One More Chance- Once Again (BI, PKHJD, MATSH, DYM) Episode 1


Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. I am glad with the response I got for my One More Chance- Once Again Fan Fiction. I will be happier if I get more response though: P I hope I can meet up with everyone’s expectations and here is Episode 1. I hope you enjoy it.
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The first episode will be more of the introduction of the characters. Hope you all enjoy the episode 1.
Best would be if you read entire ff. But if you think you may not want to read the other shows part as you don’t recognize them you can read the parts which involve your desired show(s).
Here are which scenes are for which shows.
Scene 1: BI
Scene 2: BI and PKHJD
Scene 3: PKHJD and DYM
Scene 4: MATSH and DYM
Scene 5: BI, PKHJD and MATSH
Scene 6: BI and PKHJD
Scene 7: MATSH and DYM

SCENE 1: Qureshi Residence
(BI part)
The episode begins with a lady waking up her daughter from sleep. The lady is none other than Shabana.
Shabana: Aliya, wake up it’s late.
Aliya: Ammi, let me sleep more.
Shabana: Won’t you do namaz?
Aliya: Areh Ammi, I have already offered namaz. Now let me sleep.
Shabana: Okay fine, you can sleep as much as you want.
Shabana leaves. Aliya who is half awake is about to sleep and when she looks at the calendar she quickly jumps out of the bed.
Aliya: I almost forgot today is Friday.
Aliya quickly gets ready and freshens up. She looks at the mirror and adorns herself and smiles. Aliya’s face is shown and she smiles.

Aliya goes to the kitchen.
Shabana: You have wake up quite early today.
Aliya: No Ammi, I was not sleepy that’s why.
Shabana: I have seen how much sleepy you were.
Aliya: Ammi, its nothing like that.
Shabana ignores Aliya and she continues cooking.
Aliya: Ammi, you are cooking Biryani right? I am already very hungry.
Aliya is about to take some Biryani.
Shabana: Let it be cooked completely, you want to have it uncooked is it?
Aliya: Okay fine I am sorry.

Later, while Aliya is having lunch with her mother,
Shabana: Oh, did Preet call you?
Aliya: No Ammi, I didn’t get any call from Preet didi.
Shabana: Okay, when she calls I will pass you the phone. Now have your lunch.
While Aliya is about to eat, she looks at the clock striking 12pm.
Aliya: Its 12 now.
Aliya goes.
Shabana: Aliya, at least go after having lunch.
Aliya: No problem, I will have lunch later.
Shabana: This girl is always too much.

Aliya switches on her computer and she starts the video chatting.
Aliya: Assalamwailaikum, Mamu.
Aliya’s Mamu, Usman Abdullah is shown doing video chatting with his niece, Aliya.
Usman: Walekum Salam, Aliya how are you?
Aliya: I am fine Mamu.
Usman: How is your Ami?
Aliya: Ammi is also fine.
Usman: So tell me how were your weekdays?
Aliya: It was really good. There was no college as exams ended, and I just enjoyed with Radhika.
Usman: Good, and when will you come to Mumbai?
Aliya: Once I get to know the date I will inform you.
Usman: Okay beta.
Aliya: How is mami?

Usman gets tensed.
Aliya: Why are you silent Mamu?
Usman: She is fine but very busy.
Aliya: Looks like even this week Mami won’t be able to speak with me.
Usman: Beta, if you need anything do tell me.
Aliya: Okay, Mamu.
Just then someone comes to Usman
Usman: Rizwan beta, you are here?
Rizwan: Yes, kaka I am here to show you some documents.
Aliya: Mamu you seem to be busy I will speak to you later.
Usman: Okay Aliya beta, bye.
Aliya: Bye.
Aliya switches off the computer and goes to have lunch.
Shabana: I am sorry, Aliya I couldn’t tell you the truth. I will reveal the truth to you at the right time.
Shabana looks on.

Scene 2: Abdullah family
(BI and PKHJD part)
Here Usman is looking at the documents and talking to his friend’s son Rizwan Rizwan’s face is shown.
Usman: Looks like the business of this company is not good.
Rizwan: Kaka it may look that the business of the company is not going good due to the limited profits, but if you see carefully, the turnover of this business is very good, but it just needs help.

