One More Chance- Once Again (BI,PKHJD,MATSH,DYM) Episode 2


PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS IS A FAN FICTION NOT THE UPDATE OF THE ACTUAL EPISODE. (Which scenes is for which show(s) will be mentioned.)
Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. I am glad with the response I got for my One More Chance- Once Again Fan Fiction. I will be happier if I get more response though: P I hope I can meet up with everyone’s expectations and here is Episode 2. I hope you enjoy it.
By any chance, if anyone is yet to read the introduction and episode 1 of My One More Chance- Once Again, you can find it in this link:

Shows involved in scenes:
Scene 1: BI, PKHJD and MATSH
Scene 2: BI, MATSH and DYM
Scene 3: PKHJD and DYM
Scene 4: BI
Scene 5: DYM
Scene 6: PKHJD
Scene 7: MATSH
Scene 8: ALL

Scene 1: Abdullah residence
(BI, PKHJD and MATSH part)
The episode begins with Usman discussing something with Rizwan related to work and Zain and Ishani comes to him.
Zain: Dad, may I go for some course?
Usman: What course?
Zain: There is this business related course today; it will start in an hour.
Usman gets happy.
Usman: Finally you are doing something worthy after many days.
Ishani: Are you sure you are going for the course or something else?
Zain: Stop talking nonsense.
Ishani: How can they organise a course in Sunday?
Zain: Areh buddhu, Sunday is the only day most students are free.
Ishani: That I understand but?
Zain: But what?
Ishani: From when you started taking interest in business?
Just then Usman stands up,
Usman: Yes, Zain. I agree with Ishani from when did you start taking interest in business.
Zain: (in his mind) This Ishani always talks too much.
Zain: It’s all because of Ishani.
Ishani: Me? Now what did I do?
Zain: See, I lost yesterday’s match against your team, and I am disappointed with that. To overcome that, I am attending this one-day course today.
Usman: Zain are you sure you are attending a course or something else?
Rizwan: Areh Kaka let him attend this course if he wants to.
Usman: You may go now.
Zain gets happy.
Ishani: But Kaka?
Usman: I am letting go in Rizwan’s insistence. If you are doing something else instead of this course, you know very well what I will do.
Zain: Okay dad.
And he hugs Rizwan.
Zain: Thanks bhaia.
Zain leaves.

Ishani: Bhaia, you know Zain very well why did you let him go?
Rizwan: Ishani, let him go its only a day.
Ishani: Okay fine.
Rizwan and Usman smiles.
Ishani: Kaka, may I go and play football with my friends.
Usman: Sure beta.
Ishani smiles and leaves.

Usman: Beta, you manage everything so easily. How can you do it?
Rizwan: It’s nothing compared to what you did for me?
Usman smiles and just then he gets a call. Later after the call,
Usman: Rizwan beta, I need your help can do you me a favour?
Rizwan: Sure beta, tell me.
Usman: You know the new company with whom I made the latest deal
Rizwan: Yes, what about that?
Usman: We must give them the papers today, and they were asking if one of us could come and give them the papers. In that pretext, you can also see how their office is, like how they manage the business and their staffs.
Rizwan: Okay sure, Kaka no problem. I will give them the papers.
Usman gives Rizwan the papers and Rizwan leaves.

