One More Chance- Once Again (BI, PKHJD, MATSH, DYM n QH) Episode 8


Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. And I am back with episode 8 of One More Chance- Once Again. Here is the link for the intro, promos and episodes:

So, here is episode 8.
Scene(s) for shows:
Scene 1: All
Scene 2: BI
Scene 3: PKHJD
Scene 4: All
Scene 5: QH
Scene 6: DYM
Scene 7: MATSH
Scene 8: All

Scene 1: Abdullah Residence
(All part)
The episode begins with Radhika being stunned as she gets to know that Ishani has murdered someone.
Radhika: What are you saying Ishani?
Ishani: Truth.
Radhika: Are you even in your sense?
Ishani: I know it’s hard to believe but this is the truth.
Ishani gets into flashback,
Here Rizwan and Ishani are walking together, as Ishan brings Ishani somewhere.
Ishani: Why are you rushing? What’s wrong, Bhaia?
Rizwan: That I will answer later, but for now we have to leave here there is danger.
Ishani: What kind of danger are you talking about?
Rizwan: Look Ishani, I am telling you just leave from here.
Ishani: But?
Rizwan: It’s for your welfare. I said leave.
Ishani looks and then she runs.
Here Ishan comes and he asks Rizwan, and as Rizwan is trying to persuade Ishan, Ishan doesn’t agrees and they both fight over the gun. Ishani gets impatient so she comes back and she is stunned to see Ishan and Rizwan like this.
Ishani: (in his mind) I have to save Bhaia from this guy.
Ishani sees the gun, and she takes it and aims it on Rizwan. But Rizwan tells Ishan the truth and is stunned, and Ishani accidentally ends up shooting Ishan. Rizwan and Ishan and stunned. Ishan falls down. Ishani is shattered.
Rizwan: Ishani, you? What have you done?
Ishani gets nervous,
Ishani: I…… I
Rizwan looks around, and takes the gun from Ishani.
Rizwan: I am the one who shot him, you have not done anything. Here are my fingerprints, not yours. You are just the witness, understand.
Ishani: But Bh.. Bhaia?
Rizwan: You are the witness, and do as I say.
Rizwan sees Mannat aiming gun at Ishani, and he sees this.
Rizwan: For now we have to run away from here.
Rizwan takes Ishani’s hand and they run. And as Mannat was about to chase them, the police arrests Mannat and they try to find Rizwan but they fail.
Ishani gets back to the flashback. Radhika is shocked. Ishani breaks down.
Ishani: That was my worst day of my life. Rizwan bhaia, gave me another life again. I was the one who murdered that guy, but Rizwan bhaia took all the blame on himself. And I promise myself I will never let Rizwan bhaia get arrested.
Radhika is teary-eyed.
Ishani: But promise me, never remind this to Bhaia, he always gets shattered reminding about it.
Ishani gives Radhika a phone,
Ishani: Inform this to the police. But just make sure nothing happens to my Bhaia.
Radhika: What are you saying Ishani? You have done this to save your brother. And I promise I won’t tell this to anyone. This is in between me and you only.
Just then Aliya comes,
Aliya: What is in between you and Ishani, Radhika?
Ishani and Radhika are stunned.
Aliya: Tell me.
Ishani: Aliya, thing is?
Radhika: We were saying how hardworking our Aliya is.
Aliya: Really?
Radhika: Yes, I was sharing my plan to Ishani that I will cheat and take help from you, Aliya.
Aliya: Ya Allah, you will cheat Radhika? From when did you believe in all these?
Radhika: Chill yaar, I was just kidding.
Aliya: You are impossible. Radhika, Ishani now it’s time for dinner. Mami is calling you downstairs.
Radhika: I will collect some previous notes from Ishani, and then we are coming.
Aliya: Okay do that fast.
Aliya leaves.
Radhika: Look Ishani, don’t think about it. If you think about it you will feel bad, just consider this as an accident and forget about it.
Ishani: But Radhika?
Radhika: I won’t tell anyone. You are a very nice person and a friend. And God is watching all these so don’t worry.
Radhika is about to leave,
Ishani: Radhika, I want to tell you something.
Radhika: Sure tell me.
Ishani: Thank you so much for making me feel better.
Radhika: What is there to thank about? We are friends.
Ishani: Today you taught me something, if a person truly loves you, maybe you must also love him/her. And he/she will be always there for you, after all he/she loves you.
Radhika gets a little sad as she recalls Arjun’s love confession.
Ishani: I just want to tell you that life is very short. And if you love someone, you should not take time to let him/her know how much dear he/she is to you. Be it your parents, siblings or even your soul mate.
Ishani leaves, and Radhika gets thinking.
Radhika: (in her mind) Whatever Ishani just said is it true? Have I really fallen for Arjun sir? But.
Radhika starts thinking about Arjun and nothing else.
Ishani: (in her mind) Thank you so much Radhika for making me feel better. I will never forget what you did for me.

