One body two soul (swasan) – swaragini (episode 6)


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so much thanks for commenting guys nd thanks sujata also 4 reading actualIy I don’t know that there r silent reader or not but if there r then thnxs to them also for reading nd bearing my torture haha….chalo now lets start

but sanskar y u do this to me why u wanted to take revenge what i have done to do say swara with teary eyes……done what have u done what have u not dont done swara ask this..shout sanskar nd continue ok i will tell u what have u done……suddenly due to alarm swara come out from thought nd come in present….she off the alarm…her eyes r red due to crying nd she is very much tired but then she get up nd go to take bath after some time at 9:00 she come down nd takes her breakfast nd then go upstairs….she is very much tired nd exhausted that she can’t able to walk properly suddenly she started to feel dizzy but in a nick of time kaki come nd hold her nd made her sit on bed

how much time I have to say swara be happy nd take care of yourself at least for your baby say kaki in a angry tone…..then she saw swara weeping nd sit beside her nd cups her face nd say swara y r u crying swara why r u crying for that man stop crying swara be strong for u for your baby…show him that his presence doesn’t effect u,show him that u r happy without him, u can live without him,now sleep for sometime nd then be ready to face your past because how much u will run your past will follow u….hearing kaki word swara wipes her tears nd thinks yes kaki u r right I will show him that swara is not broken by his betrayer but infact she become more strong with this betrayer she have learn many things in these 8 months nd now this is not that swara who is mad in love nd now she is the strong swara who don’t break down easily nobody can break her now……… ready Mr. sanskar maheshwari because swara is coming..swara is coming back but this time not for u this time for my family because y should I leave my family for u I have done one mistake 8 months back that I leave my house,my city because I can’t able to leave with my past but now I have learn that how much I will run from my past my past will follow me so now I m ready to face u nd say ya kaki now your swara will not waste her tears for him saying this swara lay down in the lap of kaki nd kaki make her sleep by caressing her hairs……swara sleep peacefully in kaki lap nd then she wake up nd do her paking nd next day leaves for Kolkata……..

in kolkata:-

sanskar is standing near window nd she reading some files when suddenly winds started to blow nd all the paper scatter nd on the other hand swara get out from train nd the cold breeze touches her face…..
screen freezes at two part one showing sanskar seeing the scatter pages nd then at window nd second at swara who is seeing in all direction nd taking a view of her home town Kolkata

precap:-Swasan face off,swara living in mm,sanskar demand his baby…

sry guys for same precap…..actually its already become long but will try to upload next part in evening if u guys want so plz tell me

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Sss..plz post nxt part soon….

  2. Why Sanskaar is demanding his baby as Swara and Sanskaar r not married yet but waiting for ur new twist

  3. Its awesome dear…. I like your concept… Plzzzz continue it…

  4. Plz upload nxt ASAP. … cant wait for the face off

    1. N plz make it long

  5. Egarly waiting for next episode.

  6. Nice dear.n plz update soo n a long one.

  7. Read all the in one go..its really good ..waiting for next epi..want to know reason behind his revenge..

  8. nice….make it longer nd update next asap…

  9. You accepted my request you posted in morning its enough this was awesome epi but i don’t know why sanskaar is bothering for his baby and swara should not stay at mm in my opinion and thank thank you you so much plz plzz if possible so post next epi in eve only plzz plzzz plzz

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