One body two soul (swasan) – swaragini (episode 4)


Hlo guys its anu here…sry guys for late update but i really dont feel to write i m feeling that u all not liking my story thats y but what to do i have finish it asap so thats y writing will try finsh it in 3-4 parts so start the story

so that person turn nd he is none other than ?? sanskar!!!!!!! swara is crying she is felling like someone is stabbing her heart nd taken her life……….then sanskar tell her something which she cant even imagine in her dream also………….

8 months leap…….
8 months have gone after that incident but today also its effect is doesnt go i tried my best to not to remember him,to forget him but everything around me indirectly or directly make me remember him…..but now i dont love him i hate him hate him…….it is really hard for me to move on but i move on i move on……today i m singer i have open my music schul i m not that swara who is mad in love its is swara gododia who is a singer but again destiny is playing game with me i have leave kolkata 8 months ago but after again i have to go kolkata after 2 days i will again face my dreadful past….but i have……….madam! swara stop writing in her dairy nd turn(ya the girl is swara nd who said is maya kaki her servant but she treat him like her kaki)
how many times i have said u to not call me madam..swara replied while standing from the chair by keeping her one hand on her cute bump nd second hand on table for support(ya she is eight months pregnant)
beta really u r a gem…otherwise who give support to this orphan nd old women kaki said…..kaki if u again say this na i will never ever speak to u again swara said nd pouts….haha ok beti forgive your kaki last time kaki said while holding her ears….kaki what r u doing plz never do this swara said with tears in her eyes nd removing kaki hands from ears nd continue but ya this is last time i m forgiving u next time i will not forgive u ok..nd both burst out laughing…..beti now come downstairs eat your food kaki said…ok coming in 5 minutes swara replied…..
after that kaki leave her room nd swara again think this time u have to be strong swara now he doesn’t matter for u..u have to be strong for u nd your baby nd touches her tummy….but what to do i cant able to hate him i cant today also i love him i love him….why sanskar why u betray me why but after knowing u betray ne then also i cant stop loving u i love u sanskar i love u saying this swara sit in bed nd start crying badly…..

precap:- swara in kolkata

sry for short update nd sry for 8 months leap i said i will give leap 3 months but now i have to end it as soon as possible so thats sry guys

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Awesome.. Why Sanskar betrayed her?

  2. nice.. I think sanskar was blackmailed by kavita.. please post fast I can’t wait…

  3. Its amazing plz upload next today plz

  4. nice dear…loved it..

  5. Plz continue I am a silent reader BT after reading dat u will stop I am writing

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