Oh My Love…. Episode 1


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Swara was in her room.She was serious.Her facial expressions showed she was thinking something.She was on her bed with folded legs and hands around her knee.As usual she wore a modern outfit.Her eyes were little moist,just little.


Sanskar was in his room.He was lying on his bed staring the,ceiling.Even his facial expressions showed he was,thinking seriously.yes,he was.He was thinking about Swara.He loved her and now too he loves her.It was them who played with all having a perfect plan and they even executed well and succeeded in it.Swara wanted everyone to hate Ragini.Yes,she was successful in that.Sanskar wanted his revenge.Yes,even he was successful.They both joined their hands together,planned together,worked together.Swara acted as she loved Laksh and she even acted like she loved and cared for Ragini.They changed Ragini as a negative one,that was their plan.He walked along Ragini and left her half way,tgat was their plan.Then they planned and entered MM as a couple to send out Ragini.Sanskar fell in love with Swara in this journey.And he even proposed her confront of his whole family when he was drunk.Then they finally sent Ragini away after the incident took place in the farmhouse.

Ragini was hated back everyone.In fact ny whom.she was brought up.She thought she deserves it.But whom she loved the most and for whom she was ready to sacrifice everything even her life he hated her.That was not bearable for her.She thought it would be better if she does rather than getting hatered from her life,her Lakshya.When she heared Laksh would never accept her in his life,she ran and she caught the electric circuit herself and then…. She lost her memory.She is the old laado now who doesn’t know why everyone e is hating her and even she didn’t know who Lakshya is.She forgot that he is her life.

Laksh knew all these now.He knows what all happend in his life was because of swasan.Now he too loves the girl more than anything in this world who loved him the same way.She is his life now.She is his breath now.He wanted her badly now but he couldnt do anything.She doesn’t even remember him.

It was Sunday.All were free today.But one man was busy.Its Laksh Maheshwari.He was inside his car.He looked at his watch and then came out of the car.He wore usual outfit,a white shirt with blue dots,a blue blazer and a black pant.

He moved forward locking his white BMW M5 G-POWER HURRICANE RRs,one of the most expensive bmw car in the world.He was in a park.He lookedbhis watch again and looked around.it looked like he was hear for someone.Yes,it was for his heart throb Ragini.But she was not there.He sat on a bench.In few seconds,he had a giggling sound and turned towards that side.

Jise zindagi dhoondh rahi hai
Kya ye woh makaam mera hai
Yahaan chain se bas ruk jaaun
Kyun dil ye mujhe kehta hai
The one which my life is searching
Is this that destination?
Why does my heart say to
Just stop here?

He removed his coolers and looked mesmerized.There she was,playing with few kids.She was running along with them.A smile came on his lips seeing his life there.

Jazbaat naye se mile hain
Jaane kya asar ye hua hai
Ik aas mili phir mujhko
Jo qubool kisi ne kiya hai

I have got new emotions
I don’t know what effect is this
I got a ray of hope again
When somebody accepted me

He stood up and walked to reach her.His eyes were full focused on her beautiful face.He moved,moved n he was now behind her.Suddenly Ragini turned and she bumped into him.She lost her balance and was about to fall down.A strong hand caught hold her ‘s herburning shoulders.It was Laksh.They had a sweet eye lock.

Kisi shaayar ki ghazal
Jo de rooh ko sukoon ke pal
Koi mujhko yun mila hai

Jaise banjaare ko ghar
Like a ghazal bya poet
Which brings peace to the soul
I have found somebody as if
A nomad has found a home

They looked into each other’s eyes forgetting the world around them.They both were lost.Laksh moved one of his hands from her shoulder to touch her face.Ragini closed her eyes sweetly.But before he could touch the children jerked both of them.Both recomposed.

Naye mausam ki sehar
Ya sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Like a morning of a new season
Or afternoon of winter
I have found somebody as if
A nomad has found a home

Ragini moved forward.He looked her from back.He raised his hands forward like he don’t want to let her go leaving him.Ragini turned back while walking forward and then she turned forward.Laksh smiled like a mad having one of his hands behind his head.

Jaise koi kinaara
Deta ho sahaara
Mujhe wo mila kisi mod par
Like a corner gives support
I found her at a turn

Ragini was now popping up the bubbles that the children were blewing.Laksh hid behind a tree and watched her.She played like a kid.He was amazed her.