Usman: I have not even thought of it, Rizwan beta I am happy that you are having such noble thoughts. We can also help the business too. Keep it up.
Just then Suraiya comes.
Suraiya: But make sure that doesn’t create a loss in our business.
Rizwan and Usman looks.
Rizwan: Kaki don’t worry about that turnover of the business is good, and if we can help the business it will also help our business too. I will make sure that won’t lead to a loss in our business.
Usman: I trust you.
Suraiya: I trust you too, I am just warning you.
Suraiya leaves.
Usman: Don’t worry, Rizwan you know how your Kaki is.
Rizwan: What are you saying, Kaka I understand. And I will never forget what Kaki did for me and my sister.
Usman pats Rizwan’s shoulder.
Usman: You are also my son, did you forget that?

Rizwan smiles. Just then a football was about to break the window of Usman’s room, Usman gets shocked seeing this and Rizwan catches it. Just then a guy comes.
Guy: What a catch, Bhaia.
The guy is none other than Zain.
Rizwan: Zain
Usman: Zain, how many times will I tell you not to play football inside the house?
Zain: Sorry dad, I just wanted to have fun,
Usman: Zain, I know you have just finished your studies but doesn’t mean that you will enjoy. Either do a job or help us in the family business. Is that clear?
Zain: Dad, what is this. My studies just ended and you are saying like this. I need some time to relax. I am too young to take business stress.

Rizwan: Yes, just ended. Zain it has been almost a year since your studies ended.
Zain looks on.
Usman: Zain beta, I know that you want some time, but don’t you think, you should also do something beta?
Rizwan: Kaka if he doesn’t want to do anything why are you forcing him?
Usman: Rizwan tell me something worthy he is doing.
Zain: Now if I say something, you will also call that worthless.
Usman: Okay fine tell me.
Zain shows his muscles.
Zain: See dad, I have built some muscles. If someone comes and harms my family I can fight with them.
Rizwan tries to laughs and smiles.

Usman: You call that worthy
Zain: See dad, I knew it you will never praise me. I can protect anyone, especially Ishani, right Rizwan bhaia.
Rizwan replies sarcastically.
Rizwan: Yes, I won’t need to worry at all.
Zain: At least someone here understands me.

Rizwan: Zain take the ball.
Rizwan throws the ball and Zain catches it. And as Zain was about to go,
Usman: Zain, today stay back and at least help in managing the accounts.
Zain gets annoyed and closes his eyes.

Zain looks. Usman looks at him.
Rizwan: Let it be dad, let him go today.
Usman: Rizwan?
Zain: Thank you Rizwan bhaia you are the best.

Zain leaves.
Usman: Zain listen, I am not done yet.
Rizwan: Let him go.
Usman: But why?
Rizwan: I was the one who told him to play football as it is a charity match. I couldn’t deny him.
Usman: Rizwan beta, you really think about this family a lot. Thank you very much for being part of our lives.
Usman leaves.
Rizwan smile changes to a sad expression.

Rizwan goes to his room. He opens his wardrobe and sees some pictures of his and with Usman.
Rizwan (in his mind): Kaka, I am sorry I had to hide this secret. You always trust me. But this one secret will break your trust that you have for me. But if I tell you the truth along with me Abdullah family will also be in trouble. That’s why I had to hide it.
Rizwan changes the picture to another one which is not revealed.
Rizwan: I am sorry I had to kill you, Ishan.
Rizwan have tears on his eyes.

Rizwan: Ishan Hooda, I have been trying to find your family for 3-4 years, but I have not succeeded yet. I want to apologize to your wife. Please forgive me, but I had to do this to save other’s life.
Usman: Rizwan, let’s go to the mosque for the prayers.
Rizwan goes to the mosque to offer namaz along with Usman. After he finishes his prayer, he makes a dua.
Rizwan: (praying) Allah, please help me find Ishan Hooda’s wife and family. I need to apologize to them and tell them the truth.

Scene 3: Hooda family
Here Hooda family is shown. The Hooda family is shown having lunch.
Bade Papa: What’s the matter, Preet called us here for lunch today, why? Is there anything special?
Badi Mami: Ask Preet.