Scene 2: Outside the station
(BI, MATSH and DYM part)
The episode begins with Ranveer, Radhika and Aliya reaching Mumbai. The three of them look around the place.
Radhika: Mumbai is such a big city, so many people!
Aliya: Radhika, I have heard so much about this Mumbai city, don’t you think something is missing here?
Radhika: Yes, Aliya the beautiful nature is overshadowed here.
Aliya: Bhopal and Mumbai have so much difference.
Ranveer: (in his mind) I have come to this city after so long, so many memories but what’s the use. I will never forget the nightmare I got, once again I am back here, but I won’t let my past affect my present.
Radhika: Bhaia what are you thinking?
Ranveer: Nothing, Chotti I was just thinking how will you and Aloo manage here it’s such a big city.
Radhika: You came here before right, Bhaia?
Ranveer gets surprised.
Aliya: Really, Ranveer came here before?
Radhika: Yes, it was several years ago, when dad used to do a job in Mumbai, Bhaia stayed with him, while me and mom stayed at Bhopal, I was only five that time.
Aliya: Oh I see.
Radhika: You always say Mamu mamu your Mamu lives at Mumbai right?
Aliya: Yes, he do live in Mumbai but it has been years since I came to Mumbai before, Mamu came to Bhopal several times. I was too young when I came to Mumbai, I don’t remember anything.
Radhika: I would love to meet your Mamu.
Ranveer: Okay, both of you stop talking now let’s go.
Radhika: Bhaia, it’s such a big city here it will be quite difficult to find an auto right?
Ranveer: Right.
Aliya: Ranveer and Radhika, you can do one thing, Ranveer look for auto at the left and Radhika look for auto at the right, while I will look after the goods.
Radhika: That will be good, what do you think Bhaia?
Ranveer: Sounds fine to me.
Radhika and Ranveer goes to find auto, while Aliya looks after the goods.

Scene 3: Hooda company
(PKHJD and DYM part)
Here Arjun brings Preet to the office.
Preet: Arjun why did you bring me to the office? Is there anything important?
Arjun: I am sorry Bhabi, I had to bring you to the office as dad wants to tell you something important?
Preet: In the office? What is it?
Arjun: That I don’t know.

Preet and Arjun goes into Bade Papa’s cabin.
Preet: Bade Papa, you called me here?
Bade Papa: Good Arjun you brought Preet here on time.
Bade Papa comes to Preet.
Bade Papa: Preet, actually our company have a big deal with Abdullah industries and I want you to do something for me.
Preet: What is that Bade Papa?
Bade Papa: Today someone from Abdullah industries will come to give the papers, discuss with him about the matter and do give him a tour in the office.
Preet: But why me, Bade Papa?
Bade Papa: Preet, I trust you and I know you can do it. Today I have a meeting, and I would have given Arjun the responsibilities, but he also have some work with foreign dealers, and you were the only one who I can trust.
Preet: But Bade Papa, it’s such a big responsibility what if I do something wrong?
Arjun: Bhabi, you have always done a lot for the family, this is nothing. Please listen to us. It’s a request.
Preet: Okay since, you all are insisting a lot, I will do what you all say.
Bade Papa smiles.

Preet and Arjun come out of the cabin. Preet seems worried.
Arjun: Don’t worry, Bhabi everything will be fine. You can do it.
Preet: I am not worried about that.
Arjun: Then?
Preet: Actually there are two girls who have come to Mumbai from Bhopal today, and I know one of them well, I was suppose to meet her and give them and brief them about their classes in this paper.
Arjun: Can I see the paper?
Preet: Sure.
Arjun sees the paper.
Arjun: Tomorrow is their last day of registration.
Preet: Yes, I wanted to meet and give them these but Bade Papa gave me such a big responsibility and now I cannot go.
Arjun: Don’t worry Bhabi, I will go.
Preet: But the foreign dealers?
Arjun: They will come at afternoon so no problem.
Preet: Thank you Arjun for helping me.
Arjun: What are you saying Bhabi? Can’t I even do this much for you?
Preet smiles.

Scene 4: Outside the station
(BI part)
Here Aliya is looking after the luaggage and her mom calls her on the phone.
Aliya: Hello Ammi.
Shabana: Hello Aliya, have you all reached Mumbai?
Aliya: Yes Ammi, we have reached Mumbai.
Shabana: Was there any problem on the way?
Aliya: Not at all Ammi.
Shabana: What are you all doing?
Aliya: Ranveer and Radhika have gone to find auto.
Shabana: Take care of them and also yourself.
Aliya: Ammi I have a question.
Shabana: What is it, Aliya?
Aliya: Mamu? When can I inform him at I am at Mumbai?
Shabana gets surprised.
Aliya: I want to inform him soon. Mamu must be worried and I also want to see him. It has been days since I didn’t see him.
Shabana: Not now, after a few days, get adjusted there and once you get adjusted you can go to his house and surprise him. Just imagine how much happy he will be.
Aliya: Ammi, that’s a good idea, but I want to meet him soon I am so excited to see him.
Shabana: Keep some patience Aliya, listen Aliya I should keep the phone now, I have to inform Mala ji that you all have reached Mumbai safely.
Shabana keeps the phone.
Aliya: (in her mind) Why doesn’t Ammi wants me to meet Mamu soon?

