: Zain? What is he doing here? He should be at the seminar at this time.
Tridha: Thank you so much for this wonderful trip, Zain.
Zain: No problem, Tridha it’s my pleasure my love.

Tridha smiles and gives a kiss on Zain’s cheek.Rizwan is stunned. Zain is surprised.
Rizwan: Is Zain having an affair with this girl?
Tridha leaves and waves Zain bye. Zain waves Tridha back.

Zain looks behind and is shocked to see Rizwan.
Zain: Rizwan bhaia, you?
Rizwan: Yes me, may I know what did I just saw?
Zain: It’s nothing like that what you just saw. Believe me.
Rizwan: Believe you? How will I believe you? You lied that you have a seminar.
Zain: Bhaia, I admitted I lied, but this Tridha is my friend.
Rizwan: What kind of friend?
Zain: Girlfriend.
Rizwan: Look Zain. Boyfriend, girlfriend this is not good. If you truly love her tell Kaka about it.
Zain: Dad? No way. I don’t even know if I love her, but she is more than a friend to me. I need time, Bhaia.
Rizwan: Look Zain, I understand your problem, but remember one thing, never deceive a girl.
Zain: The day I realize if I love Tridha or not, I will tell her everything.
Rizwan:Okay for now let’s go home. Ishani is waiting. And she just told me some of her friends came along from Bhopal.
Zain: Oh okay let’s go.
Zain and Rizwan leaves.

Scene 3: Abdullah Residence

(All part)
Here Rizwan and Zain reaches home.
Zain: Bhai, please don’t tell anyone about Tridha at home.
Rizwan: Okay, I won’t tell but please do take your decision soon before it’s too late.
Zain: Okay bhaia, I promise.
Just then Usman and Suraiya comes,
Usman: What promise did you make?

Zain and Rizwan gets shocked.
Suraiya: Yes what promise did you make to Rizwan, Zain?
Zain: I made promise that I will work hard and then do something by my own.
Zain gestures Rizwan sorry.
Suraiya gets happy.
Suraiya: See I told you that Zain is trying his best to responsible.
Usman: Let him be responsible first, only then I will understand.
Usman looks at Zain.
Usman: Now let’s go in, Ishani must be waiting for us.
Usman, Suraiya, Rizwan and Zain goes in.

Here, Ranveer and Radhika is looking around the house downstairs, and Aliya is upstairs.
Radhika: Wow what a beautiful house, isn’t it beautiful Bhaia?
Ranveer: It is beautiful, but don’t you think you are speaking too much?
Radhika: I wonder where is this Aliya?
Ishani: Don’t worry, she will be coming here soon.

Just then Ishani looks and smiles.

Ishani: There is my family.
Ranveer and Radhika smiles. Ishani introduces them.
Usman: Ishani beti, I haven’t even seen them, are they also your friends.
Ishani narrates how they all met,
Usman: Oh that’s good.
Ishani: Kaka, Kaki this is Ranveer and his sister Radhika who is going to study here. And this is my Bhaia, Rizwan and also my brother and friend Zain.
Usman smiles,
Usman: By the way beta, where are you from?
Radhika: Bhopal.
Usman: My niece is also from Bhopal and she is coming to Mumbai soon for studies.
Radhika: Oh really that’s great?
Zain: Ranveer, are you okay?

Ranveer: Yes, why what happened?
Zain: Ishani fall on you right? How did you take her weight?

Ishani: Zain, I won’t spare you.
Ishani tries to chase Zain, while Zain runs, and Rizwan stops Ishani.
Rizwan: Enough. Enough.
Radhika; Actually. I have another friend and neighbour who also came with me.
Suraiya: Really? Where is she?
Ishani: She have gone upstairs to fresh up.
Later, Radhika looks at the stairs and smiles,
Radhika: There she is!