Koi raat ka taara
Karta ho ujaala
Waise hi roshan kare woh shehar
The way a star lightens up the sky,
She lightens up the city

Ragini was getting ice creams for the children.One of the children pulled her down and kissed her cheeks.

Dard mere woh bhula hi gaya
Kuchh aisa asar hua
Jeena mujhe woh phir se woh sikha raha
I forgot all my pain
Such was the effect
She taught me live again

Ragini kissed back the child.Laksh kept his hand on his cheek.He felt like she kissed him.

Muskaata yeh chehra
Deta hai jo pehraa
Jaane chhupata kya dil ka samandar
Auron ko toh har dam saaya deta hai
Woh dhoop mein hai khada khud magar
The smiling face is keeping watch
I have no idea what is hidden in her heart
she gives shade to all the whole time
But is in sunlight herself

She was smiling whole heartedly.She swriled with a small girl in her hand and left her down.She saw a mother-daughter who was missing each other.She got teary…then she wiped off her tears silently.Laksh felt like his heart was stabbed.

Chot lagi hai usey phir kyun
Mehsoos mujhe ho raha hai
Dil tu bata de kya hai iraada tera
Why am I feeling the pain
When she is wounded
Heart, tell me what are your intentions?

He moved his hand forward and then he fisted his hand with his tear filled red eyes.Ragini who recomposed herself smiled again.

Main parinda besabar
Tha uda jo darbadar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjarey ko ghar
I was like a impatient bird
That flew here and there
I have found somebody as if
A nomad has found a home

She played with the kids again happily.Laksh again got his smile back in his face seeing her mesmerising smile.

Naye mausam ki sehar
Ya sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjarey ko ghar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Jaise banjare ko ghar

Ragini tried to catch aup butterfly.She lut her head down as she was unsuccessful.Laksh caught it and handed it to a little boy and sinailed him to give that to Ragini.Ragini was happy seeing the butterfly she signalled the boy who caught this.The boy showed Laksh.When Ragini turned to see Laksh but he suddenly hid behind the tree.Then she walked n made the butterfly fly N smiled seeing it.Laksh too smiled seeing her.

Screen shifts to a roadside,

Swasan were facing each other.

Sanskar:I think we have done too much.I am feeling guilty swara.I am dieing each n every day.

Swara:Me too sanskar.I am the elder daughter but…But every body around the house….They…They were praising Ragini…She is good,traditional,obedient,bla,bla.I hated her.I wanted attention on me.(she cried)That’s why I…I did this….I did this with u sanskar…in fact it was u who molded me against Ragini in ur stupid game…Sanskar I want Ragini back…I want just want her.

Sanskar:swara…I think its time to tell the truth to all.I know its difficult but….


Swara:no….(she shouted)no…I can’t.I will be thrown out sanskar why don’t u understand me(she cried)my mom,papa,Dadi,dida,dadaji they are pampering me.I…I longed for all these love since childhood….(she wiped her tears)No sanskar I can’t(she said determined and left from there.

Sanskar stood their facing her back.Then he knelt down and put his hands over his head and bent down his hand.


Swara entered the house.All were present at hall.She moved to them.She sat down putting her head on dadi’s lap.Dadi caressed her head with love.Shomi and the rest at home smiled seeing this.

Swara spoke ,”dadi…if I ask u something will u do that for me.(still she was lying)

Dadi:swara…what are u asking.If I ask me something will I say no….Ask me what u want(extra sweetly)

Swara raised her head and looked dadi.Swara caught both her hands,”I want Ragini back”.

Dadi:swara…tara dhimak karab ho gy kya?(she stood up leaving her hand).
Even dadaji,shomi,shekar stood up.Swara too.Dadi showed her back to swara.Swara came in front of her.She caught both of Saudi’s hands in hers.

Swara:plz…plz Dadi….plz…

Dadi thought for a while and…”ok.She will stay here….”

“Only for my shona”(she kept her hands on swara’s head and smiled at her)

Precap:Ragini comes to baadi.Dadi informs her “shomi and swara are their new family,I can be here in a corner,If u can’t u can go back with ur luggages”….
Maheshwari’s except laksh visit baadi to ask swara’s hands for Laksh.Sanskar says to Laksh,”I love swara”

Credits- #manju

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