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IMPO NOTE : guys actually in intro the whole water play was held in swasan’s dadi house not in swara’s house…!!!

|SHOT 1|

Epi starts from sanlak reaching mumbai !!


” buddy its going to be a month since u came here !! But till now u didnt visit the MMP !! ” asked laksh with widen eyes…!!

” yaar lucky aise kya hai uss MMP me !! ” asked sans with attitude…!! ” oii buddy it is a famous pani puri stall in mumbai…!! “( just my imagination )

” hmm ok lets go today eve !! ” said sans to which lucky jumps on him…!! ” u ll get to what is special there !! ” said laksh…!!

” matlab !! ” asked sans confusedly…!! ” i said na u ll get to know !! Ok bye will meet u there ok !! I ll msg u the address bye !! ” said laksh nd run from there….!!


Laksh is waiting for sanskar in the restraunt !! Than he saw swasan coming in !! ” he is saying that they are best friends !! But diktha aise nahi hai !! ” laksh thinks…!!

” hey lucky / hai laksh !! ” swasan wished him…!! Laksh smiled nd wished them back…!!
They sits in their respective places…!!

” abhi bolo na lucky yaha kya famous hai !! ” asked sans…!! To which swara splits out the water…!! Sanskat rubs her back ” are u ok !! ” he asked in concern…!!

Swara nods ” hey sanky tum na sach me baccha hoon !! First look around !! There are many beautiful girls are here !! So thatz y boys prefer this place !!

Nd this place is famous for two things one is panipuri !! Nd another one is girls !! Thats y girls nd boys prefers this place !! ” xplain swara to kidoo sanskar….!!

Laksh laughs seeing his xpressions…!! Sans glares at him…!! ” xcuse me u continue !! I ll be back ” said laksh nd leaves to the girls side…!!

” OI MS.COUSIN how do u know this much haan !! ” said sans…!! ” oh hello i m a clg girl ok !! I know everything !! How come u all this u r such a oldie na ” swara said while sipping the juice…!!

” oi oi i cmplted my degree two years back only ok !! I m not oldie !! I m just 24 ok !! Gorilla cousin !! ” said sanskar..!!

” oh acha than let ask u some question about clg language !! Are u ready !! ” ask swara…!! ” yes ofcourse !! I ll prove u wrong ms.cousin ” said sanskar…!!

” what is OG !! ” swara asked to which sanskar gave answer in second ” ok figure !! ” said san with a smirk…!! ” not bad mr.cousin !! ”

” come on !! Come on next question !! ” asked sanskar with curios…!! ” awesome continue…?? ” swara asked ” plzz stop the bakwass ” answered sans…!!

” ok final question !! What is taj !! ” swara asked to which sanskar looks blank…!! ” come on mr.cousin !! Tell me the answer!! u r not a oldie rite !! 1…2…3…!! ” said swara…!!

Sanskar came near her…!! His breath touched her neck…!! Sanskar ” hot girl !! ” wispers in her ears…!! Swara composes herself ” ok i agree u r not a oldie !! ”

” ok now its my turn !! I ll ask u only one question ok !! Nd the question is what is SPL !! ” asked sanskar to which swara bcm numb nd starts to rubs her hands on her neck…!!

” haan haan come on MS.COUSIN !! Tell me the answer !! Tick tick 1 !! Tick tick 2 !! One count is balance ms.cousin !! Tick ti…!! ” before he could cmplt swara closed his mouth with her palm…!!

Nd goes near his face ” SUDDENLY PRODUCED LOVE ” said swara looking into his eyes…!! Sans widen his eyes…!! Swara takes her bag nd leaves…!!


swayaz was standing in the bustop waiting for the bus !! ” behana today is strick ” a passingby uncle said to swayaz…!!

” oh shit di !! Today no bus !! Hmm acha ok come lets go for movie !! ” said yaz in xcitement…!! ” nhi come lets go to home !! ” said swara..!!

” u r soo boring !! ” said yaz looks around nd found sanskar coming in the bike…!! Yaz ran to him nd stops his bike…!!

” hey lil devil !! What r u doing here nd where is ms.cousin ( looks back nd found swara standing in bustop ) oh acha today u dont know today is strick !! Ok come my flat is near lets do some masti ” said san while winking at swara…!!

” oh di !! Come on lets go to sanky’s flat !! ” said yaz…!! ” no i wont come !! ” said swara while turning her face…!!

” what happen to sanky !! Did u fought with her !! ” said yaz..!!

” chii chii yaz u know na ms.cousin asked me to stay in ur house but i denied it na !! So from that day we had challenge who ll come to their home first !! Losing one will need to give a treat thats y!! ” said sanskar while getting off from the bike..!!

” yaz i m going to house !! ” said swara nd leaves…!! Yaz follows her…!! Sans smiles nd leaves from there….!!