Aliya comes downstairs, Usman, Suraiya and Zain are shocked to see Aliya. Aliya looks and she is stunned. Rizwan and Ishani smiles.
Ishani: There she is, Aliya.
Aliya is surprised as she wasn’t suppose to come here as per her mom’s instruction.
Usman is happy to see Aliya but he is surprised Aliya came without telling him.
Usman: Aliya beti!
Aliya: Mamu!
Aliya runs and hugs Usman. Suraiya fumes.
Zain: (in his mind) That means, I was right that girl was none other than Mamu ki Bhanji.
Rizwan and Ishani are surprised, so are Radhika and Ranveer.
Rizwan: Kaka, you know her.
Ranveer: So he is your Mamu.
Usman smiles and introduces Rizwan and Ishani to Aliya.
Ishani: Wow what a coincidence.
Rizwan: Nice to meet you, Aliya.
Aliya smiles. Usman brings Aliya to Suriaya.

Usman: There she is Aliya, Suraiya.
Aliya is about to hug Suraiya,
Suraiya: I have some important work, I will join you all later.
Suraiya leaves. Aliya is surprised.
Ishani: (in her mind) Kaki seems to be unhappy.

Radhika: Wow, Aliya that’s great we got to see your Mamu’s house.
Aliya: Mamu this is Radhika my friend and neighbour, and this is Ranveer who is her brother and also a brother to me.
Ranveer: Nice to meet you.
Aliya: I am feeling so good Mamu after meeting you after several days.
Usman: That is fine, but Aliya beti you never told me you were coming to Mumbai.
Aliya gets surprised and she doesn’t know what to answer.
Usman: Answer me Aliya.
Aliya gets an idea.
Aliya: Surprise! To surprise you Mamu.
Radhika looks at Aliya,
Radhika: But Aliya, you
Aliya: I also wanted to introduce Mamu to you both that’s why.
Aliya gestures Radhika not to say anything.
Aliya: Strangely, I got a surprise too.
Ishani: Wow that’s so good, Aliya.

Ranveer: Aloo, it was great meeting your Mamu and his family.
Zain: Aloo, that name suits her. Nice name Mamu ki Bhanji.
Ranveer: Mamu ki Bhanji, and Aloo.
Zain and Ranveer laughs and gives each other hi-5.
Aliya: I will teach both of you a lesson then you will understand.
Usman: Zain?
Zain keeps quiet.

Ranveer: Mamu, it was nice meeting you, but I and Radhika should go now, Aliya you stay here.
Aliya: No, I am going with you all. Mamu I will come again.
Ishani: Who are saying that you all are going? All three of you will stay here. Am I right Kaka?
Usman: Ishani beti, how can you read my mind?
Ishani: After all, I am Ishani.

Rizwan: Yes, you all should stay here.
Ranveer: Aliya can stay here, me and Chotti will stay there.
Radhika: Bhaia is right.
Usman: Ranveer beta, you called me Mamu, I consider you like my son just like Rizwan and Zain you should stay here.
Radhika: Yes Bhaia, please.
Ranveer: Chotti? What are you doing?
Usman: Beta, please.
Ranveer: Fine. Since you all are insisting I will stay here.

Zain hugs Ranveer.
Zain: Good job bro, looks like we will get along.
Usman: Zain, you and Ranveer will stay in the guestroom, and Aliya and Radhika you will stay in Zain’s room.
Zain is surprised.
Zain: What? But why?

Ishani: It’s okay Kaka, Aliya and Radhika will stay with me in my room.
Usman: But Ishani beti, your room how will there be space for three of you?
Ishani: That’s also correct.
Aliya: It’s okay Mamu I will manage in Ishani or the guestroom?
Usman: No, do as I say.
Aliya: Fine, Mamu.
Zain: (in his mind) This Mamu ki Bhanji already took away my room. I won’t spare her for that.

Next day morning,

Scene 4: Hooda Residence
(PKHJD and DYM part)
Here Rizwan comes to Hooda residence to give Preet some papers.
Rizwan: I don’t know why Kaka told me to give Preet the papers. Again the more far I try to go from Preet, the nearer I end up coming to her.
Rizwan knocks the door and waits for Preet.
Rizwan: I think I should go away now. I will make some excuse to Kaka.
Rizwan was about to go, just then Preet opens the door.
Preet: Yes, who is it?
Rizwan looks at Preet. Kabira plays and he stares at Preet.
Preet: Rizwan ji, you and here early morning at this time?
Rizwan smiles.

