Oh My Love…. Episode 8

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Special Episode…..

Recap:Ragini decides to meet Laksh.Swara plans to kill Ragini and make Laksh suffer his whole life.Ap and Dadi fought with house mbrs fr RagLak.Goons chased Ragini….

The man who was pulling Ragini’s hair raised his hand to slap her..Ragini closed her eyes tighter in fear.But the man stopped in d middle hearing something….

“I will count ur bones for sure if she gets a single scratch”

All those looked towards where d sound(talk) came..

Laksh was standing near his white BMW Hurricane RR series

The man who was pulling ragu’s hair,”oye Hero…leave from here orelse u will also accompany her (death)”

Ragini opened her eyes slowly…

Laksh ordered,”leave her”

I said leave her he shouted…it was like a lion roaring in d jungle.

Laksh grinned…..he walked forward. …slowly slowly his spead increased. …he was running now..towards those goons to save his girl.

A goon ran towards laksh too hit him…when d goon reached ner laksh, our hero did this.

Laksh bent down and pulled the goon’s leg forcely..The goon was on d ground.Laksh kicked him on his stomach and walked forward.

Two men came to him running. ..laksh took a big sized stone and throwed it on the sec goon’s face..and stomped the frst goon with his knee on his stomach….like wise he fought with few more goons and reached near Ragini and the man.

Laksh glared the man.The man slowly took his hand off ragini.Laksh caught his hand and twisted it with grinning his teeth.
The man shouted in pain,”Aaa…aahhhh…”

Laksh:Is that paining…..

Ji…. ji saab replied d goon.Laksh twisted his hand more and d goon shouted heavily.Laksh jerked off the goon’s hand and turned towards Ragini….but bfr seeing her within fraction of seconds laksh was on d ground…his belly and chest were touching d ground.The same goon…he kicked laksh from back.The kick was forceful nd unexpected and laksh was on d ground.Laksh turned and tried to get up.But the goon punched Laksh.

Ragini shouted as she was scared now.Laksh touched his nose…it was bleeding.Laksh got up quickly.The goon and Laksh were fighting vry badly.Both were pinching eo and both were bleeding.

Ragini was watching d fight scarily…Laksh nd d goon was fighting. ..suddenly another goon who was lying on d floor….took a knife and from him and walked towards Ragini…Nobody noticed him.
Laksh pushed down the goon defeating him.The goon could not stand again.He counted the goon’s bones 😛
The goon with knife came towards ragu and ragu saw him.The goon stabbed….but… but…Ragu sat down immediately to escape from the stab and Laksh didn’t have any idea that ragu will sit down to escape from d stab.Of course even we couldn’t have expected.Laksh caught the knife….Goon’s tab, ragu’s escape and laksh catching the knife, everthing happened at the same time.
(I m wondering wat will b swara’s cndtn…wat about u guys)
Now ragu was on the floor, the goon was bfr her, laksh was beside ragini.So now the knife was above Ragini’s head bcz she sat down.Laksh’s hand was bleeding drop by drop…the blood drops fell on Ragu’s maang.The goon pulled back the knife from Laksh.So now more blood bleeded and fell on Ragu’s maang.

These all hpnd in fraction of secs.When the knife was pulled back…laksh shouted in pain.

Laksh without wasting his time made the man to stumble down using his leg and immediately pulled up Ragu and ran towards his car..

The man got up and ran behind..But RagLak were far from him.Bcz raglak ran bfr he could get up.
Laksh made ragini to sit in d car and he started the car.Laksh drove fast.His right hand was bleeding heavily..so he was mostly using his left hand.

Blood and sweat were falling from Laksh’s face.All while Ragini was watching him with teary eyes…thats when Ragini asked him to stop d car..

Ragini tore her duppatta and asked laksh to show his hand.But laksh hid his right hand.Ragini tried to pull his hand.She went near him.Laksh and ragini were vry close to eo.Laksh looked Ragu and he was lost.But Ragini was trying to pull his hand.But he was more and more stronger.

Ragini moved back and pleaded him with teary eyes.Laksh noded no.Tears flowed down like falls from ragu’s eyes.Thats It…laksh slowly forwarded his hand.

