One More Chance- Once Again (BI, PKHJD, MATSH, DYM n QH) Episode 7



Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. And I am back with episode 7 of One More Chance- Once Again. And I hope you all liked the promos. These promos will cover from episode 7 to 10. And I hope you all will like it.
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So, here is episode 7. And this must be new for Qubool Hai fans. Hope you all liked it. Well scene 2 and 3 will be the introduction of the new characters and later, there will be separate scenes for your favourite shows and jodis, there will be some combination parts too.

Scene(s) for shows:
Scene 1: BI and PKHJD
Scene 2: MATSH, DYM and QH
Scene 3: All
Scene 4: BI
Scene 5: PKHJD
Scene 6: MATSH
Scene 7: DYM
Scene 8: QH
Scene 9: All

Scene 1: Abdullah Residence
(BI and PKHJD part)
The episode begins with Rizwan sitting there alone and Aliya sees this.
Aliya: (in her mind) Rizwan ji have faced so much in his life. Today my respect for him have even increased more.
Aliya comes and sits beside Rizwan.
Rizwan: Aliya, you and here?
Aliya: Rizwan Ji, I understand your pain. You really loved your first wife a lot, right?
Rizwan: Yes, I loved her a lot and
Aliya: You love Preet Ji a lot also right?
Rizwan is shocked.
Aliya: You can’t hide this from me, and I still know very well that you still love her.
Rizwan: Look Aliya, I have done a mistake to love Preet and I can never lend my place that I had for Ruksana.
Aliya: I have not said that you lend Ruksana’s place to Preet, I am saying that you can create another place for Preet in your heart.
Rizwan looks on.
Aliya: You have already done that.
Rizwan: But Aliya?
Aliya: Listen, I just want to say that everyone deserves a second chance. One More Chance.
As Aliya was about to go from there,
Rizwan: Thanks Aliya for making me feel better.
Aliya smiles and she leaves. Usman and Zain sees this from upstairs and smiles.
Zain: (in his mind) Thanks Mamu ki Bhanji for making Rizwan Bhai feel much better. I don’t know how to thank you for that.

Scene 2: Hooda Residence
(MATSH, DYM and QH part)
Here Arjun and Radhika comes to Hooda Residence.
Arjun: Mom, this is Radhika, Ishani’s friend, and Zain’s cousin’s neighbour. And Radhika smiles.
Bade Mami: Nice to meet you beti,
Radhika smiles.
Arjun: Radhika, I have called Ishani, she told me that she and Ranveer are coming home in the evening.
Radhika: Thank you Arjun sir, you don’t know but you have done a huge favour for me.
Arjun smiles. Just then someone calls and pats Arjun. Arjun sees him and smiles.
Arjun: Chirag?
(It’s none other than Arjun’s friend Chirag, who is an IAS officer and he is helping Arjun in investigating about Veer’s case.)
Chirag: Arjun?
Arjun and Chirag hug each other,
Chirag: You totally forgot about me.
Arjun: No yaar, just that I was busy in my work.
Chirag: Even I am busy, you should make a point right?
Arjun: Sorry yaar, I made a mistake.
Chirag sees Radhika,
Arjun: By the way, Chirag this is Radhika my girl my friend.
Radhika looks at Arjun surprised.
Radhika: (in her mind) From when did I become Arjun Hooda’s friend? And when did this Arrogant Arjun become sweet.
Chirag: Oh girlfriend.
Radhika gives a weird look to Arjun.
Arjun: No yaar, just friend.
Chirag: Oh I see.
Arjun: Chirag did you find any news of Veer?
Chirag: No, not yet. I have went some certain places but I never found that guy. Next place, is Bhopal.
Radhika: This is the place where I stay.
Arjun: Oh yes, Radhika used to stay in Bhopal.
Chirag: I am leaving for Bhopal soon, in a few days’ time.
Radhika: Chirag ji, if you need any help you can tell me. Veer deserves to get punished.
Chirag: Okay sure, but what was the need of the trouble?
Radhika: No problem.

On the other hand, Ranveer and Ishani comes to Hooda Residence.
Ranveer: (in his mind) This place reminds me of something.
Ishani: (in her mind) I don’t know why I feel a special attachment with this place.
Ranveer: Ishani, what are we doing here?
Ishani: Radhika is there that’s why.
Ranveer: Choti?
Ishani: Yes.
As Ishani was about to go, Ranveer is also about to step out, he gets a headache.
Ishani: Ranveer, are you okay?
Ranveer: I don’t know why I am getting headache suddenly.
Ishani: You do one thing, you rest in the car, I will come bringing Radhika soon.
Ranveer sits in the car, and Ishani goes in the Hooda Mansion.
Ranveer: (in his mind) This place looks so familiar I have been here before. But where is this place?