Rizwan: Actually, Kaka sent me these papers to give Mr. Hooda that’s why I am here.
Preet: Okay sure. I will give them to Bade Papa.
Preet takes the papers from Rizwan.
Preet: Why are you standing here?
Rizwan: I am leaving from here.
Preet: No, don’t leave. I am telling you to come in.
Rizwan: It’s okay Preet.
Preet: If you don’t come in, I will consider that you haven’t forgive me for the coffee incident?
Rizwan: No that’s the case.
Preet: Then come in.
Rizwan comes in.

On the other hand, Radhika comes to Arjun’s office.
Radhika: I just came by cancelling our rent in the colony and now I have to face that Arrogant Arjun just to give him the papers. I can’t tolerate his face.
Radhika goes to the receptionist.
Receptionist: Whom do you want to meet Mam?

Radhika: Arrogant Arjun Moody
Receptionist: Yes mam?
Radhika: I mean Mr. Arjun Hooda.
Receptionist: I will call Mr. Arjun and then tell him.
Radhika: Yes, sure take your time.
The receptionist calls Arjun.
Radhika: This Arrogant Arjun is so strange, just to meet people also need appointment. Strange guy. Very boring.
The receptionist keeps the phone.
Receptionist: You may go in.
Radhika goes in.

Radhika sees Arjun’s cabin. Arjun is not there.
Radhika: This Arrogant Arjun’s cabin is very nice, not bad.
Radhika goes around and looks.
Radhika: The furniture looks new brand also TV is here wow.

Radhika sits down and Aliya calls her.
Radhika: Yaar Aliya, you shouldn’t have told me to give him the papers. If not for you and your Mamu, I will have never come here.
Aliya: Ask him the questions, I told you to do so and make sure you get to know everything.
Radhika: This Arrogant Arjun don’t like to open his mouth. He can only show arrogance.
Just then Arjun comes in and listens to Radhika’s conversation, Radhika doesn’t realize that and continues talking.
Aliya: Don’t say like this, he took such good care of you.
Radhika: It’s good he have some sympathy, luckily I pretended to faint if not I would have never got an auto and to the train station

Arjun is stunned.
Arjun: (in his mind) This Radhika turned out to be such a big betrayer. I will have to teach her a lesson.
Radhika is talking and she sees Arjun via the table mirror, she is stunned as she looks behind.

Here Preet makes Rizwan to have a tour around the house. Preet shows him corners of the room.
Preet: Here is the house.
Just then Bade Papa and Badi Mami comes in.
Preet: Bade Papa this is Rizwan Ahmed Khan from Abdullah industries.
Bade Papa: I know you very well Rizwan, Mr. Abdullah always praises about you whenever we meet.
Rizwan: No it’s nothing like that, but it was nice to meet you.
Bade Papa handshakes with Rizwan and Rizwan smiles.
Badi Mami: Rizwan beta, I will prepare some snacks for you.

Rizwan: It’s okay no need for that aunty.
Badi Mami smiles.
Badi Mami: You won’t leave from here, without eating anything.
Badi Mami goes to bring some snacks.
Bade Papa: Rizwan beta, I have to go now for work.
Rizwan: Sure.

As Bade Papa and Badi Mami leaves, Preet continues to give Rizwan a tour around the house, and they come across Kavya’s room.
Preet: This is my daughter, Kavya’s room.
Rizwan: Where is your daughter?
Just then Kavya comes and hugs Rizwan.
Kavya: Dad, please don’t leave me.
Kavya cries hugging Rizwan. Rizwan and Preet are shocked.
Rizwan consoles Kavya,
Rizwan: It’s okay beta.
Rizwan carries Kavya and makes her sleep on the bed.
Preet: I am so sorry, I don’t know how.

Rizwan: It’s okay.
Preet: Actually. Kavya was only 1 when she lost her dad.
Rizwan: It’s okay, I know how it feels when one of your loved ones go away from you.
Preet: Are you okay?
Rizwan: Yes, I am okay. I have to go now.
Rizwan leaves, and Preet looks on. Rizwan is walking thinking about his past and he sees a picture and is stunned to see Ishan’s pic and also in Hooda family’s pic. (You can assume Apoorva Agnihotri as Ishan here)
Preet: This is my husband, Ishan who passed away a few years ago due to an terrorist attack.
Rizwan looks at Preet shocked.

