Oh My Love… (Episode 10)

Hello my dear #OhMyLove… by #manju readers here I am back…. I have tried to make this epi a romantic one…yeah a little romance of raglak


Raglak Romance special

Ragu was holding her head and was on d floor.She was sweating badly and her breath was abnormal..She was having her own blur flashes (a marwari bahu)…

Ragini:La….ksh….laksh..(she was uttering his name with much difficulty)

She was trying to figure out it…she was trying to Identify the flashes she was having now.

“Ragini….”, Ap shouted when she found ragu like this…

Ap rushed to ragu and cupped her face kneeling bfr ragini.

Ap:Ragini beta…wat hpnd

Ragini stopped trying to find about d flashes when Ap asked her by touching her face.Ragini was almost normal now…

Ap supporterd ragini to stand up and made her sit on d bed.Ap gave ragu a glass of water to drink.Ragu was drinking water.Ap sat beside her and caressed ragu’s head.

A fb was shown….

When laksh was sweating and feeling weird….he decided to check ragini….he tried calling her but her phn was not rechable.sohe immediately asked Ap to check Ragini.Ap rushed towards raglak room and opened d door.

Fb ended

Ap:Beta…wat hpnd.Shall we consult a dr??

Ragini:No maa its ok…I am fine

Ap:But u were on d floor and holding ur head..tum teek toh hai na??(Ap touched ragu’s forehead to check ragu’s temperature)

Ragini:Maa…I was having little head ache

Ap:Wat? U could have told me bfr…I must have brought a cup of tea for u.Wait I will get it now (she stood up and turned to walk)

Ragini held her hand and stood up

Ragini:No maa…I am absolutely fine now

Ap smiled and caressed her cheek:Acha hai……and talk to laksh, it was gim wgo asked me to check u.Ur phn wasn’t connecting to him.He was much worried for u.

Ragini:ok Maa

Ap:Take care beta (she smiled and left d room)

Ragini took her phn and dialed laksh…

Laksh was wandering here and there fastly in his cabin.he was much tensed.His phn was on d table…he often checked his phn eventhough it was not in silent mode.He checks then places on the table and walks….aftr sometimes again he does the checking.His phn rang….he cane fast and picked it.He saw d name

Laksh:Ragini…u …u are fine right? ?

Ragini:Haan laksh….I am fine.Had a head ache but I am ok now.

Laksh:shall we consult a dr

Ragini:No laksh…mein teek hoon

Laksh:Pakka na ragini…

Ragini:Haan pakka hai

Laksh:Acha ragini……suno

Ragini:Haan laksh

Laksh:Woh kya hai na ragini…u didn’t tell me yet whether u love me or not (he asked in extreme eagerness)

He know that she loves him but he wanted to hear those magical words from her

Ragini smiled and then she made her face serious

Ragini:Actually laksh…everybody made me to understand that u r my husband.And I didn’t haveany other option to go (she closed ger eyes tight and smiled)

Laksh:Ohhh…so u don’t love me

Ragini’s eyes widened and she was thinking to reply him

(A funny tune played)

Ragini:Laksh mujhe nahi patha…I will talk to u later…bye
(she said in a go)


she immediately she cut d call
Then She threw d phn on d bed and ran out from d room

Laksh looked d phn screen and noded his head in disbelief

Laksh:Lucky….ur bachcha has become too much naughty. .

Laksh:Aakhir biwi kis ka hai(he smiled and then raised his shirt collar a little)

Sanskar was in deep thoughts.He was inside his cabin.

Now d screen shifted to raglak room

Laksh entered in and went to change his clothes.He came out wearing a white shirt and pant.He saw Ragini lighting d candles(red colour)….

(We have seen ang laga de and aaj phir tumpe on raglak but there was no laal ishq.I love this song much and I wanted It to be on raglak…so I used it.do u guys love this song laal ishq?)

