One More Chance- Once Again (BI, PKHJD, MATSH, DYM n QH) Episode 9


Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. And I am back with episode 9 of One More Chance- Once Again. And if you are someone who don’t read all the parts only your show parts then please everyone do read part 6 you all will know why. And yes, I hope you all like it.

So, here is episode 8.
Scene(s) for shows:

Scene 1: BI
Scene 2: PKHJD
Scene 3: QH
Scene 4: ALL
Scene 5: MATSH
Scene 6: All
Scene 7: DYM
Scene 8: BI, PKHJD and QH
Scene 9: MATSH and DYM
Scene 10: All

Scene 1: ON THE RIAD
(BI part)
The episode begins with Zain being shattered as he recalls how Usman declared about Aliya and Rizwan’s marriage.
Zain: Dad always said that I am useless, he is absolutely right I am totally useless and I don’t deserve Aliya. Only Rizwan Bhaia can keep her happy.
Zain remembers all his moments with Aliya from beginning how they hated each other and later how he fall in love with her. Bin tere from I Hate Love Stories Plays.
Just then someone calls him, and its Tridha.
Zain: Hello.
Tridha: Zain, I need to speak to you. Let’s speak about our relationship to our family soon.
Zain: Before that I need to speak to you.
Tridha: Okay fine, tomorrow.
Zain: Fine. Bye.
Tridha: Okay bye. And yes love you.
Zain in anger throws his phone and he is surprised as he sees something. He sees a tahbis and picks it up.
Zain: Tahbis?
Later, here Aliya thinks how Usman declared about hers and Rizwan’s marriage,
Aliya: Ya Allah! What kind of situation am I trapped in?
Aliya feels sleepy and she yawns and as she prepares herself to sleep she realizes that her tahbis is missing.
Aliya: Tahbis? Ya Allah where is it? I was wearing it.
Aliya tries to find it everywhere and she gets worried.
Zain: Are you looking for this?
Aliya sees this and smiles.
Aliya: Yes.
Zain: But what was it doing on the road?
Aliya: Road?
Aliya is surprised. Just then Shabana knocks the door,
Shabana: Aliya!
Aliya: Coming.
Aliya is about to go, Zain stops her.
Zain: Wait!
Aliya stops, and Zain ties the tahbis around Aliya’s arm. Aliya looks at Zain and Beintehaa Music plays. They stare at each other. Zain goes.
Aliya: What am I thinking? Why am I so lost?

Scene 2: Abdullah Residence
(PKHJD part)
Here Preet calls Rizwan.
Rizwan: Hello?
Preet: Rizwan ji, I have called you for a reason. Please don’t hang down the phone.
Rizwan: Tell me as soon as possible what do you want to say?
Preet: Accept this alliance.
Rizwan: (in his mind) How to tell you that I am in love with you, it’s almost impossible for me to accept this relation.
Preet: I know you miss Ruksana a lot, but imagine if you give one more chance, Ruksana will be happy seeing this.
Rizwan gets thinking.
Rizwan: I can only see the glimpse of Ruksana in you only, Preet.
Preet: What?
Rizwan: I mean that you would have got along with Ruksana if she was here today.
Preet: I have to say something, Ruksana was very lucky to have a husband like you.
Rizwan: No, I was lucky that I had a wife like Ruksana and someone like you Preet whom I lo
Preet is surprised.
Rizwan: With whom I can share everything I have?
Preet: I have a request. Please marry Aliya.
Rizwan: But I cant.
Preet: Do it for Ruksana at least she will be so happy to see you moving on with your life.
Kavya: Mom!
Preet: I have to keep the phone now.
Preet keeps the phone and leaves. Rizwan gets thinking.

