Oii Romeo..!!!

Hii frnds how r u dng?? Im aksharaa here back with first epi of oii romeo…and let me tell u one thing this ff is of 5 shots….hope u lve it..

THE first shot starts with AP telling DP that they mst go to SHEKHAR’S house to see Swara. uttara smiles and dp accepts. Suddenly there comes sanskaar running and accidentally fell on uttara. Uttar cries in pain and sanky gets up asks sorry. Uttara exclaims,”bhaiyaa you i thought laksh bhai. wah re wah got in romance mood ah.. just now we r talking abt babhi and u came how much love….wow”
Sanskaar pulls uttara’s ears..
Sanskaar: idiotic uttara who is bhabhi i will not marry..thats it…btw tell me where is laksh i want to see him immediately..
AP: Sanky who asked ur permission.i decided very good girl she is …u r gonna marry her…
Sanskaar: ma this is totally illegal u must ask my permission..
AP DP and Utara goes neglecting him.
Sanskaar: hey family wait come on nobody is respecting me and this laksh where the hell is he??
Sanskaar goes to laksh room and sees him sleeping. He shakes him hard and laksh wakes up panicked and slaps sanky saying he spoiled his dream marriage. Sanskaar asks sorry and tells him that he want to take his advice for two things..
Laksh : what mr.perfect wnt to take Romeo’s advice that too on two things wow ask ask??
Sanskaar: don’t call yourself Romeo i cant hear it its disgusting..and u r causing guilt to name Romeo..anyways hey bro yesterday a girl called me and proposed me yaar she told me she is loving me for six mnths..
Laksh: what now u spoiled my day..come on bro how would a girl lve u that too fr six mnths come on u have missunderstod she would have taken my name and u misunderstood it to be urs..
Sanskaar:no laksh im sure she told sanskar i lve u..pls tell me yaaar how could i reject her..if i did so she would get hurt…so pity right..
Laksh:ohh sanky its medical miracle that a girl proposed u and u r talking abt rejecting her what is this yaar and i accept u want to be more successful but already u r…its okay do one thing tell her that mom has choosen a girl and u r gonna marry her..and for this marriage u go there tell to that girl that u have been proposed to another and cal off this marriage and most importantly don’t forgot to give my num to that girl who proposed u..
Sanskaar:wow fantastic idea yeah ill do it and that phn no too ill do it…

Swara: Ragini get up yaaar mom told that sanskaar’s family is coming home come on get up hurry
Ragini gets up in hurry and gets ready
Ragini:wow swara just because ur in laws are coming u got up ready good girl..
Swara:ok ok now can we call sanskaar and lets play with him..
Swaragini winks and calls
Sanskaar: hare laksh here the call came what to do yaar..
Laksh grabbed phn from him and attends.
Swara: hi sanky hw r u? And have u thought abt my lve?i heard tht u r gonna marry another one reject her.. im in lve with u for past 6 mnths..
Laksh: hi dear hope i call u with that name cause u didn’t tell ur name right.. and yeah dear u r the first girl to propose me cause im too boring type so ill reject that girl and marry u ok wait ill say this to mom..
Swaragini panicks .ragini gets phn.
Ragini: haan sanky yesterday u were speaking so bored but now what happened suddenly?
Laksh: change is mandatory dear and u knw what love is contagious it just spread frm one to another just like me frm u…love u dear..why u waited six mnths u might have told me na…its okay ill say this to my mom and call off my marriage..
Sanskaar smiles at him and laksh winks at him saying that this girl is sweet and will understand…and says i know abt girls..
Swara : wait are u have u seen bride’s picture?
Laksh: yeah i have seen.she is ugly..uff..i got vomit..
Swaragini fumes..swara became angry.
Swara: ohh then let me tell u one thing im swara galgodia the bride…
Sanlak panicks and sanky keeps his hands in his head..
Laksh: ohh swara actually….
Ragini grbs it frm swara
Ragini: ohh sanskaar im swara’s sisy u r so boring and my sister deserve a romeo, but still she felt pity on u and accepted u but u….
Laksh ; hello stop it. this is laksh his bro….who is boring what did u know abt him only queen deserves him..he is Mr.Perfect. u know what u did a prank and that why we too did and sry we didn’t see ur sisy’s picture we were just kidding..and u have no rights to say anything abt my bro..
Sankskaar grabs phn frm him and tries to call off..
Swara: sanskaar wait i can understand.. im not saying u boring ok..
Ragini calls off the phn nd sanky calls off here..
Sanskaar hugs laksh and tells him,”laksh until then u were taunting me that im really boring but suddenly why did u burst out yaar?”
Laksh: wow my bro sanskaar who never talks to me more than 15 mins have now hugged me..and sanky only i have right to scold u not everybody..u r too good and if that means u r boring then im proud to say that im ur bro yaar .and u knw what bhabhi is so sweet her sis is vampire but still see bhabhi supported u…
Sanskaar: yeah swara is somehow good but why she did prank on me what have i done for her???
Laksh laughes and sanlak goes down and maheshwaris departs to baadi..
Ragini: swara he don’t deserve u diii..his bro is a devil but the good thing is their bro bonding its good..and u knw wht i have met aperson yesterday he saved me and wow his approach he is charming dii
Swara: no ragini actually see their bros bonding its as strong as ours..and the mistake was also ours we might not have judged him as boring right…u knw wht this will be interesting..adventure is my breath and ive got a prey for it yeah its SANSKAAR. Let me make him an pure entertainer..
Ragini: swara pls leave him so pity of jiju…dont play with him yaar..he is innocent..
Swara : ragini he is going to be my husband let me play with him wholly it will be really entertaing and mazaa..u knw what till now i thought ROMEO type are interesting but playing with an introvent and innocent type is more interesting than that…
Swaragini hugs eo and dances around..
Maheshwaries are at baadi