Just then Zain comes there and he is looking for someone.
Zain: I wonder where is she?
Zain is walking and without looking he collides with Aliya who is standing and looking after the luaggae, and Aliya is about to fall and Zain holds her. Aliya’s dupatta falls on Zain. Yeh Ishq Hain plays. They share an eyelock and they both are surprised.
Aliya: (in her mind) Zain?
Zain: (in his mind) Mamu ki Bhanji? But what is she doing here?
Zain sees someone and smiles and drops Aliya to the ground. And goes.
Aliya: Excuse me?
Aliya looks around,
Aliya: Ya Allah, who was this guy? Was it Zain?
Aliya gets thinking and she calls her Mamu on the phone.
Usman: Hello Aliya how are you?
Aliya: I am fine Mamu, I just wanted to
Usman: Aliya what happened about your application?
Aliya: Mamu, yesterday we
Aliya remembers she promised Shabana she won’t tell Usman she is here.
Usman: Yesterday?
Aliya: Yesterday, I got a call and they say it will take time, so I should have some patience.
Usman: Don’t worry Aliya, it will happen soon.
Aliya: (in her mind) I want to tell Mamu about it but I can’t. He is so worried about it, when he gets to know about it he will be so happy.
Aliya: By the way is Zain here?
Usman: No.
Aliya: (in her mind) I was right. That guy was Zain.
Usman: He have some course today, it’s a special course. He is there.
Aliya: (in her mind) Oh so that was someone else not Zain?
Usman: Why?
Aliya: No, no was just asking. Anyways is everyone fine.
Usman: Yes.
Aliya: Mamu will talk to you later bye.
Usman: Bye.
Aliya keeps the phone and gets thinking.
Aliya: (in her mind) If Zain is in his classes, who is he? He resembled to Zain so much.

On the other hand, Zain meets a girl and hugs her.
Zain: Finally, you are here Tridha.
Tridha is none other than Zain’s girlfriend (you can assume Tridha who is seen as Swaadheenta in Dehleez on star plus as Zain’s girlfriend )
Tridha: I am sorry baby I was late.
Zain: You know I came here after making excuses that I have course today.
Tridha: But what if uncle finds out about it?
Zain: No need to worry about that he will not find out, if Dad even finds it out, Rizwan bhaia will be there.
Tridha smiles.
Tridha: Now lets go.
Zain: Yes let’s go for our street food date.
Zain and Tridha smiles and they leave.
Zain: (in his mind) Was that girl Mamu ki Bhanji?
Zain looks and as he was about to see Aliya’s face, Aliya looks at other direction
Zain: (in his mind) How will she be here? Dad would have told us if she was coming. Maybe it maybe some other girl who looks like her, I am thinking too much.
Tridha looks at Zain.
Tridha: What happened Zain? What are you thinking?
Zain: Mamu ki Bhanji.
Tridha: What? Suraiya aunty’s niece?
Zain: No. yes. Oh I was thinking as she knows you right.
Tridha: Yes, she knows me.
Zain: Don’t tell her anything.
Tridha: Okay baba, now let’s go.
Zain and Tridha leaves.

Scene 5: ON THE ROAD
(DYM part)
Here Arjun is driving his car and his car stops.
Arjun: Now why is this car not moving?
Arjun tries again but fails. And he realizes that the car have its tyre punctured.
Arjun: This car had to get its tyre punctured now.
He gets out of the car and checks that there is no extra tyre.
Arjun: Oh god, what will I do now?
Arjun calls someone on the phone.
Arjun: Come on, pick up the phone.
The person doesn’t picks up the phone, and Arjun gets angry.
Arjun: I have promised Preet Bhabi that I will bring them home now this car is not working what to do? If I call her she will get tensed.
Arjun calls again and this time the person picks up the phone.
Person: Hello?
Arjun: Good, you picked up the phone, now quickly come here.
Person: But sir?
Arjun: No ifs and buts. I am near the railway station and come here right now. I won’t be there and you know the car’s number, so come here and fix it and bring a tyre. Bye.
Person: But?
Arjun keeps the phone without listening.
Arjun: Now what will I do now?
Arjun: Looks like I have to take an auto now.
Arjun goes to find an auto.

