Once In A Life Time (Epi-5)~anika-om meet after 16 years

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Om: tell me whatever happened in your life in these 16 years when we meet , when are you coming to Mumbai ?

Anika : i am coming to meet one of my friends , its her wedding , and again i will be back to goa with her , she is getting married here in goa , so i will be there in Mumbai for some days

Om : thats amazing anika , cant wait to see you

Shivay : what is the need to go back to Mumbai and come back here to goa again , you can stay here for some days

Anika: its ok billuji , i have to go back , its my best friend’s wedding , i need to be there with her ,so once again thanks a lot for helping me , send me your address , i have saved my number in your phone

Shivay  sent her off

Om : ma  please , what is the need to go to temple today , cant you take choti ma along with you

Jhanvi : om please  , pinky has gone to her friend’s house

Om : ok fine

Om  and jhanvi came to the temple

Om : i will park the car the other side and come

Om absent mindedly came out after  he parked the car , he  collided with a girl by mistake , she had fully covered her face , the girl was about to fall , but  om held her , the dupatta from her face fell down , omkara was surprised to see gauri , she had no make up on her face , had left her hair loose , om was lost in her beautiful face

Then he realized and moved back , gauri smiled at om

Om : oh you come to temple too ?

Gauri : yeah , why i dont seem like the girl who comes to temple or what ? but yes  i make sure , my face is covered and nobody recognizes me , wait a second

Gauri introduced her mother : so this is priya Sharma , my mom , and mom this is omkara singh oberoi , the artist omkara singh oberoi

Priya smiled : we have your paintings all over our house , i and my daughter are big fan of yours , so happy to meet you

Om : thank you , let me introduce you people to my mom

Soumya was silently learning for her exams

Rudra suddenly came and snatched  her book

Soumya : what are doing rudra , please , let me study for my exam , just because your exams are over , you cant do this to me

Rudra : oh please yar , it has been so many days since we spent time together , you have revised 5 times , now come out with me

And he running , he went and stood over the bed , soumya too climbed over the bed , rudra  raised  the book , soumya tried to hold the book , saumya tripped and was about to fall , rudra tried to hold her

but lost  balance and  both fell on the bed , they shared a sweet eyelock

I am sorry , i will come later , came a voice from behind , it was dadi , dadi smiled and went away

Soumya glared at rudra and snatched  the book , suddenly both started laughing

Soumya : now go to dadi , dont know why she went so  fast , what will she think of us ?and now…. let me study for my exam

Anika left for Mumbai in the next flight

She saw the address and went inside oberoi mansion ,

Rudra : you are anika di , right ?

Anika : rudra… rudra how are you

Rudra : i am fine

Anika : congratulations , i heard you are getting married

Om came there , he was surprised to see her

Om hugged anika .

Anika touched om’s hair : why such a long hair om , why ?

And laughed

Om : anika , i knew you would ask this when you see me  and always wanted to ask you , why did you leave Mumbai so hurriedly without even telling to me ?

Anika :i told you before , it was all because of dad and a little bit because of mom too

Om : what happened yar , all was going well , i dont remember your mom , but i do remember your dad , he was a superstar , he used to act in movies right ,  ma was a big fan of his and used to ask for autographs through you

Anika : dad was only a superstar for this world, for mom he was not a superstar , he was just a husband who did not have enough time for her

to be continued….




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  1. bakwaas story

    1. thank you for your comment , will try to improve my writing 😊

  2. i did not understand anything what is it!!!! i guess it is not the part of the story ishqbaaz or dil bole oberoi

    1. it is a fanfiction , you need to read the other parts of the story to understand it , do read it if you can 😊

  3. Jasminerahul

    what a scene on rikara.it was so romantic. surprised to see priya as gauri’s mom.rumya scene was so cute.fall n eye lock was romantic. omnika scene was so cute.anika asking om about his long hair was cute.perfect gif.anika is right. superstars have no time for their family.perfect pics.please update your other ffs too.you haven’t updated swasan raglak ffs since a long time

    1. thank you so much , tomorrow i shall update swasan and raglak ff

    2. and other ffs also 🙂

  4. Jasminerahul

    if possible please do update ishra ff punar vivah too

  5. ItsmePrabha

    nice episode..

    1. thanks a lot

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