Dadi shekhar sumi welcomes ap and dp sanlak comes behind them they sat and sumi ask abt uttara n dap answers she went to college.
Swaragini comes to hall and laksh pnaicks and gets up ragini too panicks and sanskar ask what happend and they tell everything..
Swara whispers in ragini’s ears,”ragini ur romeo is really hot but u have told him devil right…”
Ragini,”no no no forget everything see jiju how cute he is..” swara winks at ragini. Ragini shyly giggles.
Sanskaar asks laksh,”hey this is suhani right..”
Laksh pinches him and says RAGINI.
Sanskaar smiles and says” suhani or ragini anyways well call her vampire”
Laksh smiles at him. Shekahr introduces everybody and ask ragini to give sweets to them. Ragini comes up with sweet plate and goes near laksh and swara intentionally slips ragini and she falls on laksh sanskar catches the plate and laksh catches ragini.
Swara smirks. Ragini blushes and laksh makes her sit and shekhar ask wheather she is ok and ragz nods. Ragini looks at swara and swara gives a cunning look. Then ragini tell that swara wants to talk to sanskaar alone. Sanskaar looks at swara and swara nods noo.ragini insist and sumi ask them to talk.. sanskaar goes with swara.
Swara : sorry for what happened earlier and sanskaar mera pathi parameshwar r u willing to marry me..
Sanskaar: how could u talk like this swara i mean for looking at u itself im scared and blushed but u r so brave and yeah i will marry but….
Swara: thats it we r gonna marry i love u jii
Swara hugs sanskaar he stand still she then moves to hall.sanskaar feels smtg strange and comes to hall.ragini thinks to herself ,”wait swara as u have made me feel awkward i will revenge u with jiju..”

Swara’s frnds ask her while all boys are after her why she is marring a boring one. sanskaar hears this and gets sad. Swara burst out against her frnds supporting sanskaar which makes him smile instantly. Laksh drags ragini to his arms and promises her that he would erase all girls frm his life..ragini looks at him surprised.

Tq so much for ur welcome for previous episode the link for that is here..


thank u silent readers and commentors..lve u a lot keep smiling and stay blessed :D:D;D


  1. Akshaya


    |Registered Member

    Arrey wah akshu.indha part nalla irruku. Sanlak and swaragini ellam awesome and pranks too. Waiting for the next especially raglak

  2. Nainaa


    |Registered Member

    I am in love with this one. I don’t know why I have been blushing constantly while reading this and Raglak and Swasan are so cute and sweet and Raglak are on fire. I am just loving your portrayal of characters and all… Keep going and I am waiting for next shot…

  3. Mynalove


    |Registered Member

    wow the first part was a total disaster and so funny
    the second part was a bit romantic

    so sorry di i couldn’t comment on the intro

    and i like this ff more

  4. Baavanaa


    |Registered Member

    Wow wow woooow d Ammu
    Really superb . l like it very much😘😘😘😘😘.its really fantastic.cont this .no words to say simply superb

  5. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Hshaha semma comedy dhool chapie aksh… chapie full ah siruchutey irundhen… kalakita po…..
    post chapie soon.. ragini embarasment scene joooper…
    And add ss 1 to the title… apram kolapitum readers ku…

