Omkara & Ishana’s love story os

Hay guys! I’m akiya. it’s my frist ff. so plz comment if u like.

One day a girl is sitting in oberio manssion. And she is dadi’s frnd’s granddaughter. she is ishana. and then omkara come to downstairs. omkara is the secound grandson of oberoi manssion. Than omkara see ishana. ishana is omkara’s school frnd. But omkara didn’t know her. because he see her in his childhood. dadi say to omkara she is ishana.then dadi say omkara take her in rudra’s room. and Rudra is the third grandson in oberoi manssion. then omkara go to his room & think who is ishana he say to shivaay I had hear name ishana.shivaay is the frist grandson of oberoi manssion. then shivaay see ishana.then he say to omkara ishana is ur childhood frnd. shivaay know her. she also know him. after that she come to downstairs and have dinner. after dinner omkara go to ishana’s room & say I’m omkara & u r my childhood frnd.then ishana know him. They were best frnd in childhood. then ishana huge him. After some day’s dadi say omkara go any place with ishana. then he say no dadi. then dadi say plz beta.omkara say ok dadi.then they go. omkara ask ishana what is ur favourite place. ishana say kashmir. ishana ask omkara what’s ur favourite place he say also kashmir.then they go to (রেস্টুরেন্ট).they eat something.then they go to home. dadi ask ishana do u have fun today.ishana say yah dadi.After two month omkara propose ishana.she say I will say u after sometime.omkara say ok.after sometime ishana say omkara I love u 2.Than after some month they say it to their family.Then they agree to relationship. after 1 week they got married. After 3 years they have a baby. and the baby is a girl. her name is ishita. she has grow up. Now her age is 10 years old. They are a happy family.

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