Scene 3: In a place
(QH part only)
Next day morning,
The episode begins with Zoya waking up and she is shocked to see herself in a desolated hut.
Zoya: Where am I?
Zoya walks around and she is not understanding.
Zoya: What happened yesterday?
Zoya is walking around and she is shocked to see Asad shirtless and closes his eyes. Asad is shocked and he comes to Zoya,
Zoya: Allah miya, you are so shameless Mr. Khan.
Asad: Sssssssshhhhhhhhh
Zoya: What Sssssssshhhhhhh
Asad: I want my shirt back.
Zoya realizes she was covered with Asad’s shirt and she gets shocked.
Zoya: How am I wearing your shirt?
Asad: Because yesterday that you you did that
Zoya: What that
Asad: I feel ashamed to say.
Zoya gets shocked and she is stunned. Asad looks at her.
Asad: I was just joking.
Zoya chases Asad and they fall on the bed together. Mitwa plays.
They look at each other. Asad helps Zoya out and Zoya looks at Asad.
Asad: Now why are you staring at me like this?
Zoya: Who are you?
Asad gets shocked.
Asad: (in his mind) How did she get to know about my truth?
Zoya: The one I saw at bar, or the one who saved me from goons or this one.
Asad is relieved.
Asad: None.
Zoya is shocked.
Asad: I mean it’s a combination.
Zoya: Wow what a combination. Now I want pizza.
Asad: Where will I get pizza from?
Zoya: I want pizza.
Asad: Okay I will make arrangements.
Asad leaves, Zoya is looking around and she is surprised as she finds a bag.

Scene 4: Abdullah Residence and Hooda Residence
Here preparations for Arjun and Radhika’s engagement are going on. Everyone is helping in preparations. Aliya and Ishani are helping out also, while Aliya is doing the decorations, Ishani is making sure everything is fine. Zain is checking the list of the guests. Ranveer is also helping out and running here and there.
Zain: Make sure everything is perfect. I don’t want any flaws. Want this to be the best engagement ever.
Ranveer: Today is my sister’s engagement, and whatever I was supposed to do you are doing it. Every brother wants no problems in his sister’s marriage. I don’t know how to thank you.
Zain: Look bro, Radhika is a sister like me. So let me do it.
Ranveer and Zain help each other. Ishani and Aliya smiles seeing this.
Rizwan is talking on phone and he collides with Aliya and helps her in picking up the flowers. Zain feels bad seeing this. Just then Tridha comes.
Tridha: Hi.
Zain: Tridha , you?
Tridha: You are not happy I am here?
Zain: Yes, I am.
Aliya sees this and feels bad.
Zain: Dad is calling me, so please excuse me.
Zain leaves and Tridha gets a call.
Zoya: Tridha where are you?
Tridha: Don’t you think I should be the one asking you this question? Where are you?
Zoya: I am at home now.
Tridha: How about yesterday?
Zoya gets nervous.
Zoya: I told you na, orphanage work.
Tridha: I called the orphanage they said you never come yesterday.
Zoya gets more nervous.
Tridha: Tell me clearly where were you?
Zoya: I was, oh yesterday it was Dhoni’s match so I went Rukaiya’s house for sleepover I didn’t tell you as you won’t allow me.
Tridha: Then why did you lie?
Zoya: Allah miya what’s wrong with you? You know I can’t afford to miss Dhoni’s match.
Tridha: Okay fine, come here.
Zoya: Allah miya something is really wrong with you Tridha first tell me where?
Tridha: Okay okay madam telling you, Abdullah residence.
Zoya gets shocked.
Tridha: Come.
Zoya: Sorry Tridha I can’t come I am very tired. I didn’t sleep whole night yesterday, I was having fun with Rukaiya after Dhoni won the match.
Tridha: Okay okay fine, don’t come take rest. I will come back soon.
Zoya: Bye.
Tridha: Bye.
Zoya: (in her mind) No matter what I should never go to that Abdullah Residence. No way.
Aliya: Ishani, you should go and get ready.
Ishani: But Aliya?
Aliya: Don’t worry I will manage everything here.
Ishani: How about you?
Aliya; You get ready first, then I will get ready.
Ishani: Okay fine.
Ishani leaves.
Aliya is walking and she keeps the flower basket, and then she does the work and she is not able to find the flower basket as she forgets where she kept it.
Aliya: Ya Allah, where is the flower basket? Just now I kept it here.
Aliya is finding, and Zain sees this.
Zain: This Mamu ki Bhanji is so weird.
Zain take the flower basket, Aliya doesn’t sees and she collides with Zain and as she was about to slip Zain holds her and he throws the flower basket in that pretext accidentally, and the flowers fall on them. Yeh Ishq Hain music plays. They look at each other. Tridha sees this and gets surprised.
Aliya: Zain you na?
Aliya while cleaning herself, Usman comes to her.
Usman: Beta, have you decided about it?
Just then Preet comes and Rizwan is talking on the phone. Rizwan sees this and Preet gestures him to speak to Usman.
Rizwan: Mamu?
Usman: What is it you want to say?
Rizwan: I am ready for this alliance, but I need to see if Aliya accepts this alliance.
Aliya looks at Zain. And then at Tridha.
Aliya: I am ready Mamu. I am fine with this alliance.
Usman gets happy.
Usman: After Arjun and Radhika gets engaged I will declare the engagement of yours and Rizwan and once Arjun and Radhika get married I will make sure you both get engaged and then marriage.
Zain leaves from there. (He doesn’t hear that Aliya and Rizwan accepted the alliance) Tridha goes to him.
Aliya leaves.
Shabana: Aliya are you sure you will be happy with Rizwan?
Aliya: I am sure Ammi.
Hooda Residence
Arjun is talking to Radhika on phone.
Radhika: Arjun sir, I am feeling very nervous, what to do?
Arjun: Just close your eyes and think about all the things you like.
Radhika: But if I close my eyes I only think of one thing.
Arjun: What is that?
Radhika: Arjun!
Arjun smiles and just then Chirag comes and he keeps the phone.
Chirag: No, no you can continue.
Arjun: It’s okay yaar. Anyways I was going to keep the phone.
Chirag looks worried.
Arjun: What happpend you seem to be quite worried?
Chirag: No nothing.
Arjun: Are you sure?
Chirag nods and just then his mom calls him.
Arjun: Maa is calling me. I will catch you up later.
Arjun leaves.
Chirag: No matter what Arjun shouldn’t get to know about this. If he gets to know about this something really bad will happen. I can’t let this happen no way.
Chirag gets thinking.