Just then a guy comes,
Bade Papa: Arjun, you also?
Arjun’s face is shown and Arjun smiles and comes.
Arjun: It’s Bhabi’s food and also Bhabi cooked so that’s why couldn’t resist.
Badi Mami: It’s good that you came Arjun, if not you are always busy in work.
Arjun: Mom, now you are making me feel bad.
Bade Papa: Now where is the one who planned all this?
Badi Mami sees this and smiles.
Bade Mami: Finally you are here, Preet.

Everyone looks and Preet is shown along with Kavya.
Preet: Sorry for being late.
Preet keeps all the food and Kavya puts the cake.
Arjun: Wow cake, for what is there anyone’s birthday?
Badi Mami: You are so busy in work that you forgot my birthday?
Arjun: I am sorry Mom, Happy Birthday.
Bade Papa: Oh I remembered, but I forgot to wish, Happy Birthday.
Badi Mami: Stop making excuses
Bade Papa: No really, I remembered.
Preet and Bade Mami starts laughing.
Bade Papa: What happened why are you both laughing?

Preet: Bade Mami was kidding today was nobody’s birthday.
Bade Papa gets tensed.
Arjun: This is not fair, Bhabi what kind of jokes is this? You know I don’t like these kind of jokes.
Preet: I am sorry, Arjun. I was thinking we didn’t have lunch these days that’s why I planned this.
Bade Papa: No Preet, you did the right thing.
Kavya: Arjun Chachu, can I sit and have lunch with you?
Arjun: Sure beta.
Arjun feeds Kavya lunch. After everyone is done having lunch, Preet goes to the kitchen. Bade Mami follows her.

While Preet is working in the kitchen, Bade Mami comes to Preet.
Badi Mami: Preet, thank you very much.
Preet: For what, Bade Mami?
Badi Mami: For once again, bringing this family together.
Preet: Bade Mami, I am like your daughter, so it was my duty. Don’t you consider me your daughter?
Badi Mami: No beta, is not like that, God gave me one daughter, but he snatched that away from me, but sent me you instead of her.
Preet: Bade Mami.
Badi Mami wipes her tears.
Badi Mami: Preet beta, may I ask you something?

Preet: Sure Bade Mami, tell me.
Badi Mami: Don’t deny.
Preet: First you tell me.
Badi Mami: Preet, actually I am saying all this after thinking about you and Kavya do remarriage.
Preet is shocked.
Preet: Badi Mami?
Badi Mami: I know that you have not forgot Ishan yet, okay fine I admit you may not need a husband, but Kavya what’s her fault she needs a dad.
Preet: Bade Mami, you all have given a lot of love to Kavya that she doesn’t need the love of a dad.
Badi Mami: But she is a kid, don’t you think you should think about her also?
Preet: I am sorry Badi Mami, but I won’t talk about this matter. And I can’t give Ishan’s place to anyone else.

Preet leaves and Badi Mami looks and is surprised. It is Arjun who is surprised after listening to the entire conversation.
Badi Mami: Arjun, actually the thing is
Arjun: How many times will I have to say not to discuss all these things to Bhabi?
Badi Mami: But Arjun beta, don’t you think Preet should get remarried?
Arjun: Mom, if Bhabi doesn’t want to get remarried then why are you forcing her? There are ladies who live their life without getting married.

Badi Mami: Arjun, I understand, but how about Kavya?
Arjun: I am there for Kavya. I am her uncle. I treat her like my own daughter.
Badi Mami: Arjun beta, I know you love Kavya a lot, but what will happen once you will get married?
Arjun: How many times do I have to say I am not at all interested in getting married?
Badi Mami: But Beta
Arjun: You know what, that’s why I never come close with you all. I don’t like all these, I shouldn’t have come to join all of you for lunch.
Arjun angrily leaves from there. And Bade Papa sees this.

Arjun sits in his room angrily and Bade Papa comes to him.
Arjun: Dad, you?
Bade Papa: Arjun, I understand that you are angry with your mom.
Arjun: Dad, I know I was too mean, but what else should I do?
Bade Papa: Your mom is not wrong,.

