Okk Jannu – shivika (part 2)


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Part 2

Anika reach in hotel she go inside she go to reception

Hii here room book name of Anika singhaniya say ANIKA

yes mam room no . 101 say receptionist

Anika go with a staff and go to her room

Then shivaay enter in same hotel

Room book on name of shivaay singh oberoi say shivaay

Yes room 102 say receptionist

Shivaay go to his room

In Anika room
Anika phone ring and she see name daksh but she cut call
Oh god now i am away from all tension and that stupid pshyco daksh i tell him many time i donot want marry him but he is so stupid if my dad is not say then i will never say yes
then she calm herself
Okk relax Anika stop thinking about that daksh and now you are not Anika singhaniya you Are Rhea Mehta so relax and now i am going outside say Anika

In shivaay room

Shivaay phone bell ring

He see his phone and name flash on his mobile screen tia oh god i am really fed up of this universe and now i am going to breakup with this girl she is so annoying i am very tired of this stupid life now i am going to relax he cut call of tia and now i am going outside fun say shivaay

Shivaay Anika ce out of room same time the are infront of each other

Shivaay : Hey Rhea you here

Anika : yes veer yeah i m

Shivaay : ohh today we meet second time
Anika : yeah you come here for
Shivaay : for fun and you
Anika : i am also
Shivaay : Alone
Anika : yeah and i think you are all alone

Shivay : if you donot mind can i join you
Anika : yeah we both all alone in other country

Shivaay : yeah

They go outside
First they go to beach and they roam around shivaay admire Anika beauty

Shivaay : vaise you are beautifull
Anika : you are hot
Shivaay : you look s*xy
Anika : i know i m

Then they go Anika see aome pepole dancing she join them

Song start
Matargasti khuli sadak pa tagdi tadak bhadak mei

Anika take a cap from a man head and run away he run behind her but she held shivaay hand they both run

Song continue
Ole gire sulagate se sulagate se sadak pa chatri thi na bagal mai aaya hi na akal mai
Ke bhaage hum ya bheege hum akad mai to socha phir

Shivaay see some drama compney and start
Doing drama with them. And Anika click pucture him

Geela hua hain sukhana ho chahe zannana ya mardana ho
Phenka naya pasa
Phir de gayi naya zaansa aivey mujhe faasa matar gasti

Song end and shivika happy face 15 days passed shivika have feeling for rach other but they donot accpect
Shivaay : you know rhea in my all life i never enjoy this much i enjoy in 15 days thease 15.days best part of my life i never forget thease days

Anika ,: me also i never enjoy this much in my whole life i never feel someone so close to me then she realise what she said tommorrow myv last day on this trip and i go back to india i miss you

Shivaay : mee too

They both emotional
Shivaay come close to her and she see him and he start kiss on her lips and she also reciprocate and her hand on his hair their kiss is so passionate then she realise what she is donig she push him slightly and go out of room

Shivaay : oh god what happen to me i cant see her going away to me i m in love i really love her yes i m in love with rhea tommorow i tell her my real name everything and perpose her than she is mine

Next day

Shivaay is sleeping and suddenly he get up

Oh god how can i today i perpose Anika and tell my real name i know she is also love me now i m going to lerpose her and he go outside and decorate hotel party hall and write i love you rhea(anika) And he go to take Anika

He open Anika room but she isn’t in her room

Shivaay : Anika where are you

He search her cloths but nothing

He sits on his knee and start crying how can you Rhea(Anika) how can you go without telling me i love you (rhea) i will found you

1 year later

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