One cannot stay away from LOVE for LOONG…….(Ishqbaaz FF) – Part 6

Recap :- Anika’s outburst on Shivay; Shivay’s apology…..

Amidst the conversation, Anika received a call so she went out to talk when the Singhania sisters came in.
Koko :- hi! phups.
Shivay :- hey! U guys here any problem?
Amu :- no we just came to talk to Buji.

Meera :- but I guess there’s some problem with u.
Shivay :- what ?
Meera :- u remember what I said few minutes back abt ur “feelings”?
Shivay :- I’m not getting anything u r saying.
Meera :- oh yes u do. (just then OmRu too comes there) & if it doesn’t then why does she affects u so much? Why her anger bothers u so much? Why?

Shivay :- Meera I don’t know what u r trying to say. But yes I do care for her cuz she helped me & my family everytime. She is the one who saved me from the attacks planned by enemies.
Meera :- fine then. I get it that u treat her as ur friend ryt?
Shivay :- yeah…no.. I mean yes she’s my friend. ?
Meera :- OK. Amu & Koko pack up Buji’s stuff she’s coming with us for forever.
Shivay :- what….?
Amu :- but Meera, Buji….

Meera :- don’t worry abt her, I’ll talk to her…..
Shivay :- she’ll not go anywhere leaving this house or me. ?
Meera :- she’ll.

Shivay :- who gave u ryt to take decisions abt her ?
Meera :- & who r u to stop me?
Shivay :- I’m her husband & I’ve every ryt on her & it’s my decision that she’ll not go anywhere leaving me,
Meera :- fine but answer my one and only question that why u don’t wanna Buji to go from here? Is it bcoz she’s ur wife & Oberoi’s elder daughter in law or r u in love with her? Think & answer phups cuz it’ll not take me no time to ask Papa & Veer to take Buji from here. (Shivay was in deep thoughts)

Om :- C’mon Shivay answer her. Do u really love Bhabhi or not cuz if not there is no point in keeping this forced marriage.
Rudra :- yes Bhaiya it’s high time now that u realize ur feelings. Pls Bhaiya say it, say that u r in love with Bhabhi.
Meera :- C’mon phups for once listen to ur heart, trust me heart never lies. ? OK do one thing just close ur eyes & see whose face comes in front of u when u think abt love, just do it trust me u’ll get ur answer.

Shivay closes his eyes & yes Meera was ryt, the face is of Anika. Shivay smiles, all the moments of them from their first encounter till date flashes in front of him & a tear escapes from his eyes. He opens his eyes & saw 5 faces full of faith, in no time he hugged his both brothers happily, excitedly. OmRu were surprised to see their brother this much happy.
Shivay (release OmRu from the hug) :- yes I’m in love. I’m in love Om I’m in love ????. I’m in love with Anika, I’m truly, deeply, insanely in love with Anika. I can’t imagine my life without her.

Rudra :- finally the love bug has shown it’s effect on my angry young man….
Om :- u r ryt Rudra though that love bug has stung Shivay a long back but is now showing its effect. [to Meera] thnk u Meera for making Shivay realise his feelings for Bhabhi.
Rudra :- yes Meera O is ryt. We were trying to make realize Bhaiya his true feelings for Bhabhi for such a long time & u did it in few minutes. U truly deserves a compliment for this. But pls ha don’t ever try to take Bhabhi away from us pls…
Meera :- thnk u but that depends on ur brother whether he’ll keep our Buji happy or not cuz for all of us Buji’s happiness matters the most.

Shivay :- Meera I promise that I’ll keep ur Buji happy for forever & will never allow any sadness or evil to surround her. It’s a promise & Shivay Singh Oberoi always keeps up his promises.

On the other hand, Anika was talking to someone on the phone when she saw Gauri a.k.a. Chulbul in her real avatar. Then she confronts Gauri & came to know her story & she decided to talk to Omkara first as she wants to know his part of story. She was going to Om’s room when she saw Veer & Meera standing in front of each other, the awkwardness b/w them is clearly seen. She then decided to solve this matter first & then talk to Omkara. Amu & Koko came & took Meera from there while Anika went to Veer to talk to him.
Anika :- u still love her don’t u?

Veer :- no Buji it’s not like that. Whatever there was b/w us is over.
Anika :- really but I don’t think so. Veer I know why u broke up with her but what is it that u r so cold to her huh?
Veer :- yes I broke up with her for her betterment. U know na Buji what’s her condition, if she would’ve stayed with me then she would’ve never cared abt herself. Buji I can stay away from her but I can’t lose her. But she, after our break up didn’t take much time to go to that Danny. U know that how much I hate that guy.
Anika :- so u r saying that Meera & Danny r together?
Veer :- yes.
Anika :- as a couple?
Veer :- yes.

Anika :- r u sure? (he looks at her with a questioning look) don’t look at me like that. I just asked u a simple question that r u sure what u told me cuz as far as I know Meera never loved Danny in fact she always saw him as her frnd. I agree that Danny loves Meera but Meera always made it clear to him that she considered him as her frnd which he accepted.
Veer :- if it’s like that why is he always around her?

Anika :- u know Veer what ur problem is that u always see those things what u think. Have u ever tried to know the actual matter? No. U know with what sickness Meera is suffering, & in this phase u should’ve been there by her side instead of Danny along with her family. She needed u but u backed out, u know why cuz u r selfish.
Veer :- I’m not selfish. What u think that going away from her made me happy? No it didn’t but I had to for her own good.
Anika :- Veer I know u still love her & she too loves u but what u did is unforgivable. U left her when she needed the most & still she needs u. Now it’s up to u son what u wanna do, do u want her back or not.

Veer :- I love her Buji & I promise this time no matter what I’ll never leave her nor will let her go away from me.
Anika :- now u r talking like my old Veer. ?

Precap :- Anika & Om talk; Shivay in a fix of how to confess his feelings to Anika; Veer to reconcile with Meera.

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