Arjun: Dad you also?
Bade Papa: You know what happened to our family since your younger sister’s death and also Ishan’s death.
Arjun: Dad?
Bade Papa: Your mom was in shock when your younger sister passed away, and only Preet could bring her out of the shock. That’s why she is worried about Preet. I hope you understand.
Bade Papa leaves.
Arjun: Dad, I know very well what happened in our family. Once I find the boy responsible for my younger sister’s death I will not spare him at all. And also I won’t spare the guy responsible for Ishan bhaia’s death.
Arjun looks on angrily.

Scene 4: Vaghela residence
(MATSH and DYM part)
Here a guy is looking at a picture of a girl and a boy. His eyes are shown.
Guy: (in his mind) It have been years since that incident, I can never forget the friendship we shared but you were my first and only love since my childhood, please forgive me Guriya I am your culprit, but I didn’t do all this and only you know. I just hope wherever you are, you are happy there.
The guy is none other than Ranveer. Ranveer’s dad comes and sits besides Ranveer.
Kailash: Ranveer, beta it has been years since that incident forget about it beta, there is no point.
Ranveer looks at his dad teary eyed.
Ranveer: But she was my best friend, and I will never forget her. I am her culprit.
Kailash: Don’t say like this beta, it was just an accident. Only thing we can do is just to pray for Guriya.
Ranveer: (in his mind) How do I tell you dad that Guriya was not only my friend but also my first and only love.
Kailash: If you sit like this sad, your mom and sister may have a doubt.
Ranveer: You go, I am coming.
Kailash leaves.

Ranveer comes and now he is different and is smiling. But he is still sad from inside.
Ranveer: Mom, where is Choti?
Just then a girl comes and uses her hands and covers Ranveer’s eyes. Ranveer smiles this time for real.
Ranveer: Choti, it’s you right?
The girl leaves her hand and smiles and it is none other than Radhika.
Radhika: Yes Bhaia, you are correct it’s me.
Ranveer: I knew it.
Radhika smiles. Just then Mala brings some Samosas.
Radhika: Samo
Ranveer: Sa
Radhika and Ranveer rushes and runs to Mala and takes the Samosas and eats them.
They both start eating them and they eat as much as they can.
Mala: Eat slowly both of you.
Just then both finishes Samosas, as they both were about to take the Samosas, they realized there is only one more samosa.
Radhika: Last samosa is mine.
Ranveer: No its mine.
Radhika: Mine.
They both start fighting.
Mala: Don’t fight.
Kailash: I will decide who will have the last samosa.
Kailash is about to take it.
Radhika: No dad, you won’t take it,
Ranveer: Because you will eat it, Choti is right
Radhika: Exactly.
Kailash: Okay fine, I will not touch them but I will decide who will have it?
Mala: Yes, that will be better.
Kailash: The person who will have the last samosa, is my ladli Choti Radhika
Radhika smiles and takes the samosa.
Radhika: Thank you papa.
Ranveer: This is not fair dad, Choti was the first one who told you to not touch the samosa, still you are taking her side.

Kailash: And what you did, you just took her side that time and now, what happened?
Radhika: Yes, say Bhaia why are you silent now?
Ranveer: Okay you have the samosa now happy?
Radhika smiles and she divides the samosa into half and feeds Ranveer and smiles. Ranveer also smile.
Ranveer: You are fine with it?
Radhika: How could I have the samosa without you?
Ranveer hugs Radhika and Kailash and Mala smiles.
Radhika: But you always forget about me?
Ranveer: Who said?
Radhika: I know, I wonder what will happen when you will get married?
Ranveer smile changes to a sad expression.
Ranveer: (in his mind) how I tell you and share my grief to you Choti? You have no idea about Guriya’s incident.

