One body two soul (swasan) – swaragini (episode 11)


Hey guys Anu here…..thnx for liking my fiction……nd plz read my another fiction love will surely find his destination……

plz guys support me in this fiction also

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haha so I guess all r sad or u guess don’t want swara to be dead but let’s see what is in fate…..

Let’s start

all r very happy…gf has arrive nd all r hugging nd congregating each other but doctor has not come out till now icu

on the other side sanskar has done all preparation but somewhere in his heart he is feeling very restless but don’t know why…..suddenly he notice many missed call from sujata……now he is really tensed nd negative thoughts r coming in his mind……suddenly his phone ring nd shows sumi call…..

he picks it

sanskar(worried):-maaa maa is everything fine…woh mom has callen me many times but ….(intrupted with sumi voice)

sumi:- sanskar first calm down nd ya everything is fine infact there is a gud news

Sanskar(confused) :-gud news maa

sumi:- ya gud news is that we r in hospital nd shona has….(intruped by sanskar)

sanskar(worried):- what ma u r in hospital nd u r saying it’s a gud news…..plz ma tell me in which hospital r u……I m coming there right now

sumi:- ya sanskar come here right now but is it not a gud news that u have become father

sanskar:- what ma here I m getting tensed ….. swara is ok or not nd u r saying father….(realizes what sumi has say) (happily) maa is I really…….maa I have become father mommm yepiee I love u I m coming right now

sumi(happily):- ya sanskar u have become dad but have u done the preparation
(yes guys sumi knows everything about sanskar how much sanskar love swara nd he is really vert guilty for deed so she wants to unite swasan)

sanskar is very happy nd he is going to hospital……nd other side in hospital after ending the call sumi goes toward all family member…..when doctor arrive…..
all family member ask about swara nd baby

Suju:- doctor is swara nd baby r ok na can we meet her nd how is baby can we see the baby

Doctor is tensed nd say that swara has given birth to twins one boy nd one girl

all r very happy but suddenly there happiness faded….after listening to doctor……

doctor:- babies r fine they r with swara but we can’t able to save swara….she has very less time…..u can meet her actually because falling from stairs she has hit her baby bump nd she has said us save her babies otherwise she will kill herself that’s why…..I m soory….

all r in tears sujata sits on chair due to shock nd enter in swara ward

swara smiles seeing them nd show them her kids….

swara:- maa mom badi ma see na my babies…..I have become a mother mom finally

sujata:- swara y have u do this ….say while crying

swara:- maa who can I snatch my children’s life maa….even there life has not started yet nd for me I have no reason to live na……in every phase of my life I m betrayed by the one whom I love the most…..I don’t want this life maa…..but maa I want I promise from plz maa forgive sanskar nd maa I want my children’s to get her mother nd father both love nd maa…(muted)

Sujata:- swara now also u r thinking about sanskar…

Suddenly the baby boy starts crying…..all family go out leaving sumi there

swara feeds him milk nd sings a lori for him

(ta ri ra ri ta ri ra ram ta ri ra ram)-2
(Sun sun nanhe lori ki dhun ho ha meethe sapne me gum) 2
tu mera suraj hai tu mera chanda h tu meri aakhon ka tara h sun
sun sun nahe lori ki dhun ho ha meethe sapne me gum

mere ladle tujko aoodhau aachal
aa thapkiyo se sulau tujhe hmm hmmmm
mein taro ki nadiyon se neendiya bulao
annkheyo mein teri chupa use
neendiyan kya tere liye tare lau mein maa ka tu nanha dulara h sunnnn
sun sun nanhe lori Ki dhun ho l ja meethe sapne me gum

suno h hawao na tum shor karma
tuthe na nanhe Ki neendiyan kahi
hmm hmmmmm hmmm mmm
bade bhag se h mile aise raate
mein gati rahungu lori yuhi
sote hue neendiyan tujhko hasati h
aise hi meethe sapno ko chun

sun sun nanhe lori Ki dhun ho ja meethe sapno me gum
ta ri ra ram ta ri ra ram ta ri ra ram ra ram
hmm mm hmm hmmm mm mm mm