Here they come downstairs to have food, as Aliya, Ishani and Radhika sits down to have dinner, just then Tridha comes here.
Ishani: Tridha come and join us.
Tridha: (in his mind) Should I tell them about Zain?
Aliya: (in her mind) I think the family members have right to know about Tridha and Zain’s affair.
As Aliya was about to say, just then Tridha gets a call.
Here Zoya is waiting in the auto and she is getting impatient while looking at the watch.
Zoya: Why so much traffic? I want to watch cricket match today. And moreover today is Dhoni’s match I can’t miss it.
Zoya is waiting and just then she sees a cafe and sees TV there where cricket match is shown and Dhoni is batting.
Zoya: Team had to play bad today, now Dhoni came to batting and Zoya Farooqui missed it due to traffic jam cannot be possible.
Zoya: (in her mind) I can go to the café, and watch match there and also will get to watch Dhoni’s innings. I will make some excuse to Tridha.

Tridha: Zoya, have you reached home?
Zoya: No, Tridha yaar I have some important work.
Tridha: What work?
Zoya: It’s related to the orphanage work.
Tridha: Oh I see.
Zoya: Tridha please come home early, it would be a great favour at least one of us will be at home.
Tridha: Okay fine, I will be at home.
Tridha keeps the phone.
Zoya: (in her mind) I am sorry Tridha I had to lie to you, because this is really important. Dhoni is playing.

Zoya leaves.
Suraiya: Tridha beta, come and join us.
Tridha: No Aunty, I have some important work and I have to leave home for sure. Next time, for sure and then after all I will have food here regularly.
All are surprised, and Aliya chokes as she drinks water, and Radhika helps her out.
Ishani: Careful.
Tridha: I mean if possible. I have to leave for now.
Tridha leaves
Radhika thinks about Arjun non-stop.
Aliya: Radhika what are you thinking about?
Radhika: Nothing.
Radhika couldn’t stop.
Radhika: I am not hungry,
Radhika leaves and Ishani looks on. Radhika keeps on thinking about Arjun.

Scene 2: Zain’s room
(BI part)
Here Zain is looking at the window, and he is scolding himself.
Zain: Zain Abdullah you are the biggest fool in the world. How did you confess your love to that Tridha instead of Mamu Ki Bhanji? Really you deserve a punishment,
Zain takes ball and he angrily throws it, just then Aliya comes and as the ball was about to hit Aliya, Aliya screams and Zain saves her, and they both fall in the bed together. Yeh Ishq Hain plays. They share an eyelock.
Zain gets up.
Zain: I am so sorry Mamu ki Bhanji, I was just in a bad mood that’s why.
Zain forwards his hand, and Aliya looks at him.
Aliya: (in her mind) Zain you are so sweet, you are a genuine person. No, no Aliya what are you thinking?
Aliya gets up and she looks at Zain’s eye lovingly, and Zain looks at Aliya’s eye lovingly too.
Aliya: (in her mind) Tridha is so lucky that someone like Zain loves her.
Just then Suraiya comes and she fumes. She angrily bangs on the door and she leaves. Aliya and Zain gets out from the eyelock.
Zain: Who banged the door so loudly?
Zain: (in his mind) I won’t spare the one who banged the door.
Aliya: Must be due to the wind.
Zain: This wind had to blow now.
Alita: What?
Zain: No nothing, by the way what are you doing here?
Aliya: Why you didn’t have dinner?
Zain: Not hungry.
Aliya: Why?
Zain: This happens in love.
Aliya: True.
Zain: Mamu ki Bhanji?
Aliya: Okay fine, you can have some in the refrigerator. Well I take your leave now.
Zain smiles and Aliya leaves and Zain looks at the door.
Zain: I should have hit this door with this ball instead, just spoiled mine and Mamu Ki Bhanji’s romance.

