One cannot stay away from LOVE for LOONG…….(Ishqbaaz FF) – Part 4

Recap :- Veer & Samar angry at Shivay; Anika pacify them; both to stay with Anika in Oberoi Mansion.

Shivika’s Room –
Shivay was pacing around the room wandering abt the day’s events just then Anika enters the room with a jug of water & placed it on the side table of the bed for Shivay. Shivay finally gathered some courage & spoke
Shivay :- Anika I wanna talk to u.
Anika :- Shivay I’m in no mood to talk to u ryt now & if u wanna talk abt today then I’m not at all interested so pls….. (she was going out)
Shivay :- now where r u going?
Anika (irritated) :- hell, wanna come?
Shivay :- what?
Anika :- to see if Veer or Sam needs something. (& she went out while Shivay followed her)

First she went to Sahil’s room & saw him sleeping, she covered him with the sheet & started to clear the things around the little kid spread. Shivay too came to her aid. Both of them cleaned Sahil’s room & then she went to Samar’s room. He was sleeping covering the whole bed this made Anika smile at her nephew’s childless. She quietly unpacks his stuff & arranged everything according to him while Shivay just kept staring her, the way she’s arranging the room for Samar. After this she covered Samar with the sheet & kissed his forehead & said goodnight to him while Samar just smiled as he knew it was his Buji. Nxt she went to Veer’s room & Shivay followed her but before reaching Veer’s room she turned & spoke
Anika (highly irritated) :- why r u following me?
Shivay :- my house, my wish ?
Anika :- now don’t give me that luk ?
Shivay :- what look? ?
Anika :- Shivay u can’t with me to Veer’s room.
Shivay :- why?
Anika :- cuz he’ll not like it.

Shivay :- Anika I know he doesn’t like me but at least I can take care of him as he’s now living in my home & he’s ur family so he & Samar r now part of my family too, hence it’s my responsibility to take care of my family.
Anika :- who said that don’t take care of ur family but leave Veer & Samar to me. U don’t have to worry abt them.
Shivay :- they r a part of my family too Anika.
Anika :- Shivay I don’t wanna be rude to u, but have u ever considered me as ur family cuz if u had u would have not been hell bent on digging up my “so called past”, I myself would’ve told u at the ryt time. U didn’t have trust on me, Shivay trust is a basic ingredient for nurturing a relationship which u lack on me.
Shivay :- it’s not like that Anika..
Anika ✋:- Shivay pls I don’t wanna debate cuz once it started it’ll never end. & one more thing, Veer & Sam both r very sensitive especially Veer so don’t let them know abt ur “search mission” otherwise the situation will get worse, take it as a warning.

& she just went to Veer’s room only to find him awake arranging his stuff in his new room. Anika found him sad though he’s smiling but his pain is clearly visible to his Buji. Shivay was standing near the window of the room & saw how he covered the walls with the pictures of Rathore & Singhania family.
Anika (knocks the door) :- can I come in? ?
Veer ? :- since when did u need to ask it Buji?
Anika :- what r u still doing awake Mr.?
Veer :- Nothing just don’t feel like sleeping that’s it.
Anika :- is there any problem?
Veer :- no it’s just it’s a new house, new people nothing else.
Anika :- Veer come here sit with me. (he obliged & came to her but instead of sitting he laid his head on her lap)
Veer :- u know Buji I missed this, this moment. I’ve been waiting for it for the last 5 yrs that when I’ll get a chance to sleep on ur lap. ?
Anika ?:- achcha now OK tell me what happened to u?
Veer :- there’s nothing to tell Buji.
Anika :- don’t lie Veer, I know everything.
Veer :- it’s over Buji. What’s happened has happened, what’s done is done nothing can be changed.
Anika :- it can be changed if u want it to be changed.
Veer :- I don’t wanna talk abt it now Buji. Buji today I wanna hear that lori which Maa used to sing for us. Pls Buji…

Anika :- OK fine ?(she starts singing)
?ankhiyo k kono par kajal si ratiya
k champa chameli si batiya ????
ankhiyo k kono par kajal si ratiya
k champa chameli si batiya
nindiya ki dori mein ab k bijaye hai
chanda pe sapno ko pathiya
la la la-la la la la la la hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm…. ??????
yeh zindagi kuch bhi puchegi tumse
sun lena uske sawalo ko
par yaad rakhna hai koi nahi jo
k de paya saare jawabo ko
badri ho chahe kitni ghaneri
kinare pe chandi ki hogi lakire…..

ankhiyo k kono par kajal si ratiya
k champa chameli si batiya
nindiya ki dori mein ab k bijaye hai
chanda pe sapno ko pathiya
la la la-la la la la la la hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm…. la la la la-la ????

Veer slept in Anika’s lap, she carefully placed his head on the pillow from her lap, covered him with the sheet & kissed his forehead & said
Anika :- goodnight Baba, everything’s gonna be fine… ?
Shivay who was standing at the window saw her, he had happy tears in his eyes which were now fully loaded with infinite love for his wife. They both then went to their room & slept. In the morning as it was Sunday everyone was at home. They were sitting in the living room chit chatting while Anika bought juice for everyone.
Dadi :- Anika puttar where r Veer & Samar?
Anika :- they woke up a little late so they’ll just come.
Tej :- & where r Mr. & Mrs. Singhania?
Aashutosh (from behind) :- we r here Mr. Oberoi. (everybody turned to see them both standing at the entrance)
Anika :- Dadu where u 2 have gone early morning.
Aarti :- to bring ur surprise ?
Anika ? :- surprise?
Aashutosh :- not surprise but surprises ?
Anika ? :- really, what surprises?
Aarti :- see urself ?

They both spread & all could see 3 girls standing there with happy tears welled up in their eyes seeing Anika, they were the Singhania Sisters i.e. Meera, Amaya a.k.a. Amu & Kaira a.k.a. Koko.

Precap :- Singhania Sisters meet Anika, Shivay tries to get close to Anika & much more…..

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