One cannot stay away from LOVE for LOONG…….(Ishqbaaz FF) – Part 3

Recap :- Shivay reveals the marriage truth to Singhanias; 2 boys hear the heated conversation & Anika is shocked + scared to see them ?

Anika :- Veer, Sam ?? (everybody looks at the door, where the 2 boys r standing. Except the Oberois, the 3 were scared abt what’ll happen now as they both had heard it all)
Dadi :- Anika puttar who r they?
Anika ?? :- Dadi they r my nephews, Veer & Samar a.k.a Sam
Om :- Nephews?
Anika :- yeah.
Veer :- Buji what we heard few minutes back is true??
Anika :- uh… Veer, actually what happened is uh….. ?
Veer :- don’t try to avoid it Buji, just say yes or no ??
Anika ? :- yes but I can explain it (but by then Veer straight went to Shivay & hold his collar in full anger)
Veer ???? :- how dare u to hurt my Buji. How blo*dy dare u. (& raises his hand to beat him but Anika holds his hand & jerks it away & made Shivay’s collar release from Veer’s grip)
Anika ? (comes in front of Shivay, Shivay just looked her with love filled eyes) :- how dare u raise ur hand on my husband? R these ur manners, is this my Choti Maa & Chote Papa taught u, to raise hands on ur elders.
Veer ? :- how dare he marry u & that too forcefully. I’ll not leave him (saying so he moves forward to hit him but Anika pushes him & he falls) enough (she literally shouts which makes others surprise)
Sam (making Veer stand up) :- Buji u pushed Bhai & that too for this man who gave u so much pain.
Anika :- yes I did cuz it’s our personal matter.
Veer ? (shouts) :- after us knowing the truth, this is not ur personal matter anymore
Anika ? (she also yells at him) :- lower ur voice Veer, don’t forget to whom u r talking to. & I’ve not given u or Sam permission to interfere in my matter.
Sam :- if it’s so then what r we doing here, we shuld go back ryt. For the past 5 yrs we all r living without u, do u even know how we all lived without u. & u on the other hand, just left a letter stating that u r going to get the revenge & don’t know when u’ll return.
Anika :- Sam, bachcha it’s not like that trust me. I too missed u all. But, Veer u don’t have neither any ryt to raise ur hands on him nor even talk to him in higher pitch.
Veer :- why, cuz u r saying so?
Anika :- yes cuz he’s my husband & with that relation he’s ur’s & Sam’s phupaji plus he’s elder to u both in age & relation. So either of u will repeat this thing again, understand.
Sam :- fine
Veer :- OK but…
Anika :- but what?
Veer (luks at Sam with a wicked grin ?) :- but he has to bear the punishment for hurting u.
Shivay :- what punishment?
Sam :- look phups (Shivay luks at him confused) phuphaji sounds so old fashioned so ‘phups’. OK now listen see we lived without Buji for 5 yrs & now we don’t wanna go away from her or live without her so…..
Shivay :- so, so what?
Veer :- so we r taking her with us for forever.
Shivay :- NO……. This can’t happen, how can u take her she’s my wife, Oberois elder daughter in law.
Veer ? :- well in that case only one thing can be done.
Shivay :- I’ll do just name it.
Sam :- u’ve to bear us both for ur whole life.
Om :- what do you mean ?
Sam :- I mean that me & Bhai will live here, in ur Oberoi Mansion. ?
Veer :- I hope u all don’t mind.
Shivay :- uh….ok.
Dadi :- yes. As u both r Anika’s family so that makes u 2 our family too.
Sam :- thnk u Dadi. ?
Veer :- thnk u Mr. Oberoi. (Anika luks at him) Buji pls, I still didn’t have forgiven him the day I’ll forgive him I’ll start calling him “phups” OK
Shivay :- fine.

They both shake hands. Sam & Veer were allotted 2 separate rooms near the swimming pool in the backyard. They all had dinner in the nyt & went to their rooms.

Precap :- some cute moments & entry of Singhania Sisters….

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