Scene 3: Rizwan’s cabin
(PKHJD part)
Here Rizwan is drinking coffee while working and just then someone knocks on the door.
Rizwan: Who came at the office at this time?
Rizwan: You may come in.
The person who comes in is none other than Preet.
Rizwan gets happy.
Rizwan: Preet!
Rizwan recalls whatever happened in the past few days. And he gets in a serious tone.
Rizwan: What brought you here?
Preet smiles and she brings a bunch of flowers for Rizwan.
Preet: Rizwan Ji this is for you.
Rizwan: I don’t like flowers.
Preet: Okay fine. I keep the flowers here.
As Preet keeps the flowers, Rizwan sees the card and sees Kavya’s name.
Rizwan: Kavya?
Preet: Yes, Rizwan Ji actually Kavya told me to bring something for you before I meet you, so brought this flowers on behalf of Kavya for you.
Rizwan takes it.
Rizwan: Don’t be too happy I am accepting this flowers only for Kavya. And I have forgiven you.
As Preet was about to go,
Preet: You are having this coffee?
Rizwan tries to hide it.
Preet: I am happy to accepted my suggestion and you liked the coffee.
Rizwan: There was no other place open that’s why.
As Preet was about to go,
Rizwan: What do you want?
Preet: I just want you to forward your hand.
Rizwan is surprised.
Preet: I want to forward my hand for friendship. Can we at least be friends only then I will accept the fact that you have forgiven me.
Rizwan accepts Preet’s friendship. Preet smiles. Rizwan looks at Preet, Kabira plays.

Scene 4: Hooda Residence
Here Arjun is thinking about Radhika and he gets teary-eyed as he recalls Radhika’s rejection, and Kavya comes and wipes his tears.
Kavya: Chachu why are you so sad? What happened?
Arjun: Nothing beta.
Kavya: Tell me Chachu I can help you.
Arjun: Actually I told one person , I want to talk to her but she is not willing to talk to me.
Kavya: Oh so you want to be friends with her.
Arjun nods.
Kavya: Easy, just make her happy and hug her she will happily be your friend.
Arjun hugs Kavya.
Arjun: Kavya, you being a little kid realized what I am worried about, but this is more than friendship, I want only Radhika to be your Chachi.
Just then Preet calls Kavya on Arjun’s phone and Arjun passed it to Kavya and Kavya talks with Preet on the phone. Chirag also comes in just then.
Chirag: Hey Arjun.
Arjun: Chirag?
Chirag hugs Arjun.
Chirag: You look quite worried.
Arjun: No, it’s nothing like that.
Chirag: Are you sure?
Arjun: Yes.
Arjun: By the way Chirag, do you have any traces or clue about Veer.
Chirag nods no.
Chirag: Look I am trying my best.
Just then Chirag gets a call, Chirag gets a call. He is happy and also surprised at the same time.
Arjun: What happened?
Chirag: We got hold of an important clue of the murderer and that is a tahbis.
Arjun: Tahbis?
Chirag: Yes, my squad found it out years ago the tahbis but we didn’t get any special help but today we got an important information on hand.
Arjun: What is that?
Chirag: The bookie I am trying to find, my team members didn’t see his face but spotted tahbis in his arm.
Arjun stands up.
Chirag: One thing is sure that they do have a connection.
Chirag leaves, and Arjun gets thinking.
Later, a bookie(Asad) is shown.