Scene 5: Abdullah Residence
(MATSH part only)
Here Ishani wears a beautiful lehenga and she comes down. Ranveer sees Ishani and he gets mesmerized seeing her. Mere Humsafar from All is well plays.
Aliya: Mashallah, Ishani is looking good. But now how should I get ready?
Aliya have some roses in her hands and she passes it to Ranveer.
Aliya: Ranveer bhaia, I have to go and get ready can you keep the flowers for me? You can use to design there and if any left you can do whatever you want.
Ranveer: Okay.
Aliya leaves and Ranveer does so and he realizes some of the flowers are still left.
Ranveer: This Aloo is so weird, now what do I do with these flowers?
Ranveer goes upstairs and he finds Ishani struggling with her heavy lehenga,
Ishani: This lehenga is so irritating, I cant imagine how must Radhika is coping with it her lehenga must be much heavier. Bechari.
Ranveer comes,
Ishani: Ranveer? Good you came here. Please help me out.
Ranveer comes and helps her out. Aashiqui Music plays. Ishani looks at Ranveer lovingly as she recalls his love confession.
Ishani: I got to know everything.
Ranveer is surprised.
Ishani: Whatever you implied in your dreams is it true?
Ranveer: Ishani.
Ishani: There is no use of hiding it.
Ranveer goes and brings a rose from the basket,
Ranveer: Yes, Ishani I am in love with you. I love you Ishani.
Ranveer bends down and passes her the rose.
Ranveer: Are you ready to accept my love because my love is for you?
Ishani smiles and she takes the flower from Ranveer’s hand.
Ishani: My love is only for you, only for you Ranveer.
Ishani hugs Ranveer and they both hug each other and are very happy. (Its not anyone’s imagination this time)

