Oh My Love…. Episode 2

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Ragini returned back to hostel from Sargam Music Academy(the same academy in serial) she found her father waiting out and moved to him.

Ragini:Papa…(She called sweetly with her sweet voice)

Shekar wanted to talk to her like before but he controlled himself.

Shekar:Maa asked me to bring u back home (he didn’t look her while speaking)go and bring ur bags.

Ragini was so happy that she is returning home.It was visible in her smile.She ran in and..

Her room,

She packed her stuffs and took her sitar in her hand and came out.All the while she was smiling like a mad.She locked the room.She came to the warden of the hostel.

Ragini:Jii….I am going home…papa…papa has come to take me (she spoke all these with the same smile on her face.Her eyes showed how happy was she.But she didn’t know what’s gonna happen to her at home.)

The Warden smiled seeing Ragini and kept her hands over her head,”kush raho beta”

Ragini came out handing over the keys.She came to shekar.


Shekar:(he still didn’t face her)U go home by rickshaw…I have work at shop.
Saying he left her alone.

Ragini who was smiling till now,her smile faded and eyes turned teary.Shekar was also having tears but he wiped them and left from their.Ragini wiped her tears and waited for rickshaw.


Laksh was at office,even it was a Sunday he didn’t want to be at home.He changed himself.He worked hard,hard,hard.The employees were on leave since it was a Sunday,but he was working there.He didn’t want to face Sanskar.So he kept himself busy.Everyone asked him to be at home but he was not ready to hear them.Now he was checking the profits and losses of Maheshwari Company’s.


Dp assembled everyone at hall…
After a few mins of silence
Dp:I want Laksh and Swara to get married.

All were happy except Sanskar.

Dp:Laksh loves Swara and Swara to loves him.I think that have got enough time to move from that incident(Ragini)we should get them married.


Dadi took promise on herself and asked Swara and Shomi not to move out of the house.Shomi tried to explain dadi but Dadi refused.

And Ragini has come…..

She was in front standing at the entrance of baadi and smiled like a child.She was about to step in…..

Dadi:Stop there….

Ragini who was smiling looked Dadi with her smile which was vanishing.

Dadi came holding swara and shomi’s hands.They came in front of Ragini

Ragini looked dadi’s hands which were holding shomi and swara.Ragini then looked up at Dadi with a confused look.

Dadi:Listen carefully(stern voice)….If u want to stay here u must obey my words.

Ragini simply noded like a child.

Dadi:(with a loud voice)Sharmishta and Swara are our family…if u want to stay here…u must accept them and u should be in a corner at home.If u can’t….take all ur luggages and just leave from here…

Ragini’s tears fell down….she was not able to digest that someone other are going to take her mother ‘s and her place….It was like her world had stopped there.

Ragini:(cracking voice) These all days u brought me up dadi,I haver never disobeyed u,and I will never…(She wiped her tears and took her bags,sitar and then stepped inside baadi).

She stood before daadi and kept her sitar and bags aside and bent down to take blessings from dadi.She touched her feets.Dadi took her hand forward and she was about to touch Ragini’s head but she took her hand back and moved from there.Even swara and shomi went in.Ragini looked up….and stood up.She looked around all people were watching here and talking something.She bent down to take her sitar and bags.Her vision was not clear.It was blurred due to the tears that were filled in her eyes.She then moved towards her home.She stepped in.Nobody was there,to greet her.She moved to dadajii.He felt pity grit her.Ragini tried to touch his feet.

Dadajii:Ragini…you go and refresh yourself.

He was not ready to bless her.He moved from there.Ragini moved upstairs where her room was.She locked herself inside the room.She cried vigorously merging her back at the door.She thought,;no body is there to love her,nobody cares her”,she cried,she cried and she cried.She was unaware that a life was living only for her.

Dadi asked her not to come down unnecessarily as she don’t want Maheshwari’s to face her.Ap informed Dadi that they are coming there but she didn’t tell her the reason.


Laksh was now free finally.He looked his watch and moved out.He started his car and drove off.He again came to the park area and waited for her.Time moved but he was still there waiting for here.He started the car and moved to her hostel.He waited there too.Hee couldnt even see her face after when he saw her in the park in mng.He didn’t know she left home and He didn’t know that his family has gone baadi to ask Swara’s hand for him.He hated them(swasan) to the core and He loved his life,his Ragini madly like how she loves him.


Dadi welcomed the Maheshwari’s.

Ap:we have come to ask swara for Laksh,even they love each other….

Dadi:Haan…par….we need to talk to swara.

All these time one person among them seemed depressed…it was sanskar.He too thought Laksh loves swara.If he says swara doesn’t love or loved Laksh then Swara’s truth would come out.So he was quiet.

When dadi finished saying,”we need to talk to swara”

Swara interrupted:I am ready to marry laksh(she actually wanted to snatch Laksh from Ragini.She wanted Ragini to suffer.Still she didn’t change)

Ap(to Dadi):Swara said here decision then we can start the other talks.

They talked….decided to Swa Lak get married.They even fixed there engagement dates.
The Mahesgwari’s left….
Other side,

Laksh was still waiting for here,to get a glimpse of her.But she is not there..


Sanskar was roaming here and there in his room.

Sanskar:No…no…I can’t loose my love again….
He walked again

Sanksar:Haaan…I need to talk to him…yes…only he can do something…


He was still waiting there for here.His fingers were making rhythms tapping the steering wheel.His eyes were searching only her.He was not ready to leave from there.

His phone rang.The screen showed sanskar’s name.Laksh grinned his teeth and looked away frustatedly.He cut the call but he called him again.


Sanskar:Lucky I need to talk to u…plz its imp

Laksh:I am busy…(He was about to cut the call)

Sanskar:Its ur matter…come home…

Laksh thought,”my matter…what’s cooking up in his mind….Not again…I won’t allow u both to win again”.

He looked the hostel entrance and then he got the steering wheel(he was angry that coz of sanskar he would not see her today again)

@sanskar’s room

Sanskar and Laksh were facing each other.

Laksh was not even interested to see his face he has,come to talk to him now.He was irritated but he wants to know what he will do so he stood patiently.

Sanskar:I love swara.

Laksh:y r u telling this to me(casually and in not interested tone)

Sanskar frowned his eyes why laksh is talking like this.
He then took a sigh
Sanskar:both ur engagement is fixed.

Laksh:what!when did this happen!how…(He was seriously shocked)
Sanskar showed his back and
Sanskar:today….swara too agreed…(he turned to face laksh)lucky please if u say no….

But he left,in anger

To be continued…..

Precap:Laksh sees Ragini @baadi.Laksh humiliates swara in front of whole baadi.Laksh says to Dp,”I not a dog papa…to obey all ur comments…”

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      Don’t worry dr laksh will mk Dadi understand.Ty dr….

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