    • Maha016


      |Registered Member

      akshu oru nimisham unga rendu peroda cmnts ayum introla paathen so let u clear u…akshu idhu i mean navi she is our sissy that too elder sissy n thala…n akka idhu aksh aksharaa she is also 11std my frnd apparam iva erkanave oru stry eludhitu irruka that is tum ho mera sukoon aur dard…ok ippo rendu perum clear dhane…hehee nane inga oru new intro page koduthuten…

  6. sruthi

    Its juzzt fantastic yaar…i juzt luv this story….especially tat swasan nd raglak scene s vry cute nd sweet…keep on rockng nd writing d stry…im eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi post it soon…luv u dr..😘😘😘

  7. Anurta


    |Registered Member

    Really amazing 😀😀😘😘😘😘😀😀😀😘
    But I’ve a confusion is swara playing prank on sanskar or she really loves him???
    Plz….plz….clear my doubts….
    Waiting eagerly for ur answer
    Post next part soon…….plz…

  8. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Wohooo!!!amaznggg update.
    ..hehe dese sissys r impossible :D…loved d brothers bondng…waitng for precap eagerlyy!!!update ws super entertaining 😉 keep rockng n stay blessed sweeeeety 😉 😀
    N adv.happy new year dear 😀

  9. SwaSanFan.Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Awww..awsum.loved it..amzing…bt dnt let swara play wid Sanskaar’s Feelings Plzz show their Real n Matured Love Story off course wid some Masti n Naughtiness..hope u r gettong my point..n continue soon plz..

  10. Maha016


    |Registered Member

    yaarrrr akshu loved it…u know i love sanskar more than swara…but unnoda stryla swara is a prankster i love swara more than sanky….loved it love u dear….tc HAPPY NEW YEAR…MAY GOD BLESS U WITH ALL HAPPINESS…..

    • Aksharaa



      unna poi marapena maha ji nan laa kuda pesalaya athan…mathapadi i lve u nga maha jiiii happy new year in advance god unaku ellam kudupaaru:-D:-D:-D

  11. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    one thing its nt boring…..its so interesting…..first one was too funny nd this…..romantic as well as funny…..sanlak nd swaragini shares a awesome bond,…….nd i sure swasan nd raglak will share same awesome nd lovely bond .. ….keep writing like this,…….nd upload next part soon

  12. IME


    |Registered Member

    ohh it was soo good I am smiling ri8 now you wrote fantastic yrr how could you write so good mai apne emotions control nai kar paa rahi and swaragini and sanlak ar impossibe you wrote to good love u yrr………………….eagerly waiting for nxt part its too good excellent fantastic…….
    love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    • Aksharaa



      Aree dii bhahut sukriya aapka pyaari comment ke liye…and haply new ywar in advance….keep smiling and rocking in this new year u will be always successfull love u more than anything diii:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

  13. MAHIRA


    |Registered Member

    arre wah…. more and more loving this nuthy Swara and cuty Sanskar… i’m sure can turn to be nauthier than her :p

  14. Laaa


    |Registered Member

    hiiiiii akshu laaa here back in tu after sooo many days…i missed u dear…hope u also missed me n mahi said that u asked about me soo i m here for u n akshu indha ff it was awesome dear loved it superb semma tharu maaru kalakitting chance illa pichu erinjuta…hehee idhku mela tamil vartha theriyala…n yeah unmaiyave it was out of the world keep going dear…love u…bye

  15. SNY


    |Registered Member

    Wow..semma semma epi….kalakitta poooo
    Ennaku idha concept rmba pidichurukku akshzz…

    advance Hpy New year dr….tc

  16. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Fabulous… Loved it.. It’s not boring at all😠😠..It’s so funny😂😂.. Swasan are too cute😘😘…Precap is exciting.. Keep going dear…Waiting for nxt..Sorry for the late comment dear actually I was busy..


  17. Mintu

    Suprb sis..nenga tamilian ah???? rmba happyh iruku..😍😍 Unga story chanceless.. Ragini swara kita na oru paiyan ah pathn avan rmba kind nu sonnadhu laksh dhana sis..apidi nu na nenaikurn.. Raglak neriya romantic scenes kudunga..neriya SR stories eludhitey irukanga..

    • Aksharaa



      Sr a rmba miss panren atha ama sis athu laksh than aprm rmba nandri…kandipa neenga oder panneteenga nan ezhuthama irupena aprm continue a padinga oii romoe and happy new year sis keep rocking and smiling:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

  18. Raina


    |Registered Member

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo superb. i loved it.
    <————— running to next chappy

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