Scene 6:
(All part)
Here everyone is at together, and Arjun’s family arrives. All the ritual of the ceremony takes place. Arjun and Radhika exchanges rings and they get engaged. Everyone claps for them. Arjun and Radhika look at each other and they smile.
Everyone is happy. Arjun comes to Radhika, and whispers to her.
Arjun: You are looking very beautiful today.
Radhika looks at Arjun and smiles.
Radhika: You are looking ok ok today.
Arjun smiles.
Ishani: Arjun bhaia looks like you are quite desperate to speak to Radhika.
Ranveer: Chotti is also no less.
Arjun smiles.
Arjun: Chotti? Not bad.
Radhika hits Arjun.
Radhika: Bhaia, why did you call me Chotti? Now this Arjun will disturb me.
All starts laughing. Later, Zain make an announcement.
Zain: Ladies and gentleman, I would love to make an announcement that there is going to be a couple dance and all the couples will dance and if you are single you can find any partner of yourself. But before that I would firstly invite the couple of the evening and they are Arjun-Radhika.
Arjun and Radhika dances on Jeena Jeena from Badlapur. They look at each other and they dance very well. They are lost in each other. The music stops and everyone claps for them. Just then Usman makes an announcement.
Usman: I am here to make an announcement, that is I have decided that my elder son Rizwan Ahmed Khan will be engaged with my niece Aliya soon.
Everyone congratulates them, but they are not that happy. Zain is shattered. Zain isn’t able to believe it.
Tridha: Wow Rizwan Bhaia and Aliya will make a nice pair.
Zain: No this marriage won’t happen.
Tridha is surprised. Zain goes to Usman.
Zain: Dad you ask bhaia and Mamu ki Bhanji? They didn’t say anything?
Usman: Zain no need to worry I asked them they said they are fine with it.
Zain is stunned.
Tridha: See you worry for no reason.
Radhika: I am so happy for you, look we both friends are studying together and now we will also get engaged together wow.
Radhika hugs Aliya and Aliya looks at Zain.
Preet: Mr. Rizwan I am so happy for you. Congratulations. And I know Aliya is a very good girl, she is perfect for you.
Rizwan: (in his mind) No Preet, you are the one perfect for me. I am only marrying Aliya for yours and Kaka’s sake.
Preet was about to go, and Rizwan holds Preet’s hand. Preet looks on. Kabira plays.
Rizwan: Credit goes to you.
Preet smiles and she leaves.
Usman: So now all should dance.
Preet makes Rizwan and Aliya join hands. They dance.
Zain is about to go, Tridha stops him.
Tridha: Cmon Zain let’s dance.
Tridha goes and brings Zain with her.
Ishani is standing and smiling seeing this.
Ranveer: So will you dance with me?
Ranveer offer hands to Ishani, Ishani smiles and she dances with Ranveer.
They all dance happily except for Aliya, Rizwan and Zain.
Aliya looks at Zain as Zain angrily dances with Tridha.
The music plays. And Aliya starts imagining her dancing with Zain. Raabta from Agent Vinod plays. Aliya and Zain are dancing. The music ends, and Aliya realizes its her imagination. Rizwan is looking at Preet and in that pretext, he does a step wrong which leads to Aliya to fall and Zain holds her. All are stunned especially Tridha. Aliya and Zain look at each other.
Rizwan: I am so sorry, Aliya. And thanks Zain.
Zain helps Aliya out.
Ranveer and Ishani are dancing on Sapna Jahan from Brothers. They smile looking at each other.
Mala:Ishani is such a nice girl.
Radhika: Maa, she is very nice.
Mala: (in her mind) This Ishani looks so good with my Ranveer.
Later, the dance ends.

Scene 7: Terrace
(DYM part only)
Here Radhika is walking and just then someone holds Radhika.
Radhika: Who are you?
He holds her mouth with his hand and he is none other than Arjun.
Radhika: Arjun? What if anyone sees us like this?
Arjun: I told you no one will see us. I have to bring you somewhere.
Radhika: Where?
Arjun holds Radhika’s hand and bring her to the terrace. Radhika is surprised as she finds the swing decorated with flowers.
Radhika: My engagement took place inside the house, then how is this swing decorated with flowers, these vendors spoiled so many flowers for no reason.
Arjun: I was the one who decorated this swing. Not the vendor?
Radhika: You?
Arjun: Yes me
Radhika: Arjun Hooda aka Mr. Arrogant Arjun decorated the swing, only for me?
Arjun: But why are you not so happy?
Radhika: What is there to be so happy about?
Arjun: Areh you were the one who said who wanted a swing decorated with flowers.
Radhika: When did I say that?
Arjun: You were sleeping and then in your dreams you said so: “Foolon ke saath saath jhoole mera sapna”. (Along with flowers will swing high my dreams).
Radhika starts laughing.
Radhika: Areh Arjun I was trying to make poems in my dream, who will swing with flowers.
Arjun: Finally, you have become sensible after falling in love with me.
Radhika: What are you trying to say?
Arjun: Nothing.
Radhika: I know very well what you meant.
Arjun: Sorry Radhika.
Radhika: You also became very innocent by falling in love with me.
Radhika pulls Arjun cheeks.
Radhika sits down in the swing and she enjoys.
Radhika: Actually I am enjoying this.
Arjun smiles seeing Radhika like this. Just then Arjun gets a call and he is shocked.