It was bleeding still…Ragini now broke down completely.Laksh knew it…she will cry like this.Laksh knows who Ragini is and who Laksh is for Ragini.She is d girl who loves him more than anything in this world.Lakshya is Ragini’s world.He knew it..and now ragini is the only world or Lakshya.

Laksh:Ragini…bachcha…plz don’t cry (his voice was cracking)

Her tears are making him more weaker.Her tears are killing her than the pain in his hand.
Ragu was looking only his hand.

Laksh:Ragini…see u have made me cry…(he knows how to stop her)

Ragini looked up and her eyes met those teary eyes.

She saw him crying.She quickly tied the duppatta she tore and tied around to stop d bleeding…

Ragini looked straight with an angry pout and she ordered him to start d car.Laksh smiled looking her.When Ragini turned towards him he acted like he didnt see her and started d car.Ragini looked him.Laksh saw her through d corner of his eyes and he chuckled.Ragini turned her face.


Swara thought,”Now ragini must be out of d world”

She spinned in happiness and she dashed on someone.she landed on someone’s arms.It was sanskar.Sanskar infrmd her that he is gonna tell everything to dp and will ask apology.. To which swara replied, if u reveal d truth then my name will b out.She stopped him.

Laksh stopped his car bfr baadi and he asked Ragini not too inform anything to anyone.Ragini noded.Ragini asked laksh to get into baadi with her.But laksh refused.

Ragini:laksh plz (she pleaded cutely with a puppy face)

That was it.laksh agreed her.Both stepped in together.They both walked towards Gadodia house.

While they were walking few ppl there looked them.RagLak found it strange.

A lady called Ragini.Both raglak stopped and turned towards d lady who called them.

Just then dàdi too entered baadi with a bag full of vegetables in her hand.She saw raglak standing out there and called their names.RagLak turned towards dadi.Laksh folded his hands and greeted dadi.

Dadi put the bag down and came forward to RagLak.She caught laksh’s hand and asked about his injury.Ragu looked laksh in tension.Laksh caught ragu’s hand in his left hand and assured her.Laksh said he cut his hand accidentally.Dadi again asked laksh y his nose was bleeding.Ragini pressed laksh’s hand which was already catching her hand.Laksh again lied that there was a problem in office and asked dadi nt to worry about him.

Just then dadi saw ragini and she supposed to see her maang too now.Dadi was shocked.With the same shock dadi shouted at ragini,”Laado…how did ur maang get filled.Do u know what it means??”.Ragini was starled when she heared dadi’s high pitched voice . Ragini touched her maang.Raglak didn’t notice it from d beginning.

Shekhar dada dida shomi and whole baadi came out at dadi’s shout.

Laksh:Dadi….its blood not sindoor.

The lady who stopped ragini frst spoke,”Blood r sindoor…when it is filled on maang u both are meant to be together for seven births.U both are pati-patni”.

(Sarva mangala mangalye played as d back ground)
Laksh rembrd how he filled sindoor on Ragini’s maang.

Dadi rmbrd how raglak came around the fire for 7 pehras.

Shekhar rmbrd how he blessed Raglak.Dada rmbrd how laksh announced that he will marry ragini on Swa Lak marriage day.

Dadi thought,”This Is the right time. ..god has given an opportunity.Ragini has to go with laksh now or else this swara wont allow laado and laksh to unite. Ap jii, laksh and I also wanted this only.If laado is with laksh no evil power In this world can get near laado”

Dadi cupped ragu’s face…”Laado…whatever hpnd let it go…from nw on u both are pati -patni.This relationship is so pure like a mother-daughter’s relationship.U both love eo…U have to be with laksh in all his decisions and laksh will be with u….nobody can look aftr u better than ĺaksh.”