On the other hand, Radhika is trying to find an auto, but none of the auto are stopping.
Radhika: Strange. None of the auto are stopping here.
Radhika tries to call Ranveer, but the phone is unreachable.
Radhika: I hope Bhaia gets an auto soon at least.
Radhika tries again to get an auto but this time also the auto doesn’t stop.
Radhika: Strange. This Mumbai city has so many people, but very less auto. Seems that there is a lack of auto here. Mumbai city should also be known for auto drought.
Someone said correct that girl and auto are the most difficult things to find in Mumbai.
Radhika: I am so hungry now, but.
Radhika tries again and just then Ranveer calls her,
Ranveer: Hello Chotti, did you get an auto?
Radhika: No. You?
Ranveer: No I also didn’t get an auto.
Radhika: Now keep the phone.
Radhika hangs the phone and angrily, and sees an auto.
Finally she stops the auto and goes in.

Radhika: Bhaisaab let’s go to the station.
Driver: But Madam?
Radhika: Why are you looking at my face? Let’s go now quick.
Driver: Areh madam, just look beside you.
Radhika looks around and is shocked to see Arjun here.
Driver: Madam this auto is occupied.
Arjun: Excuse me, it will be great if you get out of this auto.
Radhika gets shocked, and gets thinking.
Arjun: Please get out of this auto.
Radhika: I won’t get out.
Arjun: What?
Radhika: Sir, I know you also have to go somewhere. Look at me I am so tired, I just came to Mumbai from a long journey from Bhopal.
Arjun: I know girls like you very well. You all do this for unnecessary attention.
Radhika: What?
Arjun: Now please out of here.
Radhika: I won’t be out of here for sure this auto is mine now.
Arjun: What’s your problem? Look I am speaking nicely, and I know very well how to talk with your types of people.
Radhika: Who are you to determine my standard? I was feeling bad for taking this auto accidentally, but now I don’t mind. I will be sitting here. I won’t move from here.
Arjun gets irritated.
Arjun: Hello, Madam Mumbai city is not entirely yours. You can’t do whatever you want to.
Radhika: Please Bhaisaab go to the station.
Arjun: Can you please get lost?
Radhika: You get lost.
Driver: Now where should I go station or Birla colony.
Radhika: Birla colony, you also?
Arjun: What do you mean?
Radhika: I am going there, but I have to pick my friend and brother from the station first.
Arjun: Who knows you may be lying?
Radhika: I am speaking the truth.
Arjun: Now just get out if not I may call the police.
Radhika makes a sad face and gets out of the auto and stands.
Arjun: Crazy Girl.
Radhika: (in her mind) now how should I get the auto? With very much difficulty I got one, but had a passenger who was also going to the same place, but no he is too arrogant.
Radhika gets an idea and smiles, and she pretends to faint.
Driver: Areh areh this Madam.
Arjun is surprised as he looks behind, and he rushes to her.
Arjun: Hello, are you okay?
Radhika: No, I am fine. I will manage. You go, I will find some other auto.
Arjun: It’s okay we can go together.
Arjun and Radhika leaves together.

Scene 6: OFFICE
(PKHJD part)
Here Preet is looking through the papers.
Preet: All this sounds difficult, seems more difficult and is most difficult to do. I wonder how Bade Papa and Arjun easily manages all these things.
And Preet remembers something,
Preet: Oh no, I forgot to inform Aliya about Arjun coming instead of me.
Preet calls Aliya.
Preet: Hello Aliya?
Aliya: Yes Preet Didi?
Preet: Actually I am quite busy today, so I can’t make it, but I have sent my brother-in-law Arjun in my place, he will be there soon to give the papers.
Aliya: That is fine, but we are still looking for an auto in the station.
Preet: How is this possible? I will call Arjun and tell him to come to station and bring you there.
Aliya: Thank you didi, but no need of that.
Preet: Finalized. Arjun is coming.
Preet keeps the phone.