Asad: Do increase my bet to 1 lakh rupees.
A tahbiz is shown on Asad’s arm, and he spots the team members of Chirag observing him. They hide and Asad gets a doubt, but later he continues.
Here, after Aliya finishes praying her mom calls her.
Aliya: Ammi, how are you?
Shabana: I am fine beta, I am quite worried is everything fine?
Aliya: Everything is fine.
Shabana: Do you wear the tahbiz I gave you?
Aliya: Yes ammi, I wear it.
A tahbiz is also shown on Aliya’s arm.
Shabana: Take care Aliya,
While Aliya is talking with Shabana, Usman comes,
Usman: You are speaking with your Ammi?
Shabana listens,
Shabana: What is Bhai doing? Does he knows that you are in Mumbai.
Aliya: I am leaving at this place.
Shabana is surprised.
Usman: Aliya beti, if you don’t mind can you pass me the phone.
Aliya: Sure Mamu.
Aliya passes it to Usman and he talks to Shabana. Shabana and Usman both get emotional.

Scene 5: Cafe
(QH part only)
Here Zoya comes and she is observing match carefully.
Zoya: Team is not in a good situation. Only Dhoni can help them out.
Asad: Now even Dhoni can’t help this team out.
Just then Asad calls out someone,
Asad: Increase my bet to 5 lakh rupees. I am sure today this Dhoni’s team will lose.
Asad keeps the phone and smiles.
Other people are watching match, and Dhoni is spoiling balls.
Man: I don’t think Dhoni can do anything, he is doing nothing.
Zoya: Just wait and watch Bhaisaab, you will get to see Dhoni special very soon.
Asad: Even Dhoni cannot save his team today.
Zoya: You keep quiet, and watch the match understand.
Suddenly Dhoni starts playing well, and everyone is surprised. 4 is required off 1 ball, and Dhoni hits six and wins. Zoya starts dancing.
Asad is shocked.
Asad: (in his mind) Now they won’t spare me.
After a while a gang comes and ransacks the café, and all run away. Asad is about to run away hiding, he sees Zoya standing there who is watching all these stunned.
Asad: (whispering) Hey girl, move.
A guy comes to Zoya.
Zoya: Allah Miya, what’s wrong with you all why are you ransacking this restaurant, is it your friend’s?
Guy: Shut up!
Zoya: You don’t have any manners?
The guy holds knife over Zoya’s neck, and Zoya is stunned.
Guy: Come here Khan, if not I will kill this girl.
Asad comes, and he surrenders.
Zoya: Oh so you are their friend.
Guy holds knife closer to Zoya, and Zoya screams, Asad holds Zoya’s hand and elopes.
Guy: Hey catch them.
Asad steals a bike and drives it fast.
Zoya: Can you tell me what’s happening here, what’s your name yes Mr. Khan.
Asad stays silent.
Zoya: Allah miya what’s wrong with you Mr. Khan? Why aren’t you replying to me?
Asad: It’s better to keep quiet as is about our lives.
As Asad is driving the bike it stops.
Zoya: Allah miya what’s wrong with this bike?
Asad: Allah miya says that this bike ran out of petrol.
Zoya gives Asad a weird look. Just then gang comes nearer.
Asad and Zoya run, they come near, but Asad and Zoya manages to hide, and Asad manages to protect Zoya. Mitwa plays. They look at each other.

