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Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. Actually I am planning to make some changes to all my fan fictions in terms of the days I will publish. Anyways I am here with second promo One More Chance Once Again I wanted to give you all a surprise thats why never mentioned about the promo πŸ˜› And the 5th Show I am planning to add is Qubool Hai . So new title for my fan fiction: One More Chance Once Again (BI, PKHJD, MATSH, DYM, QH). And don’t worry even then all Jodi will be given equal importance. Well Qubool Hai fans I have already written 6 episodes and published them and I will add Qubool Hai in 7th episode which will be published this Sunday. Well seperate certain scenes for individual shows and jodis and i mention them in start of episode so no need to worry (You can see how i write episodes in episode 1) here are the links:

(If you cannot read all, at least read Intro and Promo first if you want to, then the episodes)

Here are the two new characters of this fan fiction which means the character played by Qubool Hai leads.
New characters
Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) (Qubool Hai)
Asad is a rich businessman here. He is also associated with Abudullah and Hoodas. He is strict and silent. He is only concerned about his work. He loves his family a lot but he misses them as they stay away from him. Asad also have a mystery and his character is kind of mysterious. He is positive bit very strict and stone hearted, but deep inside he is kind hearted. He doesn’t believe in love at all due to his bitter past.
Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) (Qubool Hai)
She is running and NGO and taking care of orphan children. She is cute bubbly chirpy and very talkative. She loves food a lot. Only food and children can make her happy. She hates arrogant people. She is very close to Aliya and Radhika and Tridha. She resides with Tridha’s family. Even Zoya’s character have a past which Zoya doesn’t knows and is also a mystery. Zoya is afraid of accepting certain things easily of not she is very cool and calm. She is naggy and choosy, when she is very angry.

Those who have read my fan fiction already you all can just scroll down and skip other parts and just read from the promo onwards.
Well most Qubool Hai fans are new here so here is the concept and recap of this fan fiction.

Genre: One More Chance Once Again is a mystery and romance based. It unfolds how some story conveys that they do deserve a second chance.

Storyline: Revolves around four families, Abdullah, Qureshi, Hooda and Vaghela whose past also gets connected to each other somehow which unfolds once they meet each other in the present, and you can get to know more from the introduction and promo in the given links.

Recap: Abdullah family have only one son, which is Zain (BI) son of Usman and Suraiya (Both BI). well, Rizwan (PKHJD) and his adopted sister Ishani (MATSH) also resides here. Rizwan is the son of Usman’s friend who is a Pakistani. Well, later its revealed that Rizwan was a terrorist, but he changes for good due to a bitter past. And Qureshi family have only one daughter, which is Aliya (BI) who have a single mother, Shabana (BI). Aliya is very close to his uncle, Mamu which is Usman but Suraiya doesn’t likes Aliya due to her bitter past with Aliya’s family. Well Zain and aliya hated each other but now they are very good friends and Zain is in love with Aliya.
As for Rizwan, he also had a bitter past as he was the one who killed Ishan Hooda accidentally, husband of Preet (PKHJD). he finally finds Preet as he wants to seek apology from here but he doesn’t as he falls for Preet. As Preet gets to know that Rizwan loves her she gets angry and she doesn’t know that Rizwan killed Ishan. Rizwan says it was his biggest mistake to love Preet as she saw the glimpse of his first wife Ruksana in Preet. Ruksana dies due to the attack which makes Rizwan angry on India but whejpn he realized his mistake and killing I shan accidentally he lived a normal life and no one knows his truth.
Even Ishani have a dark past which only she knows and its yet to be revealed.
Arjun Hooda,(DYM) the cousin of Ishan Hooda holds hatred towards Veer who was responsible for his
sister, Gudiya’s death.This makes him an arrogant person and he is bent on finding Veer and to take revenge on him and that’s his aim. He can do anything for that. But he starts to slowly be normal as he meets Radhika(DYM) and later his spice gets killed by Radhika’s sweetness and he is in love with her.
Vaghela family have only one son and one daughter, Ranveer (MATSH) is the son and Radhika is the daughter. Well, Ranveer have a dark past and he is Veer who killed Gudiya but that was an accident long he and his father knows that. Well Arjun doesn’t knows that Ranveer is Veer as that incident was during their childhood. Kailash eloped with Ranveer to save him. Since childhood, Ranveer loved Gudiya but he still feels guilty and fears to fall again but both Ishani and Ranveer couldn’t avoid and they fall for ACH other.