Scene 5: Abdullah residence
(BI, PKHJD and MATSH part)
Here Usman and Rizwan returns back home and Zain is sitting down and playing with his football by bouncing it.
Rizwan: What happened Zain, you look down?
Zain: And what else? I lost the match.
Rizwan: It’s okay Zain, win and loss do happen.
Usman: That’s why I say either do a job or join the family business.
Zain: Dad, you started again.
Rizwan gestures Usman to not say like this.
Rizwan: Okay Zain, one thing I didn’t understand? You do win or lose matches, but you don’t care, but this time, what happened?
Zain: Actually, Rizwan Bhai the thing is
Rizwan: Even if it’s a charity match, even if you lose the charity that you are playing for will be unaffected as the money is already donated by playing and whichever teams wins be it your team or not, it will still benefit the charity which is what matters the most.
Zain: It’s not like that, Rizwan Bhaia actually the team I lost with was a women team.
Usman and Rizwan tries to laugh.
Zain: This is not funny.
Rizwan: But which was the team which defeated you?
Zain looks.
Zain: There she is.

Usman and Rizwan looks and it’s none other than Ishani who is dressed in football jersey. Ishani smiles.
Ishani: Shocking, right?
Rizwan: Ishani, you?
Zain nods his head.
Zain: The team which defeated my team was none other than Isha
ni’s team.
Ishani smiles.
Usman: Congratulations beta, for playing well.
Ishani: Kaka, you know I had so much in playing football today. Me and my friends hit a lot of goals, and about Zain’s team just don’t ask.
Ishani starts laughing.
Rizwan: Ishani..
Rizwan gestures Ishani not to laugh and Ishani stops laughing but she tries to laugh.
Usman: Zain learn something from Ishani, she is good in studies and also good in sports.
Ishani smiles and Zain angrily goes from there.
Rizwan: Zain.
Rizwan looks at Ishani.
Rizwan: Ishani, you na
Rizwan goes from there.
Ishani: What’s my fault if I won the match?
Usman: No beta, no one is saying anything to you, but celebrations is a must.
Ishani: Correct Kaka
As Ishani was about to go
Ishani: But Kaka , Zain’s team lost.
Usman: So what happened?
Ishani: But it’s not fair.
Usman: Zain also celebrates whenever he wins even if it’s against your team, so what will happen if you celebrate?
Ishani: But Kaka
Usman: Okay fine, I am just ordering you favourite chocolate cake.
Ishani: Chocolate cake!
Usman: Yes
Ishani: Kaka, you are the best. Actually I have two superheros, my lovely Kaka and footballer Kaka. I love both my Kakas.
Ishani hugs Usman.
Usman: Okay, now quickly go and fresh up.
Ishani goes and Usman smiles.

Here Zain is busy playing his X-box, and Rizwan joins him.
Zain: Rizwan Bhai, you?
Rizwan: You lost today’s match purposely right?
Zain: No Bhai, it’s nothing like that.
Rizwan: No don’t lie, I know very well.
Zain: Bhai thing is
Rizwan: I am very happy that you did all this for Ishani’s happiness but I am disappointed that you lost the match purposely. Some team spirit should be there.
Zain: Bhai, I have won many matches against Ishani, and today’s match I have decided to spare her.
Rizwan: Hey don’t say like this, my sister is a great football player.
Zain: But I must admit one thing, it’s true that Ishani played really well today.

Zain and Rizwan smiles. Just then they look, as Ishani comes and gets surprised.
Ishani: Why are you both looking at me like this?
Rizwan: Cake for what?
Ishani puts the cake infront of Zain and Rizwan.
Ishani: For celebrating my win.
Zain: I don’t want it.
Ishani: At least be part of it, and you are also equally a winner.
Zain looks at Ishani.
Ishani: You think what, I won’t understand that you lost this match purposely for my happiness?
Zain looks on.
Ishani hugs Zain.
Ishani: Thank you so much Zain bhaia, I will never forget what you did for me?
Zain smiles. Just then Usman and Suraiya comes
Usman: Now I am here, let’s cut the cake.
Ishani cuts the cake, and others claps. Zain pretends to clap but he is happy.
Ishani feeds the first piece to Zain. Zain gets surprised.
Ishani: Have it.
Zain eats it and Ishani whispers to him.
Ishani: Once again thank you.
Rizwan: How about me?
Ishani also feeds cake to Rizwan and they three share a hug. Usman and Suraiya smiles.