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
Ragini looked up and smiled at him.Laksh looked her mesmerized.

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
He moved slowly towards her.Ragini stood straight.

Ishq-ishq, Ishq-ishq..
Laksh looked her with so much love and cupped her cheeks.Both merged their foreheads and felt their hot breath.Both had their eyes closed.

Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
Laksh kissed her nose tip closing his eyes.Ragini turned away slowly and put her head down.She stepped ahead.

Raha na main phir apne jaisa
Ho raha na main phir apne jaisa

But laksh caught her wrist and so she stopped

Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq
He pulled her. …she bumped into him.Raglak looked eo

Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq
Ragini who was placing her hands on his chests pushed him and ran away smiling

Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq
Laksh jerked a little.Then he gave a,”u r gone” look to ragini with a smile on his face

Mera naam, Tera naam
Mera naam ISHQ!
Ragini ran around a sofa in d room.Laksh tried to catch her but she ran in d whole room to escape from him.

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
While running away from laksh,laksh lifted her from her back by lifting encircling her stomach using his one hand.Ragini was caught.He spinned along with ragini.

Ishq-ishq, Ishq-ishq
He made her to stand on d floor still hugging her from back.

Apna naam badal dun
Ya tera naam chhupa lun
Ya chhod ke saari aag
Main vairaag utha lun
Bas ek rahe mera kaam ishq
He moved her hair aside and placed wet kisses over her neck.Ragini shrudded and blushed hard having her eyes closed and she put her head bend down

Mera kaam ishq
Mera kaam ishq
Laksh:how will u escape now(he whispered in her ears and made his hold stronger…and he kissed her left cheek).

Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq
Mera naam, Tera naam
Mera naam ISHQ!
Ragini tried to get free from his hold.But laksh was not ready to leave her.
Laksh:Now tell me wats in ur heart…

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
Ragini noded no with a smile.Laksh smirked.He lifted her in his arms…

Ye kaali raat jakad lun
Ye thanda chand pakad lun
Ye kaali raat jakad lun
Ye thanda chand pakad lun
Ragini had her hands around his neck.Raglak were looking eo.He walked near d cot still looking her eyes.

Din-raat ke bairi bhed ka
Rukh mod ke main rakh dun
Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
Raha na main phir apne jaisa
Raha na main phir apne jaisa
He placed her on d bed gently…He bent down and kissed her forehead.

Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq
Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq
He then kissed her eyes….and sat beside her.He took her hand and placed over his right cheek.

Mera naam, Tera naam
Mera naam ISHQ!
He kissed her hand which was over his cheek.

Ye laal ishq
Ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq
Ye bair ishq
He looked her now….he moved near her face..Ragini closed her eyes sweetly.Their face were so close to eo.Both their hearts pounded faster.Laksh brought his face even more closer.

Ye laal ishq
Ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq
Ye bair ishq
.His hot breath was felt by her and she too felt his hot breath.Laksh tucked her hair behind her ear.He moved near her ear and whispered,”ab toh bathao”

Ragini:wat to say?? (Her voice was loud)

Laksh opened his eyes and realized that he was dreaming. ..he scratched his head and gave a warm smile to ragini who was standing bfr him with a confused look.

Laksh(mind voice):Wat yaar lucky u have started dreaming too but that was a nice dream (he smiled)

Ragini with d same look, “wat were u asking to say and to whom were u asking and y r u smiling now”

Laksh stood up from his seat,then he went to ragini and held her shoulders.Ragini got gosebumps by his touch.

Laksh:Arrey ragini…how many qns u keep asking at a time. ..(he made her sit on his chair and he stood straight facing her.)
Now u tell me y u r here

Ragini:Ur hand is hurt(laksh’s right hand got cut when he tried to save ragu from d stab)..u can’t eat properly. …

Interrupted by laksh

Laksh (with a naughty smile):so u came here to feed me.

