Oh My Love… (Episode 9)

Hello dear #OhMyLove…. readers.. here I am with the nxt epi…


Laksh opened his door and entered in…

“Laksh…here is ur shirt”,said Ragini

Laksh got d shirt from her,”Ty Ragini…ok I will go and change my shirt”.He smiled looking her.Ragini too smiled back.

Ragini:Laksh…ek minute

Laksh who was about to enter d restroom stopped hearing her..

Laksh smiled naughtily and came near raging..

Laksh:kya Ragini…do u want me to change my shirt bfr u (he winked)

Ragini’s eyes popped out d her jaw hunged down

Laksh:Mmm…I don’t have a problem(he walked towards ragini)

Ragini:Laksh…woh nahi…I want to ask u something

Laksh:Toh poochu

Ragini:Laksh…what will I wear now…

Laksh:Wear saree like u wear bfr(he said in a go)

Ragini:wat? When did I wear saree? (She asked being confused)

Laksh:woh…woh…ummm (he was finding words)…haann…I have seen u in my dream…U wore a saree with pallu over ur head(he imagined his old Ragini while sayibg all these)…. then sindoor on ur maang…then ur managalsutra…u wont ever remove it (he spoke emotionally)…u looked like a complete Marwari bahu…

Ragini looked him with so much love in her eyes

Ragini:Laksh…(like a whisper)

Laksh who was emotional was brought back now..

Laksh:Its ok ragini…u can wear what u want..nobody will tell u anything…haan…u wear ur churidhars ragini…even swara is wearing it..

He was interrupted


Laksh:haan ragini…

Ragini:Laksh I didn’t mean that…I didn’t ask u about wearing a saree or Churidhar…for now…I don’t have any dress to change…I asked wat to wear now….NOW..

Laksh smiled,”who told u…u don’t have any dress to change?”

Lalsh dragged ragu near the wardrobe.he opened it.

Laksh:See…everything is urs…

Those were ragini’s old clothes and jewels…laksh had brought everything from baadi in remembrance of Ragini…and now Ragini is back to his life….

Ragini was about to speak but laksh interrupted her

Laksh:ssshh no more talks…(he placed his finget over her lips)

He a walked a little away towards restroom


Laksh turned, “ohh sorry ragini…(ragini made a confused look)…okeii will change my shirt bfr u

He started unbuttoning his shirt

Ragini turned away hiding her face,”No….”

Ragini:laksh I just want to say something

Laksh stopped unbottoning….

Ragini:why did u say swara is wearing churidhar..so u too wear it.I don’t want to be like her…..plz don’t compare me with her..

Laksh came towards raginiwho was showing her back…Laksh took ragini’s hands which were hiding her face from back….he placed his chin over her shoulder…he made ragini’s hands to encircle her stomach and his hands over over her’s.

Laksh:I am sorry ragini.I wont repeat this mistake(comparison) again

He thought,”Even at first I did this mistake and went behind that witch”

Laksh:Swara and ragini are separate souls(he rmbrd how swara and ragini used to say,”Hum swaragini hai”…coming out from d fb he grinned his teeth and thought,”swara and ragini were never one”)(he said this bcz he knows d real face of swara)


He lifted up his chin and turned raging towards him.he held both her hands in his.

Laksh:I have a surprise for u

Ragini:kya hai…laksh tell na plz(asked eagerly)

Laksh:Its a Surprise ragini how can I reveal it now…I am getting late for office…I have to go

He walked towards restroom.

Ragini:Laksh….bathayiye na plz

Laksh while walking,”No ragini….no no

He was gone. …Into d restroom.

Guys….the surprise is laksh wants to throw a grand wedding for raglak with dp’s other maheshwari’s blessings.

Swara was sitting on a bench….in shopping mall.

Swara:I know u loved laksh when u were in clg…even now u love him now too(only Sara’s face was shown)….but Laksh loves Ragini

Girl voice was heared,”I know”..

Swara:If u dont mind I can help u…

Inerrupted….”I don’t want any help from u and I know wat to do and wat not to…just watch wat I am gonna do”

Swara turned towards her left…..

A girl with knee length skirt In blue color with white prints and complete white top was shown…(played by Adaa Khan)

Laksh cane out wearing his shirt…and saw ragini finding dress from d wardrobe…He thought something and smiled naughtily.

Ragini…may I help u asked laksh

Its Ok laksh…u r getting late for office I will manage said ragu

Laksh kept hus hands on both hips and thought little seriously


Ragini with concern came to him and held his shoulders…

Ragini:wat hpnd laksh

Laksh:Ragini…woh Kya hena…(he moved to the bed and Sat there)…my head is acheing…I think I need a massage now. (He held his head)

Ragini:Laksh…I will bring d oil(she went into restroom and brought oil)

She stood bfr him and poured oil on his head.Laksh pulled her and made her to sit near him on d bed.He lied on her lap then.

Ragini blushed hard.Her cheeks turned pink now.

Laksh closed his eyes and smiled. He was ready to sleep on her lap.Thats wat he actually planned…wow lucky u r so cute.

Ragini found him trying to sleep.

Ragini:Laksh…wat r u eng

Laksh:trying to sleep ragini (his eyes were closed)


Immeadiately laksh opened his eyes and sat up (a funny bgm played)

Laksh:woh ragini…woh…(he stopped when he found ragini glaring him)

Laksh looked at d floor and thought,”oh no lucky u r caught now”.

