Oi ms.cousin – SWASAN 2 SHOTS ( INTRO )

Oiii ms.cousin – SWASAN TWO SHOTS ( INTRO )

heya guys !! Here is a two shots on our lovely fav awesome heavenly couple !! Hope u guys will like it !! Nd do comments thats must !! Nd guys read this part with patience plzzzz !! Ok first let me introduce the characters !!

Here we go…..!!

SANSKAR MAHESHWARI : hero of our story !! Son of dp & ap maheshwari !! Had two devil cousins !! Working at ad agency !! Happy go lucky guy !! Loves his family !! Nd best frnd of his cousins !! ( age 24 )

SWARA GUPTA : heroin of our story !! Daughter of shemish gupta !! First devil cousin of sanskar !! Studying final year arts !! Loves her papa !! Matured girl !! ( age 21 )

YAZINI GUPTA : little sister of swara or we can say partner in crime !! The second devil cousin of sanskar !! Studying engeneering 1st year !! Ms.cool ( age 19 )

SHEKAR & SHARMISHTA GUPTA : parents of swayaz !! Want swasan to get married !! Ap is big sister of shekar !! Lives in mumbai !!

DP & AP MAHESHWARI : parents of sanskar !! He is their world !! Want him to marry swara !! Lives in pune but now sanskar was in mumbai working in a ad agency !!

LAKSH KAPOOR : friend of sanskar, collegue !! Fun loving or we can say second hero of our story !!

RAGINI D’SOUZA : working in rival agency of sanskar’s !! Arrogant nd prankster !! ( age 23 )

SAHIL ARORA : for now he is enemy of sanskar !!

Here we go with INTRO of Oi ms.cousin


two boys were going in bike
Boy 1 – ” sanskar where are u taking me !! ”
San – ” hey lucky come on yarr its sarasvathi pooja lets celebrate ”

Saying so sanskar speeds up the bike !! They stops infront a house not so bigger nd not so small !! They goes in !! They are like market !! Fully hustle bustel !!

” buddy are we going to celebrate our party here ” lucky asked with disbelief…

” who said its a party !! Its a pooja !! Lets invite some divine power in you ” said sanskar nd winks making lucky to drops his jaw…!!

” hey !! Hey !! Carefull dont ” b4 lucky could complete the servent had splashed the whole gravey in lucky !! Sanskar burst out in laughter !!

” sorry sir !! Our hands got slipped !! ” said the servants…” its ok ” said sanskar controlping his laughter….servant leaves !!!

” what a party buddy !! Unbelievable ” lucky said in disbelief….sanskar laugh out loud

Sanskar’s laugh stops as a girl splashed a glass of water on his face !! Laksh looks them with confusion !! San looks at the girl nd smiles !!

An another girl in kancheepuram saree came there !! Nd smiles at sanskar he smiles back nd the girl splash water on his face !! He shooks his head !!

” hey !! Who are u ” laksh asks being confused !! Sanskar wipes his face ” this is YAZ lil devil nd this is SWARA the beauty with devil brain ” said sanskar while cursing his fate

” my two devil cousins ” said sanskar !! ” but these are looking like beauty princess ” said laksh !!

“Ahem ahem ” a voice came frm behind sanskar takes his blessing…” now who is this buddy ” laksh murmurs in sanskar’s ears…!!

” u can say me as the father this two beauty princess !! and sanskar will say me as father devil of these two devils ” shekar said with smile !! ” uncle…..” sans looks at him in nd shooks his head

After the pooja all are siiting in the hall !! Nd finally sanskar starts up the convo

” and for what was that ms.cousin ” sanskar asks while pinching swara’s nose !!

” that was for coming late !! And this is for pinching my nose !! ” said swara nd again splash a glass full of water in his face !!

” Nd i wont leave u this time ” saying so sanskar starts to chase swara !! They goes to washroom sanskar puts the whole bucket of water on nd came out while cleaning his dress….

