Oii Romeo..!!! shot 2

Hiiiii frnds im Akshu back here with second shot of oii romeo…to torture u all….so how u all doing??obviously very good without my ff…haha just kidding…
It was the next day..swara invited all her frnds to her home to enjoy her marriage news. Ragini thinks it will be the perfect moment to revenge swara for her previous embarrassing moment. Ragini then calls Sanskaar.
Ragini : jiju jiju swara is calling u to our home. She want to tell u something it seems pls come jiju
Sanskaar : hare ragini what is with ur sissy do she want me come there for telling something, she could tell that through phn na?

Ragini : so u would not come. U would not come for ur future wife. U don’t even have 10% of love which swara have on u. So sad im really worried that my better half is going to marry someone who doesn’t love her..oh god pls save her..
Sanskaar : oh my god kitne drama yaar? Oii drama queen who is ur better half she is mine. She is my better half ok. And what do u want me to do.. i must come right ok ill be there.
Ragini{smiles} : so sweet jiju..love u..
Sanskaar{naughtily} : sorry dear im already engaged hope u r not broken. Sorry im gonna marry someone who for the first time made me feel myself…
Ragini : ufff jiju i told i love but u have become naughty after being with swara..ok ok come soon..

Sanskaar{smilingly} : ok ok ill come bye..
Laksh comes there and ask him where he is going..
Sanskaar : ohh laksh from the moment u saw ragini with swara i have became ur Juliet.. u have been following me since then and see now..even over possessive wife will not smell her hubby like this but u have became my shadow.
Laksh : uff sanky what to do yaar, how can i see ragini? if im not with u.. and she, knowing that u r going to be her sisy hubby but always calling u she don’t even thought to call me so unfair she forgotten me..
Sanskaar put his hands around him and consoles him laksh tells that he would come with him and sanskaar accepts.
In baadi
Sumi and shekhar welcomes them and tells them that swara is in her room. Sanskaar goes. Ragini hears them coming and runs to hall to stop them. Laksh eyes search for ragini and when he is about to turn ragini stops just a finger gap before him. Both share an eye lock (ishq Mubarak plays). Ragini then ask him where is sanskaar and he tells her that he had gone to bhabhi’s room. Ragini panicks and thinks about swara frnds words.

When ragini crosses swara’s room she heard swara’s frnd telling her how could she survive with a matured and boring one..
Fb ends
Ragini hurries laksh and tells him that she had to stop sanskaar frm going there as he might have misunderstood the scenario. Laksh cant understand anything and ragii leaves. Laksh knowing that there was nobody drags ragini into his arms. Ragini looks at him and he tells,
Laksh ; ragini i know why u r avoiding me, i know u are scared of my love cause im a playboy and im flirting with many girls. Ragini now i promise u i would erase all girls frm my life and i would give myself purely to u. I promise i would never leave u never.
Ragini looks at him surprised. And laksh keep his hands on her head and she smiles and says
Ragini : hare paagal who told u im in love with u? There is no such bakwass like that.
Laksh: is that so, i thought u r, cause ur eyes is telling something to me, ok if u r not in love means i would continue with tina.
Just then Tina calls and ragini gets angry. He was abt to take her call and ragini cuts it.
Ragini : ok ok romeo i was just kidding don’t forget that u have promised ok.
Laksh winks and ragini remembers sanky and runs laksh cant understand why she is running and follows murmuring,”what is with this girl always running or falling i think i have to follow her or catch her for my whole life”
At the same time near swara’s room :
Sanky goes to swara’s room and stops seeing her frnds and tries to knock the door but stops hearing them.

Swara frnd : swara when the whole college is after u why r u marrying an introvent one. They will be damn boring yaar.
Sanky gets sad on this.Swara gets angry on hearing and burst out.
Swara : stop it. What do u know abt my fiancée he is not introvent he only shares everything with me only me. He is mr.perfect. he cares abt me and he is so responsible i would love to play with him. He is so cute. When his whole family is scared of him and respect him he enjoys with me each and every moment. U have no right to judge him. I love him i know abt him.
Sanky gets happy and enters the room every body there r surprised and swara welcomes him and everybody else taunts her to spend time with him and leaves raglak comes and sees them leaving. Laksh comment how beautiful all rare and ragini pulls his ears. He cries ouch and pleads her to leave telling her that they r nt as beautiful as her.
Sanskaar : wow swara meri pyari patni, how supportive u r! Thank u god for giving her..
Swara giggles. sanskaar holds her and smilingly ask her not to giggle. Swara blushes and he tries to kiss her. She runs away. Seeing that raglak becomes happy and laksh ask her to see them and says she u r not cooperating. Ragini too blushes and laksh ask her to convey this to family. Ragini agrees.
Sanskaar follows her and sees a couch and sits on it asking her to come to him. Swara stands before him. Sanskaar gets up and drags her towars him. She ask him ,”ohh my god mera victim behaves like romeo may be because offffff….”

Sanskaar completes it by saying,” mera pyari naughty swara”
Swara laughes and sanskaar says,”i was just kidding not naughty u r duchy a devil”
Swara makes pout and sanky laughes at her swara becomes irritated and beats him he holds her hands and says,”no its unfair to beat ur hubby show some respect shona”
Swara : ohh respect mera pathi parameshwer wants respect ok ok ill give u she then pushes him to bed and falls on him.


Laksh tells everything to maheshwari. Sumi shekhar and dadi cries badly. Swasan goes in car to picnic and sanskaar tells her that he would die if she is not with im. She gets emotional and tells him she is getting emotional for the first time.


Thank u darlingzzzz for all ur love and support love u a lot.. keep supporting… how was this one pls comment down..keep smiling :D:D:D:D
Intro of oii romeo


first episode

thank u frnds once again love u all…

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    laksh’s character is so adorable and, aww! sanskar turned asanskari being with swara. swara supporting sanskar scene was toooo good, this shot was also very very very nice. i loved it and enjoyed every bit of it, *hugs and kisses*

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