Scene 6: On the road
(DYM part)
Here Radhika is waiting for Arjun and she is feeling cold as it’s night time. Just then someone wraps a jacket around her and he is none other than Arjun.
Radhika: Arjun sir?
Arjun: Don’t call me Arjun sir, call me Arjun.
Radhika and Arjun look at each other. Khwasiyon pe likhi music plays.
Arjun: By the way, why do you have call me here?
Radhika: Someone told me that if one truly loves someone, they should confess it as soon as possible.
Arjun: Look Radhika, I don’t know what you are expecting from, but one thing is true, you admit it or not I love you a lot, and I won’t be able to love anyone else.
Radhika: What did to say?
Arjun comes closer to Radhika and cups her face.
Arjun: I love you, Radhika.
Arjun realizes what he was doing and as he was about to go, Radhika holds Arjun’s hand.
Radhika: Today you have to listen to me.
Radhika frees Arjun’s hand and walks behind and gets happy.
Radhika: I just want to say I love you, My cute and sweet Mr.Arrogant Arjun.
Arjun gets happy and smiles.
Radhika: I may be the sweetness in our life, but you are the spice in our life, which makes our life more enjoyable.
Arjun: I have something to say.
Radhika: What is that?
Arjun: I didn’t live life for a single moment being separated from you.
(Na Jiya Zindagi Ek Pal Bhi, Tujhse Hoke Judaa Sun Zara)
The weather is windy. Radhika starts dancing around in happiness.
Radhika: Without you my heart was upset with me, as you’ve met me once again now, it’s saying this. (Bin Tere Mujhse Naraaz Tha Dil, Tu Mila Hai Toh Hai Keh Raha)
Arjun pulls Radhika closer to her. Sab tera from Baaghi continues to play in actual voice and they dance and share some cosy moments later they hug each other smiling.
Radhika: I love you Arjun si
Arjun interrupts,
Arjun: Not Arjun sir, just Arjun.
Radhika: I love you Arjun.
Arjun: I love you too Radhika.
Radhika: Promise me you will never leave me.
Arjun: I promise.

Scene 7: On the road
(MATSH part)
Here Ranveer comes to Ishani, and Ishani gets surprised who is having a walk on the roads.
Ishani: Ranveer?
Ranveer: Ishani, I need to tell you something.
Ishani: What is it?
Ranveer: I feel something for you. Maybe its love.
Ishani gets happy, and she forwards her hand as she teary eyed- and Ranveer runs to Ishani. Ishani is standing there, and a car hits Ishani. Ranveer is stunned as she falls on the ground.
Ranveer: Ishani!
Ranveer actually had a nightmare and and he shouts Ishani’s name in the sleep, and this alerts Ishani who also wakes up.
Ishani: Ranveer? Is he calling me?
Here Ishani walking and she lost in her thoughts.
Ishani: Should I also tell Ranveer about my truth?
Ishani continues thinking.
Ishani: But will you accept the love I have for you, Ranveer? (Kya woh maan payega meri aashiqui tumse hi, Ranveer)
Ishani then thinks deeper,
Ishani: I don’t think so.
Ishani goes to Ranveer’s room, and finds him sleeping. Ishani smiles and as she was about to go, she realizes that Ranveer have not yet taken his blanket.
Ishani: He must be feeling cold?
Ishani goes to Ranveer, and she covers him in his blanket, and realizes that Ranveer is muttering in his sleep.
Ranveer: No, this can’t be happen.
Ishani: Ranveer?
Ranveer holds Ishani’s hand in his sleep.
Ranveer: No Ishani you can’t leave and go like this.
Ishani: Ranveer? Okay fine I will not go.
Ranveer: Ishani, this is not fair you can’t do what Gudiya did with me?
Ishani realizes Ranveer saw a nightmare related her.
Ranveer: This is because I love you. Ishani is surprised and Hasi female version from Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays. She lovingly looks at Ranveer and she is teary-eyed, and this are her tears of joy. And in this,
Ranveer: Ishani, I want to just say my love is only for you. (Mein sirf tumhe yeh kehta chahti hoon ki Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi).
Later, Ranveer slowly opens his eyes, and he realizes that in all this time he was dreaming. And he also recalls whatever he said in his dream.
Ranveer: Did you listen to what I said?
Ishani teary-eyed nods no, and then nods yes.
Ranveer is surprised.
Ishani: Yes.
Ranveer: Actually Ishani I didn’t mean.
Ishani is still.
Ranveer: I just want to say.
Just then Usman calls Ranveer and Ishani and they go downstairs.