Here Arjun and Radhika and looking at each other.
Radhika: I think I should go now.
Arjun holds Radhika’s hand tightly,
Radhika: Sir, what are you doing?
Arjun pins Radhika to the wall. Arjun stares at Radhika angrily, and Radhika stares at Arjun nervously. Music plays.
Radhika: Ar……Arjun si…….sir?
Arjun: How dare you lie to me?
Radhika: I am so sorry, I didn’t want to do these but what to do?
Arjun: Answer me.
Radhika gets nervous.
Arjun: I said answer me!
Radhija gets nervous and she murmur something.
Radhika: Radz….Aal Izz Well.
Arjun is surprised.
Arjun: What?
Radhika pushes Arjun and she switches on the High Heels song from Ki and Ka in her phone and dances on the song. Arjun is stunned.
Arjun: What the?
Radhika is dancing and is not in her senses.
Arjun: This girl is crazy.

Arjun: Radhika? Radhika!
Radhika switches off the phone.
Arjun: Here are the papers and you can leave now.
Radhika smiles and she runs quickly takes the paper from Arjun’s hand.
Arjun is shocked, and later she returns,
Radhika: Arjun sir, the paper is on the table, understand Arrogant Arjun.
Arjun looks behind and Radhika leaves.
Arjun: What was that?

Scene 5: Abdullah residence
(BI and MATSH part)
Here Ranveer and Zain are in the guestroom,
Zain: Uff, couldn’t even sleep yesterday, I wonder for how long will this go on?
Ranveer: I am so sorry Zain, sorry for disturbing you, me and Chotti will leave tomorrow.
Zain: No bro, absolutely no. I have no problems with you infact I am happy I found a company as Rizwan bhaia is always busy in his work.
Ranveer: No problem, I feel that I am occupying this room.
Zain: I have no problems with you, I have problem with Mamu Ki Bhanji since the time she came she have creating problems now she have occupied my room.
Ranveer is surprised.
Zain: I am so sorry bro, looks like I am talking too much.
Zain is feeling bored,
Zain: Bro, are you feeling bored?
Ranveer: Absolutely not.

Zain: I am feeling bored, let me do one thing I will bring my X-box from the room. By then you wait for me, we will play with the X-box today.
Zain leaves.
Ranveer: Looks like Aloo doesn’t share a pleasant relationship with her cousin.
Ranveer waits for Zain.

Here Ishani is walking and she realizes that Suraiya is not happy.
Ishani: Kaki, what happened?
Suraiya: Nothing Ishani.
Ishani: No Kaki, you seem to be quite worried. Tell me.
Suraiya: It’s that Aliya, I don’t like her at all.
Ishani: But why? She is such a nice girl.
Suraiya: Oh so she have also done magic on you too, you know what I shouldn’t have told you anything.
Suraiya leaves angrily.
Ishani: (in her mind) Why is this Kaki so frustrated on Aliya? What have she done?
Ishani: No I can’t let this happen, I must make sure problems between Aliya and Kaki gets solved. I think only Rizwan bhaia can help me out with this.
Ishani goes.

Here Ranveer while waiting for Zain is walking around the house.
Ranveer: I wonder where is this Zain? He is taking so long.
While walking, Ranveer sees Ishani staring at the window looking at the stars?
Ranveer: Ishani? What is she doing here?
Ranveer comes and sits besides Ishani and looks at her looking at the stars, Ranveer also looks at the stars, and he gets into a flashback.

Flashback, Ranveer with Gudiya in his childhood,
Ranveer and Gudiya talking with each other,
Ranveer: What happened Gudiya you don’t seem to be happy?
Gudiya: Leave from here.
Just then Gudiya looks at the stars from the window and runs.
Ranveer: Gudiya where are you going?
Ranveer comes and looks at Gudiya counting stars Gudiya smiles.
Ranveer: Gudiya you seem to be better now.

Gudiya: Yes, whenever I don’t feel good, I look at the window and count stars. It helps a lot. And if you don’t want to count at least look at the stars.
Ranveer looks at the star, and Gudiya while counting holds Ranveer’s hand and they both smile looking at the stars.

