okk jaanu – shivika part 3

Hii i am back thanks for your response gyez and i am glad you like it

Part 3

1 year later

A boy is sleeping in his room and two boys also sleep one leg on middle one leg and other hand on middle on hair
Yes gyez right side rudra left side om and middle shivaay

Shivaay get up and smile to see his brother sleeping peacfully

1 year where are you i donot know but i love you so much where are you if i meet you once in my life i ask you why you left without telling mee i know i donot tell you mu real name but i know i was introduced to us by fate and i know fate had parted us and now fate again introduce with new story i love you rhea(Anika)

Secne 2

A girl is standing in her room and ready to go office but she remember sething and her eyes is moist she remember veer(shivaay) where are you i know that day i donot want to come without meeting with you but i love you veer where are you i donot know what written on my fate but i know one thing that i love you so much if my love is strong than we meet one day in our life and i waiting for that day i love you

Secne 3

Dadi come shivaay room

Dadi : billu tomorrow your dad best frend come back to india vikram singhaniya with her faimly and they going to shift here

Shivaay : okk dadi what happen
Dadi : i request them to stay here for sometime because there house is some work going
Shivaay : okk dadi what happen they can stay here you want to ask anything you can ask
Dadi : see billu maine uski beti ka rishta tera liye manga hai

Shivaay : what dadi no way i cant marry her
Dadi : why
Shivaay : because i donot know her i never meet her
Dadi : i donot know anything you have to marry her she is so beautufull and good perfect for you i can die in 2 3 uear i wamt to see my great grand child

Then dadi emotionally blackmail shivaay

Shivaay : okk dadi

Dadi go happily

Shivaay : what the hell i did i love rhea how can i say yes for marrige i donot know what going on please god save me from this marrige

Secne 4

Vikram come to Anika

Vikram : all packing done
Anika : yes dad tommorow we are leaving for india
Vikram : yes beta i want to ask you something you have to promish me you donot say no
Anika : you can order me not ask you are my dad and if you say something its my responsiblity to fulfil your wish

Vikram : ok then promish you donot say no
Anika : okk promish

Vikram : yeh nHi kasam wala promish .
Anika : okk baba kasam wala promish

Vikaram : we are going india for your marrige

Suddenly someone shout from outside marrige are you serious i mean di going to marry dad you take kasam wala promish now Anika dii never break her kasam wala promish

Vikram : yes ishana i want you both settle after you mom death you both my life i want to see you both happy

Anika is silent

Vikram : whats ur decision
Anika : yes papa

Vikram is happy and hug her daughter go for prepration

Anika is hurt and silent and cry silentky Ishana hug her both cry

Episode end

Shivaay life in danger Anika save him

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