Scene 6: Qureshi residence
(BI and PKHJD part)
Here at night, Aliya is arranging her study table, just then Preet calls her.
Aliya: Preet Didi.
Aliya picks up the phone and talks to her.
Aliya: Preet Didi, how are you and how is Kavya?
Preet: I am fine and Kavya is also fine. How about you and Shabana Ji?
Aliya: I am fine and Ammi is also fine.
Preet: Listen Aliya I called you just to inform that you and your friend Radhika have applied for higher studies in Mumbai, that application is accepted.
Aliya smiles.
Aliya: Thank you very much Didi. I will inform the good news to Radhika and also my Mamu right now.
Preet: But Aliya, there is a problem?
Aliya: What is it?
Preet: Actually, the thing is that you must be there by Sunday morning, which means day after tomorrow. And if you miss this date, you must wait for another year as Monday is the deadline.
Aliya: No problem, I will ask Radhika about it.
Preet: Do inform me.
Aliya: Okay bye,
Preet: Bye.
Aliya keeps the phone.

Aliya is happy and she starts jumping on the bed in happiness.
Shabana: What happened, my daughter seems to be quite happy.
Aliya: Yes, because mine and Radhika’s application for studies in Mumbai have been accepted.
Shabana gets surprised but she pretends to be happy.
Shabana: Oh that’s good.
Aliya is jumping and she slows down.
Shabana: What happened?
Aliya: Actually Ammi, we have to leave by tomorrow as Monday is the deadline.
Shabana gets even more surprised.
Aliya: Are you fine with that?
Shabana: I am fine with that, but you should talk to Radhika’s family first, they also have to know.
Aliya takes the phone and calls Radhika.

Scene 7: Vaghela residence
(MATSH and DYM part)
Here Radhika speaks on the phone and she smiles.
Radhika: Really, thank you so much for this good news.
Radhika keeps the phone and Mala is feeding her and Ranveer.
Mala: What happened Choti, you seem to be very happy?
Ranveer: Yes Choti, what happened?
Radhika: Maa, Bhai the application for mine and Aliya’s studies in Mumbai is accepted.
Mala gets happy and Ranveer gets surprised.
Ranveer: Mumbai?
Radhika: Yes, Mumbai.
Just then Kailash comes,
Kailash: But beta, you never told us.
Radhika: Actually the thing is, I wanted to give you all surprise.
Mala: Even I didn’t know.
Radhika: Why dad, Bhai you two are not happy?
Kailash: No beta, I am happy but Mumbai?
Radhika: Oho, don’t worry Dad, Aliya is there for me.
Mala: But still beta.
Radhika: There is a problem, we must leave tomorrow as Monday is the deadline and if we don’t reach there by Sunday, one year will be wasted.
Mala: Tomorrow?
Radhika: Yes tomorrow?
Kailash: Beta, I am not even sure if I can allow you to go to Mumbai, and that too tomorrow.
Radhika: Dad please say yes.
Kailash: Okay fine, you can go.
Ranveer gets surprised.
Kailash: But I have a condition?
Radhika: What condition?
Kailash: You must bring your brother Ranveer along.
Ranveer gets even more surprised.
Ranveer: Me?
Radhika: Yes dad, don’t worry I will manage alone and Aliya is there also, and moreover Bhaia have a job here.
Kailash: I will be satisfied only if Ranveer is there and Mumbai is a big city.
Radhika: Then who will take care of you both?
Mala: Don’t worry about us, Shabana apa is there don’t worry.
Radhika gets thinking.
Kailash: I hope no one have problem with my decision.
Ranveer: As your wish, dad.
Ranveer leaves.

Ranveer is in his room. And he is very tensed. Kailash pats him on the shoulder.
Ranveer: Dad, you know what you just did right?
Kailash: I did everything after thinking a lot, I did this thinking about you and Radhika. Radhika was so happy I couldn’t deny her and she never demanded anything from me.
Ranveer: I have no problem with Choti’s studies, but Mumbai?
Kailash: I know you have dark past related with this Mumbai city, and I don’t want Radhika to know about this and only you can stop this from happening and also protect her.
Ranveer: Now I understand dad, don’t worry I will take good care of Choti. I am ready to go to Mumbai for Choti.
Kailash smiles and Ranveer gets thinking.