Laksh took a deep breath…

He knelt down opening his arms wide (like he did in SR bfr kavya track)

(Ae dil hai mushkil bgm played till d end)
Laksh:Ragini….(all looked him)It is saying that if you really desire something from the heart … then the whole universe will work towards getting you that…..my desire is u ragini…u are my life…If I am breathing today its only for u ragini.. (his eyes were moist…nd he spoke everything from his heart)Today…how laksh is…its only bcoz of u..laksh is living for his ragini…Kyunki (he paused)….laksh Ragini se bahuth pyar karti hai….I.(he showed Is little finger)…love….(he de a l with his thumb and Index finger)….U(he made a u with his little finger nd thumb)(he proposed like in SR…the cutest proposal on television I know ever)..I love u ragini…Ragini….I want to live all my life with u and only for u ragini…(he showed his palm to ragini asking her hand)

Laksh’ s eyes were completely moist.Now ragini nd dadi were too teary..

Ragini moved her hand…her hand was into his now andshe noded a yes looking him…lakdh smiled among his tears and stood up still holding her hands.. when he stood up in no waste of seconds he hugged her Into a bone crushing hug and he let out his tears silently….ragini was shocked by his hug…her eyes opened wide….all people around were too shocked like ragini….but dadi was smiling…

Dadi cleared her throat….Raglak parted away hearing that…

Dadi:Shekhar….(looked him)…I told u…when ragini’s maang is filled u have to do ur duty as a father (dadi stared him…shekhar rmbrd dadi’s kasam)

Dadi:Chalo…I will Inform Ap jii…(she thought)

Ragini’s bidaai was done..Raglak were on d way to MM


Ap was much happy that was visible n her face.Ap made everything ready for ragu’s grah pravesh….

Sujata who was in her room murmured,”idk wat happened to this jiji…mng she fought with bhai sa…aur yeh laksh…he wants to marry that ragini…I think his mind went fuse.”

Only Ap knows that raglak are coming now….

The car reached MM and our cute and lovely couple came out of car.Ragini looked at MM.She was twisting her duppatta nd was also biting her lips in tension.The fear she had was very clearly visible in her eyes and face.

Laksh came near her from his seat.He noticed her…Laksh held both her shoulders and assured her by shaking her shoulders a little.Ragini looked lavish.Laksh found d fear in her eyes.Laksh caught her hand which was twisting her duppatta end..he holded her hand in his very tightly.He looked straight.Both walked hand in hand.

Lakdh and Ragini stood stunned at the entrance. Ap was bfr them…standing with aarti in her hand.

Ap:Kaki sa told me everything

Ap took RagLak’s aarti and placed tilak on their foreheads.Then Ap placed the kalash….

Ragini kicked it with her right foot.Then she placed her legs on the plate having alta (the red coloured water)Laksh caught her hand and smiled looking her.Ragini too smiled looking him.

Ragini made her frst step with her right leg.She had a blured flash ….like someone entering the house by making those red mark with alta.Her left leg was still on the plate.She stood stunned.The flash was running.Laksh and ap looked her confused.

Ap:Ragini beta kya hua??(she asked concern)

Ragini was brought back…


Laksh:Ragini…are u ok


She made her further steps and left d marks of godess lakshmi into d house.Ragini was taken into the inn temple.

Just then sujata came there

Sujata:Jiji….whats hpng here??


She was interrupted

Sujata:Jiji….yeh ragini…what is she dng here??Aur…yeh sab…ragini’s maang…ragini aur laksh ki Shaadi nahi hogi na

Laksh:chaachi hamari shadi hogayi

Sujata:Jiji…yeh laks ka dimaag karab hogyi…Jiji plz laks ko samjao…yeh aise kaise shaadi karegi

Sujata’s huge noice brought other Maheshwari’s attention.All came there…

Swara’s eyes were popped out.

Swara thought,”yeh… yeh ragini….how did she….matlab she is alive……par kaise”.She was damn shocked.She walked down d stairs.

Dp:Laksh….what’s all these??

Laksh:we are married papa (he caught Ragini’s hand tightly)Aap chaho ya na chaho Ragini is my wife…yeh Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari hai (he spoke in his bold voice)…she is Lakshya’s wife…aaj se yeh yehi rahegi….mere saath.

He pulled ragini with him and moved to his room.

Ap:sunliya….laksh said wat all he wants to say.Now its my turn.