On the other hand, Rizwan also comes to the office.
Rizwan: Hello? Kaka I am already here.
Usman: Okay.
Rizwan keeps the phone and goes to the reception.
Rizwan: Excuse me can you tell me where is Mr. Hooda?
Receptionist: He is at the cabin.
As Rizwan is about to go,
Receptionist: Sir, you are from Abdullah industries right?
Rizwan: Yes.
Receptionist: Actually Mr. Hooda is busy in meeting, but he have told Preet madam to meet you and give her the papers.
Rizwan: Okay thanks for the information, but where is Preet Ji.
Receptionist: She is near the department. She is waiting for you there.
Rizwan: Thanks for the information.
Rizwan smiles.

Rizwan is looking for Preet and looks for her and just then Zain calls Rizwan.
Rizwan: Hello Zain?
Zain: Bhaia, I was just asking that thanks for managing dad.
Rizwan: No problem, hope you are enjoying.
Zain: Yes, I am enjoying a lot.
Rizwan: Come back quickly.
Rizwan is talking with Zain on the phone, and Preet is looking through the papers.
Rizwan doesn’t see and collides with Preet and the entire paper falls. Kabira plays. Rizwan and Preet look at each other. Rizwan picks up the paper and gives it to Preet.

Rizwan: I am sorry.
Preet: No no, no problem.
Preet takes the paper.
Rizwan: Are you Preet?
Preet: Yes, I am Preet.
Rizwan: Actually, I am Rizwan from Abdullah industries.
Preet: Oh sir you, I am so sorry, actually I also came to do this office after several months.
Rizwan: No problem, I just came here to give you the papers and brief about it.
Rizwan gives Preet the papers, and as Preet was about to go,
Rizwan: Excuse me, if you don’t mind can I look around this office?
Preet: Sure, but problem is I am here after many month, so I maybe little unfamiliar with this office.
Rizwan smiles and laughs.
Rizwan: No, no its okay I understand.
Preet: Rizwan sir do bear with me.
Rizwan smiles and they tour around the office.

Later, at the cafeteria
Both Rizwan and Preet sit down
Waiter: Mam, what do you want?
Preet: One cup of coffee, you sir?
Rizwan: I am fine with anything.
Preet: Okay fine then two cups of coffee, one mine and one is for sir.
The waiter leaves
Preet: The coffee here is special.
Rizwan: Oh really.
Rizwan and Preet are having coffee. Rizwan briefs Preet about the papers, and Preet understands it well.

Later the waiter comes and serves coffee to Preet and Rizwan. While serving, he accidentally spills coffee on Rizwan’s hand as Rizwan protects the paper from being damaged,
Preet: Oh no, hot coffee got spilled on your hand.
Preet looks at the waiter.
Preet: Waiter, you should have been more careful, please bring some ice.
Rizwan: No, Preet its okay I am fine.
Preet: No, you are not. It must be burning right.
Rizwan: I am okay.
Just then the waiter comes with some ice, and Preet applies ice to Rizwan’s hand.
Rizwan closes his eyes in pain, and Preet blows his hand.
Preet: I am so sorry, Rizwan sir
Rizwan opens his eyes and lovingly looks at Preet. Kabira plays.
Preet: Now I hope its okay.
Rizwan: No no much better.
Preet: I am so sorry.
Just then Kavya calls Preet.
Kavya: Mom when will you come?
Preet: Kavya, mumma have some work, I will come at the evening.
Rizwan hears this and gets surprised.
Preet: Take care and don’t disturb Dadi.
Preet keeps the phone.
Rizwan: You have a daughter?
Preet smiles.
Preet: Yes, her name is Kavya.
Rizwan: Preet, I have some work so can you please excuse me.
Preet: Sure.
Rizwan leaves.

