How should be Om’s love interest?


Hi guyz, Im watching Ishqbaaz since beginning and what to say about the show, it is going great. The brotherly bond of all the three brothers Om, Shivaay and Rudra is awesome. Despite the three brothers being so different from each other they love each other unconditionally. As we have seen the pairing of Shivaay and Rudra, now Om is only left whose love interest isnt shown. So what do u expect that how should be Om’s girl? How should be her personality, her behaviour,her moral instincts? We have seen that Shivaay and Anika have the same attitude problem but they are from a very different background. Shivaay is from a multi-millionaire family while Anika is a poor orphan girl.

Rudra’s girl is shown as a girl next door, while Rudra is a casanova who can get a hot girl with a flick of a finger. So I think Om’s girl will also be different from him. Om is shown as a very unique guy. He doesnt want to run in the rat race of life. He doesnt differentiate between rich and poor. He is a humble, relaxed, moralistic guy who sees the world and life differently.So, should his girl be just like him who understands him or should she be different or opposite of him.

I am expecting Om’s love interest to be completely opposite of Om. I think she should be tomboyish, brash, loud, foul-mouthed, selfish who does’nt care about anyone’s life and manipulates people to fulfill her own motives. She should also be smart and cunning in nature. She should have bad habits like smoking, drinking and is also a drug addict and as Om was also a drug addict In past , he will be able to relate to her. What if she is also a criminal like a local thug or a petty thief ? Ok I know that I’m making the character too negative but it will be really good to see that Om changes her into a good person. We have always seen in serials that girl changes a bad boy to good boy. What if it is the opposite? It will be interesting to see. Do u agree with me? If u don’t then tell me how u expect Om’s love interest to be?

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  1. I think the girl should be fun loving,full of adventure, little arrogant and very naughty!!!

  2. yes I think Om’s girl should be different from him but not so also. and yes liked the story that a good boy will make a bad girl into a good girl. where Om is so calm his girl should be just opposite like chulbul type. hope to see a perfect couple !

  3. Actually I cant see Om romancing with any girl than his brothers. Even more than Shivaye anika scene I like the way they three bonds with each other…This 3 different girls may bring changes or seperation in this beautiful brother’s life. So makers I dont want the brothers to be paired with anyone.

  4. Khushi

    Ya I also think om’s partner should be difft from him…I want her to be a bindass….chirpy…..she should be chulbuly and should talk so much….coz we all know om is very silent… She should tell lies also sometime for good purpose this thing would be really opp to om….and of course she should be one can beat on in cuteness but still she should match him..
    No offence??

    1. Sugar

      i agree

  5. there is news that vrushika mehta is cast opposite om

  6. Sumo

    Well I read today .. Its vrushika mehta casted against kunal.. N m her dieheart fan.. ????? n for me Om’s girl should be bindaas.. Outspoken yet beautiful n elegant sometimes.. A kill tomboyish would work I guess✌

  7. yah I saw sme newz varushika mehta om s girl frd
    Vrushika will playthis modern girl who is dressed in trendy outfits and eventually falls in love with Omkara in the show.”

  8. Priya15

    Ya even i want Om’s girl to be opposite to him…but not this much negativity dear.. I want her to be chulbul type yet a simple girl…. She should have a load of naughtiness…. Ha i even want her to be a bhai’s princess…. But she should understand om easily and she should support him……the next thing is may seem filmy but i truly want to …VOH OM KI ZINDAGI KA IZZAH NAHI BULKI OM KI ZINDAGI HONI CHAHIYE… sometimes even i think y cant she be a girl who is simple and she doesnt have any belief in LOVE… Else just waiting for her entry…

  9. Hi everyone. ..I m also a big big fan of ishbaaz n I want Monica sehgal to play om’s girl role …..bcs I want the character to b all bubbly ….chirpy n the one who could match his cuteness

    Any other suggestions?

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