Scene 8: Abdullah Residence
(All part)
Everyone is present and all are surprised.
Ishani: Kaka why have you called us downstairs.
Usman: You may come in.
Shabana (Aliya’s mother), Kailash and Mala (Ranveer and Radhika’s parents) comes in.
Aliya: Ammi!
Aliya goes and hugs her mom. Everyone smiles. Suraiya fumes. Later, Ranveer comes and hugs his parents.
Mala: Where is Chotti?
Aliya: She is on her way.
Usman: I have to take an important decision.
Rizwan: What is that Kaka?
Later, Hooda family also comes in.
Usman: Good that you are also part of our happiness.
Zain: Happiness?
Usman: Yes.
Arjun and Radhika comes in, holding hands. All are shocked.
Bade Mami: Arjun?
Mala: Chotti?
Ranveer is about to go to Arjun, and Ishani stops him, and gestures him not to do anything.
Usman: They have something to say.
Arjun: Actually me and Radhika we both love each other at all.
All are stunned.
Mala: Chotti, do you even know what you are doing its barely a month you have come to Mumbai and all these?
Radhika: I was also not ready to accept it but you told me that we should always follow our heart, right Maa?
Mala is stunned.
Radhika: My heart only beats for Arjun.
Arjun: Aunty, I promise I will give all happiness to your daughter. Just believe me.
Bade Papa: What is going on here, Arjun?
Arjun: Truth. I love Radhika and she loves me too.
Arjun holds Radhika’s hand,
Arjun: Will you accept Radhika as your daughter-in-law, mom?
Arjun’s parents are surprised.
Bade Mami: I am ready to make Radhika the daughter-in-law of my house.
She hugs Radhika, Radhika gets happy. Preet comes to Mala and Kailash.
Preet: I know how you all are feeling, but just look at Radhika she is so happy. If you accept Radhika and Arjun’s relation they will be happy.
Kailash: I have decided that my daughter will marry Arjun.
Arjun is happy.
Ranveer: I have a condition.
All are shocked.
Ranveer: Keep my sister happy.
Arjun: I promise.
Arjun smiles, and Ranveer hugs him.
Everyone smiles.

Here on the other hand Tridha is trying to call Zoya.
Tridha: Why is this girl not picking up my calls and the time is so late?
Just then Chirag comes,
Chirag: What happened my little sister?
(Tridha and Chirag are siblings.)
Tridha: Zoya is not picking up my calls.
Chirag: Where is she?
Tridha: She said she is in orphanage.
Chirag: Areh buddhu, maybe she maybe there for the night.
Tridha: No, I called the orphanage they said that she never came there today.
Chirag is shocked.
Chirag: What?
Later, it’s shown that as Asad and Zoya are looking at each other, a goon is about to stab Asad, Zoya saves Asad and the knife cuts her hand deeply. Asad is shocked. Asad hits the goons and the police comes there.
Asad: Arrest them!
The police arrest the goons.
Goon: You will regret one day and get punishment for your deeds one day.
The police car leaves with the goon arrested. Asad sees Zoya.
Asad: Are you okay?
As Zoya was about to say something, due to the cut she faints and falls on Asad’s arms. Asad is stunned.
Asad: Areh, what? Wake up.

