One body two soul (swasan) – swaragini (episode 9)


hey guys Anu once again back…….thnx guys for liking my ff

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Ruhi:- thanks a lot ruhi your name is really nice is it your real name……..

Anusha:- thanks dear ya its swasan story I m die hard fan of swasan….so of course my stories will be of swasan na nd dear previous link I have upload in my os but for once again

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anusha previous link:-
Thanks guys for liking my os…….actually jealousy I don’t want to add in this but many r suggesting so I m adding but guys it will be short track will finish may be in this part……actually guys my ff is going to end only 4-5 part more….because after swara delivery only 2-3 parts more because I know after swara’s delivery u guys r going to bash me a lot? nd plz don’t try to guess what will happen that u guess will bash me only wait for 2 part more….may be in next part u will see or after next part….

so lets start……..

swara is in her room recalling the past nd is weeping silently… that time she hear some noise on door like someone is coming nd wipes her tears…..but someone keep hands on her shoulder…swara turns back nd see sujata standing..she hugs her tightly nd start to cry….sujata consoles her na make her sleep on her lap……after some time sujata leaves making swara sleep… mid night sanskar comes in room nd see swara sleeping but her smiles is missing ……he gets sad nd unknown tear fall from his eyes but then he compose himself nd sat beside swara nd put blanket on her nd pat swara’s forehead nd then touch her baby bump nd kiss on her baby bump nd after sometime he also fall asleep with one hand on swara’s bump

in morning sun rays fell on our heavenly couple nd swara wake nd see sanskar besides her nd jerks her hand nd due to jerk sanskar also wake up nd both get up

swara:- u sanskar how dare u to enter in my room get lost from him nd btw who r u to enter in my room(shout)
sanskar:- relax darling don’t shout its not gud for my baby’s health
swara(fumes):- get lost right now sanskar nd goes to cupboard for taking her clothes
sanskar follow swara
seeing him swara moves to bed nd check her phone
sanskar again follow her
swara gets angry but control nd goes to washroom
sanskar again follow her
now its high time for swara nd she shout on sanskar
swara:-what is your problem sanskar y r following me
Sanskar:-who said I m following u motiiii(strech word moti nd smiles naughtily)
swara open her mouth fully on hearing word moti….nd say how dare u sanskar to call me moti…am I looking fat u fox,billa(cat is pati i.e. male cat?)
Sanskar:- oh hlo I m not billa u r moti….u r looking like full India population is in your tummy
swara:-acha I m moti na then get lost nd btw y r u following me
Sanskar: – who said I m following u…..u r not that much beautiful that I will follow u motiiiiii I m only taking care of child……which is in your India map like tummy
swara(furious as sanskar is calling her again made again moti):-just get lost nd now don’t follow me I m going to take bath
Sanskar again follow her nd enter in bathroom
swara:-what is this sanskar get out of here
sanskar:-i m only taking care of my child motiiiiii if they need anything so I m here only u take your bath
swara open her mouth wide nd say no way I m not going to bath in front of u get lost from here otherwise I will shout
swara turns to go but sanskar shout moti wait….. swara get furious nd turns back but she slip due to water but in the nick of time sanskar ran nd catch her
both have a passionate eyelock nd both lost their senses nd sanskar slowly make her stand without breaking eyelock nd starts the shower but r drenched nd sanskar slowly kisses her cheeks swara holds sanskar hand nd closes her eyes then sanskar kiss her other cheeks then slowly he kisses on both of her eyes nd finally he leans to her rosy lipes nd then without wasting time he kisses her first its soft but then it turned to passionate…..
after some time they break kiss nd sanskar slides one side shoulder of swara’s dress nd kisses their nd then bites leaving swara to mourn…..nd then he sucks it nd then he slides second side shoulder of swara’s dress nd then kisses there nd bites after that sucks

then he yet again stared swara’s lips but suddenly mug fall down because of which swara come in her senses nd jerks sanskar nd leaves from their

sanskar pov:

oh god what is happening to me why I m attracted to swara y I m not able to control myself nd today what I have done how can I do it…..o god did I love… no no this can’t happen It can’t happen but y I feel gud when she is near me…in this eight month i m not happy from inside but after seeing swara what happen to me y suddenly I m happy…..
did I really love swara….o god I m in love I m in love with swara I k so happy but after what I did to her will swara forgive me…will swara ne able to trust me…will swara be able to accept me…yes sanskar she will surely accept u because today also she loves u like before I have seen in her eyes..I know it will take time but I will do anything to seek swara’s forgiveness…..

Precap:- entry of a boy,sanskar jealousy,
sanskar:-i love u swara(shouts)…sanskar hearbroken…..tragedy

plz guys suggest name for a boy nd plz guys tell did u like swasan romance…..sry if its not gud before first time I have written like this…….leave your comment before nd thanks for support guys……any guess about precap what tragedy will happen in swasan life

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Yeah today epi ws good nice anu…
    Hmm name for dat guy anythng as per ur wish… nd suspense kills me yaar… wt tragedy is gonna happen…???
    Precap sounds good.. becoz sanski due to jealousy he confessed….
    Post nxt epi asap anu…

  2. swasan romance was awesome!!!! 🙂

    1. for they i would give kabir or samarth

  3. Awesome yaar….waiting for next part yaar…

  4. Tanq u so much for updating previous links…awesome yaar…nyc story …

  5. post asap i can’t wait please please _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

    1. Angel asap mean as soon as possible

      1. sry angle this rply was to asmitha

  6. Sanjay is my suggestion for the name and what does asap mean?

  7. Nice epi.

  8. Name..Nithin chopra

  9. Awesome dear… Nice ronance

  10. Awsm nd name karan

  11. Awsm yr……and my real name is ruhika.

  12. Superb..boys name Abhimanyu or naved

  13. awsm epi!!!! Plz post next part asap…

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