Scene 8: Qureshi residence
It’s next day morning,
(BI, MATSH and DYM part)
Shabana: Aliya, quickly bring the luggage, you are getting late.
Aliya brings the luggage and as they were about to go,
Aliya: Oh no, Ammi I forgot something important.
Shabana: What is it Aliya?
Aliya: We forgot to inform Mamu he was quite worried.
Shabana gets surprised. Aliya was about to call Shabana.
Shabana: Don’t call him.
Aliya: But why?
Shabana: It’s early in the morning and he must be sleeping, call him later, I will recommend you to give him a surprise.

Aliya: That’s actually a good idea. Why have I not thought about it earlier?
Shabana: I tell you what, you call me first and then when I say it’s right time, call your Mamu that time.
Aliya: Okay fine, but do it fast, I want to meet Mamu soon.
Shabana: Okay.
As Aliya goes,
Shabana: (in her mind) I am sorry Aliya, but it will be difficult for you to meet your Mamu as your Mami.

Just then Vaghela family comes.
Shabana: You all are here?
Mala: Yes, Shabana apa.
Radhika and Ranveer brings their luggage.
Shabana: Is there anyone else besides Radhika who is also going to Mumbai?
Mala: Yes, Ranveer is accompanying Choti, while Radhika and Aliya will go to university, Ranveer will do a new job there.
Shabana: That’s better, at least I won’t be worried now as Ranveer is also there.
Ranveer smiles.
Shabana: Beta, take care of Aliya too.
Ranveer: What are you saying Aunty, I have never discriminated between Aloo and Choti, Aloo is also like my sister.
Aliya: Ranveer dada, stop calling me that.
Ranveer: Okay, Aloo.
Aliya gets angry and goes. Ranveer smiles.
Shabana smiles.
Kailash: Now we are getting late, go in the car quickly.
As Radhika, Ranveer and Aliya were about to go, Mala hugs Radhika and Ranveer, and Aliya hugs Shabana and they spent some emotional moments.
Aliya: Take care Ammi.
Shabana: You too.

Mala: Don’t fight both of you and always feed each other.
Radhika: Maa you are making me emotional.
Radhika cries and hugs Mala.
Ranveer: Maa, take care of yourself and dad.
Mala: Beta, you are elder do take care of Choti and Aliya too.
Ranveer: Okay, maa.
Mala: Aliya beta, if this two fight do call me.
Aliya: Sure Mala aunty.
Aliya, Ranveer and Radhika go in the car and leaves.

Precap: Aliya, Ranveer and Radhika reach Mumbai. Aliya is walking and Zain is talking on the phone and they both collide with each other, and Aliya’s dupatta fall on both, they both look at each other. Yeh Ishq Hain plays. Ranveer is walking around the football field, and Ishani who is practising football, runs and collide with Ranveer and they both fall in the mud together. Radhika and Arjun land up in the same taxi, and they both fight with each other in the taxi and telling each other to get out. Rizwan is talking on the phone, Preet comes to his office with a file in her hand, and Preet accidentally drops some papers and Rizwan picks up the papes for Preet while talking on the phone. Kabira plays.

How will Zain react when he gets to know Aliya is in Mumbai? Will Ranveer and Ishani’s one chance encounter turn into love despite the past? How will Arjun and Radhika story shape up? Will Rizwan get to know that Preet is the same lady he have been looking for in years?

Here is my episode 1 for my ff- One More Chance- Once Again. Honestly speaking, one of the major reasons why I write fan fiction is to improve my language and writing skills. So please do bear with me. If you don’t like my fan fiction please do suggest me what should I do to improve my fan fiction so that I can learn. And if you like my fan fiction please do mention what you liked about my fan fiction. And don’t worry there will be romantic scenes in the next episode hopefully. Suspense will be revealed soon. And please do express your opinios via your comments: How was my episode 1? And do give your honest feedbacks. Once again, thank you for reading my fan fiction and I will be happier if you comment on my fan fiction. Have a nice day (
The next episode will be published on Sunday, 24th April.

If you don’t like the first episode feel free to tell me and give me tips on how I should improve it. And once again thank you for taking out your precious time to read my fan ficton.
If you want, you can read my other fan fiction The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story.
Episode 1 will be there as pingback.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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