Here Ishani comes to Hooda Mansion and she is surprised as she looks around the things in the house. Just then Radhika sees Ishani,
Radhika: Ishani!
Badi Mami hears the name and she comes downstairs. Ishani looks at Radhika and Badi Mami.
Radhika: Here she is my friend Ishani.
Arjun: Hi Ishani.
Ishani: Hi Arjun.
Radhika introduces Badi Mami to Ishani.
Radhika: Aunty, this is my friend Ishani.
Badi Mami looks at Ishani.
Badi Mami: Nice to meet you, but I have some work I have got to go.
Badi Mami looks and Arjun looks on. Arjun introduces Ishani to Chirag.
Arjun: Chirag, this is like my younger sister Ishani, and Ishani this is my best friend Chirag.
Ishani: Hi Chirag. Nice to meet you.
Ishani forwards her hand, Chirag looks on and he handshakes with Ishani and smiles.
Ishani: Arjun Bhaia, I have to go now. Actually Ranveer is in the car and he is unwell.
Radhika: What happened to Bhaia?
Ishani: Radhika, no need to worry Ranveer is fine, he is just having a headache.
Radhika: Arjun sir, once again thank you so much for helping me. For now I will leave.
As Radhika was about to go, Arjun holds her hand. Radhika looks on.
Arjun: Be careful and please don’t talk too much.
Radhika smiles, and Radhika and Ishani leaves.

Just then Chirag gets a call,
Chirag: Hello? What?
Arjun looks at Chirag.
Chirag: Look, I want that guy at any cost. He is a big problem.
Chirag keeps the phone.
Arjun: What happened Chirag, you seem to be worried?
Chirag: Actually, a bookie is doing match fixing and I have to catch him at any cost.
Arjun: Yes, this bookie must get caught.

A guy is shown looking at Tv and watching cricket match,
Guy: My bet is on, increase it.
His team won and he smiles.
The guy’s face is revealed and he is none other than Asad, and yes Asad is a bookie here and this is his mystery.
Asad looks on angrily.
Asad: I knew this team will win.
Asad remembers how he bribed the other team’s players.
Just then someone comes knocking the door,
Asad: Looks like it’s Ayaan.
(Well, here Ayaan’s character is positive and he is an Indian Muslim and he doesn’t knows that Asad is a bookie. Asad is staying in the Ayaan’s house as his brother, and Ayaan doesn’t knows that Asad is not his brother. Only Dilshad , Ayaan’s mom knows this but she doesn’t knows that Asad is a bookie. But Asad loves them from his heart.)
Ayaan: Bhaijaan, when are you coming downstairs?
Asad: I am coming.
Asad comes and he sees Dilshad ready with food on the table.
Asad: Ammi, what is this?
Dilshad: Feast.
Asad: Feast?
Dilshad: Today is Shab-e-Barat.
Asad: Oh yes.
Asad and Ayaan sits down and have the food. Just then someone calls Asad on the phone.
Asad: I told you not to do so. And I want this deal at any cost. Is that clear?
Asad keeps the phone.
Dilshad: Asad beta, it’s okay why do you always get angry?
Ayaan: It’s not good to be so short-tempered Bhaijaan.
Asad continues having the food.
Asad gets calls non-stop.
Asad: Looks like I have to go now.
Ayaan: But Bhaijaan?
Dilshad: At least don’t go today.
Asad: Ammi, till my work is not complete, I will have no holidays.
Ayaan: work?
Asad realizes what he was about to say,
Asad: My work is to be successful.
Ayaan: How much successful will you be?
Asad: But still.
Asad leaves.
Dilshad: Sometimes this Asad is too much, what was the need for him to go for work today?

Scene 3: University
(All part)
Here, Ishani brings Radhika and Aliya to university.
Aliya: Finally classes will begin.
Radhika: Yes, finally. If I knew earlier, I could have stayed in Bhopal for one more week.
Aliya: Correct.
Ishani smiles.
Ishani: Aliya, Radhika believe me you will enjoy here, I miss my university days a lot.
Ishani looks at someone and smiles.
Ishani: Tridha?
Tridha comes and hugs Ishani.
Tridha: Ishani? Long time no see.
Ishani: Yes
Ishani introduces Tridha to Aliya and Radhika.
Ishani: Tridha this is my friends Aliya and Radhika, and this is Tridha.
Tridha: Hi.
Aliya: (in her mind) It seems that I have heard of this name before but where?
Ishani: What are you doing here?
Tridha: I have brought my roommate here, she is first year student.
Ishani: Oh really, Aliya and Radhika are also first year students.
Tridha: Wow, that’s good.
Radhika: By the way, where is she we would love to meet her.
Tridha: She was here just now. Oh no.
Ishani: What happened?
Tridha: Actually the auto driver took some extra money from us that’s why.
Tridha goes, Ishani, Aliya and Radhika follows her.