(MATSH part)
Here Ranveer is searching for an auto and he fails to do so.
Ranveer: I hope Chotti gets an auto, she seemed so angry on the phone.
Ranveer is looking around, as he was about to go, he looks behind.
He sees a field.
Ranveer gets into a flashback,
Ranveer was a kid, and he used to play football with Gudiya.
Ranveer: You see, I will win.
Gudiya: No, no its not possible. I will not let you win Ranveer.
Gudiya and Ranveer are playing football, and Gudiya takes the ball from Ranveer and hits the ball at the goal post.
Gudiya: Goal! Yeah I have hit the goal. See I told you I have hit the goal.
Ranveer: (in his mind) Gudiya, if you are happy then I am happy too Gudiya. I hope nobody steals your smile from your face. I can’t tolerate your tears.
Ranveer sees Gudiya dancing in happiness.
Ranveer gets out of the flashback, and there is tears on his eyes.
Ranveer goes into the field, and touches the goal post.
Ranveer: I know wherever you are Gudiya, you must be very happy?

Just then Ishani comes forward who is playing football with her friends.
Ishani: (in her mind) Focus Ishani. Focus. You must focus at the ball Ishani.
Ishani looks at the ball and starts running towards it and she is running and running and she finally hits the goal.
Ishani: Goal!
Ishani is running around the field happily, and she sees Ranveer and isn’t able to stop herself from running.
Ishani: Excuse me, please move away.
Ranveer is lost in his thinking and doesn’t listens or see Ishani.
Ishani: Excuse me, please look.
Ishani tries again and again and gestures Ranveer.

Ranveer gets out of his thinking and as he is about to go, he is shocked to see Ishani running towards him gesturing hm and before Ranveer could move from there, Ishani crashes over Ranveer, and they both collide over the mud and fall down.
Ranveer and Ishani are totally stained due to the mud, and they look at both each other. Aashiqui music plays.
Ishani: Get up.
Ranveer gets up.
Ishani: Are you deaf? Can’t you hear I was telling you to move away?
Ranveer: Look I am sorry.
Ishani: Now I am totally stained with mud because of you.
Ranveer: By the way, you should be the one apologizing not me. Who told you to run over me?
Ishani: I was screaming like move away, move away but you weren’t listening to me.
Ranveer: Who told you to run here? You should have stop yourself.
Ishani: Physics, yaar. Physics. Physics didn’t let me stop. Inertia got it?
Ranveer: Okay, I understand you are smart, and I am vey sorry.
Ishani: Fine. Its okay.

Just then all of Ishani’s friend gathers Ishani,
Friend: What happened captain?
Ishani: Now why are you all gathering here? There is no accident here. The game is over now. You all may leave.
Ishani’s friends leave.
Ishani: They all gathered as if I met with an accident or I just passed away.
Ranveer closes Ishani’s mouth with his hand. Aashiqui music plays. Ishani is stunned.
Ishani: Excuse me.
Ranveer: Do you even know how precious one’s life is?
Ishani: But?
Ranveer: How would you understand the pain of someone whose loved one went away from him forever.
Ishani is surprised.
Ishani: I understand the pain very well, no need to teach me anything.
Ranveer gets up and forwards his hand to Ishani.
Ishani: It’s okay. I can manage myself. I do not need your help.
Ishani tries to get up.

Just then Radhika calls Ranveer,
Ranveer: Hello Chotti?
Radhika: Bhaia, I got an auto.
Ranvee: That’s good, but why you sound so down.
Radhika pretends to be sick.
Ranveer: Are you okay Chotti? Don’t worry after we go, I will call doctor.
Radhika: No bhaia, its nothing serious.
Ranveer: I am coming.
Ranveer hangs the phone.
Ishani: What happened?
Ranveer: Nothing.
Ishani: Tell me.
Ranveer: Actually I came from Bhopal to Mumbai just now, me and my sister were looking for auto but in that pretext she fall sick.
Ishani: If you don’t mind, I can drop you and your sister to that place.
Ranveer: No, its okay. We got an auto.
Ishani: I am responsible for this, so please let me help. And how will you go like this?
Ranveer: Okay fine.
Ishani is about to get up, Ranveer forwards his hand again.
Ranveer: Please let me help this time.
Ishani takes his hand and gets up.