He looked ragu and made a smile (eeeee)…but she was glaring him.

She stood up from d bed.Laksh too.

Laksh beta…u have to do something now he thought again.

He again looked her. He kissed her cheek quickly and ran from her to d restroom to take a bath bcz now ragu has applied oul to his scalp..Ragini blushed hardly….she put her head down. Laksh looked her by opening d restroom door a little and found her blushing.He smiled and thought,”Chalo laksh…ragini has smiled….u escaped lucky”.

Laksh found ragini looking him..he shortened his smile and went into d restroom by closing d door slowly.Ragini bursted out in laughter looking him.

Thank u laksh u brought d happiness back which ragu lost

Laksh was in his cabin…

Laksh(on phn):commissioner sir….I don’t mind anything about those goons…bcz already they got wat they deserved (beat from laksh)…I just want to know who guided them to do this

Laksh:Thank u sir…..

Laksh again called some one from his pun

Laksh:Maa….where is ragini…why isn’t she picking up her phn.

Ap:She is herw with me in d kitchen…do u want to talk to her

Someone knocked d door of his cabin.

Laksh:Come in….maa I will talk later…..

A peon came in,”Sir…some one has come to meet u…her name is Riya”

Laksh:Ask her to wait for five mins

He again spoke with some one in his phn seriously…..it was muted

Laksh called the receptionist in the office phn and asked the receptionist to send in riya

Riya:May I come in….


It was d same girl(Adaa Khan)who spoke with swara…

Laksh stood up from his seat

Laksh:U (both shaked their hands)

Riya:yes…Riya Mehra(played by Adaa Khan)….

Laksh:Have ur seat…

Swara was smiling looking a laptop

Swara:Got it….now i have to copy this in a cd

She smiled evily and thought,”Ragini and laksh can never get closer till swara is here.I will block all d ways btwn Ragini and Laksh.”

Laksh:But Riya. ..we don’t have any vacancy at office

Riya:Laksh…(her eyes were red)…u know right…I lost my parents…I have to only manage my life…nobody is ready to give me a job.I had a hope that u will help me.

Laksh:But Riya….

Riya:Plz laksh…whatever job..even if it is a peon job…its ok for me..plz laksh…plz help me

Laksh:How can I offer u a peon job Riya…don’t worry…I can recomand u in any other company

Riya thought:how to make him understand now….

She looked around….

Riya:U dont a have any P.A right…y cant u hire me as ur P.A

Laksh:Riya….who I dont want any p.a fir me…I can manage my work myself

She thought,”Uggh(she lost her patience)Come one Riya Mehra its time to show ur acting skills”

She stood up from her seat and faced laksh.He looked her confused…..

She walked towards him…laksh was more confused now.

She fell on his feet by kneeling down…and caught his legs.

She cried, “Laksh…plz understand me….I dont have any one to care for me”

Laksh tried to pull her up but she was catching his legs….that was making him uncomfortable

Laksh:Riya plz stand…Okeii I will give u a job…

Riya smiled heavily and she stood up,”Really laksh…do u know how happy i am now….I can…I can earn now”

Laksh:Haan….now plz stop crying

She smiled and wiped her tears.She said,”Ty…ty…thank u laksh…I am sooooo happy now”.

Laksh smiled at her…but his smile vanished soon..

Riya hugged him….

Chalo Riya…now u got d reward(hugging laksh for ur acting…she thought smirking…

Laksh caught her hand and parted her away from him.he didnt like it…..”Okeiii…u can join from tomorrow”, he said..

She noded her head with a smile…

“Ok i will leave for now”said Riya.Laksh too now noded but with an artificial smile and that was clearly noticed by Laksh..

Swara:Swara…now ur frst step is done….(she looked a cover in her hand and smiled)

She looked straight….,”I will surely succeed this time aaaandd… a new member has also joined my team” (she spoke with little attitude)

She again looked the cover in Her hand and spoke to herself,”Time to move to d final step”.

Ragini was shown.Her face revealed how surprised she was…its actually a kind of mixed feeling….wonder and shock

Now she was shown fully from head to toe…She wore a complete red lehenga with pallu over head, sindoor on maang, maang tika, her mangalsutra around her neck, then a small chain, bangles….

Ragini was looking her image on mirror….she was shocked and surprised.

Ragini spoke,”How can this happen…I am looking like how laksh said. ..and…and…yeh sindoor, mangalsutra(she touched them)everything seems like they belong to me and I have already wore everything.”

Some blurred flashes of Raglak flashed.Ragini was sweating badly.

Laksh was working on his laptop in his cabin…suddenly he started sweating.He stopoed working and touched his forehead.He found him sweating and looked d roof ac…it was working….

Her head was spinning…and everything around her seemed like rotating.Ragini caught her hand with both hands and sat down on d floor.

Laksh thought,”y do I feel like…something wrong gonna happen”.

Screen freezed on his tension face.
The screen splitted showing laksh at left and ragu at right In tension and sweating faces and in d middle riya and swara smirking evily.

Precap:@MM Ragini slaps swara infront Of all Maheshwaris and riya.

Credit- #manju

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