Okay here is the main cast
BI = Beintehaa PKHJD= Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do MATSH= Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi
DYM = Manmarziyan QH= Qubool Hai
Rizwan Ahmed Khan (Iqbal Khan) (PKHJD)
Zain Abdullah (Harshad Arora) (BI)
Ishani Khan /Ishani (Radhika Madhan) (MATSH)
Aliya Qureshi (Preetika Rao) (BI)
Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) (QH)
Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) (QH)
Preet Hooda (Mona Singh) (PKHJD)
Arjun Hooda (Aham Sharma) (DYM)
Ranveer Vaghela (Shakti Arora) (MATSH)
Radhika Vaghela (Monica Sehgal) (DYM)

Recap for episode 7: Zain sees Aliya from behind and confesses his love. Zain says I love you. Aliya looks and Zain is stunned. Aliya scolds Zain. Preet wants to seek apology from Rizwan, but Rizwan refuses. Usman tells Suraiya he have decided something. Ranveer and Ishani are enjoying some moments and they both want to confess love to each other very soon. Arjun is very angry, Radhika says Arjun sir can tell me what happened why are you so worry? Arjun and Radhika fights and in anger Arjun says to Radhika because I love you. Radhika is stunned and taken aback. Radhika tells Ishani she wants to know the truth and Ishani confesses her truth.

Well here is the moment you all have been waiting for the PROMOS:
Promo 1(QH): A guy is shown behaving arrogantly with others and some are scared of him, later he comes and his mom asks him beta why do u behave like this, he shows his hand and its none other than Asad, and says I know what I am doing, later, he sees something and throws it on the bed and goes away saying you will never get a second chance. On the other hand, a girl is shown playing with children and feeding lovingly to then and someone calls put Zoya and she looks and she is none other than Zoya, she is happy and she collides with Asad who behaves rudely and scolds her. zoya takes something and throws that to Asad saying that you didmt give me a second chance sir, one day you will ask for a second chance and goes away.
Promo 2: (BI) Zain and Aliya were enemies, but now they are very close with each other, and they get close. Aliya hugs Zain which turns out to be his dream. Zain wakes up from his dream and smiles and feels shy. He walks around and smiles looking at Aliya and as he was about to confess his love to Aliya, Tridha comes and hugs him saying I love you. Zain is stunned and so is Aliya and she looks at this being surprised and shocked.

Promo 3: (PKHJD) Rizwan remembers about his dark past about killing Ishan, and being a terrorist. Rozwan thinks how he fall for Preet. Rizwam talks to himself what’s wrong with me? He takes out his first wife’s pic and weeps Preet comes and sees this and says in her mind Rizwan what you did maybe wrong but you also had a bitter past, you deserve a second chance, I hope you will accept my friendship . Preet keeps something on Rizwan’s table and leaves. Rizwan reads this and looks at Preet who is going away.

Promo 4: (MATSH) Ranveer is looking at Ishani from one side of the glass window and he smiles, and Ishani is looking at Ranveer from other side of the glass window and they both self talk that are we in love. And as they were about to confess love, suddenly somehow the glass window breaks as Ranveer was about to come, Ishani’s hand bleeds and suddenly like the glass pieces break Ishani disappears and Ran veer is shocked and shouts Ishani!

Promo 5. (DYM) Arjun was a very angry person but Radhika have transformed him completely and make him a sweet person. Arjun behaves well and Radhika shows his thumbs up. Radhika as usual talks a lot and Arjun in that pretext confesses his love and Radhika is stunned as Arjun hugs her and she is stunned. Radhika slaps him and as she was about to go Arjun holds his hand and gestures her not to leave him, Radhika gets teary eyed,

Well here are the promos. By the way, I am slightly disappointed due to the decline in the number of comments, so I am not sure if its due to the day I publish or is it because its boring? Well if its boring, I will try my best to make it interesting and if still cannot then I will end this fan fiction soon. By the way this fan fiction will have about 11-16 episodes. Well the way the comments are decreasing, maybe it may end earlier also I don’t know. Sorry.
I have a question
1) Should I publish my fan fiction episodes once a week or twice a week?
If once a week then no changes every Sunday, and size of the episodes will be same
If twice a week then I will split into two, like half the usual size of my episodes but will be published twice a week. And if twice a week, which two days?
Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday , Sunday
(I am busy on Wednesdays and Thursdays so these two days are not possible for me.)

Please do choose what you feel is better and on Sunday, I will inform what I have decided based on the votes you all give. And yes next episode will be published on Sunday, 22nd May.
If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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      OMG cutie ur comment made my day i know there are many silent readers and i get so happy when someone comments in my ff if not i get sad thinking my ff is not good enough and the best i can do is to extend the no. of episodes becuase this ff have to end one day and max i can write is not more thann 20 episodes but if this gets immense popularity maybe i may come with season 2 maybe

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    1. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

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    1. Hey ankita thanks for commenting and yes I m free on Sundays πŸ˜› I m free on weekends, and sometimes mon n fri, tue to thurs I m usually very busy πŸ˜› and thanks for commenting and I will pray for tanvee dii πŸ™‚

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