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Hola guys? what’s up? I hope u all remember me, it’s me Swati. I know I’ve left my updates pending but srsly I’m lacking the ideas regarding those ffs so sorry for them, but I’m trying to come up with the ideas so that I can complete my stories. Anyways let’s move ahead, a idea cropped up in my mind & I really want to share it with u all. ALL TYPES OF COMMENTS R WELCOMED BUT PLS DO COMMENT ?

Okay as in the current track all the couples r same i.e. Shivay-Anika, Omkara-Gauri, Rudra-Saumya. Now let’s add some new members to the Ishqbaaz Family & these characters r related to Anika.

Veer Singh Rathore (played by Shantanu Maheshwari) :- 25 yrs old young, handsome, dashing boy. Anika’s nephew, 3 yrs younger to her. A little short tempered, highly possessive abt Anika – cannot withstand anything against her. A fabulous combo of a good singer & dancer.

Samar ‘Sam/Sammy’ Singh Rathore (played by Sumedh Mudgalkar) :- 24 yrs old young, smart, handsome, full of humor boy. Anika’s other nephew, Veer’s younger brother – both r brothers cum best frnds & can do anything & go to any extent for each other. Cares & loves Anika a lot. Dancer by hobby & an aspiring writer & cartoonist.

Meera Singhania (played by Vrushika Mehta) :- 25 yrs sweet, innocent, beautiful girl. Really very close to Anika. On & Off girlfriend of Veer, frnds with Samar. Excellent dancer & singer but aspires to be a fashion designer.

Amaya ‘Amu’ Singhania (played by Pratibha Paul) :- 24 yrs old young, sweet, beautiful, bubbly girl. Meera’s cousin but they both r really very close. Her parents died in a car accident & since then she’s brought up by Meera’s parents. Aspiring fashion designer. Fabulous dancer.

Kaira ‘Koko’ Singhania (played by Tunisha Sharma) :- 16 yrs old younger Singhania sister. Though younger in age but talks like adults & plays an important role in the love lives of her elder sisters. Really very close to Anika & regards her as her second mother.

Anika was Anika Maheshwari, the youngest daughter of one of the royal families of Rajasthan. She has one elder sister named Rukmani Maheshwari who was her uncle’s daughter. Her father was a army officer who died in the war field leaving behind her mother who was 8 months pregnant with her at that time. She lost her mother just after 20 days of birth so she was brought up by his uncle Raghuvendra Maheshwari (Rukmani’s father). Anika was very close to Rukmani & regarded her as a mother. Rukmani was married at the age of 20 to Anand Singh Rathore, prince of Aatishgarh (fictional town estate in Rajasthan) – he is a very renowned businessman at the age of 22 be it manufacture, hospitality, import export or any other -when Anika was 2.5 yrs old. Rukmani took Anika with her to Aatishgarh & there within no time the little Anika won everyone’s love, affection & care. She was the apple of everyone’s eyes, if Rukmani was her mother then Anand was her father cum best friend cum brother in law. Anand & Rukmani became her legal guardian so she was named Anika Anand Singh Rathore. Aashutosh Singhania, the textile king of the country & best friend cum brother of Anand, & his wife Aarti Singhania too was won over by Anika. Every Raksha Bandhan Anika used to tie Rakhis to both Anand & Aashutosh. Anika grew up with their kids & the kids loved Anika a lot & they called her Buji (short form of Bua Ji)

But as it is said the more rich u r, the more r ur enemies. Similarly, Anand too had many enemies. He was a a man of principles & cannot withstand lie, injustice, fraud or any other illegal activity. So his rivals decided to finish him off so they murdered him & Rukmani & made it look like a accident, at that time Anika was 18 while Veer & Sam were 15 &14 respectively. They also wanted to finish their kids & Anika but they were saved by Aashutosh & his wife & they all went to London. There Anika completed her studies but at the same time the feeling of revenge was also growing inside her & not only her, Veer too was also feeling revengeful but was always calmed down by his Buji.

Anika extended Anand’s business to a gr8 extent on her own without anybody’s help but not getting known to anybody. In the business world she was known as Miss Rathore but no one knew her in person except for those who were in her inner circle. One day she came to know that the murderers of her sister & brother in law r in Pune & r now big businessman so she came to Pune from London & started to ruin them slowly & steadily. Sahil’s dad was her manager so she lived with them in their house so that no one knows who she was.

But those blo*dy people get to know abt her but they didn’t know how she looks so they killed Sahil’s parents & in order to save Sahil who was just a year old at that time she took him & run with him to Mumbai. There she lived like a lower middle class girl by earning errands & side by side doing her business. She is away from her family for the last 5 yrs & in these 5 yrs she neither met any of them nor allowed anyone to meet or talk to her for security reasons.

And now after 5 yrs she is successful in ruining the lives of those blo*dy murderers & now the Rathores & Singhanias r coming back to India but the problem is that nobody knows that Anika is not a Rathore anymore instead now she is Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi.

So what’ll be their reaction to this development. Wanna know? So just wait for the next update….. ?????

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  7. Hi. I loved the intro, but I guess you’ve accidentally used the word NEPHEW instead of COUSIN, or BROTHER. Nephew is actually your sibling’s child. Either I’ve understood it wrong, or you’ve mistakenly mentioned wrong! :’)

    1. Swati

      U may not have read it clearly, I mentioned that Rukmani was Anika’s elder cousin sister & so by that relation she is Maasi of Veer & Samar. Though Anand gave her his name but being his Rakhi Sister she is Veer & Samar’s Bua… I hope that I’m clear now.. ????

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