she is carressing his forehead nd kiss him nd make him sleep cradle……all r memerized by the voice of swara……

sumi is recording everything……sanskar has arrived there with happy face nd take his baby girl in his hand nd plays with her…..he is in shock first how sujata give him his baby so easily nd at last he ask forgiveness from all of them

sanskar(teary eyes):- badi maa mom plz forgive me I know I have done mistake but maa now I have realize how much I love her maa I want to start a life again with my swara nd my babies plz maa forgive me

sujata(teary eyes) :- sanskar…u can’t start your life again with swara

sanskar:- maa plz maa forgive me say teary eyes

sujata:- stop sanskar how can u start your life again when she is going to leave all of us….sanskar swara doesn’t have mch time(tell what happen after he was gone)

sanskar is shattered…his every dream which he has seen has broke into millions of pieces….he is feeling like someone has taken the ground ……nd he will fall anytime……he goes in swara’s ward with his baby

swara smiles nd forward her hand for her baby…..sanskar gives baby to her…..she feeds her..

after some time baby starts crying…..she try to make her sleep but she is not sleeping…sanskar also tried nd swara sings a lori for her…..
mm hmm hmmm hmm hmm
(aaja neendiyan rani aaja
dur sitaro se)2
nanhe nanhe sapne le aa
dur nazaron se
aahoo bas ja meri gudiyan ki nanhi si aakhon me
aaja neendiyan rani aaja dur sitaro se
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
pariyon ki nagri se aane wali h woh sapne salone liye hmm hmm hmmmm hm
nanhi si palko me chup jayegi woh toh dehro khilone liye
ha tapki yaade woh gungun aayegi so ja so ja so ja
bas ja meri gudiyan ki nanhi ki aankhon me
aaja neendiyan rani aaja dur sitaro se

.in the meantime sanskar say with teary eyes

sanskar:- sw….aa.rra

swara looks towards him nd ask what

Sanskar: – swara plz don’t leave me swara I love u I have realize my mistake u know what I have even planned I surprise for u nd today I m going to propose u nd is going to ask for forgiveness I really love u swara I want to start afresh with u nd my children’s plz swara don’t leave me I can’t live without u I love u a lot plz don’t leave me…..plz I love u plz swara

Swara gets teary eyes……
swara:- go from here sanskar I don’t want to talk to u just go from here

Sanskar: -plz swara plz forgive me I really love u I know what I have done is unforgettable but plz swara give me one chance I will not do any mistakes

swara:- sanskar now its of no use we can’t be together now …..sanskar now my life is finsish but sanskar your life has start now u have move on in your life……
sanskar nodes no with teary eyes
swara gasped for air
Sanskar gets panic nd calls doctor
sanskar(hold swara hand):- swara don’t worry swara u will get alright don’t worry your sanskar is with u swara plz swara don’t lose hope…nothing will happen to u..suddenly swara’s hand slip from sanskar hand…..sanskar is shocked,all family members r shocked….doctor nodes in no
doctor: -sry she is not more we can’t save her

Screen freezes on shocked of sanskar……

precap:- naming ceremony nd sujata nd sumi sag sanskar to give his babies to swastika nd laksh nd say him to get married again

sry guys I know u don’t want swara to die but guys only her character is finish not her role……nd guys I have not kill swara yaar what is my mistake if doctor r not able to save her nd sry guys swara will always save sanskar nd take care of him whenever he needs her……

Credit to: Anu

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  6. Too emotional part… Loved it I even loved it concept from title itself it justifies that she wud have died n her soul will always be wid him 2 protect him 2 luv him 2 support him 2 be his strength n 2 wai8 for him so they can be united in their next birth really beautiful concept

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  9. Shalmali Kamble

    Its so emotional & heart toching episode Anu dii.. Especially lori parts.. I was crying while reading.. u r amazing! U just nailed it.. speechless!

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  11. When will u upload dear plzz post asap

    1. Sry footage for not uploading but not in a mood to write……what to do I m feeling bored with this ff

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  13. Sry for not uploading not in a mood to right yr I dont no y but I m not getting motivated doono why sry guys but will try to upload if I feel like writing

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