A girl is showing scolding the auto driver.
Auto driver: I am sorry I won’t do this again.
Girl: Are you sure? If not
She holds a knife near his neck
Girl: I will kill you.
Auto driver: Please forgive me.
Tridha looks around.
Tridha: There she is!
Ishani, Aliya and Radhika looks.
Tridha: Zoya!
The girl is none other than Zoya and Zoya looks.
Zoya: Tridha?
The auto driver quickly drives and escapes.
Zoya: Ran away. No. 1 cheater.
Zoya takes her shoe out and as she was about to throw it, Tridha stops her.
Tridha: Zoya, stop it1
Zoya: Allah Miya, what’s wrong with you Tridha? If you didn’t call me, I would have took class of that auto driver.
Tridha: Now you are getting late for your own class.
Zoya looks at the watch and is surprised.
Zoya: Oh yes.
Tridha: Zoya this is my friend Ishani, and her friends Aliya and Radhika, they both are also in first year.
Zoya: Nice to meet you.
Ishani: Tridha by the time, Aliya, Radhika and Zoya are busy in classes, we can go somewhere near, and when their classes will end we all will go home together. I hope that’s fine with you.
Tridha: I don’t mind I am free today.
Ishani and Tridha leaves.
Zoya: Hi I am Zoya Farooqui.
Radhika: I am Radhika Vaghela
Aliya: I am Aliya Qureshi.
Zoya: Let’s go in class.
They go to the class.

Preet, on the other hand meets Ishani and Tridha.
Preet: Oh hi Ishani.
Ishani: Hi Preet Dii. This is my friend Tridha and this is like my sister Preet Dii.
Tridha: Hi Preet Ji.
Preet: Ishani, if you don’t mind can you tell me where is Rizwan ji?
Ishani: Bhai is little unwell these days so he is at home. But today he went for work.
Preet: Oh okay, thanks.
Ishani: Why anything important?
Preet: No, actually it was work related that’s why.
Ishani: Oh I see.
Preet: I have to go now, as I have to pick my daughter up from school.
Ishani: Okay Dii, do come home.
Preet leaves.

Scene 4: Abdullah Residence
(BI part)
Here Aliya returns home from classes, and she sits down. Later, someone comes and gives her head message. Aliya smiles. Aliya looks behind and is stunned to see Zain give her a head massage.
Aliya: Zain?
Zain: Yes me.
Aliya: You and giving me a head massage?
Zain: Yes, what’s the big deal in it?
Aliya: You? But why?
Zain: Because I love
Aliya: What?
Zain: Because I know doing classes is such a big headache. Especially the boring lectures are so troublesome.
Aliya: You na?
Aliya was about to go, and Zain pulls Aliya closer to him. Yeh Ishq Hain plays.
Zain: Say thank you to me.
Aliya: But why?
Zain: I gave you head message and what else?
Aliya: You are impossible.
Aliya leaves.
Zain: (in his mind) I should confess my love to Aliya as soon as possible before things get more complicated.
Zain goes and finds Aliya’s shadow.
Zain: Oh so there she is.
Zain goes and talks.
Zain: Actually I wanted to say that I love you. And it took me time to realize this. But I really love. And this is me Zain saying it.
And she looks and its not Aliya, its Tridha. Zain is stunned.
Zain: Tri….Tridha
Tridha hugs Zain,
Tridha: You took so long to realize to love me. I love you too Zain.
Aliya sees this and she is stunned.

Scene 5: Abdullah Industries,
(PKHJD part)
Here Rizwan is checking through some files and Preet knocks on the door.
Rizwan: Come in.
Rizwan is surprised to see Preet here.
Rizwan: Preet Ji, I don’t know how many times I have to apologize to you, I am sorry.
Preet: No I have not came here to talk about it. I have came here for work.
Rizwan: What work?
Preet: I am sorry.
Rizwan: Why are you saying sorry?
Preet: It was my fault I shouldn’t have
Rizwan: It was not at all your fault, so I can’t blame you.
Just then Kavya comes in,
Kavya: Hi Uncle,
Rizwan smiles.
Rizwan: Hi beta, how are you?
Kavya: I am fine.
Kavya comes to Rizwan,
Kavya: May I play games in your laptop?
Preet: Kavya? No.
Rizwan: Sure beta play. Preet ji let her play.
Preet: But?
Rizwan: It’s okay.
Rizwan takes Kavya in her lap and they both play games in the laptop. Preet smiles seeing this.

