One cannot stay away from LOVE for LONG…….(Ishqbaaz FF) – Part 1

Hola guys? thnk u so much for liking my story & commenting on it but as it is said ‘the more the merrier’ so i will appreciate more comments OK so now let’s start with the story…….. ?????

As shown in the current track that Pinky misguide Shivay with Anika’s mother’s address & he reaches a red light area. There he leaves his contact card with a paan vendor. Now we come to the precap of the today’s episode that Shivay gets a call & Anika follows him. Let’s add some twists hereon……….?

Anika stops Shivay at the exit of the mansion & asks him where is he going. Shivay all nervous tells her that he is going to the factory but Anika is not convinced still she ignores the matter & reminds him of the joint meeting of the shareholders of the Oberoi Group & later a short get together for the guests in the evening at the mansion. Shivay reaches the red light area & thnks to his loving mother he gets to know that Anika’s mother works as a singer in one of the bar of that area. After knowing this truth – which is a complete lie – his mind feels disgusted that he married a daughter of such a cheap women elsewhere his heart says that what’s Anika’s fault in this matter. He is completely torn between his heart & mind that he forgot that he has a very important meeting to attend.

On the other hand, Anika is worried that Shivay has not yet arrived to the meeting & he has to give a presentation & above all neither Tej nor Shakti has any idea of what to present so seeing the situation getting out of hand she steps in & gives the presentation on her husband’s behalf. The Oberois were completely shocked to see Anika in such a avatar as they only knew the Anika who is uneducated, doesn’t know English, who uses weird words etc etc & the ‘icing on the cake’ is that Shivay arrived there & witnessed Anika giving the presentation better than him. The moment presentation got over everybody present there except the Oberois gave Anika a standing ovation. Anika though smiling but was in a fix that now after revealing half of her reality how’ll she gonna handle the situation. As she got down the stage the guests bumped on her to congratulate her for the presentation. When got a chance Shivay took Anika to a side to question her….
Shivay :- Anika what was all this? Tumne presentation kaise diya?
Anika :- Shivay, kitne aehsanfaramosh hai aap? Ek toh maine aapki help ki aur thnk u kehene k bajaye aap mere saath kbc khel rahe hai.
Shivay :- cuz I wanna know. Tum English toh theek se bol nahi sakti then how the hell u were giving the presentation that too so well?
Anika :- toh aap yeh keh rahe hai ki maine achchi presentation di, matlab aap meri tarif kar rahe ho.. Wah aaj toh matlab kamal hi ho gaya, aaj shri shri shri 1008 maharaj kanji aankhon wali bagad bille ne meri, Anika ki tarif ki wah…. ??
Shivay (a little loud) :- Anika…. Jo pucha hai uska jawab do, yeh jalebi ki tarah ghuma phira kar baat mat karo OK. Ab batao tum kaun ho?
Anika :- kaun ho matlab? Main Anika hu, sirf Anika….
Shivay :- dekho Anika I know k tum Anika ho lekin aaj jo maine dekha uske baad main janna chahata hu k tum actual mein kaun ho….
Anika :- Shivay main… (just then her phone rings) excuse me….

It was Anika’s manager’s call.
Anika :- yes Mr. Kumar…
Kumar :- Ma’am it’s abt Shivay Sir.
Anika :- what is it?
Kumar :- Ma’am aapke kehene par maine unhe follow kiya & I found him in the red light area.
Anika ?:- what? Lekin woh waha kar kya rahe the (Kumar gave no response) Mr. Kumar main aapse kuch puch rahi hu, answer me damn it ?.
Kumar :- Ma’am caretaker from the orphanage informed him abt ur mother who lives in that area so he went their to enquire about ur past.
Anika :- OK thnk u for telling.
Kumar :- OK ma’am.

They both hang up. Anika was very upset with Shivay that despite of him telling her that he doesn’t care abt her family, lineage, blood still he is hell bent on finding from which background she belongs. She took the mike to make an announcement.
Anika ? :- ladies and gentlemen I’m sorry to say that the party is over. Actually there’s some personal urgency so I hope that u’ll understand & give us our space. Thank You so much all of u & pls don’t be disheartened I promise that u all r gonna attend the nxt party which is gonna be much grand than this. Thank You all… ?

All the guests leave & Shivay comes to Anika.
Shivay :- Anika what the hell is this? Tumne guests ko jaane ko kyu kaha? How can u be so rude?
Anika :- I shuld be the one to ask u, what the blo*dy hell is wrong with u? U r so desperate to know abt my mother that u went at such a place that I can never imagine in my wildest dreams? I mean how could u? (he looks at her with a bigger shock) now don’t look at me like that I know where u were.
Dadi :- Anika puttar kya baat hai?
Anika :- Dadi, Shivay meri Maa ko dhundne red light area gaye the. Shivay main soch bhi nahi sakti k aap mere janam par itna bada sawal uthaege.
Pinky :- o my mata Anika agar tujhe Shivay k waha jaane se itni taqleef hai toh tu khud hi bata dena k tera khoon khandan kya hai. (Anika is silent) kya hua Anika ab tu silents kyu hai bol na? Khoon khandan hai bhi yeah tu lawaris hai ya phir kisi ki najayaz aulad…

Suddenly a loud voice comes shouting ‘Enough ‘…

Who was he/she, find out in the next update….

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    Superb, I’m so excited for the next part

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  9. Wow Fab but swati the people who don’t know Hindi may also read this like me in the middle I just didn’t understand the conversation actually I’m Telugu but a big fan of ib and dbo plz plz plz write in English plz if you wanna write in Hindi then do one thing write in English also in the brackets but plz write in English and plz could you write some longer one these two are my very very very very hummmble requests plz dear

  10. So nice but don’t seperate shivika comedy and love wali fight chali h but not painful separation

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    Ok…i wanted to comment on your first upddate but sorry i could not!!? i must tell you first that you have put me in a serious fix now!!! The thing os that i am die heart Ishkara fan…and the pair for Om is Gauri here…BUT…the other pair of Vrushika Shantanu…. omg i don’t know what to do now!!!! I love vrushan too….so i guess it’s ok for gaurika?… just kidding!!!! I loved your story dear and the first part was great…. Shivika is awesome and especially this Anika…i loved her!!!?waiting for the story to proceed and other pairs scenes too…post soon

  20. Superb update..

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