Ranveer gets out of the flashback,
Ranveer: (in his mind) Look at the strange game played by destiny, Gudiya was the one who told me to look at stars to make us feel better, but now she herself became one.
Ranveer have tears on his eyes, and the tears drops on Ishani’s hand, and Ishani looks at Ranveer crying.

On the other hand, in Zain’s room
Zain reaches at his room to take his X-box.
Zain: (in his mind) Should I knock the door?
Zain: Why should I knock the door? This is my room. I can come here whenever I want to.
Zain comes in the room, and Aliya is changing her clothes, she is about to wear her dupatta she sees Zain and gets shocked, Zain gets shocked to.
Aliya: Ya Allah!
Zain: I am sorry.
Zain goes out of the room, and is waiting for Aliya.
Zain: Are you done?
Aliya: Almost.
Zain is waiting for Aliya to come out and he gets impatient, he opens the door and at the same time Aliya also opens the door, and Aliya falls on Zain. Zain and Aliya look at each other, Yeh Ishq Hain plays and they both share an eyelock.
Zain: Get up from me.

Aliya gets up,
Aliya: Can’t you knock the door before coming?
Zain: Oh hello, this is my room I can come here whenever I want to.
Aliya: But you should have knock the door?
Zain: Look, I can come here whenever I want to. You have no right to deny me.
Aliya: I am not denying, I am just saying. You should have listen to me carefully. I am sorry.
Zain: What did you say? I didn’t hear can you say louder?
Aliya: Look Zain, I am not saying anything doesn’t mean you will do whatever you want to do?
Zain comes nearer to Aliya,
Aliya: Zain?
Zain: I was right. You are really a Mamu ki Bhanji. This name suits you. Just because dad told you to stay here, doesn’t mean you will treat this as your own room. This is my room, you are lucky that I am letting you stay here. I don’t do like this. Mamu ki Bhanji.
Aliya: Look Zain, I don’t mind you coming here, but you should have knock the door first.
Zain doesn’t cares about what Aliya says and he goes in.
Aliya: Zain!
Zain takes the x-box and Aliya looks at Zain angrily.

Ishani: Why are you crying?
Ranveer: No, I am not crying.
Ishani: Yes, you are.
Ishani wipes Ranveer’s tears.
Ishani: Don’t waste them they are really precious.
Ranveer: But not as precious as what I lost.
Ishani looks at Ranveer,
Ishani: What was that?
Ranveer looks at Ishani.
Ishani: I am your friend tell me.
Ranveer narrates how he and Gudiya were friends and then Gudiya went away from him forever.
Ranveer: Even today I miss her.

Ranveer have tears on his eyes and Ishani breaks down as she sees Ranveer and hugs him and cries a lot. Ranveer is surprised and he also hugs Ishani back.
Ranveer: Please don’t cry Ishani.
Ishani wipes her tears,
Ranveer: You also seem worried, now it’s your turn to tell me your part of your story.
As Ishani was about to tell Ranveer, they hear some noise.
Ranveer: What was that noise?
Ishani: It’s coming from Zain’s room.
Ishani and Ranveer goes and rushes to Zain’s room.

Here Zain and Aliya are continuing fighting.
Ishani: What happened what was that?
Zain remembers how he was about to take the X-box, and Aliya takes it from his hand and throws it away.
Zain: Mamu ki Bhanji! How dare you break my X-box?
Aliya: I had no other option, you weren’t listening to me?
Zain: What is this, Mamu ki Bhanji.
Aliya: This is what am I Kit Kit? I talked to you nicely, you don’t bother to listen to me and that’s why I had no other option but to do this.
Zain: Do you even have any idea how much I loved this X-box?
Ishani: What is happening here?
Zain: Ishani, this Mamu ki Bhanji broke my x-box?
Ranveer: What did you do Aloo? You broke his expensive X-box?
Aliya: Yes, he deserved it.
Ishani: Can someone tell me what happened?
Aliya narrates how Zain came into the room without seeking her permission and she was changing that time, and then Zain went into the room without replying her.
Ishani: Zain?
Zain: Why are you looking at me?
Ishani looks at X-box.
Zain: You shouldn’t have broken my X-box Mamu ki Bhanji.
Ishani: Zain, nothing happened to the X-box. It’s still working. There is only a little crack.
Zain looks at the X-box.
Zain: Thank God this X-box working.

