hey guys!! kritika here!! swasan to consummate after marriage..
guys, i saw the olv also..n this is a written article which i am COPY PASTING,…
Viewers, brace yourself!
The much awaited Swasan moment is here!
It’s been a while that Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) are married on the show Swaragini, however the couple hasn’t been able to take their relationship to the next level until now.
But all you Swasan (Swara-Sanskaar) fans, it’s time to rejoice as the couple will finally have their much delayed Suhagraat. And to everyone’s surprise, it will be a planned Suhagraat for the couple.
And guess who is behind planning their special night…? It is none other than her ex-lover turned brother-in-law Lakshya (Namish Taneja).
Bizarre! Right?
So it goes like.. Lakshya will lock the couple’s room and tie a note informing them to reach terrace, where he would have created a beautiful set up for their Suhagraat.
The duo will be astonished to see all the decorations along with a romantic setup of the first night.
With this the viewers will surely get to see the much awaited love-drenched romantic moments shared between Swara and Sanskar amid their Suhagraat arranged by Lakshya.
WOW! Suhagraat on terrace.. under the stars!! Could it get any more romantic?!
raglak consummated 3 times..i was happy!! now swasan’s chance..i am damn excited…i also saw an olv in which swasan come late for morning puja and raglak teases them…whereas pari taunts them…
#excited…isnt it!!??? comment/express ur feelings below!!

Credit to: kritika

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  1. wowiiieeee!!!

  2. Itni ghatiyapanti sirf swaragini me hi ho sakti hai.they did not consummate till now.i don’t have problem with that but yeh baat lucky ko pata hain.i mean ohh’s really ridiculous. Lucky did all preparations for that.joke of the universe. Off course watcher’s dnt have brain so i can not blm to production.

    1. Yea,totally ridiculous, agree Raglak are close to swasan,but they also aware of this,embarrassing.

  3. I am so excited 4r that episode , finally ?????

  4. Hello unkown,
    agar aapko serial pasant nahi to stop watching.serial valo ne ya kisi viewerse ne aapse kaha he kya aap zaroor serial dekho aur other viewers ke baare mem suggestion dedho?

  5. I think now Swara would get pregnant and parish would do something bad.. Or may be her mom Sulekha would.. Like they would create tough moments for her which may lead to her miscarriage.. May be.. Guyss these are my thoughts.. So please don’t mind..

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