Ragini:No….I didn’t come maa sent me here

Laksh turned his face to other side and made an upset face.Ragini suppressed her laugh without laksh’s knowledge.Yeah ragini lied.

Ragini:Laksh….have ur food (she stood up and made everything ready for laksh )
Laksh and ragini sat on a sofa which was inside his cabin and used d small table which was bfr d sofa.

Laksh used his left hand to hold d spoon.He wished ragini to feed him.But that didn’t happen.Ragini too wished to feed him but she was quiet.And laksh too noticed ragini’s costume….his bachcha was back.

Laksh made a pout like a kid(he looked so cute) and used d spoon but nothing was happening.He was just spilling d food here and there while taking it. Ragini was controlling herself….but she was not able to controll herself…she burst out in laughter.
Laksh looked her mesmerized.

Laksh (mind voice):Aww mera bachcha…how cute u are (he supported his cheek using his palm and his elbow was on his knee)

Ragini looked laksh who was looking her.She stopped her laughter and looked him.

Ragini:Laksh (like a whisper)may I???(she showed her hand and signalled him to give her d spoon he was having)

Laksh noded no and put d spoon down intentionally and showed his both hands to ragini making a pout

Guys don’t u think our lucky is too naughty.And he Is cute too.

Laksh caught ragini’s hand and handed her the lunch box.

Ragini smiled and fed him d lunch.Laksh was happy now.What he wished and that was happening now.

While eating…laksh:(with food Inside his mouth)waise ragini…u have become too naughty (ragini widened her eyes)

Really lucky….but not more than u

Laksh:U said Maa asked u to come here…I know thats a lie

Ragini:No…no laksh…


Laksh:Raginiiii (like singing a song) I saw u laughing

The same scene which hpnd just bfr….when laksh made her sit on his chair….

Laksh:Really ragini u have become too naughty now-a-days…u were calm and innocent but now its ulta (he opened his mouth and asked ragini to feed him)

Ragini bent her head down and smiled.

Laksh:However u are ragini…laksh will love u forever and ever

Ragini:If I am a lier,traitor then…..(she asked him seriously d laksh too became serious)

Ragini:I couldn’t forget you and decided to push Swara in river. You are my first love. you couldn’t accept me because of your first love. My love is true and that’s why I confessed my crime seeing u dying.

Laksh:apologizes to her…. truth is that I love just Swara. there is a huge difference between you and Sanskar. Sanskar have accepted his mistake, but you might have fallen more if not exposed.don’t you feel ashamed while playing this game.

Ragini : our love is not a game.

Laksh: you have played a game with my life.
Ragini says I love you very much.

Laksh:you don’t love me, but it is your madness.

Ragini says I love you madly.

Laksh : Its ur pagalpan(madness)old Ragini was good and innocent, but I don’t know this Ragini. I never loved you and will never love you in my life. truth is that, you just love yourself.

Ragini falls on her feet in shock.

Laksh: I will break my relation with you.

Annapurna :why did you do this? what did you get by playing with our emotions and betraying us.

Durga Prasad : these talks are useless now. everyone hates Ragini now. I can understand what you would have felt when Laksh had broken relation with you. You have changed d meaning of right and wrong. You have made a joke of relations
Laksh will never accept u after ur doings,

Dp asks her to leave from their house.

Dp:I will talk to lawyer and get divorce papers made soon.

Ragini cries more… She walks for a while and turns and holds her hands and apologizes to everyone before leaving the house.

Laksh rewinds everything…his eyes became teary.

The game was planned by swasan,played by swasan but its ragini who suffered and she is suffering now to.Still her innocence is unproved.

Ragini:laksh what hpnd y r u teary…..

Laksh came back to his sense and wipes his tears and gives a warm smile to ragini and hugs her.His hug was more tighter and ragini was confused now.She hugged him back.Laskh cried silently without letting any noise.

