Oh My Love…. Intro

Hi all,I am the writer of #Raanjhanaa_TheBeloveOne and this is my new work.It actually an intro.Hope u will like this.

The screen shows a girl’s beautiful eyes were shown which were closed

Om Jai Jagadish Hare
Swami Jai Jagadish Hare

Now her lips are shown,she was singing and then her folded hands were shown.She wore a anarkali.

Bhakt Jano Ke Sankat
Daas Jano Ke Sankat
Kshan Men Door Kare
Om Jai Jagadish Hare

Her was shown now.It was Ragini.She was in a temple.

The screen shifts to a big house.A lady was doing aarti in the temple inn.She was having her pallu over head.

Jo Dhyaave Phal Paave
Dukh Bin Se Man Kaa
Swami Dukh Bin Se Man Kaa
Sukh Sampati Ghar Ave
Sukh Sampati Ghar Ave
Kasht Mite Tan Kaa
Om Jai Jagadish Hare

The lady was,revealed to be Ap.Behind her other family members were standing closing their eyes and folded hands.

Maat Pita Tum Mere
Sharan Kahoon Kiski
Swami Sharan Kahoon Kiski
Tum Bin Aur Na Dooja
Tum Bin Aur Na Dooja
Aas Karoon Jiski
Om Jai Jagadish Hare

Another lady was shown from back.She was doing aarti in front of Tunis plant.It was dadi.Behind her stood swara,shom,dida,dada ji and shekhar with closed eyes and folded hands.

Tum Pooran Paramatma
Tum Antaryami
Swami Tum Antaryami
Paar Brahm Parameshwar
Paar Brahm Parameshwar
Tum Sabke Swami
Om Jai Jagadish Hare

Aarti was finished.The pandit in the temple showed the aarti plate to Ragini.She took aarti and got the Prasad.The pandit have sindoor along with the Prasad too her.

Now the screen shifts to dadi who was giving Prasad to all with a smiling face.

The screen shifted to Ap the same process happened there to.

Again the screen shifts to Ragini.When she got the sindoor she was about to put it on her forehead line.Then she realised it and took her hands back and looked at the sindoor.Her facial expressions showed she was feeling weird.


All got the Prasad from her except one.U all might have guessed him.Yes it was Laksh.After that incident he became more mature.He comes late to home from office.He reaches office before all.He always takes up all the office works on his head.His father was proud of his son whom he once taught to be am useless,immature son.He even denied swara after that,after Ragini’s memory loss.This all didn’t happen on a sudden after her memory loss.


One day,

A white bmw car drove harshly in the road,jist like lightning.It reached MM.A man got out from the car and ran into MM.He reached the stairs of MM.Now he was in the middle of all the four stair cases.Only his back was shown all these while.His fists were closed.His eyes were shown it was red shot.It was not burning less than a flame.It seemed like he will burn whomever comes in front of him.His eyebrows were frowned.He was Lakshya Maheshwari.He was in hell anger now.But on whom??

He shouted at the top of his lungs,”sanskar”…Yes,he was angry on his lovely brother who was the reason when Laksh asked Ragini’s hands for the second time.But why was he angry??

Nobody came hearing his roaring sound.So nobody was at home.He rushed at the right side stairs to reach his brother’s room.He was furious like a tiger.His anger was at its peak.

He reached his room.He pushed the door with both his hands.The door for opened.He went in.There he was sitting on the bed facing the other side.He walked to him and pulled him up with his collar.Sanskar held his hands,”lucky…”.Lucky punched his nose.Sanskar fell down in one beat.He touched his nose and looked T his hand and then lucky.Laksh was having his fists tight.His heart was not willing to hurt his brother more.He slammed the door harshly and left the room leaving his brother confused.

Laksh room.

He latched the door and stood in front of the mirror keeping both his hands on the either sides of the dressing table.

He thought in his mind,”If u know to play a game with me then I will play with u both.I will never forgive I both in my life.You both deserves this.”

He tapped the table harder.And then he pushed everything that were on the table.He was still angry.

The reason was he found SwaSan had cheated him.They played all this bl***y game and made two loves suffer the most.The two lives which suffered in this game was RagLak.

Again he thought,”how…how intelligently u both played and fooled all of us.”He smiled sarcastically and finally he spoke,”now u both wilI see my game.And no brother in this world will think to play with his brother after seeing my game for u sanskar.(He grinned his teeth) and u…swara amazing u are.How innocently u acted with all…with me.U played welI with my feelngs.”

When the family members asked y he messed up with sanskar he said it was because sanskar poked his nose in Laksh’s office work and he didn’t like it.The reason was so silly.He whenever sees sanskar he gives him a disgusted look.

This is what happened.

Flashback ended.

He want these two culprits to be punished.But he needs a strong evidence he waited for it.He was normal to his family with lucky’s charms except sanskar.

Ragini was staying in hostel.Coz seats and shomi were there.Dadi didn’t want them to stay away from them.If Ragini sees them in her house with them,it would be athe problem since she is having a memory loss.Dadi made,Ragini to stay in hostel.She was harsh to Ragini.Whenever Rag phones her she and shekhar even dada ji speaks only two three words to her.It hurted her.But she didn’t show up.

Laksh everyday watched Ragini without her knowledge in the temple,music academy,market.He actually fell in love with her.Yes he loves her….

To be continued…..

Credit – #manju

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