One cannot stay away from LOVE for LOONG…….(Ishqbaaz FF) – Part 2

Recap :- Anika upset with Shivay, Pinky insults her & a entry/entries shocks Anika.

After hearing the voice Anika was shocked to the core & gathering all of her courage turns to face them, they were Aashutosh & Aarti standing with happy tears welled up in their eyes to see their Anika after 5 long yrs. Aarti just moves towards her as fast as she could & took her in a bone crushing yet full of love hug.
Aarti (still hugging her & caressing her hair) :- Lado how r u? U r OK ryt?
Anika :- Bhabhisa I’m fine, if u’ll release me from this bone crushing hug then only u can see if I’m fine or not.
Aarti (releases her) :- chup pagal. Look at u, u didn’t change a bit except (looks her sindur & mangalsutra) u got married ??? but to whom, how, when, why?
Aashutosh :- Lado how r u (side hugs her) & u didn’t even cared to tell us or ask us, u must’ve thought that who r we to u that u shuld inform us, ryt?
Anika :- Dadu, it’s not like that u know na that after Choti Maa & Chote Papa u & Bhabhisa r at their place for me.
Aarti :- but Lado who is she (pointing to Pinky) & how dare she to say such things abt u? & above that u r not saying anything to her?
Anika :- Bhabhisa, she is Pinky Aunty my mother in law.
Aarti :- so what, she can’t say anything like this to u (to Pinky) how dare u to say such a thing to my Lado, do u know who she is?
Shivay :- Ma’am behave urself, u can’t talk to my mom like that ?
Aarti :- oh so u r Anika’s husband. What kind of a man u r, here ur mom is insulting ur wife & u r just watching quietly from the corner.
Shivay :- this is our personal matter & who r u to interfere in our matter?
Aashutosh :- this was ur personal matter until now & now when we r here, Anika’s matter is ours too. We’ve every right to interfere in my little sister’s life.
Omkara :- sister ?? Is Anika Bhabhi ur sister?
Aashutosh :- she is more than a sister to me, she’s like my daughters to me & I never allow anybody to hurt my daughters.
Pinky :- oh my mata hamare hi ghar khade ho kar aap humein suna rahi hai, aap hoti kaun hai huh? ? aisi kaunsi badi tope hai aapki Anika humein bhi bataiye na.
Aarti :- Anika Anand Singh Rathore neé Maheshwari ?, jo agar chahe na toh ek pal mein aapke iss Oberoi Empire ko barbad karne ka dum rakhti hai.
Shivay :- Anika Singh Rathore neé Maheshwari ? that means u r the ‘Thee Miss Rathore’ ? one of the top most business tycoon of the world (Anika gave no response) Anika answer it damn it…
Anika :- YES…. I’m Anika Anand Singh Rathore neé Maheshwari.
Rudra :- Bhabhi why u hide ur identity from us?
Anika :- cuz of my revenge
Omkara :- Revenge, what revenge?
Anika :- I wanted to punish the murderers of my Choti Maa & Chote Papa & to reach to them Oberois were the only path left for me so I’ve to enter in ur lives.
Shivay :- u mean the Khuranas r ur enemies?
Anika :- yes & finally they r in their ryt place (i.e.the jail)
Pinky (realising her mistake) :- oh my mata Anika pls forgives me for lashing out at u everytime. But what did I do, when I saw Shivay givings more importance to u then me I got jealous & that’s why…
Anika :- auntyji pls u don’t have to be sorry I understand & trust me I don’t have any grudge against u. BTW elders hands shuld rise to give blessing to the kids & not to ask for forgiveness, u have full ryt to yell at me I’ll not mind at all, trust me ?
Aarti :- but Lado tell me why u married Shivay? ?
Aashutosh :- & we just wanna know the truth, a complete truth.
Anika :- actually Dadu, Bhabhisa what happened is….. (she hesitates which got noticed by Shivay)
Shivay :- I’ll tell u.
Anika :- no. Shivay I’ll handle this my way. U don’t have to say anything OK.
Shivay :- no Anika I’ll tell them, they have the ryt to know.
Anika :- Shivay for once will u listen to me ? else the situation will be worse (Shivay paid no heed to her & tells them that how he always insulted Anika & how he forced her to marry her) Shivay enough, stop pls… ?
Aashutosh :- Lado is this true? (no response)
Aarti :- Lado say, what we heard is true or not?
Anika :- yes….

Then she saw 2 boys standing at the door, one of them was totally red in anger & Anika was scared to see them both…..

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