Scene 8: Abdullah Residence
(BI, PKHJD and QH part)
Here Zoya gets thinking as she finds a bundle of notes in Asad’s bag.
Zoya: From where did Mr.Khan get so much money from? And why did he get worried when I asked him about the money.
Zoya gets into flashback,
Asad is shocked as she finds Zoya have money in her hand and he keeps it in his bag.
Zoya: Mr. Khan where did you get so much money from?
Asad: Actually this is this is for my mom’s treatment?
Zoya: What!
Asad: Yes, it’s for my mom’s treatment. She is very sick.
Zoya: Oh okay, I hope she gets well soon.
Zoya takes out a book and gives it to Asad.
Asad: What is this?
Zoya: This is a book…. A book which makes your heart more peaceful. I am sure this will help your Ammi and if you want you can also read it.
Asad: Thank you so much.
Zoya gets out of flashback,
Zoya: But Mr. Khan seemed to be from a well-established family from when he had a shortage of money? Anyways, Mr.Khan is so lucky that his Ammi loves him a lot.
Here Zain is disappointed with Aliya accepting the alliance,
Tridha: What happened Zain, you look quite worried nowadays?
Zain: Nothing Tridha.
Tridha: Zain, I love you a lot. Thank you for making me so special.
Tridha hugs Zain, and Aliya sees this and feels bad and goes away. Preet sees Aliya feeling bad. She follows Aliya.
Zain: (in his mind) No, I can’t deceive Tridha like this. I have to tell her that I love Aliya not her.
Zain seperates himself from Tridha.
Zain: Tridha, I need to tell you something?
Tridha: Tell me,
As Zain was about to tell Tridha,
Chirag: Tridha, you and here?
Tridha: Bhaia? You?
Chirag: Yes, I came here for my friend Arjun’s engagement.
Tridha: I came here for Zain, I mean Radhika, Ishani’s friend engagement.
Chirag: Wow, strange we both brother and sister came to the same place.
Chirag and Tridha laughs.
Zain: (in his mind) They are so lucky. I wish I had a sister with whom I could share everything. But it’s not in my fate. I think I shouldn’t tell Tridha about this now.
Tridha: Let me call that Cricketaholic.
Chirag: Who? Her?
Tridha: Yes, I invited her she didn’t want to come.
Chirag: Strange,
Tridha talks to Zoya,
Zoya: So how is the party going on?
Tridha: It’s going great, even Bhaia is here as the groom is his friend. We are missing you a lot.
Zoya: I want to sleep and have pizza. I am happy with it.
Tridha: You and your pizza? Okay fine sleep. I keep the phone.
Tridha hangs the phone,
Zoya: (in her mind) And some are so unlucky that they don’t get a love from their Ammi.
Here Aliya feels bad and Preet comes to her.
Preet: Aliya? Are you really happy with this marriage?
Aliya: Yes dii, I am happy.
Preet: Are you sure?
Aliya nods.
Aliya: I have to leave now.
Aliya leaves, and she sees Rizwan.
Usman: Rizwan beta, I am so happy that you accepted this alliance.
Rizwan: How can I not accept? You are the one who is doing this for my well-being. Maybe I was never destined for love.
Usman: I know Aliya very well, she will be the perfect wife for you.
Preet: (in his mind) Have I indirectly create problems for Aliya and Rizwan ji?
Preet gets thinking.
Rizwan and Aliya are speaking,
Rizwan: Aliya, I have loved my first wife a lot, it will be difficult for me to accept you.
Aliya: Rizwan Ji, I understand I am doing this for my family’s happiness, and I understand. Don’t worry.
Rizwan: The one who told me to do so, maybe right but sorry Aliya but I can only accept you as a friend?
Aliya: No sorry infact I am sorry, how to tell you that actually
Rizwan: Actually
Aliya: (in her mind) I am even confused what I feel for Zain. But I know I am not happy with my alliance with Rizwan Ji, but this is for Mamu.
Aliya: I don’t know what to say.
Aliya and Rizwan walks in opposite directions.
Preet: Oh no, Rizwan ji is not at all happy with this alliance and Aliya too, I have created this problem now I have to solve it.
Preet leaves.