Zain plays with his X-box, and Aliya takes her goods and goes.
Ishani: Where are you going?
Aliya: Guestroom. Ranveer you bring your goods here, me and Radhika will stay in the guestroom.
Aliya leaves,
Ishani: Aliya, listen.
Ishani sees Zain playing games,
Ishani: Zain, don’t you think you behaved a little too harsh with Aliya? She was just changing her clothes, Zain she had a valid reason.
Zain while playing, gets thinking and Ishani leaves.
Zain looks at Ranveer,
Zain: Bro, Ishani is right looks like I have hurt Mamu ki Bhanji a little too much. I should apologize to her.
Zain leaves.
Ranveer: (in his mind) Ishani, what are you made of? You have consoled Zain so easily just the way you consoled me. I am very lucky to be your friend. But Ishani, the smile while you reflected your cheerfulness is missing today.What’s wrong?

Scene 6: On the road,
Ishani is sad and worried and she is sitting down on the bench. Ishani is worried.
Ishani gets into flashback,
In Rizwan’s room,
Ishani: Bhaia, I have come here to tell you that
Ishani finds Rizwan sad and having tears in his eyes and is super tensed.
Ishani: Bhaia, what happened?
Rizwan looks at Ishani.
Rizwan: I have found out his family.
Ishani: Whose family?
Rizwan is continuously crying,
Ishani: Are you talking about him?
Rizwan nods,
Rizwan: Ishani, I don’t know what is happening but Kaka, Kaka shouldn’t know about this at any cost. I knew this day will come. But now its not the time and I didn’t know I will ever come to this kind of situation?
Rizwan hugs Ishani and cries.
Ishani: Bhaia, nothing will happen Ishani is saying this.
Rizwan calms down and Ishani gets thinking.
Ishani: (in her mind) I am sorry Bhaia I am deceiving you, but I had to do so. I will have to keep this true hidden till the right time comes.
Ishani gets out of the flashback.

Ishani: Bhaia, when I had nobody you were the one for me. Now I am feeling so guilty for hiding the truth, but I had to. I need you Bhaia, where are you?
As Arjun is driving the car, he sees Ishani sitting down on the bench weeping.
Arjun: Isn’t that Ishani that girl?
Arjun gets out of the car and sits besides Ishani and pats her.
Arjun: Ishani, what happened?
Ishani: Nothing.
Arjun: Something definitely happened, I am going to call Aliya.
Ishani: Don’t call Aliya. Infact don’t call anyone.
Arjun: You seem to be worried what happened?
Ishani: Nothing.
Arjun: Tell me at least by considering me like your brother.
Ishani looks at Arjun.
Ishani: My brother feels guilty for something which he have not done, but he thinks he is responsible for that. But I am the one behind it. I am the actual culprit.
Arjun: Only this much. Listen Ishani, I don’t have a sister, but I consider my Preet Bhabi as my elder sister, and you as my younger sister,
Ishani: Thanks for making me feel better.

Arjun: Ishani, as an elder brother I would say that life is very short., you never know what will happen next, I will recommend you something and this will definitely make you feel better, just keep smiling and when you think it’s the right time just tell your brother how much sorry you feel.
Ishani: Okay.
Ishani: (in her mind) The matter is much more serious then what you are thinking, Arjun bhaia. Maybe when you know my truth, you will know why am I so guilty.
Arjun: I have to leave now.
Arjun leaves and Ishani gets thinking. The episode ends.

(A promo on this fan fiction will be published on this Tuesday, 3rd May you can get to know from that. Please do read it.)
Here is my episode 3 for my fan fiction- One More Chance, Once Again. I am happy that till now I am able to balance between my classes and also writing fan fiction. Your comments encourage me to write more. I am planning to publish a special or kind of maha episode for all of you next week.

Till then there is a special survey for all of you. (3 questions)
1) Which pair is your favourite?
A) Zaya (Zain-Aliya) from Beintehaa
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(Episode 4and 5 will be slightly shorter than Episode 1-3 but would be very crucial for this fan fiction so please don’t miss it out and read it if possible)

There may be changes too like Friday one couple will fall in love and Sunday one of the mysteries will unfold which will affect all 4 couple’s life. But the one mentioned above have higher chances.


Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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