Sanskar standing in a tea stall just than a man came ” bhai can u help us there a car got struck we have push it !! Before the traffic came !! ” sans nods nd left with him

In a car a girl is sitting wearing a short skirt with sleeveless top nd collers…!! A group of boys along with sans pushing that car…!! The girl turns on the engine while all the boys fell on the road…!!

All boys scold her…!! She stops the car after some distance…!! ” just for fun !! ” she shouted from the car while looking back…!! Sanskar getsup ” intresting !! ”


Sanskar was cleaning his flat !! Or we can say hiding the bear bottles just than the door bell rings….!! Sans opens the door nd pinches himself…!!

” oh that means this is true !! Ms.cousin had finally came to my flat haan !! ” said sans while going inside…!!

” oi oi mr.cousin bua is coming 2mrw thats y !! I came here to see that did u hide ur bear bottles ” asked swara while getting inside..!!

” haan haan so do u agree that u have lost the bet !! ” asked sans while hiding a photo frame…!! ” huhu whatever by the way bua asked me that…!!” Said swara while ran nd takes the photo frame…!!

” hahaaaahaaa mr.cousin !! This lil boxers is soo cute !! ” said swara while pulling sans cheeks !! ” oi ms.cousin that was my childhood boxer !! Maa only did this !! She is saying that she will give this to my future wife ” said sans…!!

” hahaaa ur future wife is really lucky !! ” said swara nd laughs…!! ” how !! ” asks sans with a smirk…!!

” haan this messy flat !! Pagal pati !! Nd this cute boxer frame she ll get all this na…!! ” said swara with a smile nd twisted his ears…!! ” tu swara ki bachi ” said sanskar b4 starts to chase her…!!


ap came to sans flat nd does some pooja for his upbringings…!! Than left to swara’s house…!! But not sanskar..!!


the same girl ( guys remember the car wali ) came nd slides in her car…!! Nd gets shocked to see the keys are missing..!! She came out…!! Nd hears a whistle…!!

Nd turns to see sans standing there leaning in his nike..!! With her keys in his hands…!! ” hey u !! Y u take my keys !! ” said girl…!!

” just for fun !! Ms.ragini d’souza ” said sanskar…!! Sits on his bike…!! Ragini looks at him with weird xpression..!!

” i m also a prankster ms.ragini !! Will meet u soon if destiny wants !! ” said sanskar nd leaves from there…!!

” not bad haan !! Intresting !! ” said ragini…!! Nd takes her spare keys nd gets in…!! sanskar again came in his bike ” gadi chalane ke liye tyre bhi zarori hai ms.ragini !! ” saying so sanskar leavez…!!

Ragini getsdown nd notices that…!! Her car’s back wheel is not there…!! Hehee…!! Ragini stamps her foot nd calls someone…!!


Ap & shemish were sitting in the living room as always they are talking about swasan…!! Here sanyaz are packing ap’s stuffs…!! Swara didnt came…!!

Ap is sitting in san room…!! Yaz came there with coffee…!! ” did u made this coffee…!! ” ap asked to which yaz nods…!! ” bohot achi hai beta..!! ” yaz left…!!

” sanskar beta do u know if swara made coffee..!! She is put the whole sugar bottle in this ” said ap with a smirk…!! ” maa now y r u blaming swara !! ” asked sanskar with lil anger…!!

” i didnt blame her !! Waise sanskar shall i talk to shekar !! ” asked ap to which sans glares her ” maa i said na we both are good friends thatz it we dont think about this marriage stuffs !! Ab packing hogaye come lets leave !! ”

Saying so sanskar leaves with bags…!! ” will see my son !! ” said ap leaves behind him…!!

sanskar is coming back after droping ap at railway station..!!
Its suddenly starts raining heavily…!! Sanskar stops his bike nd sheltered under a tree…!!

A car came nd stops infront of sanskar…!! Ragini come out from the car with an umberlla..!! Ragini walks towards him…!! ” hi mr.sanskar may i help u..!! ” said ragini while singhs him to come in to umberlla..!!

Sanskar grabs the umberlla from her…!! Nd wispers a thank u leaving ragini in rain…!! ragini came into the umberlla..!! ” i like ur attitude !! ” said ragini while smiling at him..!!

” all girls have said this xcept ms.cousin ” said sanskar ragini smiles…!! ” can u give me ur phone…!! ” said sanskar…!! Ragini gives him phone he dials the no nd puts it near his ears…!!

” i cant hear the ring !! ” said sans confusedly..” call jane ke liye mobile bhi zarori hai mr.sanskar !! ” said rags…!! Sanskar looks at her she grabs nd opens it nd takes out a pencil…!!

Sanskar ” pencil box…!! ” asked sanskar to which ragini giggles…!! They talked for sometime…!! Or we can ms.d’souza is admiring our sanskar…!!
Precap : ragini proposing sanskar…!! Sanskar proposing swara….!! rejection….!!

How was the shot do cmnts i ll post nxt if i get 20+ otherwise no updates…!! Bye

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