Scene 9: Ishani’s room
(MATSH and DYM part)
Here Radhika comes and hugs Ishani.
Radhika: Ishani, Ishani thank you so much.
Ishani: Why what happened?
Radhika: Thank you so much for making me realize that I love Arjun.
Ishani: You know what I should be the one thanking you?
Radhika: Why?
Ishani: If not for you I won’t have realized my feelings.
Radhika: Feelings?
Ishani: You made me feel much better that day.
Radhika: No problem.
Ishani: Thank you so much for not telling anyone that the footprints and gun belongs to Rizwan Bhaia, if not he will get arrested.
Radhika: Look Ishani, I have a brother so I understand your situation, if I was in your place. I would have done the same. Because for me my brother is everything for me no matter what he did.
Ishani: Thank you so much for understanding me.
Radhika: No problem.
Ishani: I really had no option that day I had to kill Ishan to save my brother, but it wasn’t intentional. I didn’t mean to do so.
Radhika: Don’t ever say like this Ishani. Just think it as a bad dream and forget about it.
Ishani hugs Radhika,
Ishani: If not for you, I don’t know what would have happened?
Radhika: Okay stop this emotional melodrama. Now let’s go.
Ishani and Radhika comes down.
Next day morning,
Radhika gets a call and she is shocked. She rushes and comes to temple.
Radhika: Arjun?
Arjun looks and comes to Radhika.
Arjun: Do you love me?
Radhika: Yes?
Arjun: Will you marry me?
Radhika: I am going to marry you.
Arjun: I know but today.
Radhika: Today?
Arjun: I don’t know about that but if you truly love me marry me today.
Radhika: But what’s wrong Arjun?
Arjun: I cant say but if this marriage doesn’t happens today, I will die.
Radhika: No! I am ready but I need to tell my family.
Arjun: Do you trust me?
Arjun makes Radhika feels his heartbeat. Radhika nods.
Arjun tells Radhika to wear saree which he gives. Radhika wears it. Arjun looks at Radhika and they take seven rounds.
Ranveer and Ishani comes to same temple to pray ,
Ishani: Ranveer, let’s pray together. And wish happiness for all our loved ones.
Ishani and Ranveer pray,
Ranveer: (in her mind) Never let my Ishani be sad.I have loved Gudiya but when I lost her I lost trust in love, but Ishani came and gave me hope. I just hope Gudiya’s soul rest in peace.
Ishani: (in her mind) I hope my Ranveer never falls in any problem, and make sure he gets all the happiness in his life.
They finish wishing and they look at each other smiling. Aashiqui music plays.
They were about to go, they are shocked to see Arjun and Radhika getting married.
Ranveer: Chotti?
They go.
Priest: Now apply sindoor and then marriage will be complete.
Arjun and Radhika gets up and shocked to see Ranveer-Ishani.
Arjun quickly fills Radhika’s maang. Radhika is surprised.
Priest: The marriage is completed. Now you are husband and wife.
Ranveer and Ishani are shocked.
The episode ends.

(Will Change all 5 couples’ life)

The next episode will be published on next Saturday or Sunday 11th or 12th June. And please please do read episode 10 it’s the most important episode of this fan fiction that’s why. Till then stay tuned.
And please do comment, it makes me happy when I see comments.

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    1. hey radhika happy u liked the episode dear and thanks for commenting actually i also wanted to update the episode soon but unfortunately its not possible for me to write b4 thursday as i have a lot of upcoming quizzes this week but next week onwards i m free so no problem for me then as next week my holiday starts will update the next episode on sunday and please do read that as its the most important episode of this ff

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    1. hey rosie thanks for commenting yes arjun’s action was creepy for radz and dont worry radz is there to handle the situation and is there for her arjun

  8. Hi dear I am silent reader of ur ff and I am tanvee sister hope u know her actually today she is feeling unwell so she did not comment so I am commenting dear it was so so so nice loved it I only see matsh do don’t know about other couples much but dear seriously u r fabulous BTW can I know u r in which class or what r u studying and where do u live and am I asking u a many question actually what to do I am a bit no no I am biggest chatter box once I start it’s impossible to stop me every time my comment r big hope I am not irritating you and dear I am in 12 class in medical field and can we be friends????? And can I know r u a silent girl or chatter box like me????