Dp:Annapoorna (he shouted)

Ap:chillayiye math….ragini iss gar ki bahu hai.As a mother more than a saas I cant tolerate anyone humiliating ragini.As I said bfr…ragini has all rights in this home..and u can’t ask laksh to leave this Maheshwari Mansion….and if something happens against ragini nd laksh (she paused) u all know what Annapoorna will do.Annapoorna will never let happen anything agnst her children.

At d same time

Laksh opened the door and entered his room with ragini.When ragini eñtered In she again had a blurred flash of laksh kissing her forehead (SR scene when laksh drinks and reaches MM)

Ragini was brought back when laksh spoke


Ragini:Ji Laksh

Laksh:Ragini…(he cupped her face). ..plz u dont mind anything.They are angry on laksh only on laksh not on u(he noded no)….if they tell u anything plz tell me…and u have all rights In this house. ..u are laksh’s wife

“Sahi kaha laksh ne”

Raglak turned and found ap at d door step.

Ap:U dont worry about anybody’s words.Tum bas laksh ki chinta kar.Lakdg has done so much for this family but nobody is happy when he is taking a big decision in life…they dont want laksh’s happiness they just need his brain and hardwork for their company… (Ap was teary)

Raglak:Maa (both held her)

Ap wiped her tears,”Ragini beta…u dont care abt ppl whi doesn’t respect laksh and u.u just be with laksh…he will take care of everything.”

Ap hugged both raglak together.They broke d hug.

Laksh:Ragini….wait…I have something for u.

Ap smiled. Looking him.But ragini was looking him confused.

Laksh moved towards d wardrobe.He took ragini’s mangalsutra.

Laksh:Maa….(he showed the mangalsutra)

Ap:Haan…par not here.

Ap caught ragu’s wrist and waljed out off d room.laksh too followed them.

Swara in uttara’s room

Swara:Raginiiii…uh huh(she held her head and closrd her eyes) No…no… (she throwed the pillows)Ragini….I wont let u live with laksh……haan…haaan…I wont let u both live together. ..I have to….I have to do something (she was behaving like a psycho)

Ap and raglak were bfr the God’s idols.

Ap was smiling whole heartedly.Raglak were facing eo.Raglak were bfr gods idol.Ap was watching them.idol then raglak facing eo and Ap was looking idol and raglak.

Mangalyam tantuna Played

mangalyam tantunanena mama jiivana hethuna
kante badhnaami subhage sanjiiva Sarada chatam

Laksh looked d mangalsutra and rmbrd their marriage…Ap too

O humdum suniyo re

O jaaniya suniyo re

O jaaniya shaam ko khidki se

Chori chori nange paanv chaand aayega

O suniyo re, o jaaniya re

O suniyo re, o jaaniya re

“Ragini….swara ya sanskar…ya Phir bhagwan….nobody can separate RAGLAK….I will stand against them for u…this is Laksh Maheshwari’s promise”laksh thought.

mangalyam tantunanena mama jiivana hethuna
kante badhnaami subhage sanjiiva Sarada chatam

Laksh tied the mangalsutra around ragu’s neck.Ragu was completely teary…she was lost in laksh’s eyes.

Ap blessed both Raglak

Ap:Ragini beta…….u take rest now.Laksh beta…I need to talk to u

Raglak looked eo

Ap:How did u get hurt….dont try to lie laksh… am ur maa

Laksh:Maa woh (fb was shown…….laksh fighting with goons….everything)

Ap kept her hand over her mouth.

Laksh caught Ap’s hands,”Maa I am fine.. .I am absolutely fine…..ur love and blessings will never let anything wrong happen with me.”

Laksh asked ragini to make his dress ready for office.

Ragini:jii laksh

She left.

“Maa…..other than swara nad sanskar nobody can hurt Ragini.And maa sanskar confessed me his deeds…so it could be swara.Maa….I promise(he paused and turned towards god’s idol) if its her…sure I will kill her”. (His eyes were blood shot…….swara is dead for sure guys)He spoke in rage.

The screen freezed on laksh’s face.

Precap:Evil Swara plans again…will she succeed??whats cooking up in her mind?How will laksh tear swara’s mask.
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