okk jannu – shivika part 4


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Part 4

Oberoi mansion

Shivaay is getting ready going for Airport but he isn’t intrested but he have to go for. His dadi

Shivaay pov

I donot know why i am doing this i was like everything is going like god wish. If in my destiny write Anika then. My marrige surely with her if in my fate rhea is written then one day we meet but i hope us din. Tak zayada der na ho jaye……

Singhaniya land in mumbai

Anika is in thought

Dii Are you thinking about veer say ishana

Anika : yes ishana i donot know. What written on my Fate but i know One thing God never. Do something wrong with me everything in this world happen with god wish and if in .y fate veer is written then i know once in my life i meet with him but now lets see who is shivaay singh oberoi

Ishana : ohh dii you are very desperate

Anika : shut up and listen i am goimg to washroom you go to dad and i will come

Ishana left

Shivaay come to Airport he thought first going to washroom he go to gents washroom and other side in. Ladies washroom in Anika

Suddenly fire Alaram is everyone shout and they run some security gaurd come and take ishana and vikram outside and they take them out

Ishana : in washroom my dii please ley me go inside
Vikram shout : let me go inside but security catch them

In inside
Everywher is smoke noone can see each other then Anika come out of washroom shivaay also come out but he is out of breath he cant take breath he cough repeatdly and then Anika notice him she cant see him clearly but realise something is diffrent but she hold him and he can also see her but no clearly but he understand that rhea is near to him he can feel her presence he know that girl holding him is reha and thenn Anika take him outside but fire is everywhere some artificial piller fire in this fell on shivaay but she push shivaay and fire catch her then some security come inside and anika pushing shivaay and catch girl fire and see shivaay and Anika And they see Anika burning
The take them outside with background door

Then shivaay come to sense And they boy tell them a girl save him she push him and fire catch him

Shivaay : where is she

Boy : she is going in this Ambulance

he(shivaay) also trying to go behind but he fail then he take his car and go with his car and follow Ambulance

Vikram to gaurd : see this is my daughter she left inside you see hrr

Gaurd : yes she is same girl she save that boy and fore catch her

Vikram is fell his whole world is destroyed but he compose and ask where is sh e

Boy : in city hospital

Ishana is crying but the go city hospital


Shivaay come to know that who is going to marry him Anika save him from fire but cant see her face

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  9. Rithik I am requesting you for one thing and that is if your are not busy while writing this ff please try write longer because such a small ff has no fun in it please if you could try to write longer. I am a fan of your ff and I read it everyday 2or 3 times but it is too small. I hope you can write a bit longer ff if you don’t have any problem. And keep it up your writing skills are awesome. But please try to write longer. I am not ordering you just suggesting you. And thank you once again for this fantastic ff

    1. Rithik

      Thanks and i will try to write long but pepole are not comment on my ff i m feel hurt but i will try to write long for you

      1. swetha.kannan

        Rithi did Anika face burnt

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