    1. hey tanishqa u can ask me as much as u can i m a chatter box too i always give my mom headache by talking and how is tanvee now and please do update her condition to me and actually i m from singapore and i m studying engineering 1st year and ask more n of course we cam be friends dear happy u commented thank u so much and i think we r the same age 🙂

      1. Hey then I got a girl of my type more we will be chatter box friend hehehe nice na so can I know ur age I am 16 that is sweet sixteen and dear u live in Singapore that’s my favourite place and now as we both irritate people a lot then we should do sane pinch and dear tanvee is okay now don’t worry and dear some time she makes me angry like when she needs something and I say no then she will make a fake story and tell to my mom and mom will scold me by seeing crocodile tears in my sissy eyes tanvee will laugh making me sad huh such a sister I got actually she is in 6th class and I am in 12th class so six years difference so I have all responsibility and that girl is so dominating if I don’t give tv remote to her she will shout mumma and I need to give her remote huh ok now u say about urself

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      3. I am from Rajasthan but I live in Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam as my father is in navy so he gets transfer hmmm about tanvee I can’t scold or else she will shout mumma and now she is on bed rest so I need to take care of her

      4. OH okay Rajasthan wow wanna visit that place n haha so cute and u r a very good big sister btw what shows do U like to watch? 🙂

      5. Shows hmmm actually na I never watch serial drama mostly I prefer Korean serial which is short and sweet and actually matsh I saw like I was changing channels at that time the saree scene was going like Rv was making ishani wear saree that scene was so cute and funny and romantic so from then I saw this serial actually I then opened Wikipedia and read the story and after that I went to YouTube and saw all the other episode and then finally matsh was my first and last serial and u know I also see mythological serial like mahabharat, suryaputra karn and siya ke ram so these r better than drama but my favourite mythological story is mahabharat and ya also I see kapil sharma show u know I hate the comedy show which comes on colors and I wanted to kill colors channel for ending matsh and comedy show with Kabul and huh now my hands r paining hope u enjoy reading my mahabharat hehehe reply me and say ur favourite show??? Ok na

      6. OMG Tanisqha I love Korean dramas too I so agree with u and my fav Korean actor is song Joong ki m a big fan of him and love his 49 days n innocent man series m gonna watch more during the holidays and I love Hindi dramas too (slightly more) actually I used to be a big fan of MATSH but then they made it boring by seperateing Ishveer I only used to watch MATSH for Ishveer n I loved mmz as the story was different and also fresh n BI, PKHJD r shows i watched from start to end, QH I loved the asya part till leap story I still like the show not so much only for Sahil and then after 3rd leap I dint like it but I liked Azira pair but then azad died n then I stopped watching it
        And currently my fav shows r kuch rang pyaar ke, ek duje ke vaaste. I also like to watch Thapki Pyaar ki and Tashan e Ishq for thahaan n Twinj only I watch dehleez, rajni too but not watch sometimes . Actually I watch lots of Korean, hindi n anime show that’s why I watch 3 or 4 from each language ;P

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    1. Hey astha thanks for commenting and will update the next episode on next Sunday and please do read that as it’s the most important episode of this ff 🙂

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    1. Hey Julina thanks for commenting happy u liked it 🙂 and I thought I made it confusing 😛 and will update next episode on Sunday 🙂

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    Love u

    Sunehri mehta ( sunuzurahlima besties forever ) ♡♡♡♡

    1. Hey Su thanks for commenting sis and at least u commented and hope u r fine now 🙂 and yes I saved ur airlines ff and already read it and am gonna comment on yours and all the other FFs I read offline today And wow a role in ur ff wow cool 🙂

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    1. Hey Subha thanks for commenting n happy u liked it will update the next episode on Sunday 🙂

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