Okk Jannu – shivika (part 1)

Hii gyez i am back i stop my all pervious ff because i donot receive comments and jayshree i am sorry i know you miss my ff but i cant continue but i am back with new one and this is diffrent from real ishqbaaz


Shivaay singh oberoi – rude buisnessman but donot hate poor pepole he think all pepole equal in this world

Anika singhaniya – Bubbly beautifull carefree girl

All part same as ishqbaaz but they entre late in my ff

Part 1

O god today my first day in this country donot know what going to happen with me what written in my fate but i am going to enjoy here i am now on holidays and i m all alone now no restriction no rules only Anika singhaniya (yes gyez she is Anika )

Secne 2

A boy is walking on Airport and thinking O god now i am free all buisness meeting here i am not going to do Anything only relax and fun…. i do right i donot come with tia i am alone here no tia no meeting but i miss my brother okk donot worry i come here and i am going to enjoy so much now one no here i am shivaay singh oberoi ( yes he is our hero shivaay)

Anika is walking but A boy snatch her wallet and run away she run behind him shivaay see this and he also run behind him after much struggle shivaay catch that boy and take ANIKA bag and give her her eyes are close because she run very fast her breath is high she relax and open her eyes abd she see a beautifull eyes infront of her

Hello thankyou so much for this bag and you donot know how precious this to me say Anika

Why this bag give you your mom and dad aur you bro say by shivaay

Anika laugh

Why are you laughing say shivaay

Beacause in this bag i have my passport if i lost this i cant go back and you thought i am like typical heroine of indian drama say Anika

Okk whats your name say shivaay

Why are you asking ask Anika

Beause in other country we two indian meet so you can tell me say shivaay

Anika thought sometime then say Rhea Mehta

Then Anika ask whats your name

Shivaay also think and say veer Mehra

Anika : Thanks and the part away


Shivaay Anika meet in hotel


  1. Hasna


    |Registered Member

    wow awesome part dear am so happy u started new ff ….reading ur title I laughed a lot bcz today I thout to start a new ff with the same title[okk jaanu]

  2. Nainaa


    |Registered Member

    You rocked it Dear… awesome start… Keep going..
    And Send me the links from the next episode I really don’t want to miss your ff…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.