Om’s Jingles/DevShi (Ishqbaaz)(KRPKAB)


Sorryyy frndzz for making angry in Om n Dev OS..I just need ur happiness while reading bt the previous OS fails to make.. sometimes my hope needs review even -ve reviews,actually Itz +ve for enrich..
Here,I add DevShi..They enter in the nxt end part…Itz a 2shot story..n DevShi=Luv..
With 100%simple….

Om’s Luvable Jingle Bells.. .
Frndzz..I m hearing #MirzyaTitleTrack…now…The story too starts with the track in background..

A one way road to a city…
(Intro of Om…..)
In moonlight,A long haired man travels towards tat city with his bag…

While his legs touched the entrance of the city,He just kneels down n see above..n closed the eyes..
He:(thinks) “Ishaana”(Breeze of Air…His Hairs r flying)

(His Eyes Open)
MelodicBeat plays in Background…

A jingle bell’s sound also coming…
He wear a very small bell in his hand….Sound comes from tat bell..

He sees a veiled girl in front of her..Actually He strts imagining..

Again his jingle bell ring..
The girl disappears…
Om seeing the road n stands up n he strts walking towards the city..

His right side ear bead r lightly seen out in moonlight..

He walks..slowly…

He finally reached a place full of huts in which many people r making masks of animals…They surprisingly sees Om..

Om goes towards the huts.. .n his jinglebell rings for his every move…
A shop full of Rings,Ear Beads,Ornaments…Gifts..

Om buy some charts from tat shop…
He takes his painting brush n draw her lips..n Earrings..(None other than Ishaana)..

The clock Rings.. .
Om sees the time n make some yellow n Orange color lines on his face like a Lion…


Many people r dancing by surrounding fire…

A girl makes pinkish red color lines on her face…
Her hairs seems curly n she wears earbead on her left ear only..
Om enters the place..
n goes towards her….

Om on her ears:”Saahibaa..Ur Mirzya comes here to see U”…
The Jingle bell on his head rings…
She suddenly turns.. .
(Again the flute version of the song in background)….

Someone near Om hear Om’s saying”Ur Mirzya is coming”…The news reached the last one there rapidly..”Mirzya Comes…”..

“Bullet Sound of A Pistol” comes in all people’s minds…Ishaana sees Om n her mind goes flashback…
“The moment of Om was drawing her””Om gave earrings to Ishaana” comes on her mind..
Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanqq for reading n write ur cute thoughts after reading.. .

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  1. Manya

    Nice one.?

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi..

  2. Good one✌

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Sakshi..I wish our frndzz read tiz.Om story too.I got more review than enrich my work..

  3. Rumbo nala e tak da…similarly saying in Tamil that mean its nice good one n thanks for reading my ff

  4. Rumbo nala e rak da…similarly saying in Tamil that mean its nice good one n thanks for reading my ff

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Shama..Magizhichigaludan HarSHaN..Plz post soon..with more Ishkara..

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