Scene 8: Railway station
(All part)
On one hand Radhika and Arjun reaches with the auto and on other hand Ishani and Ranveer reaches there with the car.
Ranveer: I am so sorry for the problem caused.
Ishani: No problem at all.
Just then Radhika and Arjun alights down the auto,
Arjun: Where is your brother and friend?
Radhika: There she is.
Radhika comes to Aliya,
Aliya: Radhika where were you, why you took so long?
Arjun: Look don’t scold her she is unwell, she was about to faint.
Aliya: Ya Allah, Radhika I told you to take care. Sometimes you are too much.
Radhika: I am sorry, Aliya.
Radhika gestures at Aliya and winks and Aliya gets surprised.
Just then Ranveer and Ishani comes,
Ranveer: Chotti, are you okay?
Radhika: Yes bhaia, I am fine.
Ishani: Listen, I can drop all of you to your place.
Arjun: I have to leave now for some work to Birla colony.
Radhika: Thanks Arjun sir.
Arjun smiles.
As Arjun was about to go,
Aliya: Wait are you the same Arjun?
Arjun: What do you mean?
Aliya: Are you Preet Didi’s brother-in-law?
Arjun: Yes, I am but how do you know.
Aliya: I am Aliya, the one from Bhopal. I came here with my friend and her brother.
Arjun: Oh finally I got to meet all of you there.
Preet calls Arjun.
Preet: Hello Arjun, I wanted to tell you to go to the train station?
Arjun: No need, I am there already and I have found them already.
Preet: Really? But how?
Arjun: Long story. Her name is Aliya and her friend’s name is Radhika right?
Preet: Yes.
Arjun: I will talk to you later. Bye Bhabi.
Preet: Bye.
Preet hangs the phone.
Rizwan: Preet, I have to leave now. If you got any queries do call me.
Preet: Okay thanks, Rizwan sir and take care of your hand.
Rizwan smiles and leaves. And while leaving he is lost in looking at Preet, he colldies with someone apologizes them and leaves. Kabira plays.
Ishani: Excuse me, Mr. Arjun is it fine if I also drop you to the place.
Arjun: Actually, my car is not working.
Arjun looks at the watch.
Arjun: Okay fine. Thanks a lot.
Ishani, Arjun, Radhika, Ranveer and Aliya leave by the car.
The episode ends.

Precap: Ishani brings Radhika, Ranveer and Aliya to Abdullah house. Aliya is shocked as she meets Usman and Zain. Usman and Zain are equally shocked. Suraiya sees this and fumes. Zain and Aliya look at each other continuously. Radhika talks to someone on phone and says good I fooled that Arrogant Arjun by pretending to faint. Arjun overhears and gets shocked. Radhika sees Arjun and gets shocked and Arjun holds Radhika’s hand tightly. They share an awkward eyelock. Ranveer shares his past with Ishani teary-eyed, and Ishani gets teary eyed and hugs Ranveer. Ranveer gets surprised and hugs her too. Here Preet brings Rizwan to Hooda Mansion, Rizwan is walking around and he collides with something. He is shocked.

Here is my episode 2 for my ff- One More Chance- Once Again. Recently my classes as a first year student began last week and it was great. I am happy that I will manage time for this fan fiction. I am happy that you all are taking out time to read my fan fiction. If you don’t like my fan fiction please do suggest me what should I do to improve my fan fiction so that I can learn. And if you like my fan fiction please do mention what you liked about my fan fiction. And next episode would be better hopefully. And please do express your opinios via your comments: How was my episode 2? And do give your honest feedbacks. Once again, thank you for reading my fan fiction and I will be happier if you comment on my fan fiction. Have a nice day 
The next episode will be published on Sunday, 1st May.
If you don’t like this fan fiction feel free to tell me and give me tips on how I should improve it. And once again thank you for taking out your precious time to read my fan ficton.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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