” done with ur revenge ” ask yaz !! Sanskar looks at her nd splash water on her ” now done nd uncle i m leaving to delhi today ” said sanskar nd drags lucku nd leaves frm there while bidding bye to everone !!

Swara came out with broom stick after changing ” where is that duffer !! Baagaya huh idiot ” all laughs at her act !! Shekar made her sit beside him !!

” beta do u like him !! ” shekar asked swara with a positive answer !!

” papa i know what do u going to ask next !! So papa nd ma listen i like sanskar !! Infact i love him as a friend !! But marriage we dont have that idea papa we both are good friends !! Sanskar are thinking me as a good frnd !! ” said swara !! Shemish bcm sad hearing ther ans but they had hope they will accept one day
Athour’s pov :

We can see there is a tough cricket match is going on !! Nd this is the last ball of the innings…!!

” here sahil is going to throw the final ball…!! Now mumbai agency needs only 6 runs…!! Nd we have sanskar on the stricking side…!! Oh sahil had throwed the ball !! Yeah thats it sanskar the ball woooo wooo the ball is going higher nd higher…..!! Hoooo that was a boundary….!!! Yeah congrats goa agencies u have won the match…!! Nd here is sanskar is walking out with 48 runs !! ” commentater mentioned the whole scenerio as the match got finished….

Its a match of ad agencies associations all the agencies throughout the india is participating in it…its just like 50 yrs celebration of the association….!!

Sanskar came to the room along with his colleges or we can say team members….

Laksh came runningly towards the irritated sanskar ” hey buddy awesome man u had scored 48 runs yaar ”

” tho kya i loose with that sahil ” sanskar said with anger…” buddy kya hua tum dono ke beech har baar lad rahi ho ” laksh asked being confused…

” i dont know lucky i just hate him ” said sanskar….

With this sentence their room door got bang opened…!! Sahil nd his team members came in with their bags !! His friends starts to throw out the things in the room !!

” what the hell !!! ” laksh asked while getting up…sahil goes to sanskar ” this room is for winners not for losers !! ” said sahil while giving sanskar’s bag to him….

Sanskar grabs his bag from sahil nd leaves frm there….!!


sanlak was having their food while standing in the garden !! Sahil nd his frnds came there !! Seeing him sanskar starts to move sahil puts his hand on sanskar’s chest in order to stop him…

” dont u have shame sanskar after losing the match…!! U r roaming outside ” sahil said with a smirk…

” finals abhi bhi bhaki hai mr.arora !! Will see who ll win nd who ll lose ” said sanskar while removing his hand nd leaves with laksh…

Sanskar phone rings !! Laksh notices his xpressions while he talking !!

” buddy girlfriend hai kya..!! ” laksh…..” nhi MS.COUSIN ” said sanskar smilingly….” oh that means girl friend ” laksh said while winking…..

” lucky she is my good friend ”
” oooo let me see ”
” come ”


” nd today the final match btw goa nd mumbai !! Sahil is on the striking side !! Sanskar is going to bowl the last ball of the session if sanskar will take revenge frm sahil !! ” commentater said

” i think hemang its not gonna happen !! Sahil only needs one run win !! We know sanskar as an awesome batsmen but bowling i dont think so !! Lets see what ll happen ” another commenter said

” oh thats it see sanskar’s ball hits the bails !! Nd MUMBAI AGENCIES won by 1 run !! Nd sanskar had won MAN OF THE MATCH ” commentater said in excitment….

sahil was about to drink the coke…!! But b4 that sanskar grabs it frm him ” this is for winners not for losers ” saying so sanskar drinks the coke…nd handsover his bag….!! Nd throw sahil’s team out of the room…

They starts the party….!! ( drinks party ) after that they returns to mumbai !!

Hey guys how was it !! Tell me should i continue its just 2 shots !! Nd its based on tamil film story !! Nd i will continue it only if i get 20+ cmnts !! Nd thank u for reading !! Babye !!

Love u all !!

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