okk jannu – shivika part 5


Part 5

Ambulance come with Anika and take her inside the emergency ward and shivAy follow her he cant see her face he is going like mad somewhere in his heart he know that she is rhea but cant because shivaay singh oberoi always believe on proof but doctor take her ward just the vikram and ishana enter

Vikram : Hii i am vikram singhaniya
He show Anika pic and they tell him way of Anika ward where shivaay is standing

Vikram see shivaay he identify him and goes to him

Vikram : shivaay beta what are you doing here
Shivaay : uncle you all here
Vikram : because inside my daughter she risk her life saving someone

Shivaay : she save me from fire and risk her life we donot know each other than why she risk her life
Vikram : i hope she is fine
Shivaay : i inform to oberoi mansion about Anika

Shivaay call omru he tell whole story of Airport how Anika save him omru is left speechless

Omtell everything to his house and they come to hospital

Vikram and ishana is crying dadi come to vikram and consol him

Vikram : Maa after Avantika death my daughters is my everything but what happen to Anika if anything happen to Anika i never forgive myself

Dadi : Donot worry beta she is pure soul she help shivaay withput knowing him than how can god something bad happen with her
Vikram : i hope maa she is fine

Ishana is crying she run from there noone notice her but om saw her
Ishana go to temple and cry infront of god om come behind ishana she pray to god save her sister

Om come and patt on her shoulder she move and see om

Om : donot worry everything will be fine Anika is fine now donot cry
Om take her to chair and sit on her than he see her

Ishana : you know when i am 7 year old my mom dead because of accident then my Anika dii care me like my mom she never feel me that we have no mom she cry in alone but never left me to cry but now today she is fighting with death and i cant do anything
Then she hug om and om also understand her situation he reciprocate hug

Secne 3

Doctor come outside

Doctor : she is out of danger and now she is perfectly fine andshe is murmur veer name in unconsious state who is he please send to her shivaay cant listen this he is talking to someone on phone

Vikram is speechless and confuse

Ishana : okk doctore can we go inside to see her once

Doctor : only one pepole can go inside

Ishana : papa you go and see her i Am here

Vikram go and sit beside Anika sje is murmur veer name but he is confuse but he care her hair and talk to her but she is unconsious he come out

Shivaay : uncle can i see her once i want to say her thanks she save my life

Vikram : beta she is not consious and doctor refuse

Shivaay : okk uncle i will meet her later and thanks her
Vikram : yeah sure maa please you all go home tommorrow Anika is discharge i come with her
And ishana you also go with them and donot cry you are strong

Shivaay : uncle can i stay here
Vikram : beta why are you giving stress urself
Shivaay : no uncle no stress
Then shivaay phone ring

Shivaay : who the hell is he i tell you now i donot want to talk
Caller : sir Mr. Mehta is come from london and he is very angry because if you donot come than he cancel deal
Shivaay : what i cant come and noone force shivaay singh overoi do something so go tell him he cut call
Vikram : donot worry beta you go and attend meeting i. Here for Anika donot worry yo go and meet Anika tommorrow

He go hesitantly

Next morning

Om vikram Anika come out of car and shivaay is standing in hall and he can feel rhea(Anika) here Anika also feel veer (shivaay) she is restless and shivaay also but om take her inside and she enter in oberoi mansion

Shivaay see Anika and shout rhea and Anika see him with teary eyes shivaay come to running to Anika and hug her Anika also hug him

Anika : i miss you veer so much where are you
Shivaay : i also miss you so much rhea i miss you

Ishana shout : so its mean shivaay bhayia is same veer

All confusee


Ishkara tease shivika and shivaay take care of Anika

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