Scene 6: Ranveer’s Room
Here Ranveer is sitting in the room, and Ishani comes to Ranveer.
Ishani: Hi Ranveer.
Ranveer: Ishani?
Ishani comes and sits besides Ranveer.
Ishani: Look what I brought for you.
Ishani shows ice-cream to Ranveer.
Ranveer: Ice-cream?
Ishani: Yes, ice- cream.
They both have ice-cream together, and Ishani’s ice cream drops.
Ishani: Oh no, my ice cream dropped.
Ranveer: It’s okay you may have my ice cream.
Ishani: No, its okay.
Ranveer: Have it.
Ishani takes it from Ranveer’s hand.
Ishani: Okay fine.
Ranveer looks surprised.
Ishani: I know you also want ice-cream, so let’s share the ice cream.
Ranveer and Ishani have the same ice-cream together and they smile looking at each other. Aashiqui music plays.
Ishani: (in her mind) This Ranveer is so sweet. How to tell him I am in love with him?
Ranveer gets a message from his phone.
Ranveer: Useless messages.
Ishani: What message?
Ranveer: About some missing girl who murdered someone.
Ishani is stunned.
Ranveer: (in his mind) I have killed a girl also someone I loved a lot. But I must tell this to Ishani, and then confess my love.
Ranveer was about to tell Ishani and he finds Ishani missing.
Ranveer: Looks like she went back to her room.

Scene 7: Outside
Here Arjun is walking angrily as he remembers about Veer. He gets a call from Chirag that he didn’t find any Veer in Bhopal.
Arjun: The day I find this Veer, I will kill him.
Arjun in anger hits his hand on the tree, Radhika sees this from upstairs and she rushes to Arjun.
Radhika: Arjun Sir, what did you just do?
Radhika takes her scarf out and she bandages his hand. Arjun looks at Radhika lovingly.
Radhika: Arjun sir, you should have control over your anger.
Arjun: I won’t spare him.
Radhika: You will not punish him, the law will punish him.
Arjun: I will still not be satisfied. That Veer have killed my sister. I won’t spare him.
Radhika: Can’t you control your anger?
Arjun: No I can’t.
Radhika: Okay fine. I am leaving.
Radhika is about to go, and as Arjun holds her hand.
Radhika: Arjun sir?
Arjun: You just can’t leave me like this.
Radhika: What are you saying I don’t understand.
Arjun: Just look into my eyes.
Arjun and Radhika share an eyelock.
Radhika: Why are you doing like this Arjun sir? My heart is beating.
Arjun: Let it be.
Arjun makes Radhika feel his heartbeat.
Radhika: Arjun sir what are you doing?
Arjun: Not Arjun sir, Arjun.
Radhika: But.
Arjun: I don’t know how this happened but I am in love with you Radhika. I love you.
Radhika is stunned.

Scene 8: Near Orphanage
(QH part)
Here Zoya is playing with some kids and she is enjoying.
Zoya: Hello?
Zoya continues playing with the kids.
Zoya: Okay fine, I am coming and I will also bring Tridha with me.
Zoya keeps the phone and a lady comes.
Zoya: Apa, I have to take your leave now.
Apa: But Zoya you just came for a while.
Zoya: Actually I had classes, don’t worry I will stay for longer time this Sunday.
Zoya is about to go,
Kid: Zoya Apa please don’t leave Stay here.
Zoya: Look I have to go, but I promise I will stay for longer time.
Zoya leaves and as she comes out of the orphanage. Zoya wipes her tears.
Zoya: This orphanage always makes me feel so much better.
Asad on the other hand is in disguise and he gave money to someone.
Guy: Don’t worry sir, your work will be done.
Asad: Make sure the work is done. I hope you know who should win the next match.
The guy is about to go,
Asad: Make sure no one sees you here.
The guy leaves, and Asad takes out his disguise and is in his normal look, he doesn’t look, and Zoya is walking, and they both collide with each other.
Zoya was about to fall but she manages herself.
Zoya: Allah miya, what’s wrong with you Mr?
Asad: Nothing is wrong with me, something is wrong with you.
Zoya: How rude! Don’t you have manners?
Asad: First speak properly with me only then I will speak well.
Zoya: Allah miya, there are some people in this world who don’t have a mind. May you bless them
Asad: Now this is too much. You don’t know who am I?
Zoya: Who are you? I would love to know.
Asad: I am Asad Ahmed Khan.
Zoya: I am Zoya Farooqui.
Asad: Now leave from here.
Zoya: Allah miya, what’s wrong with you Mr. Khan you can’t even speak properly.
Asad ignores Zoya and they both walk in opposite directions angrily.

