One cannot stay away from LOVE for LOONG…….(Ishqbaaz FF) – Part 5

Recap :- Anika upset with Shivay; Singhania Sisters in Oberoi Mansion.

Amu & Koko just ran to Anika & hugged her tight. Anika too was so happy to meet them. She then saw Meera standing with tears welled up in her eyes ready to flow out any moment. Anika releases Amu & Koko from the hug & moves forward & opens her arms & called Meera. Not able to control anymore, Meera just ran & hugged Anika.
Meera :- I missed u a lot Buji.
Anika :- I missed u too bachcha. (Amu & Koko too joined the hug) OK now enough u girls r strangling me (they release from the hug)
Pinky :- Mrs. Singhania r these 3 ur daughters?
Aarti :- yes. Meera, Amaya & Kaira.
Aashutosh :- we both r just their parents for name sake, these 3 Anu’s daughter – by heart, brain & nature.
Amaya :- ohho Papa now don’t get jealous OK.
Kaira :- yes Papa. Though we love u both but we love Buji more.
Aarti :- it’s OK Aashutosh even we love their Buji more than them ryt (gave a high five to each other)
Meera :- haww… not fare.
Aarti :- it’s true. Anu is our first child so its obvious that we love her the most.
Anika :- achcha now enough don’t trouble them. Girls don’t listen to them OK, they both love us 4 equally.
Kaira :- Buji where’s he?
Anika :- “the kanji aankhon wala bagad billa” ur husband. (OmRu, Sahil cup their mouth while Shivay’s eyes were wide open & the rest were also shocked)
Aarti :- Koko ?
Kaira :- what, u only said na that Buji calls him by this name & many others.
Anika :- Koko ? behave. Well he’s there (points at Shivay)
Kaira (moves towards him) :- hi! [forwards her hands for a handshake) I’m Kaira, u can call me Koko & sorry for calling u kanji aankhon wala bagad billa. I understand only Buji can call u by that name.
Shivay :- hi! ? Koko [shake hands] it’s OK & yeah u r ryt [luks at Anika] only ur Buji can call me by that name.
Amaya :- hi! ? [forwards her hand] I’m Amaya, u can call me Amu
Shivay (shake hands with her) :- hi! Amu ?
Amaya :- hmmm… Buji not a bad choice.
Meera :- Amu, Koko if u both r done can I also meet him? (to Shivay) hi! I’m Meera. ?
Shivay ? :- hi! Meera.
Meera :- when Maa told me abt how u both got married trust me I was really angry at u but now I’m not.
Shivay :- why? ?
Meera (whispers) :- cuz I know that u r in love but u r still unknown with ur feelings.
Shivay :- what? ?

Just then Veer & Sam came wishing everyone good morning. As Veer & Meera came in front of each other, the situation became awkward which got noticed by everyone present there. Sam to lighten the atmosphere created spoke
Sam (excitedly) :- hi! Amu ?
Amu :- hi! Sam ? how r u?
Sam :- good. [to Koko] hey! Partner ? how r u?
Koko :- I’m good. [to Veer] hi! Veer. How r u?
Veer (coming out of the trance) :- oh hi! Koko {side hugs her} how r u?
Koko :- I’m good. U missed me?
Veer :- off course I missed u sweetheart after all u r my partner in crime ?{gave high five to each other}
Anika :- achcha OK now enough of this reunion, breakfast is ready come all let’s go.

Everybody was seated at the dining table. Anika & Saumya were serving. Dadi asked both of them to sit & have breakfast but only one seat was empty & Saumya sat on it, only Anika was left.
Saumya :- I’m sorry Anika Di. Do one thing u sit I’ll eat afterwards.
Anika :- no Somu u sit, & it’s also not good to get up from a served meal OK so sit & have ur breakfast.
Shivay :- Anika come sit with me ?
Anika :- where?
Shivay :- with me, on my seat ?
Anika :- no Shivay, I’ll eat afterwards u sit comfortably & eat OK ?
Shivay :- u come sit we’ll adjust
Dadi :- Anika puttar if Billu is insisting so much then sit with him & u both eat from the same plate, it’s a saying na ‘jhoota khane se pyar badhta hai’.

Anika obliged to Dadi. Anika sits with Shivay on the same chair. While Anika was eating Shivay touched Anika’s waist from behind which gave her a shock. She looked at Shivay angrily while he just smiled at her. He does the same 3 4 times & everytime she gave him a angry glare which was no use for him as he’s Shivay Singh Oberoi & he do what he wants to do (after all she’s his wife not any random girl). As the breakfast was over, Anika stormed off to her room & Shivay went behind her.

Shivika’s Room –
Shivay :- Anika….
Anika :- Shivay what do u think what u were doing on the breakfast table??
Shivay :- what I did? U r my wife & I’ve the ryt to touch u, ain’t I?
Anika :- Shivay it’s not a joke OK ?
Shivay :- I know it’s not & I know what I did there was not at all ryt but what could I’ve done u were not talking to me since yesterday. Anika I know I hurted u a lot but pls talk to me. Do anything u want – u want to throw water at me do it, if u wanna break the mirrors of this Oberoi Mansion break all of them but plz don’t stop talking to me, I can’t tolerate this silence of urs. I know u r angry on me & ur anger is justified…
Anika :- Shivay I’m not angry at u, I’m upset with u. There’s a big difference b/w being angry & upset. I’m upset not with fact that u went to the orphanage to know my past, I’m upset with the fact that u don’t trust me. Shivay trust is the base of every relationship, without it no relationship can survive for long. Everytime when I realize that I can trust u I can rely on u, u do something that breaks my heart my trust on u. U say that u can’t see tears in my eyes but u urself becomes the reason for my tears ?
Shivay :- I’m sorry Anika ? {Anika looks at him surprised cuz this time he’s genuinely sorry} I promise this will never be repeated, I promise I’ll never hurt u nor allow anyone else to hurt u I promise.

They both hug each other. Their conversation was heard by the Singhania Sisters & with the view it was clearly visible that Shivay is truly & insanely in love with their Buji but is yet to realize.

Precap :- Anika’s advise to Omkara, Veer & Meera; Anika’s birthday preparation.

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