okk jaanu – shivika part 7


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Part 7.

Anika is going in corridor then someone held her hand and take her in room and it is none other shivaay

Anika : kya kar rahe ho shivaay koyi dekh lega
Shivaay :, dekhne do now we are going to marry so not a big deal
Anika : ohhk so tell me you miss me
Shivaay : you know in whole one year i miss you so much i find you every corner of this world but you didnt meet now promish me you never leave me
Anika : i promish you i never leave you you are my life how can i leave my life
Shivaay blush and stare in her eyes they have a deep eye lock

Shivaay come closer to her and try to kiss on her lips but she gently push him and say
Anika : itna Asan nahi hai Anika ko paana
Shivaay : ohh really now i promish i kiss you today
Anika : ohh you cant do
Shivaay : shivaay singh oberoi can do Anything
Anika : ohh okk lets see
Shivaay : okk deal
Anika run away
Shivaay : this girl is mad

Dadi come to Anika

Dadi : beta go for your ring cermony shopping and take shivaay also i will tell him

Dadi shout billu billu
Anika : dadi who is billu
Dadi : Arey shivaay
Anika : ohhkk and smile naughty

Rudra come

Rudra : Ahh bhabhi why are you smiling like this naughty
Anika : i come to know something intresting
Rudra : bhabhi please tell me i am realy eager to know
Anika : i can see
Rudra : tell me
Om : yeah Anika you look so exited what happen
Ishana : Ahh dii teel me
Anika : i come to know shivaay nick name billu

Rudra : Ahh babhi i know already i thought something exited
Dadi : kothyo chup ho jao
Shivaay come
Anika : lo billuji bhe aa gaye
Omishru : billuji aa gaye
Rudra : waise bhabhi i only know billu but billuji seem diffrent and hifi with ANIKA

Omish gigle

Shivaay : who tell her this name
Anika : what
Shivaay : you say now
Anika : billuji
Shivaay : yeah donot call me that
Anika : mai to kehna nahi chahti billuji aur mujhe koyi shok nahi hai apko billuji bulane ka vo to dadi ne bataya apka naam billuji hai to maine apko billuji bulaya mai to apko kabhi billuji bulaugi bhi nahi
Shivaay : you say in 2 minute 7 time and donot call me that
Anika : billu billu billu billu
Shivaay : stop it Anika
Rudra : i want to sing a song

Anika : yeah
Rudra : billu ki shaddi hogi billu dulha banega billu ghodi chadega billu billu billu

Anika ishana om and rudra laugh and shivaay fume in anger
Anika does hifi to Rudra

Ishana : why are you all tease my jiju
Shivaay : yeah ishana see
Ishana : stop now none call him billuji
Shivaay : yeah
Ishana : but jiju name is diffrenrt and intresting

Ishom Aniru laugh and does hifi shivaay fume in anger

They all go to shopping

Shivika omishru enter in mall

Shivaay : Anika what you want to take go and buy i m here
Anika : what you are coming with me
Shivaay : but what i will do
Anika : i donot you are coming
Shivaay smike naughy and say okey

Shivika go to enter in shop with gents and woman

Anika select dresses and shivaay also start for herself they both choose

Anika go to changing room and shivaay also go behind her

Anika enter suddenly shivaay also enter (donot worry noone see them )
Anika :.what are you doing here
Shivay : ohh i am come to take my revange
Anika : konsa revange
Shivaay : you forget ok i will remind you donot worry
Shivaay come close to her and come to her lips and she is open her lips then he come more closer she start breat heavily shivaay put his lips on her lips and they start kissing they kiss deply Anika hand on his hair

Shivika ring cermoney

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