Laksh:Ragini….mera bachchaa…. however u r lakshya will love u forever and ever.If u really change into a betrayer…I will love u….bass (in a broken voive and still they were hugging)

Ragini:Laksh are u crying (with concern)

She tried to get free from his hug but laksh was not leaving her.

Ragini:Laksh if u are crying for my talks I am sorry laksh…. (she too got tears in her eyes) I didnt mean to hurt u laksh and I asked u sportively

Now ragini broke down….,”I am sorry laksh, hame maaf kigiye….”

Laksh hearing her sobs cupped her immediately.He wipped her tears and noded no

Laksh:mera bachcha(he kissed her forehead)
(Our raglak have d copyright of forehead kisses :p ……agree guys???)

Laksh merged their foreheads…

Laksh (like a whisper):If I see u crying…I too feel like crying (he said like a kid)….do u want me to cry (he asked with a smile amongst his tears)

Ragini noded no with a smile amongst her tears……

Riya watched all these from d glass door.She was burning in jealousy.She made fist and turned….she found swara standing bfr her.

Riya:U!!wat r u dng here

Swara smiled:just wait and watch…..

Laksh asked ragini to stay with him in d office and they reach home together.

A courier boy came and handed Ap a cover.It was adressed as “To:Mrs.Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari”

Ap took it to d hall and sat on d sofa

In d mean time Rita met dp and said she is d new p.a of laksh and she was his collegemate.

Dp asked her to visit MM in d evng along with the Maheshwari men.


Raglak were In one car.Laksh usually goes alone… Riya and other men were in one car.Swara had left already..without anybody’s knowledge.

Maheshwari men and riya reached MM and raglak were on d way.

Dp:aao beta…this is our home….Annapoorna bring some snacks and tea.

Ap came with tea and snacks

Dp gave an Intro of riya and riya took blessings from Ap and sujata.

They had little talk…..and they turned towards d stairs hearing a voice,”Riya….u here”

Raglak came hand in hand descending d steps.Riya was so angry…she was jrlous…swara was also angry…dp too..others looked them simply. Ap was so happy

Ap:Aa gayi tum dono (with an everlasting smile)

Swara (mind voice):time to play d game (she smirked)

She slowly moved to d sofa and looked d cover that was on d table(d cover which came for ragini….which ap got from d courier boy)

Swara signalled sujata and asked her to give it to ragini…sujata asked pari…

Pari:Ummm…ragini..here is a parcel for u

Ragini frowned her eyes and looked laksh.Laksh signalled her to get it.Ragini opened it and found a cd… evil Swara smirked,”d drama will start now and this time d success will be mine” (she smirked even more)


Dp:will u stand like this or u will see wat is in it

Ap and Laksh looked dp frowning their eyes.They smelled something fishy with Dp.Since Dp ordered to play it..laksh played d cd in his laptop.All Maheshwaris and Riya gathered together.

Laksh and Ap were totally shocked…swara was smirking.Ragini stood like nothing bothering her but her fist was tighter…she was in hell anger.Sanskar,” God….yeh swara…. “.

On d laptop screen a video was played.Swa laksh date video (d one in SR).Laksh and Ap looked Ragini with their teary eyes.

Laksh:Ragini…(like a whisper in his broken voice)

Ragini showed her palm to him,”There is no need of explaining anything”.She was at d peak of anger.

She turned away and walked… ..All found she was angry.Laksh and Ap were teary.Both turned towards her.Swara and Riya smirked.

Ragini passed by sanskar and she paused… she turned to her right and pulled swara towards her.

Chatakk….swara got a hard slap from ragini.Bfr anyobe could frame wat just hpnd again a slap sound… ragu slapped swara on her other cheek.

All including Ap and Laksh were shocked….

The screen freezed on Ragini’s angry face…oh god she was at the peak of anger.

Precap:.Fight within Maheshwaris…Few Maheshwaris will be against Raglak and few will support raglak…will d family break.

Credit – #manju

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