Here on the other hand, everyone is happy with Arjun and Radhika’s alliance, and they are celebrating.
Aliya comes to Usman,
Aliya: Mamu how you know all this?
Usman: Preet told me
Aliya: Preet dii?
Rizwan also looks.
Preet gets into flashback, how she saw Arjun looking at Radhika’s picture from her file in the office, and also confessing his love to Radhika. Preet is shocked. And later, Arjun and Radhika after spending some moments.
Radhika: I should leave now.
Arjun: I will drop you.
As they were about to go, they see Preet and is stunned.
Preet gets out of the flashback.
Preet: They truly love each other.
Arjun and Radhika smile looking at each other.
Ranveer and Ishani look at each other.
Ishani: (in her mind) Ranveer, whatever you said in your sleep about love was it true?
Ranveer: (in his mind) Once Chotti gets married, I will make sure you will be my wife Ishani.
Aashiqui music plays.
Preet: Now some sweets is to be served.
Preet serves sweet to all, and she serves to Rizwan. Rizwan takes it. Kabira plays and they look at each other.
Usman: I have something important to say.
Everyone looks on.
Usman: I have decided to fix my niece Aliya’s marriage with my son.
All are stunned, Zain is having mixed emotions.
Zain: How dad knows I love Mamu Ki Bhanji?
Rizwan: Zain?
Usman: I have decided to fix Aliya’s marriage with my son like elder son Rizwan.
Rizwan, Aliya, Zain and Preet are stunned. Others are surprised too
Aliya: But Mamu?
Usman: I know you may not like it. But it’s for your welfare. But take your time to think and tell me your decision soon.
Aliya: I really need time.
Usman: We will talk about it later,
Rizwan: But Kaka?
Usman: Rizwan beta, do you have problems with this?
Rizwan: But Kaka?
Usman: I know about your past, I think you should move on.
Usman tries to persuade Rizwan.
Bade Papa: It’s late now. I think we should leave.
Later, everyone leaves. Zain and Aliya look at each other.
Zain: I should leave now,
Zain is shattered and he walks on the road. He finds something .
The episode ends.

Precap: Usman asks Aliya about her decision. Aliya is silent. Zain is tensed. Later, Preet tells Rizwan he should move on with Aliya and she persuades him. Rizwan gets thinking. Arjun and Radhika’s marriage preparations are going on. Ranveer and Ishani shares some moments as Ranveer helps Ishani adjust her saree. They share eyelock and Ranveer finally in full sense confesses to Ishani and Ishani smiles. Later in anger, Arjun fills Radhika’s hairline. All are stunned, even Radhika. Asad and Zoya share some romantic moments, as Zoya sees Asad shirtless and they
both fall in the bed together, they look at each other. Zoya finds something and she is stunned.

Sorry for making you bored and I hope I didn’t make you all confused. If I did I am so sorry.

The next episode will be published on next Sunday, 5th June. I hope you will love it. And feel free to express your opinions .

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      3. Lol?? Maybe I am a Dracula?? no i am just kidding.. But I do sleep kinda of late at night so I can talk to friends.. Maybe I am half-vampire? But yeah Shakti did come to America to play against Dehli? And they ALMOST won but I was still proud because of how they put a good fight..

      4. Haha I also sleep late due to studies and also sometimes i chat n write 😛 and do u know any actor/actress who came to play BCL in san francisco i know one is shakti as I saw somewhere but othes i dont know and shakti se yaad aya do u watch shakti serial 😛

      5. And u know today i had my presentation and also got my quizz back for maths teacher said i was the best conclusion speaker and also I got A for maths thats why I am very happy today 🙂 and also no training today

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      9. I said that as that is shakti’s show and so u r a recent fan of hindi serials well I m watching hindi serials since childhood

      10. Yeah.. MATSH was my first serious hindi show.. And I loved the quote? Before, I really used to just watch whatever my mom did, but I never actually paid attention ??

      11. Haha lol when I was a kid I was very naughty and I used to have a crush on every male lead 😛 I remember one was ssharad malhotra the lead of kasam n Manish Raisanghan seen as Siddhant in Simar ka now I have no crush 😛 but I still like ther acting a lot 😛 well now more than them I like Shakti,Siddhant, Arjun , Karan , and more but yet not my crush 😛

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      15. Oh thanks reena I already sent u friend request 🙂 and yes I also have fb , Insta n whatsapp my fb id is Farin Tahrima Rahman my whatsapp is farinjoyee and for whatsapp same 😛

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