Scene 9: Abdullah Residence
Here as Zoya is passing by, she looks at Abdullah residence and she takes a picture of it and leaves,
Zoya: I hope this picture can help me out.
Zoya leaves.
Here Usman comes to Suraiya,
Usman: I have decided something.
Suraiya: What is that?
Usman: I will make sure Aliya gets married to my son.
Suraiya stands up.
Suraiya: Usman Saab, do you know what are you saying, Aliya and Zain?
Usman: I am not talking about Zain, I am talking about Rizwan.
Suraiya: Meaning?
Usman: Aliya is my niece. I want her to get a responsible husband. So I want Aliya and Rizwan to get married and this is my decision.
Suraiya smiles and takes a sigh of relief.

Ishani’s room,
Here Radhika is wiping her tears and comes to the room and she remembers about how Arjun confessed his love to her. Ishani is walking tensed and she collides with her.
Radhika: Ishani?
Ishani is sad.
Radhika: What happened?
Ishani: Nothing.
Radhika: Don’t lie. I know you are hiding something.
Just then the Tv is on, and it shows the news of the a girl who murdered someone and Ishani gets angry and she switches off the Tv and breaks the remote,
Ishani: Stop it!
Ishani closes her ears, and she was about to break the TV
Radhika: What’s wrong Ishani?
Ishani realizes what she was doing and she cools down.
Ishani: Nothing, I don’t know whats wrong with me?
Radhika: Relax, Ishani.
Ishani is about to go, Radhika remembers and thinks that someone does so when she does so.
Radhika: Ishani are you hiding something?
Ishani is stunned.
Ishani: No, I am not.
Radhika: You cant lie to me. Swear on me.
Ishani have no other option and tells the truth.
Ishani: I have murdered someone!
Radhika is stunned.
The episode ends.

Precap: Ishani narrates Radhika and tells her everything about her past which makes Radhika super stunned. Usman declares the marriage of Aliya and Rizwan, which makes Zain, Aliya, Rizwan and Preet stunned. Zain is depressed and he walks on the streets. Ranveer decides to tell his entire truth to Radhika and he goes to her.
Radhika and Arjun meet each other, they look at each other. Arjun gets a call from Chirag that he found a very big clue. Arjun is surprised as Chirag says that the bookie and murderer have a connection. Zoya and Asad fight. Zoya is escaping from a place, and Asad saves her and Zoya looks at Asad. Mitwa plays.

You all may be shocked with most of the parts of today’s episode. Actually this episode have a part to play in mystery and also the story of all the couples in the upcoming episodes. Next episode, more is to happen, and some are shocking. Well, this fan fiction is more of suspense based that’s why I added more mystery and some romance also, but don’t worry there will be romance upcoming along with suspense and mystery. And also some big twists are upcoming, which will change all 5 couples’ life.

And I will publish episodes once a week. The next episode will be published on 29th May Sunday, or 30th May Monday, as 29TH is IPL final 😛 Moreover, I have quizzes and tests next week so I may publish late. And some may love or some may hate next episode but please do read it because in the end of the day hopefully you will like it and don’t worry, I will not disappoint all of you. I will try my best.

And please feel free to express your opinions, and do drop you valuable comments. Thank you and have a nice day l;;o

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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        OMG Dan and Phil :O wow so good I met a Singaporean YouTube in Singapore once and my friend was told by him to punch him n he did so 😛 he was also shown in the YouTube video actually the Singaporean you tuber he Tried to prank us when I was with my classmates for picnic and one of them saw camera so he got caught but some one of my friend pretend to punch him and that is also shown in his YouTube video 😛

      3. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

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      hey aastha thanks for commenting happy u liked it 🙂 and get well soon take care of yourself

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    1. Hey Rosie thanks for commenting to clear confusion veer is Ranveer and yes Arjun thinks Ranveer killed his sister but that was in childhood and Arjun never saw ranveer’s face when he grew up and It was an accident well Arjun doesn’t knows that rads is veer’s sister and rads doesn’t know about ranveer’s past

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